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(Not currently in need of more people)

(All character types welcome, please remain in the limits of mortals)
(Characters will already know about each other in a work relationship basis unless something is planned to be revealed later or given a higher form of relationship prior to the roleplay)

It is in the far future of 3152 where space travel has been perfected and the ability to produce resources via re purposed mass has been adopted as a constant means of food, metal, and other resources. Due to the destruction of earth thanks to heavy pollution the population of earth from animals to humans now live in many space station colonies scattered around the solar system

You are apart of a reconnaissance crew for a military that you are not permitted to know about who specialize in being put on abandon or destroyed colonies in order to obtain reports of why the colony failed as well as the list of every named individual on said space station. However recently you and your team have been hearing some grim mentions from your higher ups about downsizing the program, however your supervisors brush this off to you as being "nothing of the matter".

You and your team are brought on another mission just like any other to the space colony of Solaris tasked with standard procedure of get the population list, any found recording, as well as rescuing any individuals who may have somehow survived on the colony. You and your team begin looking for these said objectives when one of your team mates looks back to the ship that both delivered you here and was expected to take you back was in the middle of leaving the docking station...

((I'm intrested))

//I am sorry if this is too long and/or sucks.

Between the choice of signing on for a year of service in some sort of military operation and going to rot in a high-security facility for their crimes, Britt initially spent an hour annoying the authorities who had arrested them before realizing they had gotten themselves into a massive heap of trouble they were not going to be able to squirrel their way out of.

So, Britt begrudgingly agreed to join the agency for a year, working as an engineer on the ships and abandoned equipment on the derelict colonies their unit was transported to for other people to collect data and complain to them if something broke. For the most part, they were bored out of their mind, but it was better than being held in a prison.

Solaris wasn’t any different from their initial missions. It was another abandoned colony likely filled with people who starved to death because they couldn’t figure out how to irrigate their crops or failed to ensure their oxygen filters were working or did something stupid like light up a cigarette in a room filled with highly flammable gas – really, the citizens of Rislin had none of Britt’s sympathy for their own stupid actions.

Thus, Britt was on their knees, twisting a few screws to loosen a metal plate on a non-functioning security terminal. They were going to get the damn thing working and search through the camera logs if it killed them. They needed some brownie points to reduce their serving time so they could get back home to Scrap; they were starting to miss that bot. Plus, the higher ups rarely set up the crew with proper materials to get through security checkpoints. Britt was hoping they could get into the security system and either shut it down or download a high-security ID to get through the doors or anything that could prevent them from having to blow through doors. It was fun the first few times, sure, but after a while it just left their ears ringing.

((Hey,Yall mind if I join?))

Ember was beginning to regret his decision, the risks, rewards and choices were all percentages on a sheet of paper, Was it worth it? Probibaly not, he had been locked in a cell for longer than he could remember, beaten and tortured for what he had done. They saw his potential and gave him the sheet that layed before him, If he served them long enough he would be released, and should he preform well, a large sum of Credits would be given to him. He was suspicious, but it was an offer he couldn't refuse, The wolf wagged his tail lightly "Troublesome" Thought the wolf, his tail stopped wagging quickly

Ember Kamura wrote:
He had heard stories of solaris, Absolute hellhole of a planet, People died constantly, and he was tempted to kill.

((Solaris is a space station, and for the duration of the role play no one else will be on it except everyones characters (that and the extra surprises I planned farther down the line) ))

((oh, let me fix it))

((Imma be off for a bit, see ya))

Fjord was more or less forced by his higherups to join this mission. The money involved was good compensation for traveling to the Colony but apparently his 'problematic behavior' made his a prime candidate for the captain to ship off to the military. He wasn't even going to get the jink the military was going to pay him it would be going straight to his normal crew, Fjord would be getting a fraction for the pay.

He lent on one of the metal walls of the space station the stuffy pilots uniform much different than the ones from his home city of Bedlam. His fingers fiddling with the buttons on his sleeve, looking out the thick-glassed window across the hall from him at the starscape.

((I'm about to clock out for the night so I'll leave my starter before I go))

Garner was having issues securing a job due to his 'unsettling' at best appearence and due to this Garner was looking at his future with a grim feeling as he knew without a job he would most certainly perish out on the streets. It was around the time after being told off by a factory manager that he received a email with nothing but a attached document that, when summarized, basically reads 'Work for us or have your citizenship revoked and be dragged to the disection clinic' while this nearly made Garner run for the stations escape pods and never look back, the promise of money and free housing also listed on the contract pulled him in enough to relucuntly sign his name on the document before sending it back.

It has been about 5 months since that day and Garner has settled in well with his job as a colony scout, however today marked something special, he would meet up with a new set of team members after the unfortunate end of his last team due to each of them perishing fron a unknown plague that was brought back from their last mission together, thankful Garner lived long enough to be cured and put back on duty.

Garner had decided to spend his time waiting for his new crew mates in the barracks, eagerly looking back and forth from the clock to the door at the front end of the barracks awaiting everyone elses arrival.

((Basically this will serve as a "prologue" portion of the role play which will build up to what I originally typed for the role play and then we will go from there when we get there)

((My deepest apologies Lafayette and Plastic, didn't see both of your posts prior to me typing that))

((Nah, don't sweat it. Probably best if we start off with some exposition type stuff first anyway :P))

Between the choice of signing on for a year of service in some sort of military operation and going to rot in a high-security facility for their crimes, Britt initially spent an hour annoying the authorities who had arrested them before realizing they had gotten themselves into a massive heap of trouble they were not going to be able to squirrel their way out of.

So, Britt begrudgingly agreed to join the agency for a year. They weren’t formally educated, weren’t allowed to touch or write up reports anything outside of their area of expertise: electronics. Put any disabled or otherwise non-functioning piece of equipment in front of Britt, and they could get the thing working within minutes. As such, they were one of the “colony scouts” that went to examine abandoned colonies for whatever data their employers asked of them. Mostly, they just fixed broken or disabled electronics, occasionally hacked into a terminal to get to some data – or quite literally hacked into the machine and tore out the hard drive to be connected to another computer at base for examination.

Over the course of the few months Britt had been serving, they’d been juggled from one crew to another, never settling down long enough to even remember anyone else’s name. Apparently, their particular set of skills were “too valuable to be constrained to just one crew” according to the documents detailing their work. Personally, Britt just thought every crew hated them and complained so much about the teen engineer that they were passed around the crews like a baton.

Whatever. Britt came here to escape a jail sentence, not to make friends. They glanced at their data pad quickly, ensuring they had the right room they were to meet their new crew in. Yup. Time to meet a whole new set of people that would come to loathe them. What fun.

Britt pushed the door open, slipping inside quickly and plopping down onto one of the bunks immediately, their long white hair fanning out on the pillow. They threw a peace sign toward Garner, indifferent to his appearance, “Solaris team, huh? Name’s Britt Harcrow, electronics specialist. Nice to meet ‘cha. Wonder how big this team’ll be.”

((Yeah it's no problem that stuff I wrote before was background info anyway))

Fjord walks down the halls of the station looking around and taking notes of the model of the station. It was a model he wasn't used to but he could make it work if he tried. His heavy boots making his footfalls louder then they should be as they echo slightly down the halls.

Fjord arrived maybe 15 minutes later standing in the doorway his ratty patch covered duffle bag. His Pilots uniform looking too pristine for his weather features and messy hair. He looks between his two crewmates as they laid in their respective cots. "Names' Fjord Bailey, and who might you berks be?" His voice reminiscent of an old southern earthen drawl, but the slang he uses betrays his heritage. Fjord adjusts the duffle bag on his shoulder walking between the two occupied cots to claim one for his own.

He's seen many weird humanoids from living in Bedlem, his eye's only lingering on Garner for a moment when he can't discern his species. Fjord drops the bag at the side of the cot before promptly sitting himself down.

Kallisti was starting to regret her policy of doing the opposite of what her dad told her to do. Ok so the the dyed hair and tattoos still rocked but colony recon lead her to meeting the most interesting of people. I did have the advantage of making her family thankful she would never have a boyfriend. There were so new faces on the team for Solaris.
She looked up as Fjord stomped into the room.
"Really? I'd never have guessed. I'm Julian from St Bernard." Said Kallisti glancing round the room pointing at random people "That's Disturbing Antony, Trevor the terrible, Colin the courgette and Susan."
She smirked at her own joke.
"So what is this latest hip resort stop we're reviewing then?"

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