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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • He's the best bastard boy out there. He's the type of a man that we need to see more in this world. Vinz might be a hot-blooded male who has a juvenile sense of humor for his age, but its done in such a manner that it is a humorous trait that makes him more endearing. He's accepting and nonjudgmental person who doesn't discriminate, and he made the most bitter and jaded person smile and even laugh. He melted and captured Lorena's tired heart and she wouldn't change anything about him. - Queen_of_Hell

  • Is it love or fascination or just a Toreador obsession, one can never tell with these types of vampires, but it indeed is real and raw passion that doesn't die down even after decades of separation. A sire and childe connection between him and Rosalie is strong, even crossing some limits, but with such raw chemistry that is mental just as it is emotional, there's no way one can control it, even if its unhealthy. And Crow, my dear friend, created such character depth perfectly. - Queen_of_Hell

  • Lyon De Basqueville (played anonymously)
    MY. WORD. This man is so addicting. Not only is the writer of Lyon talented and writes beautifully, but the way his character was built and developed into being who he is today is just delicious. I can't get enough of Lyon and I just anticipate to dig further into his character and learn more about him. It was all unplanned and we went into rp with no goal whatsoever, but the disconnected pasts of Rosalie and him just uncannily matched unexpectedly. He is her missing piece that fills every gap. - Queen_of_Hell

  • Opal (played by MoonKunoichi)
    Let me just say this for the people in the back - OPAL CAN DO NO WRONG AND IS THE FLUFFIEST CLOUD THAT MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COST!!!! She's a ray of moonshine in the darkest nights and a precious gem that would never hurt a fly unless it's necessary to protect herself, and its still unfair to poke at the most precious vamp out there. This is a pastel delight everyone needs in their lives and Rosalie adores her to bits <3 - Queen_of_Hell

  • Lemme tell you this: it is an honor to be punched in the face by a curvaceous Anarch diva who doesn't mess around. Righteous, flirty and rebellious - Marisol is the person you would stand with no matter the cause and it only helps because she is ready to do the right thing, even if it goes against her beliefs. PS - Rosalie still wants a piece. - Queen_of_Hell

  • Hypatia (played by RoseyProsey)
    First of all, that was one hell of a beginning and introduction to a character whose life was flipped upside down. Went through hell and back barely even understanding what is happening, and damn did she come out like the badass she is! Hypatia does not mess around in any capacity whatsoever, no matter the circumstances, nothing can pull her back and we stan her hard. Eris will protect her lil sis with her life even though she knows Hyp is more than capable to do it herself, and she is proud! - Queen_of_Hell

  • A handsome Italian heartbreaker, he is relentlessly charming and amusing character to play against and being rejected by him is nearly an honor :') that cocky energy certain got him to places in the society and we have yet to see what this Casanova has in store for us. - Queen_of_Hell

  • Argos (played by Waldo)
    A character with intense development and personality that makes you connect with, not as your own character, but as a writer and as a person. Argos is one of those characters I feel about strongly, and despite the relentless nature we as Storytellers have, I want to protect this shaggy doggo from all the injustice he was put through. #ArgosDeservesJustice. Eris will make sure to protect her friend no matter the cost. Which only shows how good of a writer Waldo is. - Queen_of_Hell

  • Amazing friend and writer. I enjoy talking to you and rp'ing with you as your characters really feel alive and you drive the plot forward and your writing is wonderful. Thank you for being my friend! :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ChocolateIceCream

  • EntropyHarbringer is an amazing writer. He manages to breathe life into entire worlds and is a joy to work together with. Anyone that is willing to work with him will be capable of creating small miracles. It's very rare to meet someone that is so hardworking and so passionate about roleplay, worldbuilding and writing in general. Aside from a great roleplay partner, he's also a person that means a lot to me and someone I consider a true friend. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - SylOfficial

  • One of the most patient people here on RPR. Between my loosing motive for a muse, to trying to work out new plots, figuring posts out, or even just trying to motivate myself to post in general, Kungpow always waits for me. To which I thank you for. It is great to be able to test an old OC of mine, who feels undeserving of the praise he gets, and hopefully between Kuroi and I we will continue to keep Kungpow interested in continuing on with the rp. Kungpow is good to write with for sure. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Winters_Fury

  • Davina (played by MissPixie)
    Davina is and will forever remain one of my favorite characters ever made. A beauty in every aspect, Davi is both friend and monster, she is caring and apathetic. She is so many things and it all depends on who she's interacting with. From loving wife, to caring friend, to someone's utter and complete worst nightmare, all written in a beautiful coherent way which overall forms a character that is so real I would believe she was standing just beyond my frond door. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kruhee

  • Alypia (played by MissPixie)
    My feelings on Alypia are always mixed, and that, despite how it sounds, is a good thing. As a character she is so multifaceted it is sometimes hard to know who is the real Aly, but all sides are good, and all sides are her. A loving mother, a devilish seductress, a brilliant sinner, a hellish prodigy. She is so many things with a personality that is somehow both truly evil, and untimely comforting. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kruhee

  • Leticia (played by MissPixie)
    From the brilliance of this character's concept, to the beauty in how she is played, Letty is everything one might expect out of a genius femme fatale. Her charms ensnare, her look entrances, her words beguile, her smile brings you to your knees. It's hard to know what Leticia is doing, even after she's done it, spinning her web as deftly as any practiced spider. If someone is looking for a a good time, all I can say is I know at least Letty will come out smiling. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kruhee

  • Lian (played by MissPixie)
    Have you ever met a character that seems to simply take on a life of their own? That's Lian. She's this strange little twittering creature who is clearly as much bird as she is beautiful fae. From the consistently mysterious, yet fitting, manumissions, to the strange childlike curiosity, I don't think I have seen a character more deserving of the title of Mythical Creature. She is so many things that can't fit into 500 characters, so I guess you'll just have to find out yourself! Wonderful writer Long posts - Kruhee

  • Wilhelmina (played by MissPixie)
    It's hard to say how much I adore Wilhelmina, I know I have said it before but I'll say it again, and again, and again. She. Is. Wonderful. A charmingly unique take on vampirism her story is both horrifying and delightfully whimsical, which is a perfect match to everything that this character does. If you get the chance, I'd suggest playing with her, with Wilhelmina's writer at the helm you won't regret it. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kruhee

  • One can spot a Kruhee piece from afar - and don't many artists wish they could have even half as unique and charming of a style in their own work!

    Kruhee was a blast to commission and a delight to talk to - she works very quickly, and diligently checks in during every step of the commission process.

    Hit her up - you'll get exactly what you want from Kruhee, every time! Helpful Creative ideas - Rigby

  • Let’s talk about why MissPixie deserves some praise. Part 3/3: MissPixie is hands down the best RPer I have ever met in my entire life. They have a way with words that is downright magical, and a devious mind for plotting, scheming, and storytelling that leaves me scrambling to keep up in all the best ways. Their characters are original, and beloved in their unique well crafted nature, and they always know how to make every character in an RP feel special and important to the story. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kruhee

  • Let’s talk about why MissPixie deserves some praise. Part 2/3: MissPixie is kind. They do everything they can for others, bending over backwards to help friends, acquaintances and strangers. They truly care about every person and it shows. From taking time to listen, to offering up well thought out solutions for both RP and RL, they show a contemplative sincerity that is hard to find even in the best of times. All delivered with a humor that is both witty, and appropriate to any situation. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Kruhee

  • Let’s talk about why MissPixie deserves some praise. Part 1/3: MissPixie is generous, like beyond belief generous, they are not just kind to their friends, but also to people they don’t even know. They are the kind of person that remembers your birthday, who takes time out of their day to tell you you’re loved, and is kind enough to tell the truth even if it hurts. MissPixie is honestly the most giving person I have ever met, and they ask for nothing in return. Kind and understanding Helpful - Kruhee