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Alex was pissed off at her father for doing something like that. She goes down to the police station and demands to see Allec. "Officer, I want to see Allec. He didn't do anything to me. Please just let me see him." He sighs and says, "Follow me," he then takes her to the interrogation room. He knocks on the door and an officer steps out. They talk and the one goes back inside and says, "You have a visitor."

Allec look and waas glad to see Alex " Let me guess...this is your father's isn't?"

The Chief of Police received a report that a teenage boy named Allec was filed of a case Kidnapping. Little did he know that the Chief of Police is Ben Onstone, Ben massage his eyes and get out from his desk inorder to go and see Allec.

"Yeah, he wants to make sure that we never see eachother. I don't want to be with Xavier, I want to be with you." She hugs him and refuses to let go. The other officers just stand and watch the two. They aren't for sure what to do.

"Alex...Well Im not gonna give up on this. I hope theres a little miracle on this situation."

The Chief of Police arrived as he tell the guard to let him go, because the repor they gave was nothing a false accusation that there is no proof and even the CCTV on the apartment doesnt showed he kidnapped her.

Ben "Say you have an enemy or something?
Allec "Oh its you Uncle..."

"Allec, who is he?" She stands there next to him looking at the man. She keeps her arms wrapped around his arms.

Meanwhile back at Alex's house, "Xavier, trust me, she will come to you." He sighs, "You better be right about this Mark." They continue to wait for any news.

" Oh yeah Alex this is my Uncle Ben Onstone which he is the chief police of this station."

Ben look at her and gave a gentle smile " nice to meet you there Missy and I assume you must be his girlfriend is that right?"

She blushes and holds out her hand to shake with his, "It is a pleasure to meet you, sir, I am so sorry that we had to meet like this. did you know that I was Allec's girlfriend, did he tell you?"

Ben laugh a little " Missy I can here your conversation before I enter. Its a good thing my nephew found someone that he will not die as a widow."

Allec "Hey thats kinda rude."

Ben laugh "Anyway Allec your discharge on this matter." He look at the guard as they take off his cuff.
BEn " Now you two better head home safe."

She laughs and tries to hide it so Allec wouldn't get embarrassed even more. "Actually sir, I don't think I would feel safe going home right now. Especially with all this stuff going on."

Allec " hey remember what I say about a friend of mine? Why not I'll take you there to her?"

"Okay, um....are you sure this friend of yours won't mind that I am coming? I don't want to intrude if she doesn't want me there." She gets nervous, not because she is going to be staying at another girls house, but because this female is friends with Allec. She is nervous that she might be better looking than her, but she trusts Allec and wants to meet her first then make decisions later.

"Well you shouldn't worry...shes a good friend and a big sister to me."
At her friends place which is also a Cafe Shop. Allec knocks at her door as she Open that her name is Sam.
Sam "Allec? What a surprise to visit me and whos that cutie with ya?"
Allec "Well Sam this my Girlfriend...ALex. Alex Sam Smith."
Sam" Nice to meet you cutie." She smiled and held her hand to offer a shake

Alex blushes and takes Sam's hand, "Um....i-it's a pleasure to m-meet you." She mentally slaps herself for stuttering but couldn't help it. "I hope I wasn't to much of a bother to end uo staying here."

Sam " Hey dont sweat it, I could need some company on this old Cafe Shop. Also I wont mind hring you to be the Barista just to let you earn some cash to pay for the rent."

She smiles, "Well that seems fair, so I guess this arrangement will do just fine." She was all happy, then her phone rang so she pulls it out from her pocket and then her face went pale after seeing who was calling.

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