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Mine are aylssa nicole Kennedy 100s she Has been around for 10plus years. Her daughter 50 plus since i created her.
Mine would be, Adeline Menters. I’ve lost count, so I wouldn’t be able to say how many. For Males! I would say.. none of them. Haha 😅
Araval Talandren (played by Novus)

Most of the RP requests I've gotten recently are for Araval. Originally, Elliot was popular (when I had more character profiles) but it quickly changed when I made this character.

I'm okay with it, though. He's an interesting challenge. Whereas I usually play sassy toons, Araval is more subdued.
Falathiel is currently my most popular OC, in terms of having the most roleplays. Currently she sits at having 7 rp's total, all at various stages in their respective rp.

I don't understand how or why she's gotten so many, as non of my other OC's, concerning RPR that is, have ever gotten this much attention before. I mean I'm grateful for the attention, just kinda like: Why is Fala special? -shrug- Oh well.
My character that has been into the most RPs all categories combined, regardless of duration, is definitely "Abel", whom I really ought to finish his profile for on here.

That character has followed me around since... the popularization of the shows and games that inspired him, actually; Supernatural, Brutal Legend, and Helsing Ultimate.

So yeah, this character has been in RPs from 2009 to 2020 and I'm still trying to plug him into more RPs to this day.

This was not helped by the fact that one of my big RP penpals circa 2010 was a hardcore fan of supernatural and loved the character, so just with her I think that character saw a minimum of 27 separate roleplays.

Of course, because I'm an absolute maniac, I made it a habit to add to his old original profile a new scar every time he took an injury IC, treating all RPs he was a part of as one big continuity, and as a result his scar tally alone turned into this big inside joke that could in and of itself bust the character limit on Discord... thrice... I would know; I transitioned him to a Discord RP more than once.

Abel's plot is a mess to write up, and if I did it here I'd have to slap myself because I'm actively trying to make him in RPR so I could just copy-paste it to his profile rather than loathe myself for taking so long, but essentially;

Abel is not the original Abel; son of Adam and Eve, but being named after him was an intentional spit in the face to Christianity from his parents, who were a witch and warlock from some satanic cult. Being raised as a sort of would-be "Chosen One" as a result of some do-it-yourself prophecy, he was blessed with a variety of boons from the most powerful members of the cult's covenant (think Cinderella's fairy god mothers, but all of them is Maleficent). Raised to be a weapon on some kind of anti-heaven crusade, that plan was put to a hard stop when hunters à la Winchesters took down the cult, sparing him due to his whole "being a teenager" thing he had going on.

Thanks to his capabilities, he ended up seeking them out and finding them rather easily, and somewhere around his fourth time pulling that stunt they caved in and agreed to take him in as a sort of apprentice, figuring they weren't getting rid of him either way and that if he was going to jump out at them in the middle of their monster hunting, they'd be technically protecting him by teaching him how to handle such situations, and could better protect their unintentional third member if they knew he was there from the start and had some survival skills of his own under his belt.

Time passed and they eventually bit off more than they could chew up against some big ugly demon, but they'd down their job at training him as intended and he ended up being the sole survivor of that ordeal. Since, he's been continuing their legacy as a hunter of supernatural creatures, with the intent of taking down every single one he came across. yeah. That's mine.
That would be Steve Harrison. He isn't even two years old since his creation and he's had so many RP's he written with others, and so many more requests he had to turn down because of this writer's time constraints.
Most likely a tie between Ember Kamura and Vincent Kazira. Both are characters that I've been with for quite some time. Man do I love my little wolfies. They've been on countless adventures, and even have their own little sci-fi universe to mess around in!
Overall, Riik, but part of that is because for a while he was my only character on RPR. I haven't actually used Riik in an RP for over a year. And the time before that was almost a year earlier.

Kiro has the 2nd most.

Recently though, Xá'Taren has probably turned into my main go-to. He's 4th overall in my standings (joint 3rd if you count the multi-character profile he also features in). This despite the fact that I've only had him as a character for almost 2 years and have been a member of RPR for over 6 years now.

When I put up RPs with an option on which character I use, Vildryn seems to be the favourite of all my characters amongst prospective partners. But I guess I don't use him enough as an option for him to see as much use as some of the others.
I tend to create new characters more than reuse and tailor them to plots, only reusing when it's going to match the right feel. Most of my characters I've only used 2 or 3 times. Trey would have the most as five, though once I get my new rps started, Josiah and Ari will also have five. I guess if I counted Kat, she would have more, but all her stories were with the same other characters and could be counted as more of sequels and redos?

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