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Granted but now you are paralyzed from the waist down :c

I wish I could see without contacts or glasses!

Granted, but now not only are you colour blind but you are also a paraplegic. Oops!

I wish I wasn't tired.

Granted, you feel so energized you don't even need to sleep! BUT you start hallucinating pretty badly and can't decide what is real and what isn't--and eventually succumb to psychosis.

I wish I had my own apartment.

Granted, but your 'new' apartment has leaks and is that a blood stain?

I wish I could teleport anywhere

Granted but you wind up teleporting in on a crime in progress and as a result are arrested for the crime as well.

I wish I didn't have to work today.

CookieLurv wrote:
Granted, but your 'new' apartment has leaks and is that a blood stain?

I want that apartment!

Jett, wish granted, but you wind up missing out on some serious cash

I wish my oscars were big enough to eat live food.

Granted Jay but they're large enough to eat your hand, watch yer fingers ;)

I wish someone else would start packing the apartment up!

Granted! But they walk out with everything they packed.

I wish I could multitask efficiently.

Granted but, now you multi task all the time, no more free time for you ;)

I wish the end of april would come faster (I can't wait to move)

Granted but now your moving van is busted.

I wish I had a subscription to RPR

Granted! But now all of the text on your pages are written in binary and no one can read it.

I wish I was able to travel throughout the universe with plenty of air, food and resources in order to explore the planets!

Granted, but you travel at the speed of a brisk walk, so you will never even get to Mars before you die, let alone other star systems.

I wish that the world recognized all of you for the awesome people that you are.

Awwww, but then the world forgets who you are and you become a invisible soul that wanders endlessly everywhere.

I wish I could see anyone I wanted without getting criticized for it.

Granted, but the glamour wears off and suddenly you'd rather be a hermit than put up with all of these people.

I wish I could slow down time.

Granted but in the process, you accidentally reverse time and turn yourself back to an infant.

I wish I had more caffeine in my system.

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