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Added this to Forum Games because I have no idea where this kind of thing goes. Anyway, let me explain this topic--your charas can let loose and basically contribute to a truly chaotic RP here. The idea is to reestablish the First Impression board as a board for people to leave first impressions, and for those who love playing in fun, lawless RPs, they'll be here.

For now, it's essentially intended to be a place for charas to mingle.

If you want to affix any theme, let me know with a private, direct message using "Conclave Update" as the subject.

With all this said, the Conclave.


> Asami appears atop a pillar near the beach. The Conclave is a microcosm of what amounts to everything. Of course there's a Pirate Bay.

"ASAMI!" Sisti came up behind her, glomping the girl out of nowhere. "Wassup?"

> Blushes cutely~

The to all appearances utterly, irredeemably arrogant prince--was snoring. Not because he was bored, but because he was taking a nap, on a bench nearby, a bench that butted up against the edge of a wild-looking garden full of exotic, magical plants.

"...This place...all these floating islands...the best bits of every place we've been or will be...what IS this place, really...but...either way..."
> Mikoto enters the area as Adorable Jiangshi.
"Who wants to see what these can do?"

"Eh...? The hell is this?"

"The Conclave. A li'l bit of everything all rolled into one~ Also, it's you, Akumi-puu~"
> Asami pets Akumi rather cutely, pulling her and Sisti close together~

"Cuddle time!" Rumia came up behind Sisti and pulled everyone tightly into a group hug.

> Asami cuddles every last puu~ It's much too cute, even as the Conclave evolves to give access to a castle...!

The Night Elf Warden appeared atop a pillar, overseeing all the cuddling happening in this amalgamation of worlds.

"What chaos has been brought to existence?? Multiple dimensions mashed together like this! How is it possible?? HEY! Stop with the public canoodling and fix this!"

"Quite a nice place...though I feel I should add my own touch." Out of a dimensional rift enters a small selection of titans.

> Cue even more puu time in response~
"Everyone, puu~ Anyway, this place is a haven for those who lost someone important."

“But, uh, not all of us have lost someone...?”

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Forums > Forum Games > (IC) The Conclave (Random Play)