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Drans (played by Wandering_Mary)

"you don't look like it"
801 (played by ChristopherBarnesII)

“I believe it was 2066 A.D, in Terran years. But since I’ve joined a group of magicians and genius scientists, I’ve been transported, teleported, and time traveled all over the space time continuum.” He turns to look at the wolf, “Pleasure to meet you, I’m 801, or just call me Bot.”
Drans (played by Wandering_Mary)

"then I'm much older then you" Drans murmurs to herself.
Slayer1234 Topic Starter

Hey guys ...welcome

*She smiles and waves*
Drans (played by Wandering_Mary)

"hello, wanna have 1/2 of a soul?"
Rin (played by starwolf)

no I do not
Rin (played by starwolf)

my soul is being kept ._.
U-110 wrote:
"I'm a shaaaaark. Raaawr."

“Und I thought it was garlic~“ Yes, Prinz Eugen is drunk again. “Hallo, people.”
Charis (played anonymously)

*A metal seems to flow out of her wrists from what look like massive bracelets*
801 (played by ChristopherBarnesII)

I don’t think that’s necessary here Nella, unless your just showing off.
*it stays close to her, basically holding it against the evo hearts* Thats uh...Not me
*cutely jumps off cliff* Lol hey
....I suddenly regret sending that. Anyways.
Would you be into slice of life and muscle now? If you are I share more details to you.
Hawks (played by Sparkles)

y’all weird

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