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Ante Acleme (played by KilNi)

Welcome to
Three Things!

Above you, you name three things you like about the character. It can be anything from:
1. Appearance
2. Personality
3. Background // History
4. Powers // Magical Abilities
5. and More!

Go all out! Don't be afraid to name three things you like.

The character I shall use is Ante Acleme.

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Jessica Griffin (played anonymously)

1. Appearance - Love the depictions
2. Occupation - “Hey bartender, another drink here please?”
3. Religious Views - “I don’t like some of the Ten Commandments either.”

(Hope I did this right)
Althea Dea Robbins (played by KilNi) Topic Starter

1. Appearance - So pretty!
2. Personality
3. Your name! - again, so so pretty!

You did do not worry.
Murzim (played by LunarValravn)

1. Having both masculine and feminine traits, leaving the gender unknown.
2. Appearance
3. Backstory, mainly gaining kindness from pain
Lady Ambrosia Druss (played by KilNi) Topic Starter

1. Abilities - Unique and interesting
2. Personality - aloofness is awesome! <3
3. Appearance - intimidating and well made.
Aquila (played by pixl.Bee)

1. Name - it's a pretty but cool-sounding name.
2. Personality - not what you would expect from a vampire or anyone with an appearance like hers.
3. I just think vampires are neat- :)
Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

1.) Nickname - The nickname "Aqui" has an actual history with me on a personal level, so of course I was drawn to that! It was the name of a stuffed brachiosaurus with bright splotches of green and blue -- your character's favorite colors as well!
2.) Personality - Any character that can make puns is golden.
3.) Character Interests - And if there is anyone who can appreciate a logician who plays the violin, clearly it's going to be me.
Ante Acleme (played by KilNi) Topic Starter

1. Appearance - Unique and poised, very much Sherlock Holmes! (he is indeed Unique)
2. Abilities - How can this man be a genius?! Of course, does he know the world is round?
3. Clothing Choices - This man's sense of style is something people need to talk about, its wonderful.
Hayami (played by DragonBorn123)

1. Appearance - "Well you look cool."
2. Abilities - "You can become a demon? Noice dude."
3. Personality - "You seem dark...What's your story hmmm?"
Dunhama (played by Rogue-Scribe)

  1. Your Likes - “Daggers, bow, and swords! You sound like you would be very good to have as a friend in a battle.”
  2. Style - “The little things like your necklace, earrings, and the ribbon you wear on your wrist. I can tell each has great meaning to you”.
  3. Your Line Of Work - “I get this guy feeling your targets never expect it when they get it.”
Addison West (played anonymously)

1. Personality - He seems like a pretty nice guy who appreciates everything he has! That's very admirable and a very lovely personality trait. :)
2. Appearance - I don't know if you intended this, but he's kind of giving me Thor vibes, hehe. <3
3. Skills - I think it's very awesome that he travels around and picks up skills like cooking! I bet he cooks some pretty yummy food. Maybe I'm just hungry, though. :D
Elmer Stroud (played by Juls)

1. Her Name - I just kinda <3 it!
2. Story - I'm super glad she found her grandfather (and that he found her!)
3. Gallery - Love the nice collection of images for her.
Koko Bloodmoon (played anonymously)

1. Love the historical depth! The timeline of events in his life is awesome!
2. Love the physical description! Giving him a limp stands out!
3. Like the way you have laid out his page with the background!

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