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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Wyn is an amazing writer and an amazing friend! Her ideas are endless and always exciting, she's always dropping surprises (my favorite), and her writing style makes her posts easy to get lost in. I can't express enough how much you'd miss out on by passing Wynnly up. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DoogieMeowser

  • Meowser is incredible! Very kind, friendly and fun to talk to out of character and a phenomenal writer. Long, descriptive and driven posts are what you can expect and you will not be disappointed. Wonderful writer Long posts - Wynnly

  • Bird is so fun to chat with and write with!! We've only known each other a short time and still I talk to him every day I can, even when I can't rp. Fanastic, interesting characters, fun ooc chat, fantastic writer. 10/10 absolutely recommend. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Ruberiot

  • michal onyx (played by sammythepup)
    I've rped a bit with this character and i'm not gonna lie, it's been awful fun! [oh god, custard is getting to my head]. this character is awesome and has a wonderful personality! his responses are concise and generally speaking, quick! i hope to get to rp with him more! Concise posts Fast responses - XenoverseSurvivor

  • ThimbleWitch is not only an very talented write able to paint vivid images and draw deep emotions from her writing with eloquence, but I have recently found out that she is an extremely talented artist as well. It is a privilege to be able to role play with her and view all her wonderful character art. Thank-you for sharing your many talents. :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • I joined his Trick or Treat forum this year simply because I’ve always been a huge fan of Don’t Starve. His portrayal of Wilson was lovely and he really breathed life into the character. It was incredibly fun getting the chance to interact with him. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MomoMonroe

  • Though he may be new to the online world of roleplay, this man right here is someone you want on your team. Funny, caring, kind, and with so much depth to him, Carn is someone who has all the potential to blow your mind and more. I don't know where I'd be without him, so keep an eye on his page and pounce on those characters of his once they are created. I promise you won't be disappointed. ♡ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Bobbin

  • This is months overdue, so it's about time I express my appreciation for this imaginative, amiable, and patient young woman. Coming from a guy who's been roleplaying for 20 years, it's rare to find someone you vibe with so creatively and effortlessly in today's RP communities, and I'm especially grateful we crossed paths because of that. Aqua is a fantastic writer with equally fantastic characters, and she's an absolute delight to work with. I look forward to our current and future endeavors. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Maverick

  • They are a wonderful partner. We've done a couple RP's together and while they where quick, they are great with conunication and will never ghost you. They are also incredibly creative and kind. Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Rebecca (played anonymously)
    Just have to acknowledge Rebecca as her social justice stance is commendable! There is something about Standing up for important causes that is admirable. We are starting a roleplay based on our world issues now! A very creative character and a well made character page! Helpful Creative ideas - Moonbiter

  • Zelphyr is a eternal wellspring of excellent ideas and is often responsible for thought provoking discussion on the forums. I have always admired and respected their dedication to the site as well as how friendly they are. Kind and understanding Helpful - Katia

  • We can all get a bit frustrated over various things that are sometimes even a bit silly, and in an instance where I was getting riled up, Katia stepped up to de-escalate and defuse the situation with patience, understanding, and kind words. Kind and understanding Helpful - Zelphyr

  • Lanx12 is a great RP partner. Even non-action slice of life type scenes are fun. He's wonderful to bounce ideas back and forth with and comes up with some really creative and fun ones. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Mirafin

  • Ultra-Knight is great to RP with! He comes up with interesting ideas to help drive the plot forward and has a wonderfully creative writing style. His characters are well rounded and he plays them very well. It will be hard to find a better RP partner. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Mirafin

  • Rowan Starkfang (played anonymously)
    I am loving writing with the writer behind Rowan! The posts I get are quality and I am looking forward to all the mischief and fun ahead with Rowan and Soleil. I would also check more boxes, I hate to be limited to the two...Thank you for being an awesome writer! - Soleil's writer Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Anonymous

  • Luis Shawcross (played anonymously)
    Luis is honestly so amazing! Their writer is always up for some drama and I really love how they portray the royal courts and such. They have a way of writing that always has just enough detail to show the scene perfectly but not so much that you lose the plot! They're always driving the plot forward and I LOVE their replies! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I rp with their character The Butler and lemme tell you they are amazing! They always have ideas, and are super easy to talk to OOC making future plot points well in advance so we know where we're talking the plot! Their replies are always so beautifully in character and detailed it makes me happy every single time I get one of their replies! It's a slow burn but its honestly one of my absolute favs now UwU Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CatNoLastName

  • Mirafin has a creative mind, she's also communicative OOC and delivers concise posts that get to the point while avoiding pointless fluff. She's also a joy to work with and RP with. She has a great cast of characters on top of everything else. I have been thoroughly enjoying my RP with Mirafin. Give her a chance, you're in for some fun if you do. ^_^ Creative ideas Long-term partner - Ultra-Knight

  • This guy is one of the most understanding people I have ever met. He's patient, as well as kind. He'll be more than happy to work out ideas with you as well. He delivers well written posts and he's a blast to Role-Play with too. Check this guy out and give him a chance. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Ultra-Knight

  • X2C
    I've Role-Played with this guy before and he is absolutely phenomenal at getting into character and making you believe he's actually the character he plays. He's hilarious both IC and OOC as well. Great guy to get to know and have a blast Role-Playing with. Just exercise a little patience with him and he won't disappoint you. Check this guy out. ^_^ Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Ultra-Knight