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Hmm I don't see any topics up yet, so I hope I'm doing this right.

I'm looking for another modern day character with fantasy elements to add to my roster! I want their magic elements to be subtle so they can blend in with mundane humans. Other than that, I'm very easy going! Hit me with whatever ideas you have :D
A witch that can't use magic because every time they do it makes them sick/takes time off of their lifespan
Maybe their magic could be something that uplifts people? For example, if someone makes a comment about some art that they did not being good, your character gives them a compliment, and that person then feels more confident. Or if someone is having a rough day, your char says something that gives them a boost of joy and happiness. It's not so much just the words, but a small bit of magic that's tinged with them that helps drive the point home. People won't suspect anything since compliments usually make people feel better.
Ooh. I love a subtle dash of fantasy in my modern coffee! My personal favorite thing to do is have a character be affected by their magic without even knowing they have it. I've got a whole family that's like that actually! One girl has suspiciously good luck. Another seems to age just a little too slowly. The other nasty accidents seem to happen to anyone that lies to her or breaks a promise to her. Things that the character can't really control but could perhaps benefit from if they can figure out the rules surrounding the magic that affects them.

You could also try something along the lines of magic that only affects things that are certain colors or made of certain materials. Talking to animals has been done but that doesn't mean it can't be fun!

Also Pixie, I love the idea of what I'm now going to call 'Joy magic.'
A fae-type creature, who's magic is mostly small illusions. Things like hiding their ears or other inhuman attributes. Changing patterns or colors. Simple things like changing a dollar bill to look like a 10$ bill or something similar. Sort of adaptive camouflage that can affect other items for a certain duration.
I imagine the character living in a decent sized apartment, with creative touches that subtly hint at fantasy elements. I think the reason they’d want to blend in is they desire a normal life, and normal ‘authentic normal life experience’ sort of thing. They don’t want to be taken advantage of for having abilities, even if they’re small, subtle abilities. I think they’d be a very creative soul, painting being an outlet for imagination. As for personality, maybe either a lighthearted, whimsical lifestyle or a more somber, serious life brought on by the weight of having something they keep a secret. It would depend on the roleplay used.
Kim Site Admin

Whatever the magic this character possesses, perhaps they are still learning/in training to fully control it? I imagine they have a sort of social anxiety about accidentally losing control of it in public, however unlikely it might be. Perhaps they are seeking out other hidden magical folk for tips, training, reassurance and companionship?
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Some more suggestions:
  • Young adult
  • Femme to androgynous presentation, depending on the day
  • Likes to sew patches to their hoodie, and is always collecting more patches
  • Goes salsa dancing at bars
I'm a firm believer in magic at a cost -- whatever they incur on another person/life form has to also impact or inconvenience them in some way.

They can give people joy but their supply is not infinite - because of this they spend a lot of time practicing self care and distancing from people...
Eliza (played by Claine) Topic Starter

I didn't get as much of the actual profile as I hoped! I'm slow, sorry.

She has magic at a cost (wilts) But more specifically I'm going with JayBird's idea that she exchanges some of her own life to grant wishes. Really - who can accurately guess the age of someone in their 30s. She's done 5 so far, the first few were trivial childish things, but the last few were big life-changing wishes.

She's androgynous appearance who lives who has a favourite hoodie she sews patches onto (thanks to Kim)

She lives in an apartment and has a bit of a witchy aesthetic (thanks to DyingEmbers)
Aw man I am sorry I missed giving input on this! It was hard to keep track of what ones I gave ideas too, but she looks wonderful so far. :)
Yeah, this one seems really cool! It's a fun spin on a good old idea. Modern magic! Wheea!
And I really like the name.

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