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Hello everyone, I am Eoifihn, but you can call me Eo if it makes it easier on you. I'm not new to role play in the slightest, but I have taken a few years off to do my own stuff, write, and just get away from technology, after a really bad string of incidents on another site which put me off the idea of RP for a very long time. Now I am looking for a safe place to have fun with one of my old RP friends, and I am the brave guinea pig who said I would try this site as a test run, to see if we'd be compatible here.

Since it's been years since I last introduced myself anywhere, I just copied the prompt questions and thought it'd be a good way to 'introduce' myself that isn't any more awkward.

What is your favorite kind of RP? I really like Fantasy role play, and sometimes I used to do some light RP in the Harry Potter universe, but for the most part I enjoy adventure, romance, and action-y role play, with high fantasy elements. I also have a deep love for comedy.

What do you hope to find here? A community would be nice, a place to unwind and get into a story, or just somewhere light hearted to just goof off on silly characters.

How long have you been RPing? Just about twenty-two years now.

Do you have any pets? Two cats, a male and female, a beta fish, and an aquatic snail. And several plants.

What's your favorite subject in school? When I was in school my favorite subjects were Mythology, Marketing, and the one year when I had lunch in an empty classroom, the teacher found me, I refused to tell him my name, so he gave me a new one and we became good friends after that. Took him more than a year to learn my name.

What do you do for a living? Currently I am a receptionist, but I am looking to do something else, just not sure what yet.

What are your hopes and dreams? Love, happiness, contentness at the very least. I am afraid I do not know anyone well enough here to delve into my true wishes. Maybe one day.

Do you have any questions about the site? None come to mind at the moment, however I am sure I will have some as I explore and find a place here.
Welcome to the site!
Hello Eo, welcome to RPR! There is some fantastic Fantasy RP on our site, and I'm glad you joined our community! I hope you have the best time ever!
Welcome BEo! Glad you found RP Repository! Hoping you find RP Repository a fun place to get into some roleplay, and just spend time amongst us strange and varied folk! To help answer any questions, here is a useful link to help you get started deeper into your journey here on RP Repository ...

'Getting Started' Guide

If you want to know more about what all you can do with these character pages here on RP Repository, this link has a lot of helpful information on navigating the various processes...

'Character Creation' Guide

Happy RPR’ng!
Hiya, Eoifihn! Welcome to RPR, we hope you enjoy your time here ^^
Welcome to RPR, friend!
Welcome, Eo
Hi Eoifihn!

Welcome to RPR! The community here is super friendly, so I hope that you and your friend settle into RPR well! If you have any questions about the site, don't be afraid to ask in the forums or someone in direct messages.

Also, usually, if you type it in the search bar, something is likely to come up that will help you.

Have fun in RPR!
Hello and welcome to the RPR family! :D
Welcome to RPR!
Hello Eoifihn, it's nice to meet you and welcome to RPR. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here and have fun with the RP you like. :)

Welcome to the site friend. Being nervous is a normal reaction. However, alot of the people besides a few bad eggs are really awesome and friendly. If you wanna rp anytime hit me up and we can try to create a epic story together. Happy roleplays! :)
Hey and I hope you will find some good partners here and enjoy it x3
Hello NEWBIE I am hoping you get this as I want to roleplay with you please use the description down below to make a character so you don't use any character slots or have to delete any characters please and thank you.
Hair: color and how long
Extra information:

Well hello to every gender out there my name is Sarah but my Full Name is Katelynn Renee Saraphina Morgan
and I Have been roleplaying on here for a while so I am just here to say my official introduction to any and all players so here we GO!!!!!

Newbies players welcome and hello,
and may I personally welcome you to our website that thousands of people from all over the world come to,
and just so you know we are like a family community with each player having their own role on this site
I am happy you decided to be in our not so little community I hope you are happy to be here

Returning players welcome back my fellow players I am glad that you have returned and
may I say that RPRepository has changed so much that now people all over the world have come to this site,
we are a family-friendly community and all ages are welcome to our home away from home.

and for The LGBTQ+ community, I hope you find yourself a happy place here and feel comfortable

Welcome, Eoifihn!

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