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(bout to leave for tech, so...)

To him it was just another day in the city. He sat on a bench beside the restraunt that hsad recently been built only a few weeks ago by the locals. Elders tail flicked left, its blade scratching against the metal rather loudly. Loud enough that the the Elder yelped in suprise and looked around quickly, the dark eyes peering out for any onlookers that had appeared admist the usual bustling of a city inhabited by humans and others who had been accepted nicely.

((i'll gladly reply to this topic as soon as my new character is created, okay? Elder sounds very interesting!))

(Alright. xp..)

(Could my Death Angel join?)

I wish to jOin as well if you will?

(Anyone is free to join, just keep in mind that I have to be able to keep up. As you see, long RPs end with me having to drop out because I end up having no way to be able to stay in the storyline. There will be no overpowered beings here, as Elder is mearly a human with limited abilities.)

(Thank you.)
A woman with deep red hair sat not far from Hybrid Elder.She wanted to let her wings stretch but that would make people think she was an Angel Of Death,even though her father was.She watched Hybrid Elder and tilted her head slightly with curiosity.

Elder coiled his long tail back around the bench, using a clawed hand to move hair from his eyes. It hadn't been too long ago when humans had laughed at him for being different. Often more, though, they fled in pure terror. What could be seen of him were three blackened and crooked horns that retained a dull but bold sheen despite the age. Hand ended in shrap black claws, while blades were stitched into his elbows. He flinches, and looks at Agrona slightly, eyes hidden in hair.

Agrona noticed Hybrid Elder looking at her and looked away,blushing.She wasn't afraid of him,but she knew it was impolite to stare at people.She looked back at Hybrid Elder and smiled,the earlier blush still on her cheeks.

Elder looks away a bit, but a dark purple eye could be seen. ''Whe...Are yu..?'' He asked, speeched altered by a toothed jaw.

Agrona blushed a little harder as she stood up and approached Hybrid Elder.She stopped beside him and sat down on the other side of the bench to give him room."My name is Agrona."She smiled at him again and said"What's your name,if I may ask?"

''My..Neme...Es....Hybrid Elder.'' He replied, loking at her now with a dark purple an dark red eye.

"Nice to meet you Hybrid Elder."Agrona said.She looked at the street."Something about to happen and it's going to be bad."She whispered in her mind.

''Do I....leok....Scary..?'' He asked. ''People have...Ran away from...Me before..''

"To regular humans you look scary,but I'm not human."She looked at Hybrid Elder and smiled sweetly.

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