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  • Can I just say what a wonderful and sweet person Dawn is!! She is definitely one of the nicest people I have met on here and I look forward to talking to her more and role-playing with her . Check out her group as well! Kind and understanding Helpful - Anonymous

  • Cheetah has been my bestie before I even joined the rpr ^^ She's amazing at roleplaying and description, while being rather naive, i love seeing the responses I get as they're always super detailed :D I look forward to everything we do together Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Bluebeldy

  • BunBun
    ive only been roleplay with them for a short time and they are super funny. they have such good replies with the perfect amout of hummor and serriosnes. they have pretty long posts as well, with lots of materail Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - lucylovexoxo

  • They are super Sweet and kind..and don't mind I have short replies and take a little bit to answer sometimes..they are super cute to! They make me super happy and I just adore them very much <333 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - BunBun

  • BunBun
    Bun is an amazing roleplayer, and I can't express that enough! While his responses are pretty short, he always gets the perfect amount of detail into them, so its not overwhelming ^^ We haven't chatted for long, but he under stands when i gotta go, and is always there to greet when I'm back :D he's talented and really creative, I look forward to future roleplays! Kind and understanding Fast responses - Bluebeldy

  • Penelope here is really an amazing roleplayer! She's super talented, and can easily work up a few paragraphs. While we haven't roleplayed for long, she genuinely has an amazing description, and will work with even if my responses aren't as literate. Thank you Pene! Wonderful writer Long posts - Bluebeldy

  • It has been over two years that we have been roleplaying. Incontrovertibly, Queen Serenity is a blessing beyond the legendary level. Not only she is a superb writer whose choice of words is exceedingly elegant and elaborate but also as a person, she is exceedingly kind ad understanding. I do consider her as one of the top-tier roleplayers and one of the best people in the world. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vozhad

  • Vozhad had has become one of my best friends on this site. He is an extraordinary writer and role player, always put so much detail into his work and I’m honored to know such an amazing person! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - QueenSerenity

  • They were my best freind way before I joined here..she was the reason I came ^^ to be with my bestest friend in the whole world..she is super nice and sweet and I just adore she deserves these Kind and understanding - BunBun

  • Grace Owen (played anonymously)
    Grace is just an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL breath of fresh air. She is just super fun to talk to and always wonderful when it comes to plots and context. She is just a wonderful person and roleplay partner overall. I just love her bubbly attitude and cheery disposition. She REALLY knows how to roleplay, and does it so wonderfully! Overall, she is an excellent person to be friends with, and partners with too! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Weasel334

  • Coyote is so fun to write with! I've been writing him for years now and it's always a good time when our schedules align. His characters are interesting and his posts always contribute to scenes. I definitely recommend RPing with him! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DragonofRust

  • Nox is a tremendous writer. Her intelligence is only matched by her kind heart. She is confident not only in her ability to write, but her ability to share a story with someone. I am honored to have met her and write with her. Thank you so much for the joy your writing brings. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - danmanmun

  • We have only just begun our play, but I'm thoroughly enjoying writing with Danmanmun. His posts are full of detail and emotion, as he is an amazing writer, and he plays his character so wonderfully I just can't get enough! I'm already loving our story and can't wait to see where will it lead us! Definitely start a play with him if you have the chance! <3 Wonderful writer Long posts - Nox_et_Aurum

  • This lady right here has been my sister for as long as I can remember, easily 10 or so years! And that has stood up even when we both faded off of roleplaying and Furcadia as a whole for a couple years, we got together and clicked all over again. She's sweet, funny, generous, and bursting with ideas. Her characters always have so much depth and thought put into them, and the plots that pop up are perfection. I could give her kudos every minute of every day and it wouldn't be enough. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Eri

  • The reason I keep RPing. Blindwoofer is an incredible Muse who keeps a story alive with her creativity. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Nitehawc

  • Jess is truly one of my favorite role play partners. I haven’t had a solid story like the one we are currently working on in a long time. She is truly an amazing writer and I highly, highly recommend doing something with her if you love a beautiful, slow, dramatic burn of a story. She has strong characters and a beautiful creative mind. OOC she is also very fun, kind, and understanding. When talking to her it feels like talking to an old friend that you never lost that connection with. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Roueg

  • I can not rave about Roueg enough! Our RP came at a time when I was desperate for something fun and fresh. I got exactly that. I look forward to every single ones of their replies and they are always extremely intentional with details and their characters. We often talk OOC to confirm plot ideas as well as to just rave about how much we enjoy the characters. When it comes to romance, it is often difficult to not go too quick and ruin the plot, but Roueg is super committed to the story! Love! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - itsjess

  • Adelaide (played anonymously)
    I don’t know what to say about her. We started writing a few days ago and this character is everything I wished for my first furry character. Kind and understanding. I’m waiting patiently for the next replies to only find a big smile on my lips. It’s just an amazing feeling and if my skills in drawing get better I would draw them both in a wonderful field of flowers while watching the moon. She took Ryus and my heart ❤️ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - EagleBearer

  • Call it a blessing, call it a curse, but in my experience, the Forum Games has more gems than not. Edward Everson is one such gem, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon him during one of my lil' internet adventures. Don't let this "normal" human fool you, because reading through his profile has shown me there are a lot more flavors here than just vanilla. - CrystalDisc

  • I have known Elle for a time, and I can only describe her as a tour de force of talent. You want verbose, rich writing? She does it. Elegant plot threads? Check. A wicked sense of humour? In spades. She is celebrated for her art, which is immaculate, but her RP is just as delicious. If you get the opportunity to work with her, dive in! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - desaevio