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Basically, the user above gives a topic, and you give a fake instruction. For example: User A: Chopsticks. User B: Simply insert inside your mouth, and bam! You are a walrus! Ok, first topic: Baguettes.

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Grab two, bind with duct tape, and use as a replacement walking stick.

Next topic: A glass of water.
Easy! Have a paper cup on you, go outside and find a crystal clear lake. Bust out your cup, talk to the turtles, or even fish (turtles recommended for this to work), and you're done! They'll be giving you your personalized rocks soon. Look forward to it!

Next topic: Ferns
LunaLovegood Topic Starter

Stick behind ears, and you become a bug! Next topic: a clock
Put your hand through the clock now you have a DIY wrist watch

Next topic: empty flower pots
Apply to the top of opponent's skull with great force.

Next: Tomahawk
First you need to look at your marble

Visualize the sculpture within

and gently use the Tomahawk to....

*Tomahawk goes flying through the window*

"Odd... That wasn't supposed to happen..."

Next item: Toothbrush
Sleepily puts in mouth, and begins to chew. I totally can't manage this on my own.

Item: Pure Uranium
Just sprinkle some melted pure Uranium onto any salad or pasta and your life expectancy is boosted by 5 years guaranteed or your money back. Note: Must be alive to get money back.

Topic: Hair
LunaLovegood Topic Starter

Rip out this amazing substance then weave it into a shirt! Next topic: bears
pat until they turn gummy.

Topic: Cats
LunaLovegood Topic Starter

Wait until you have to tell someone something they won't want to hear, then after you tell them, immediately give them the cat. Next topic: 100 dollar bill
Fold it up and stick it in your hat like a feather. Now you have an accessory worth 100 dollars.

Next topic: A bone.
Let is sit in a dark, damp space for about a year, harvest the knobs and bake into a sturdy, colorful pancake. Tastes like buttery popcorn!

Next topic: a computer mouse.
Gentle disassemble until you can take out the scroll wheel. You know what to do next. Yep. Take out the scroll wheel part and peel it from one side. Boom. Bubble tape.

Next topic: A flashlight.
Turn on via switch. Position below your chin with the light pointing upward. Proceed to tell scary stories.

Next topic: A paper bag.
Apply tiny scissors, cut out twin eye-holes, slip on over cranium: Instant economy Superhero uniform

Baseball bat
LunaLovegood Topic Starter

Find someone you really, really hate. Make sure you aren't seen. Hit them over the head for an instant stress reliever. Next topic: a carpet.
just sit down on the carpet and start singing Disney songs, after a bit of time the carpet will rise and you can now fly with it :)

next: chainmail socks
A unique twist on the ye old fashioned tradition of slapping someone with a glove to challenge them to a duel. Guaranteed to draw first blood and perhaps making you the victor by default!

Next Topic: Sack of Potatoes

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