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Mine seems to change every few months and depends on if I'm playing with friends or by myself. My favorite solo game right now is Medieval Dynasty while my favorite game to play with friends is The Forest. I actually bought The Forest for multiple of my friends so I wouldn't have to play it alone, although now I'm back to having no one to play it with between a falling out, a broken computer, and a wrong console haha but regardless, I find that while the actual game may change, the genre or mechanics typically stay the same.

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All time, Chrono Trigger, no contest. It's a time traveling RPG with a weird story and cast that somehow makes absolute sense. It makes you feel things. About frog knights and prehistoric cat girls and amnesiac robots and talking lizards with advanced technology. It turns a villain into a reluctant hero without actually making him likeable (and it works because he's a total brat with both a god complex and a martyr complex at the same time), and makes you wonder about meta stuff, and wish the ending were different even though there's like 7 of them. I don't consider the sequel to be canon in my mind. Nothing beats a classic, especially not erasing the characters' hard work for no reason.

That said (Whew! Sorry for the flurry of emotional attachment there.) my current favorites are The Sims 4, GTA 5 online, and Fallout 4. Don't ask me why those. I don't know why. I'm just weird like that.
Stellaris. I do not trust any male over the age of 20 who does not occasionally take the edge off by moving armies around on a map.
Nettle wrote:
Stellaris. I do not trust any male over the age of 20 who does not occasionally take the edge off by moving armies around on a map.

Have to agree, it's hard to trust someone who didn't launch an Exterminatus with a Colossus project at least once... per system inhabited by a xeno race.

To answer the question of the topic, hard to decide actually.

I'd say Dishonored and Stardew Valley are at the top of my list with the same amount of votes. XCOM 2 and Team Fortress are solid seconds.
Haven't played many to completion (not much of a pro alpha gamer here), but my fav I've played so far has gotta be Sky: Children of the Light. Game just radiates comfort, and the community is super chill and nice!
I don't really have a singular favourite, but the Ori series has a special place in my heart. Also it's kinda embarrassing at this point in time, but Undertale is also a big one for me, especially given I don't think I've cried hours straight through a game before like I did through the last few sections of Undertale.

If we're going by hours played, I suppose the crown would go to Skyrim, as it's one of the only two games I've got logged over 500 hours on Steam (I might have played more Oblivion in total as I played that before I got my Steam account back in the day, I'm not sure). I just love the open world nature and the modability of Elder Scrolls games.

The 2nd game I've got over 500 hours in is Terraria. It has better adventure elements than Minecraft and more incentive for base-building than Starbound. So it wins out as a sandbox block game.

Stellaris is the only other game that has even come close to the 500 hour mark, mostly from a binge over a period of time. Especially after I set up my own moogle race mod (who knows if it still works, given how many updates and expansions Stellaris has had over the 4 years since I last played it). That said, it's not really my favourite space strategy game, because it neither has the atmosphere or nostalgia of my favourite, the flawed but quite important to my life Pax Imperia Eminent Domain. It always kinda shocks me though how many people enjoy playing fascist/militarist empires on games like that, whilst I prefer playing (admittedly very vengeful) pacifists. Well I mean... pacifist up until the point someone slights me hard enough, but hey, I guess that doesn't change things all that much on a high difficulty run of Pax Imperia 2, because it's guaranteed that everyone's going to end up declaring war on you at some point in that game at that level.

Honourable mention to Klonoa 2 which I loved back in the PS2 era and finally got a remaster this month.
Growing up my favorite was always Kingdom Heart and the second will always have a permanent place in my heart! :)

Now my personal favorites are God of War and The Last of Us
Currently and almost always, it's gonna be Wind Waker, you can't take that game away from me, I love that game so much. The cute art style and the music, beyond also having the best portrayal of Ganondorf in any Zelda game.
i have several thousand hours in wow

i would easily put it at 3000-4000+ hours. like...i'm pretty sure i've played it for the past 10 or 11 years. when i was younger, i would literally do nothing but play wow from the time i woke up to the time i went to sleep. my interest ebbs and wanes with it because blizzard's last two expansions have been utter trash, but i always stumble back to it because nothing scratches the itch quite like it. tried eso. hated it. tried ffxiv. hated it. tried rift. loved it until it became microtransaction heaven. tried riders of icarus. same thing.

considering they're putting in a dragon race catering to furries in the next expansion and then releasing wotlk again, i'm probably going to put in another couple hundred hours, then refuse to touch it for another six months

...i guess several hundred hours in djmax across the various games and consoles makes that a close second
My three favorites of all time are Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Fable 2, and Bloodborne. All three combine good stories with good mechanics. I could talk about all three of them for hours, so I won't. ^_^ I think all three are definitely huge influences on my taste in games. Another couple to make a tentative top 5 are probably Fallout 1 (I haven't finished 2...) and Rimworld.
my all time favorite game series is and will probably always be Silent Hill, and maybe Metal Gear. Unfortunately two properties owned by Konami who's not doing anything with them...
I love Mario. I've been trying to play them all. Doesn't matter which one it is, I love it. Other than that, i'm also obsessed with Genshin Impact. I'm not a gamer but that is one of few games where I am so serious in it and try real hard to be good at LOL
Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I always go back to playing the game again, and then Majora's Mask after I complete it. I never get tired of it. Played OOT since age 7, now I'm 24 and still play the lil' gem.
fallout: new vegas holds a deeply special place in my heart that i dont think any other game could ever take. i love that game so, so much. the characters and writing are so wonderfully done, it's hard to quantify just how much it means to me. i have so many characters for that game and entire separate storylines ive written... love that game.

also ocarina of time

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