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In a world where humans and creatures lived together, everyone thought that this would be great! Everyone would get along, people might even marry creatures. But of course, all good things come to an end. There was a war, a war between humans and creatures. No one knows how this thing started, but it did start, and that's what separated everyone. Humans began to murder the creatures, they began to hunt them down like animals. Creatures were forced into hiding, many died, many locked up for trying to keep their family safe. Of course that was until the president got sick and tired of their fighting. One more fight and he would kill either side, right on the spot. Not only that, but he created an academy, an academy where the kids would learn to get along, instead of becoming like their parents.

The school was created for harmony, for each kind to get along, but of course with every school there were kids who would break the rules, and of course they would get punished, who wouldn't? The school was split in half, no creature would have to share a class with the humans, vise versa. there was a barrier, separating everyone. Like as if there was glass separating you and your friends? Never would the barrier disappear, well besides one Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Nice thing about this school is that there is no leaving. You can call your parents, but once you enter those gates you will never leave, until you graduate of course!

One bad thing about the school is that the funding was only for the barriers... So that means ever human is paired with a creature. Good thing is that the dorms are separated between girls and boys. There was a pool, a garden, a gaming area, etc. But those all had to be shared.

Now listen, suck it up Princess, if you don't like the creatures/humans, deal with it! You aren't going to die!

{You are now showing up to the gates, saying goodbye to all your friends and family, and you walk into the gates!}

Arethusa didn't really have any family to say goodbye to, or any friends. So she walked up to the gates by herself, dragging a suitcase along with her. She took a deep breath as she looked around, before walking in the gate.

Rebel was happy he was excited he brought his sister happy with him. His sister happy was super happy

Pinky was happy she didn't need to say goodbye to anyone so she was excited so she went to the school

Enya wasn't very excited. She was happy that her parents would be away from her for another 4 years, but hopefully her, 'friends' would miss her. Eh, it doesn't matter anymore. Quickly the short girl jumped out of her van and walked around to the back of the van, pulling open the back. A bag fell out of the back and she picked it up, slamming the door, and began to walk towards the gate. She growled at the sound of her van pulling away and then growled at all the humans who stared at her, not many did, but there were a few. Slowly the girl sneezed, with a high pitched squeal and was forced into a form, it scared a few other people, and a few others laughed. The white fox curled up around her bag and bit her bag handle, pulling it along with her. She looked around and growled at those who stared, wagging her tail roughly.

Rebel came to the school With his sister driving the car they got out and the person in the back went in the front rebel and happy got their stuff and walked to the gate

When approaching the gates of the school igneous was fussing over his intended fiancé...who is at this moment carrying his child..."now remember to eat your fill and be careful around sharp objects oh and don't forget to ingest a lot of spicey foods cause it's important to a young dragons development"
He continued to dye over her and had been the whole ride here.
"Hun I'll be fine...we may be on opposite sides of the school but I'll still see you on Fridays and the weekends" she replies in an exasperated tone...this is what she got for falling for a dragon...she smiled and kissed him lightly before taking his hand and skipping up to the gates of the school with their bags in hand.

Enya looked around and purred as she sat in the shade, awaiting her form to change quickly. It was nice to see that others were getting along. She was tempted to jump out and scare a few people, since no one really sees a fox anytime son, especially a white fox. Enya looked around and saw a couple, she heard them talking and smiled at the way there were handling things. Then she saw another boy and his sister. She smiled softly and then poof, she was back to being human. A short girl, sitting in the grass, under a nice shaded tree.

Staring at the ground I walked through the hall. Nobody seemed to care that I was unfamiliar. Nobody seemed to care that I was unusual. Nobody seemed to even notice me. I had to take a glance down to make sure I was still there; that I hadn't turned invisible. Nope -still there. I liked it that way. I had once been told that I had the kind of face you forget even when looking directly at it. Good. I didn't want to be remembered. Attention had brought me only trouble in the past, so I did my best to dissolve into my surroundings. Music in my ears, I had a smile plastered across my face. This school would be a fresh, new, normal, start. I was finally happy. Until the bell rang, and a glance at my schedule told me I had additional maths. Way to ruin the day.

Happy was so happy she walked infront of her brother. "Omg I'm so happy!!" She says skipping

Sunflower had just made it she had her hoodie on and was walking to the gate she had walked all the way there

Drago wagged his tail with excitement. He was finally there! This will be fun! he thought and started to walk through the gate.

Enya looked around, no one seemed to question the way she just, shifted so she hopped up, plugged her headphones into her ears, and started jamming. The Shifter looked around and sighed, her eyes trailed to the grass before they ended up looking at the trees, she didn't know what to say, nor what to do. The gates to the academy weren't open, but the gates around the academy were open.

The garden was beautiful though, the way the sun glistened off every color of the flowers, just seemed to brighten everyone's day. The way the sun shimmered off of the lake, smiling at all the bright faces, human or even creature. Enya shook her head, snapping out of her daydream as a loud voice came from the huge building, pounding past her headphones and into her ears.

"Welcome!! All new students please enter your new home!! We shall give you your dorm number, and be warned, any fights will be contained by our guards!" Said the sweet voice.

"That's what those big guys are for..." Mumbled Enya under her breath and she just sighed, looking at the mix of people, the way the anger flew off of everyone.

Happy was so excited. "Oh wait your going to be one he guys side man oh well" she says laughing rebel laughs. "Calm down sis before you go all crazy happy" rebel says

Jj stopped in the middle of the hallway, she looked around, and groaned. I have to share a room?

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