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“Were you going to suggest something, Sarah,” he asked after calculating the reports, “I value your opinion as much as anyone else’s, but I know that we’ll be safe at Sanctuary, as long as we can get there in time. So, let’s hear your idea, and I’ll see if we could, possibly, see if it’ll keep us alive.” He wasn’t being sarcastic, but he hoped his tone reflected that as well.

It took her several moments before she blinked once and looked up at him, using her hand to brush her hair to the side. "Huh? Oh, no. I wasn't going to suggest anything." She smiled politely at him. It wasn't often she would smile, or even try to get out a broken smile. It quickly disappeared as she looked back down, recieving a huff from Chance. She ignored it though, not in the mood to argue again.

Fianna glanced curiously at Aaron, Sarah and Chance. Now that she looked closer; Chance and Sarah seemed to be oddly far apart from each other, and Chance looked like he was actively staying away from Sarah. Fianna didn't see them often, but they always seemed so close to each other when she did. She tilted her head to the side in thought; still casually staring at the three of her group mates.

“ it doesn’t matter much anymore. “ she said walking out with her hands in her pockets. “ opinions don’t matter much. Relationships don’t matter much... just keeping each other alive is the only thing we should worry about anymore.” She said walking into the light, her messy grey hair falling in front of her face

The twins both stayed quiet at Roxanna's statement, before Sarah muttered, "I know someone who agrees." And despite being so quiet, Chance heard this and sneered at the girl, to which she just walked further away from him and kept her back turned towards him. She began fiddling with the necklace Roxanna had given her.

“Well said,” he agreed, “truly; we’ll all be ok once we get there. We’ve about five days to get there and fortify our position, and I’m already sending teams to salvage the wreckage of the planes. With your command, of course; you are the leader, after all.”

“ I told you twins to grow up didn’t I? Get over whatever your fighting about and forget it please? This is too much too deal with in such a little amount of time...” she said walking over, the bandage already turning red

"Dipshit." Chance sneered at her again. He gained no response as Sarah kept her back towards him, folding her arms and once again staring at the ground as she took in a deep breath, which in reality was just as hollow as her chest still felt after that whole drama earlier.

She walked over and pulled the two over to the side. “ what is going on you two...?” She asked softly

"She's being an unstable, emotional mess again." Chance still hadn't gone back to his other non-bipolar, nice self, which meant he didn't really have any consideration for what he was saying about his own sister, or anyone else for that matter.

"Nothing is going on. I'm letting him calm down before I want to slit his throat." It seemed like she was trying to stay calm, clearly trying to follow Roxanne's previous instructions of them growing up. She clenched her fists as she folded her arms again, becoming tense.

"Just like you slit his." Chance retorted, clearly not letting up.

"That was different. Leave me alone." She then walked away again.

She grabbed his wrist and pulled her back. “ please you two... I want you too both say one nice thing about each other....”

Sarah was about to attempt before chance interrupted. "There's nothing to say." And those four words pinched at her heart more than anything had since she had lost the rest of her family. She glanced down as she shook her head, not even wanting to bother.

"He's not my brother. Not when he's like this, Roxanne." She once again began walking away, one hand now on her chest with the other gripping her side. "I'll do it when my brother is back."

She sighed and shook her head. “ try not to poke her anymore ok?” She said to him while looking him in the eye

"Hmph." was the only response that she recieved from Chance. Sarah continued to walk away until she was a foot 10 or 11 feet away from him, staring at the wall and through the bars to the outside. She closed her eyes go a moment before she let out another hollow breath.

She walked back to the group. She leans in the wall and looked up at the sky as she waited for everyone to be resdy

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