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Name your fave show EVER! It can be anime, it can be a normal TV show, it can be a cartoon, or movie!

Ill start off--uhh.. hmmmm.. I cant choose! I love Queer Eye, almost all anime, and more!

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KilNi Topic Starter

Churchtuary wrote:
Cowboy Bepopppp! YES! I love it!
tmiTbCT.jpgThis tends to change as often as I change shirts...
Right now It’s Archer
I do enjoy cartoons such as Sonic X, Miraculous Ladybug,Voltron, & Pokemon
my favorite tv show is a tie between one day at a time and superstore! my favorite movie has to be a royal affair
Favorite Movie is a guilty pleasure because its rather old now and whenever I try and show someone they cringe but-
The Labyrinth w/ David Bowie
Fullmetal Alchemist, PS I Love You, Parasite, Knives Out, Haikyuu!!, The Vampire Diaries, Hellsing Ultimate, & The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation--

This is a lot but if anyone asks me what my favorite TV shows/movies are, these all come to mind lol
Churchtuary wrote:

A man of taste I see.

I'm not sure what my absolute favourite is, but the last TV show I went absolutely feral over was Good Omens.

Tutur Tinular, old tv series about Mongol invasion
Wonder egg priority
This anime is so good, I luv it.

Stranger things
I can rewatch this series a hundred of times.

Heavenly Creatures

This movie is iconic, and I have watched it a lot! It is not for the people who can't handle scary and disturbing things. Though anything disturbing happens near the end off the film.

Roman Holiday
Another favourite of my, this movie introduced me to Audrey Hepburn who was an amazing actress

3 women
Introduced me too Shelley Duvall who is an amazing actress, and it also showed me more of Sissy Spacek acting skills who is an amazing actress as well.
My favourite animated movie is "Ratatouille". :) I love that FINALLY someone made a cute movie about GOOD rats! <3

And if it comes to show, it's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, "Battle Tendency" part, it COMPLETELY stole my heart.

Live action movie is DEFINITELY "A dog's journey"and "A dog's purpose"!!! I cried so many times during this movie, it's SO beautiful... I cried even after walking out of the cinema...
My favorite anime is Black Jack. I started watching it about six years ago and I really love it! What's more, my favorite movies are John Wick movies, the fighting scenes are quite fun to watch and there are times when I cheer like this "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

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