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He wasn't even looking at her. He took out his earbuds. "Hmm? Did you say something? Sorry, I was listening to my music" he said as he paused his music on his phone. "What did you say?" he smiled nicely

Lemon raises an eyebrow “wanna drink, I took this from the guy who can only yell over there it’s yummy” she slides over the bottle. “Why is everyone so antisocial here”

"No thanks, I don't drink" he put his hand up. " think the reason why everyone is antisocial is that they aren't used to being around others, usually they seclude themselves from others. This is probably a new experience for them, but that's my guess" he took another sip of his tea

Turning to look at the girl who approached her, Abigail noticed her funny behavior. Did the team somehow..make her drunk? She hadn't noticed that she was drinking. Smiling , she lightly tugged on the blonde haired girls sleeves. "I-i didn't make any. However would you like to come and make some sandwiches with me? I believe there is stuff in the kitchen."
With a swoosh she looked at the man listening to music again. "Do you know how to make sandwiches?"

He nodded. "Of course, little lady," he said with a smile

Derrick eventually flew around again then turned into a bat and flew into a dark corner to avoid almost anything and everything as he began to fall asleep

"Hrm." Rose takes a sip of something...More than likely, some thirty-three year old scotch. "Real good stuff."

*Matt crept in attempting to stay hidden with Mark and Mike following Matt into a corner in the shadows as they reached there they would squat down staring at the others and Matt would whisper* Matt: “S nami bog” (god is with us in Russian)

He looked at the three, confused. "Okay..." he said as he finished his tea and put the empty cup on a table

*they got up and walked towards Clyde as Matt put out his hand to shake his* Matt: “Lieutenant colonel Whistler... I am Colonel Matt Briggs of the ISA these are my fellow agents Major Mark Greene and first lieutenant Mike Ross... It’s a pleasure to meet you...”

"Ah." he said, using his free hand to shake is. "It's a pleasure to meet men who served their country, like me" he saluted them

*all three saluted back*Matt; “of course... Have you heard of the ISA?” *he looked at Clyde with a half curious half “you pick the wrong answer I kill you” kind of look*

He put a hand on his Glock. "Intelligence Support Activity, why?" he asked

"Hang on, boys." She walks off, and returns with several weapons...A Kel-Tec KSG, a few M72 LAWs...And, uh...Is that...a PTRS-41? "Let's not get into the whole fighting thing. 'Cause, you know, I pack the heat. It WAS my job, before."

He smiled. "Your arsenal is cute" he held out a weird looking assualt rifle. "Ever heard of a FERAL 7.62?" he asked, holding the weapon to display it well

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