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This is for fun, I’m by no means an actual artist. I have several drawings up on each of my character’s profiles.

Enter automatically by replying

Ends July 7th
Hello there~ Yes you are an artist don't lie >.>
I agree with the above. You're totally an artist ya silly billy
Yes your an artist and your style is rad :D
I really like it :3
Oh yes please I want to enter this ❤😍
I bet your art is wonderful, give yourself some credit, always remember the journey anyway
I'll throw my name in :D
Oooh! Your style is so interesting! I shall enter as well. Thank you for doing this. :)
Oh yes!! This seems curious!

I'd love to attempt a win
Ohhh loks neat! I wanna join ^^
PunkTown Topic Starter

The time to enter has ended. Stay tuned for the winner!
PunkTown Topic Starter

The winner is Ambrosia!

Thank you all for your kind words! Stay tuned for the next raffle. I get better at drawing(maybe) every time I do one of these, so don’t miss out!
Peace, love and art ❤️❤️

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