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" huh?" He opened an eye to see his friend. " Right time to go" He slid off the tree and looked towards the glowing tower. " I wonder why you are so insistent on going in there alone"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“No, time to prepare”, he said putting on the cloak after setting up all he needed, “we have more time to prepare”
Perhaps he was just too eager to take the Luminaries out to even think that way. He looked over at the supplies that were brought earlier. " Right. You are the one with the plan here"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Ok, we have plan c and d and b”, he said stretching his legs, “by the way we are walking “
He strugged and started off into the forest. He wasn't going to wander far yet. " Walking to appear normal. I get it."
He tapped over his heart with his talon. The plan seemed simple enough but with both Drayce and Borealis mentioning the game Shulgir, he was on edge
Shinigami (played by Great7)

He walked towards him, “youre getting the feeling that there’s more to this. That’s why I’m not killing her today. I want to know more. Also about that game”.
" You are quite intuitive" He said looking over towards him. " It is more than a game which why I stopped playing it." Darkness swirled over his heart as he held his hand over it. Slowly he pulled away but something was in his hand now. It was a bit larger than the king for chess. It's figure, a valravn. " Each piece is actually another living soul. Normally they just show up on the boards without warning"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“So it chess but its soul chess”, he asked a little surprised, “what else is there”, he said taking out his notebook and began to write in it.
" That's a good way of describing it." He twirled the piece a bit. " Every person is at the whim of this game. Those who play it can control the path of life....or so I have heard. Not everyone can play the game. Might be blood, magic, or both"

He let his piece fade away. He knew it was true but still hated admitting it. " If I could see those boards I could tell you exactly what they are doing"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Then we have to come back again to the tower”, he said writing down the new info, “if my kind hears of this they would flip. Now why did you stop the game”
" I bet they would. There is no balance in control" He folded his hands behind his back as he walked, thoughts in two directions. For one why return a second time? He was sure he could deal with the game while waiting.
" I quit playing the game because I was controlling others. I was still young so it never crossed my mind to it against them...until now"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“So you’re telling me that the game is all fun to them. How do you get a piece in the game”, he asked drawing in his notebook, “I have someone in mind”
He could only laugh now. He spoke when he calmed down once more. " If it was just fun to them I don't think it would be a problem. I remember the board I had. It was both war table and 3d chess. One board, I am sure they have more"

He looked over at Shinigami now with some concern and a bit of deviousness. " You want her piece in the game." Lookin ahead again, he tried to remember all the rules. If this game was so crucial then he would make sure Shinigami had the advantage. " Anyway as I said before they usually appear on their own. Otherwise the individual must craft a piece"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Ok”, he said losing interest right away, “sounds like a lot of work. But having her in a chess piece of wont be as good as we think”
" Why would it not be good? We could hang her before the battle began" He waved off his own statement as he remembered something. " You do have that spirit haunting her"
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“Yeah I do. But if she knows who is controlling her, she’ll do the same thing to us.”, he said
The obviousness of his answer made Nasr cringe. " Alright you got me there. It is best that I follow your lead" He dropped his head in shame. For supposedly being clever, this guy was always one step ahead of him.

The fog thinned out to reveal the city. Everything seemed peaceful compared to yesterday. It was though a path of diamonds was layed out before them.
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“59 gold coins says they are waiting for us and 60 says it’s a trap”, he said to Nasr as a face mask covered his face, “maybe tomorrow, but tomorrow is too far”, he leans down on the floor and drew a circle and charged it wwith light energy
" A bet? Add another 40 gold that we are already on those boards"
He had to raise his arm to block the light. How would he tolerate the inside of that tower if this bugged him?
Shinigami (played by Great7)

“That’s right, I forgot”, he said then brought out a small locket and infused it with a lot of darkness, “shielding from the lights and when you’re in real trouble, it will surround you in darkness and allow you to shadow travel away”

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