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Nemo (played anonymously)

Hello! Here's how this goes: Your character posts an unpopular (or just plain weird) opinion. The next character to post replies with their reaction (whether they agree, disagree, or maybe even think the opinion isn't actually that unpopular at all), and follows up with their own unpopular opinion, and so on and so forth. Your post can be as literate or as simple as you want as long as you have fun with it! They can be trivial, ridiculously specific, or serious (although personally I think the more trivial yet "controversial" the opinion is the funnier—).

THAT SAID: As per RPR's rules, do not bring real-life politics and religion into this. This game is not your personal soapbox for bigotry!

Also please remember, the opinions of people's characters aren't necessarily their creators'! Case in point: our starter opinion below—

"...Oh! Sticks, I actually need to think—" They brought two gloved hands together to where their mouth would be. After a while, there's a careful nod. "Think I got it? Right, so! Kinda said this someplace else, but still stand by it: Marshmallows in hot chocolate? BAD, actually. The slimey texture is just..." Somewhere from underneath the scarf came the muffled attempt at a disgusted raspberry. "I mean, did you really have to go and put lumps of slime in milk—"

"Sorry, it's just... in my experience, chunks in your milk? Not usually a good sign! Or am I wrong?"
Clover (played anonymously)

"I will fight you on this. The more sugary garbage you can put into hot chocolate, the better! And the point is for the marshmallows to melt completely, so you don't have to deal with the slime!" Despite her declaration of 'I will fight you', Clover was clearly being a bit overly dramatic for entertainment purposes. She didn't really care how other people preferred their hot chocolate, after all.
"Alright, my opinion. Roses don't actually smell that great. Their scent is too overpowering."
" Someone said what?" The scrawny Valra poked his head out of the shadows with the utmost curiosity. A smile soon stretched across his face as he stepped into the open. " Finally someone who understands overpowering scents! Never turn a rose into perfume they will burn your nose so you cannot smell for weeks! It is pure murder to the senses!" He groaned and covered his nose at the same time.

" I noticed others gross out or run when I eat raw or what they call rancid meat. What is so terrible about it? Fresh raw meat is so tender, juicy, and addictive while 'rancid' meat is like good cheese, aged to perfection" A point was made in the air with his talon while his mind drifted off, thinking of the succulent treats. Suddenly he shook his head. " I don't see how anyone can enjoy cooked meats. They taste burnt...yuk"
Beetle (played by Jejune)

“ about you take some doughnuts instead?” She looked slightly disgusted, but tried to hide it nonetheless, handing them a plate of warm gooey doughnuts.

“As for me, I think that nature is underrated! People always complain about the bugs and scariness of it.” She’d sigh a bit, shaking her head. “It’s a beautiful world out there!”
Aquila (played by pixl.bee)

"I completely agree! Nature is amazing."
"Heights... I'm not afraid of them. A lot of people are, though..."
Anatolie (played by suzixspectrum)

“Wow, you must be really brave! I get so scared... you don’t get that weird wooshy feeling when you’re standing on the edge of something high up? How?? What’s the secret? Please, mister, share this forbidden knowledge with me, ‘cause it’d be so so so helpful for my travels, and I’d look so much cooler if I could walk near a ledge without crying.”

“Okay. I hate to get all controversial here but I gotta say it: Ghost stories are the best. The spookier they are, the better.”
Nemo (played anonymously) Topic Starter

“Oh! Eh... only at a campfire? All stories are important, and ghost stories can be loads of fun, but well, y’know. I need them to be some place specific so I can mentally prepare for them, and that they won’t well... end up becoming a Thing, for whatever reason.” They tap at their head. “Contingency plans, that sort of thing. Also, I’d rather be in a group if we’re going to be scaring each other—

“Uhhh. Oh okay—probably not the first to claim this, but I think I may still need to take cover for this one. Cereal,” and they pause for dramatic effect, “Is technically cold soup.”
Zipactli (played anonymously)


"Alright, you're just blowing my mind right now, eh?"

"Me? Eh... an unpopular opinion? Hm..well, I'm pretty unpopular where I come from anyway but.. I've always had a poor opinion of people that rely on magical items to do their fighting for them. If you can absolutely not fight at all without your fancy magic sword, then you're not really a warrior, eh?"
Aquila (played by pixl.bee)

"I see your point, but sometimes people have to fight, even when they're not warriors. Having something magical would be good to rely on, then, if someone was faced with combat that they weren't prepared for. Like a back-up plan."
"I'm sorry, I don't know how much sense that made... but anyway, here's my next possibly-unpopular opinion: It's better not to have anyone you can call family, rather than sticking with people who have hurt you and don't deserve to hold that title. I'm not saying all people should reject their families, of course! - but it's better to do that than to have harmful people in your life. Being related to someone doesn't mean you owe them your loyalty."

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