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Squee (played anonymously)

She nods and smiles a bit
Namarii (played anonymously)

Yawns and then stretches upward, she then takes a leather bound journal out of her satchel and a crystal pen, and jots some things down in her journal.
Rain (played by Drake_Lie)

They would sit on the bar, although fully nude currently, they had nothing currently that could be considered inappropriate to be shown
Jacob and Esau (played anonymously)

Jacob: "That's Esau's a bloody- SENTRY!"

Both Jacob and Esau starts laughing.

Esau: "That Jacob's a bloody- MEDIIC!"

Jacob and Esau just laughs again. What's their deal?
Squee wrote:
She nods and smiles a bit

He reached into his pocket and he handed her a ring. "Here. This means you are under the direct protection of Fate's Circle. Whenever you are in danger, we will be able to sense it, and either Drael, Mytt, Soki, or I will be there. It's likely to be either Mytt or Soki because Mytt can teleport and Soki has hyper-speed"
Squee (played anonymously)

She takes the ring and puts it on
He nodded "excellent"
"Huh.. Interesting" she said, looking over towards Mathius "Can I ask a question sir?" She asked, her eyes on Mathius
Tuma (played anonymously)

Slamming two of his paws on the countertop, Tuma yelled. "Hey, get us something!" He grinned.
Kavern (played by Starphobia)

"TUMA!" Kavern yellwed, frustrated. "There isn't anything to eat here. It's all human food. You know we can't have human food. We can get something to kill on our way to the Master. Now let's go."
Teriko sighed.. "You sound young, Ill let it slide" she said "Ok, Ill take your order as well and Ill pass it off to Mathius.. I can do drinks for you guys"
Tuma (played anonymously)

"Young, haha!" Tuma giggled, "I'm over 200 years old! But that's not nearly as old as Lord Kavern!"

He jumped onto the counter.

"Yes, please!"
Kavern (played by Starphobia)

"TUMA!" Kavern yelled again. "We don't have time! Let's go."

He reached over and grabbed Tuma by the scruff of his neck, only to get shocked, making him drop the kitten-sized demon.
"Again, young.." she chuckled "Banging on the table and all.." she said "Dont fight you two" she said separating them, using equal electric corcs to keep herself from getting shocked "So what do you want kid?" She'd ask
Kavern (played by Starphobia)

"..." Kavern lay down on the countertop, his tail over his muzzle, waiting. "Tuma... Be quick.."
Tuma (played anonymously)

"Don't worry, Lord Kavern! She seems pretty nice!" Tuma smiled at Teriko. "I'll just have whatever is popular!"
Kavern (played by Starphobia)

Kavern stayed silent.

"I apologize on Tuma's behalf, Master..." He muttered, all four of his eyes shut tight.
"Eh.. Well I heard cats like milk, pretty sure saki is allowed.. if your gaurdian confirms your age Ill get you some "
Rain (played by Drake_Lie)

"Lady, most magic creatures never look thier age"
"Id rather have someone else confirm anyways, not giving a kid alcohol.."

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