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Hades (played by GingerHades)

The rules are simple! The character above has just offered your character a hug. How do they respond?

Your character's response can be as wholesome as you want, or as violent as you want. Your character can happily accept the hug, they can turn around and walk away, they could bite the other character's face off... The choice is yours!
Just keep it PG-13, okay? Don't be creepy, and try not to be too violent.
Also, if something bad happens to your character, don't worry. None of this is canon. Let's just say they come back to life as if nothing happened!

With all that being said... Who wants a hug? :D
Pela (played by Riik)

"U-um... well... I-I suppose I... I would..." Pela timidly offered her four arms out as though asking to be picked up. After all, for the average adult-sized person, Pela was only knee-height. "I... this is not an excuse to eat me is it, big kitty? B-because I should warn you... I'm not made of meat. I don't think I'm edible."
Caraway (played by TheLorekeeper)

Caraway beamed at the fluffy bunny-like being, before hesitantly picking Pela up for a gentle hug. After a few moments they carefully set Pela back onto the ground - the child was probably being much more careful than was necessary, since Pela looked so soft and delicate and they didn't want to accidentally cause harm.
Venus (played by Saturninum)

Venus blinked.

She squinted hard at the spindly child before her, who was practically no more than a puny ant in comparison to her overwhelming height and overall brawn. Their intense silence made her distinctly uncomfortable - though it wasn't that she didn't like kids. In fact, she adored them. Stopping to entertain street ruffians by hoisting them up on her arms or letting them play with the dangly bits on her worn jacket wasn't a rarity for her, but in those cases, the kids loved to babble and blather on about whatever dumb crap was going on in their lives that day.

This one wasn't making a peep. Had she offended them?

The beefy gal hesitated. After several more moments of careful consideration, she cautiously squatted down and extended her tree trunk arms out to them in the hopes that maybe they'd just been intimidated by how tall she was. Her lips curled into an uncertain half-smile.

"You, uh...- you want a hug, pipsqueak?"
Calypso and Kairo (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

"Who are you calling pipsqueak, filthy earth creature?!" Kairo looked down on the green-headed human, who was much shorter in comparison to his stature. Kairo looks like he's ready to burst, but with a long and heavy sigh, Kairo cooled down. "Ugh, fine. You want a hug? I'm gonna let you have it."

Instead of wrapping his arms around the human- unlike how a normal person would- Kairo wraps around the human with his lower body. He lifts his lower body up, until the human's eyes have met his, and he tightly squeezes. This human seemed tough, so a tight squeeze likely wasn't going to kill her, but this "hug" certainly wasn't a loving one.

When Kairo decided that he had enough (and it didn't take him long), his coils loosened and the human was dropped to the ground. Thankfully, it wasn't a long fall. "There- Happy now?"
Maisi Dennis (played anonymously)

At this point, Maisi didn't seem to care who or what was offering hugs -- she just really, really needed a hug. It had been a particularly long day and an even longer week, the kind that made her question both her sanity and her reason for existence. She was running low on sleep, food, and white acrylic paint, not to mention she felt like she'd been on the verge of tears all afternoon.

For a moment she stared at the odd, apparently grumpy creature before her, trying to determine if giving it a hug would result in her immediate demise or not. He seemed to be in an bad mood, but she was also pretty sure she'd seen him hug someone a moment ago.

Eventually she deemed it wasn't too risky a venture and extended her arms meekly. "Man, I don't even care," she sniffled pitifully. "I just need a hug, please..."
Zenmau (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry. Don't mind him- he's constantly irritable," Zenmau turns her head slowly, in the direction of Kairo's noise. "But perhaps I can give you a hug instead?"

Zenmau gently moves her tail along the ground, feeling for wherever the woman may be. Zenmau wasn't sure what she was going to hug, but whoever it was, she certainly needed it.
Upon locating the human, she moves in closer for a hug. And who knew such a big creature could be so gentle? Especially a blind one who is partially unaware at how fragile other creatures might be in comparison...

Unlike Kairo, who wasn't very careful.
Funny Valentine (played anonymously)

"OH my.." Funny would be disgusted at this creature hugging him. "You are.. erm.. quite big.." He tells the alien woman as he squirms uncomfortably. "D4C! Get me out of here!" Funny evaporates into thin air, being in contact with the woman and the floor as he vanishes into a new dimension.
Stickman (played by Taro_Nuke1)

The Stickman sighed deep. Like very deep as he walked up to Funny Valentine then giving him a hug.
Yangin (played by Leighoflight)

The elemental seems to have no issues hugging a stick, although they are slightly considered that sticks catch on fire easily. A very quick hug is given to avoid anything or anyone setting on fire.

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