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I can recall at least three cases of stupidity on my end... But I assure you, there is so much more than just the following:

•Whenever my boyfriend and my best friend are in a conference call with me, I somehow manage to address my boyfriend with my best friend's name and vice versa. It's happened so often that they claim they have evolved like Pokémon or Digimon whenever I mess up their names nowadays (or worse, blur them together because I'm flustered or something like that).

•I tried putting my water bottle in the medicine cabinet once after I was done taking my meds. I stood there for longer than I would like to admit wondering why the dang thing wouldn't fit inside my cabinet.

•One evening, sleepy me had a bowl of meatballs with marinara sauce. Decided to snatch some bread from the bread holder on top of my microwave, right? So I took out the loaf, grabbed a couple of slices, and put it back in what I thought was the bread holder.

Next day, I went to heat up some food in the microwave... And I found the loaf of bread inside. I'll give you one guess as to why it was in there in the first place.

Oooooh boy my moments of stupidity happen so often that I could probably stack them all high enough to create a ladder high enough to just ascend and escape my idiocy. One of the best examples just happened no less than ten minutes ago when my roommate came back from the store and when I was emptying the bag I just blurted out Ibuprofen? What kind of sweet is that?

.... Bare in mind I'm the one who asked him to get Ibuprofen in the first place! There's also my silly habit of knowing that I might run into something, let's use the bathroom door handle that sticks out into my very narrow hallway (made even more narrow and cramped by my bike taking up half of it). I know that it's there and I tell myself to be careful to not bump right into it, and yet my side still goes right into it, full impact and I'm struggling to hold in a curse loud enough to alert my whole flat. No wonder I need Ibuprofen...

I forgot how to say 12:30 and said, "its noon thirty"

Spoiler tag for an actual mistake I made - writing something in a lighthearted thread that turned serious p quick. Sorry.

~ ~ ~

I remember I accidentally embarrassed a girl in front of the entire school.

i was in primary school at this time. I was maybe ten or eleven or twelve. The context was that she was on this TV show (it was like a live tv show or a competition show or something. Don't know the specifics.) with this boy. Throughout the recording she was apparently staring really intensely at him?

So our teacher (all three of us shared the same class with each other.) was talking about the show in assembly and made a joke about this girl liking him. Not all of us had watched that particular episode, and not everyone in the school knew that these people from our school were on it. But my class knew that this girl and this boy were on it, and the girl was like putting her head down in her hands in embarrassment.

So stupid, stupid naive me started making gestures to the teacher (I was in the back of the hall), pointing to her and waving my hands in a gesture of NO and then ten seconds later, I realize what I am doing. I think it was because someone was yelling at me. I don't think I would have realized what I was doing was wrong if they hadn't told me.

I remember some people were like looking backward and grinning. I must have looked like a jerk. I was a jerk. Just not intentionally.

Anyway, I tried apologizing to the girl but her friends didn't let me near her, so I couldn't explain what I was trying to do. By this time, I was like crying or something, and I couldn't speak. Whatever. On our way back to class everyone ignored me, which was about the right thing to do, I guess. I would've done the exact same thing. In my defense, I had never actually learned how to be with people as a child. My family never got along well with each other, and I did nothing but stare at walls, watch stupid kids shows like Barney and think by myself. My parents never got visits from other people, and they barely went out because it was a foreign country. It's only now, in high school, that I learnt how to get along with people.

But whatever. That's is the worst mistake I ever made. It doesn't matter now, since I can't do anything to apologize. I moved out of that country a year later. I hope she's okay now.

My boyfriend and I were on the topic of Marvel. I have never seen a single Marvel movie in my life but we got on the discussion of Thanos somehow. I was talking about his gauntlet he had and stupidly said that he had 'Force Gems' in it instead of 'Infinity stones'

My BF told his friends in a chatroom of what happened.

I still feel stupid to this day.

I put some milk in my coffee the other day and then just... left it out. Just forgot to put the milk back for no good reason.

More often than not I go to put the milk into the pantry instead of the fridge, but luckily I realize halfway through opening the pantry door that, no, that doesn't go there.

Not necessarily a 'brain fart' type moment, but a weird thing about me is that I always caw back at birds, cry back at babies, etc. etc.... I just can't help it unless in very serious situations. It's a curse, but it's entertaining at least lol

In line with Novalynn's answer: I graduated highschool in 2015. It's been four years...
When I'm stressed, I still have dreams about forgetting my locker combination (despite never using a locker), being late for class (despite always having been several minutes early to every class in HS), and not knowing the layout of the school (because in my dreams, I usually ended up not having enough classes to graduate, had to go back to highschool, only to find they had rearranged the classrooms). These are the most infuriating dreams on the planet because I am not in highschool anymore brain, STOP

I once was completely unaware that a girl I was head over heels for was engaged.

Until I asked her out and her fiancee flipped his lid over the phone.

Needless to say, I hide in a dark corner every day and regret not asking her out in high school

Borrowing my cool colthes to my 3 little sisters. They'd promise to return them. I either never saw them again or i'd get them back ripped and torn.

Everytime I go to the mall of America I take a picture of where I'm parked. So when I'm done shopping I know where I'm parked.

That is actually brilliant Steph. I do that when I park at the airport. They have colours and numbers and letters. It helps.

In 2014 my wife Kaz and I were in Lille France and we parked the rental car in the underground car park at the hotel and we “lost” it. Took twenty minutes to find the right level and section. Maybe a couple too many Leffe Brunes that evening before when we parked it...

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