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Hi there,

Name's Stormcrow. I've been RPing for the past 15 years and is now looking for new people to RP with.

Been playing lots of D&D, Call of Cthulhu campaigns, Scion, Mage the awakening over the past couple of years and I enjoy creating characters. I do have a preference for either modern or medieval fantasy settings.

If you're looking for a pal to RP with you, don't be shy, PM me for a session! We can even create characters together!

Looking forward to meet you guys!

Hey! Love to roleplay in that setting too, although my longest post is about three paragraphs so I'm probably not as good as you.

Cherry_Red wrote:
Hey! Love to roleplay in that setting too, although my longest post is about three paragraphs so I'm probably not as good as you.

Hey there, send me a PM with ideas. I don't mind if your posts are short :)

Hello and welcome! It's great to meet you. I've been roleplaying for seven years, and I just love dragons;
Be they from Spyro, Final Fantasy, D&D, or Disney.

Hello and welcome to RPR. The best roleplaying website ever full of freinds and roleplayers.

Hi, and welcome to RPR! We are all glad to have you here, and we all hope that you will have a lot of fun here!
My name is Kamryn, but feel free to calling me Bean, as that is my nickname! If you're ever interested, feel free to shoot me a PM so we can chat if you'd like, or possibly strike up an RP! I'm very easy to get along with, and I'm always up for making new friends!
Again, welcome to RPR, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

...Man, I want to play more tabletops now.


Welcome to RPR! Glad to have you hear and hoping you can find lots of great friends and wonderful adventures!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Looking forward to RPing with you guys!


Welcome to RPR! I'm super glad you've joined us here!

I really recommend checking out the Looking For RP boards, and I definitely recommend hitting up the OOC Chat as a place to get to know some of your fellow roleplayers!

Thank you SO MUCH for coming to us and helping us make our community great!

I'm somewhat late to this intro, but still... WELCOME. :)

Welcome to RPR! I hope you have fun here! =)


Tabletops, you say? I've always wanted to play D&D, but never got the chance to. Maybe you can share some tips with a noob like me sometime!

But I wish you happy holidays, and a hearty welcome to RPR! I'm Lucree, but call me Light, Lotus... Whatever you like that's nice, really. It's sweet to meet you!

Hey Stormcrow and welcome to the RPR! We are always happy to see new happy people join the community. :)

If you have an idea you wanna put out there that you'd like to write out, or wanna browse what other people have up for grabs, here's a link to the LFRP forum.

Since you say that you are such a fan of fantasy (and of age) - I'm gonna dare to do some shameless advertising here for the Fantasy world that I run on here: Tam'nýer—a'

If you have any questions, be it about navigating the RPR or the world, please don't hesitate to ask. <3 If it's specifically about Tam'nýer—a' though, feel free to shoot me a PM about it. :D

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Forums > Introductions > Experienced Role Player