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I know that the forum icon system is already getting a little crowded so maybe some other method might be in order, but I would love to see a way to filter out or immediately identify RPs taking place elsewhere (e.g. discord) in a more convenient manner than having to check the post first, as not everyone posts their preference in venue in their RP title.

I say this as someone who likes to keep my RPs on-site. I've seen ads that leave the discord stuff until the bottom of the post in the past, which can be a bit annoying if said post is particularly long. And discord RPs do clog up the find RP tool a little as well.

It'd make thing a lot quicker and easier to filter out such things.

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May I second this? It's disappointing to look through interesting threads, only to find out that the actual roleplaying would be on Discord or elsewhere. I'm also an on-site roleplayer, so this would be a very convenient option. It would also help off-site players find each other too.
This would be appreciated. :)
Good idea Riik. :)
Yep. I agree.
I'm also in support of this suggestion.
Yes please, this would be lovely to add as a feature. It would really help me, I like to stay on site.
Also in favor of this, though I'm not sure how it could reasonably be done.

Just "on-site/off-site" seems too limited to be useful to those who probably have a specific off-site thing/place they want, but listing off-site options would surely quickly become rediculous to set up or use even if it's limited to listing popular options and quickly resorting to, an "other" catch-all, and I don't see a self-entry option (beyond maybe a note encouraging including it in a title?) being very helpful, especially enough to warrant setting such a thing up.

I haven't done any in awhile, but if there's not already, a system note encouraging specifying off-site play spaces in the title of an LFRP topic could at least be a helpful place to start?
I thought about this and I think we could possibly build on this idea - turn it into a sort of "tag" system? Allow people to add their own tags and select from already available ones that appear at the top of the post and let people know if its Onsite, offsite (maybe with a few specific popular websites like discord/messenger), if it's a table top game (with a few specific ones like d&d, pathfinder, monster of the week) and all that? That way it's just not one short little tag for where a roleplay is and is instead a multi-use system.
Riik Topic Starter

I think really, the fact of the matter is that RPR is set up as a site to RP on. It has a real-time chat function. it has a dice roller. It has IC/OOC private message settings. It has a public RP forum. It has group RP forums. Whilst it might not the best at certain formats (hence the existence of off-site RP), it is at the least capable.

Therefore, I don't feel it would be too big a problem to prioritise RPR as a platform. In other words, I feel whilst people certainly have their preference toward specific off-site venues, I personally don't see an issue with a basic on-site/off-site label. It's certainly more than what we get at present. People can then clarify if they're not using the 'go-to' off-site venue (i.e. Discord at present) in their title, surely. At the end of the day, that simple on/off option would prove a significant filter to those who are looking for off-site RP and still make it easier, even if they don't want discord RP or only want discord RP. At the very least, it seems like an easier place to start.
This is something I'd like to see also, as it would help me weed out offsite rps, which generally equate to discord as previously stated. I personally prefer rp here, and honestly I feel genuinely disappointed after reading an incredibly enticing prompt only to find at the bottom, 'discord rp', which most times means I just click off it and keep browsing.
I'm in favor as well! I especially like Folklore's addition to it as well, so that way it could be more easily distinguished and in turn give more options for filtering and what you want to see! Of course, having just on-site/off-site is still really helpful!
My ONLY qualm with this is people like me who play in multiple places. We end up getting screwed by this kind of system unless there's a way to note that you play on site as well as other places. I, for one, play on site, on discord, and on the furcadia client with characters that feature in all three places and it would be really unfair for me to lose out on potential rp because I get filtered out for not only being on-site.
Riik Topic Starter

An 'either' option surely couldn't be too much of a stretch. It could work like the radio button for things like post length, sexual themes etc in the RP finder. Granted, that wouldn't filter anything on the forum - though instantly knowing where those kinds of details are (provided they're filled in properly by the poster) is better than those cases where venue gets lost somewhere within the post itself. It's only really the RP finder itself where filtering preferences in that area really matters anyway, given the way the list is generated. For the forum itself, all I personally would really want is a standardised place to skip to to find out these details.

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