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My apologies all. I need to check this thread more often. I just seen the post order lol—A week later. I’ll get a post out today after work.

Oh, goody. It's not my turn yet.
Thought I kept everyone waiting there for a second.

Na Fam, things are alright. I imagine that things will pick up pretty quick in a bit.

Now that the weekend is over :)

Hold on, I'll see if I can reply sometime today. If not, then tomorrow for sure.

Woah, the change in the main title threw me for a bit of a loop. Is this hinting towards something bigger?

ReverieCore wrote:
Woah, the change in the main title threw me for a bit of a loop. Is this hinting towards something bigger?

Not necessarily, we just decided to make this a part of something else. There might be some lore changes, but it doesn't affect the integrity of the RP.

Well, sort of, though we aren't directly connected. There are other Chronicles of Obelus threads going if you want to look them up. This isn't directly affecting those and vice versa though. We're all just grounded in the same universe now.

Ahh, I got it. Events transpiring in effectively the same universe, but at different locations in different points of time.

Also, I just had a thought about the maze that proves I'd be an ass if I had set up the trial. XD
Imagine if the group was told the centre of the maze was all stonework before you reached your goal, while the outside was hedge growth.
However, what the contestants were not informed of, is there are a number of smaller pockets of stonework maze dispersed throughout the maze's whole. You'd end up with a few people getting excited when they found a section, only to panic when every turn leads them back into the normal hedge part of the maze. : P

haha thats great

See, this is why I made my eldritch prick, Eschallus, so I can get away with being a scheming psychopath who tells half-truths and mislead people. I'm glad he's not in this, else he's be trying to have every last elf at eachother's throats for his own amusement rather than having a trial to determine who'd be the next ruler.

This is completely unexpected, Tora. Now I've got to make Varen a bigger part in the other RP. On the plus side... I CAN make Varen stronger in this....and older...

Oooh, and Gwer. Dice. Nice, I'm gonna have to use that from time to time as well.

I'd like to make a request! Tora, would you be willing to add the turn order to the opening post in this thread? That way when I forget it, which I will, cause I sort of already have, it's in an easy to find spot and I don't have to go hunting for it?! Pretty please!

Okay I’ll do it in a bit when I get on my computer. Easier to edit there. :3

Also, for the sake of those who aren’t aware of the new lore changes with the incorporation of this arc into the Chronicles of Obelus, I will be adding the relevant info to the lore section as well, so sit tight for that update

Important things have been added to the lore! Please read, carefully. I've also buried a couple more tidbits amongst the others.

Post order is there too in the first post so you guys don't have to find it.

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