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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Rebecca Roberts (played anonymously)
    Started a roleplay with Rebecca and have enjoyed it very much! The flow is smooth and am always looking forward to seeing a new reply from her! Good potential for storybuilding! Roleplaying with Rebecca is fun! You should spend some time with her!
    Rick Creative ideas Concise posts - Anonymous

  • I just started an RP with MidnightWaffles, but they are a wonderful writer and super kind OOC. With just RP response I already love their style of writing and their character--it is amazing! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ImCitrus

  • I haven't roleplayed with them too long but I am really enjoying their writing! They really get into character and are really great at expressing feelings and emotions behind their characters. I'd recommend :). Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kotomi657

  • We've only just started our roleplay yet i'm already loving it such an amazing writer and her posts are concise and never smaller than 1 paragraph i hope to keep roleplaying with Asher for a long time :) Wonderful writer Concise posts - Ashen

  • Victoria Syllian. (played anonymously)
    Victoria is an amazing writer. She is communicative and I would definitely be happy to continue weaving tales with her. Wonderful writer Fast responses - AdoboKitty

  • Braxima is one wall of stone! Beautiful, graceful and fun to roleplay with. When it comes to ideas there will be always some and I enjoy them how she interacts with my character. Interesting drinking games or strength battles are the result! I can't day more than I enjoy each reply and look forward on what is going to happen in the future ❤ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - EagleBearer

  • Wow, that character is so well written and detailed it makes my heart skip a beat with each post. The wait and patience is worth the replies and I fell so hard into our story and characters. Never regret starting an rp with that character and the person behind it❤ keep up the good work and I am eagerly looking forward to more❤ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • Hosted an amazing Summer Soiree topic, once again dazzling every reader, I'm sure! Their Halloween topic I visited once was absolutely thrilling and cute, and this time they didn't disappoint, either!! Not that they probably could, now that I think about it. This guy is so cool, their characters are always either bursting with energy, hazy with intrigue, or filled with mystery, passion, determination, or some other fascinating flavor of donut filling! Anything I've seen 'em do? done amazingly! ❤ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • Boomblebee really knows how too play they’re characters well. They play they’re characters extremely well, and give them fun personalities which makes you wanna know what the next action of the character is gonna be.

    Furthermore they know how too write , the good amount what is needed. Not too much and not too little. A good writer! You certainly should roleplay with them. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Cookiesareyummie

  • I'm only a few messages into our roleplay and I'm already very happy with their replies. They're a very wonderful writer and do a great job at moving the plot forward as well as coming up with creative ways to do so! Their responses are long and detailed but not enough to be overwhelming and you're definitely missing out on a wonderful expierience if you're not roleplaying with them! 💛✨ Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - BoombleBee

  • I've grown to like him very much! Hearing from him just cheers me up even! And Don't get me started on his awesome experienced Roleplaying skills! He's never disappointed me,and I hope I don't disappoint him! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Incubus_2

  • Brilliant roleplayer. Brings amazing ideas to the table, and is able to adjust or tweaks certain elements of need be. I find myself constantly waiting for the responses from this person immediately after I send a response. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Michael_Rainwater

  • Katherine (played anonymously)
    For just a human schoolteacher, Katherine's profile is really robust and interesting! This goes to show that even mundane life can be a fun read with the right amount of skill, and this player clearly has it. - CrystalDisc

  • First of all, I knew CD's writing before I knew her as a person, and her characters are fully fleshed out and captivating to read. That's not touching the writing, as well! Absolutely fascinating, I could go on reading for days. The art, too! Wonderful to say the least! Thoroughly enjoyable, I gave her profile a look multiple times. Then I interacted with her, and she's the kindest, sweetest soul you can ever come across. We made fast friends at the right time. Hit her up, you won't regret it! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - hexblading

  • Selene (played anonymously)
    A great technical writer, looks past what is written, skillfully reading between the lines and bringing the story further. A fully fleshed out character and incredibly fun to write with. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - StripedWoulf

  • Monster lovers unite! If you're a fan of the freaky and bizarre, you'll love Leighoflight, because they're everything on the package and so much more. I'm honored to have you as a part of my world, and a little bit of yours! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - CrystalDisc

  • Canon characters are a rare treat, but do you know what's even rarer? Well-written canon characters! Atheist is not only such a sweetheart, but his portrayal of the various characters we've come to know and love through the media is simply unmatched. Love and light, friend! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - CrystalDisc

  • If kindness incarnate was a thing, it would be Hexblading! This person is a pure delight, whether you see them on the forum games or hit 'em up for a chat in DMs. I see a long, happy roleplaying career in their future! <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - CrystalDisc

  • Messaging Banshee was one of the best decisions I made all week! If you're armed with a dark sense of humor and like weird and creepy things as much as we do, you've got to hit her up, whether it's to write or vibe. Rock on! <3 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - CrystalDisc

  • CD has boosted my confidence so much. On top of that I'm really looking forward to any stories that might unfold in the future, because their engagement and creativity is contagious. Thank you for having me! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Banshee