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  • Talemancer
    I have not been writing with Talemancer for a very long time but I think that we play off of each other very well. You can always tell when you really click with someone and I think that they are just one of those partners. If you aren't roleplaying with them you should <3 Creative ideas Long posts - Animewithin

  • Khali Maurice (played by XIII)
    Sophistication and cruelty, combined with the ooze of royal charm.

    This character represents what I love about RP. Expression in dark themes, controversy, and weaponised intelligence. It's a wonder seeing him come to life in RP, and his creator has crafted a wonderful lore and universe around him and her other characters that is inspiring. Drives the plot forward Long posts - khaellar

  • I know it's so cliche to say, and everyone does, but I wish I could pick more than two options for XIII. She is an incredibly talented writer with a passion for her characters that is palpable in every sentence, every post and in every profile she creates for them.

    Besides being an amazing RP partner, I've had some hectic OOC conversations that have left my stomach hurting from laughing. She also makes wonderful artwork! I would highly recommend considering her for your next OC commission. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - khaellar

  • I have not been writing with Animewithin for long, but so far, I am having a lot of fun with our RP. She is a great writer, and she is a delight to scheme an RP with! She has a lot of good idea for how to craft a good story and drive the story forward as it goes. It helps that she writes well and her characters (of which she has many) are quite interesting.

    If you get a chance, you should RP with her. You won't regret it. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Talemancer

  • This is a long term partner indeed! We always seem to gravitate towards eo and you're the first person who I've had THIS many plots with. In every story you are fantastic and you control characters that always make a deep and long lasting impression with me! Much love <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - ChocolateIceCream

  • Such creative plots and ideas! I find myself constantly inspired by them. And they always have great ideas on how to take the plot in new, interesting directions. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Alleluia

  • One of the coolest OG stalkers I've never roleplayed with. He always told me that if I ain't gon' be part of the greatest, I gotta be the greatest myself. This dude taught me how to switch it on 'em. Even when I fell down and bumped my head, he helped me up and asked me if I bumped my head and I was like, "Yeah."

    This man is the definition of flipmode, and you know flipmode is the greatest. Great sense of humor - AncientDis

  • Dis is an absolute delight to be around. Dis' characters have sooo much personality, drive the plot forward with such great care, and always has such amazing detail. Not to mention Dis is always great to talk to OOCly. Both for some plot driving and funny moments when it comes to developing plans for Rp! I'm genuinely very honored to have met such an amazing person. So, if you have even the smallest of chances to get to know such a great person, I say jump on in! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kitsune_Of_Ninetails

  • Kitsune is an exceptional roleplaying partner with an incredible talent. Her ability to make complex and multi-dimensional characters with nuanced personalities come to life is truly impressive. Kitsune's characters are a joy to interact with in roleplay. She make the jokes stream in endlessly and makes even the toughest character situations heartfelt and humorous. She's a complete and utter joy of a person, and an amazing partner. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - AncientDis

  • Listen up, folks! If you're on the hunt for a roleplaying partner who's as funny as they are talented, then look no further. This person has the uncanny ability to turn even the most serious plotlines into a laugh riot behind the curtains. The cream of the crop, the cherry on top. Lift your glasses for Apollo!

    You know that's right... Great sense of humor Creative ideas - AncientDis

  • Ah, where do I start? There are many things about Athiest that are just amazing, but I believe his writing ability along with his kindness are just a couple of the best. He respects his RP partner and he also respects himself, never rushing me to respond even if it takes me a while. Patient, creative, talented, kind and understanding are just five things I can name him off the top of the head. However, I know he is deserving of many more great titles. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Kloomsy

  • Xros writes their posts with a lot of pathos that invests me into the emotions and struggles of their characters that makes me want to advance the story to continue to see their development. They are also one of the most understanding partners I've ever had, understanding the long hiatus I had to take and still being willing to get back to our RP that I have still been deriving a lot of enjoyment out of it that I'm looking forward to seeing where it will go. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - VelmiaWarin

  • Absolutely incredible writer. Suspenseful, exciting, enjoyable, and oh-so-fun to chat with outside of the story. Truly an amazing person to write with. They even have me trying out a new type of character to write with and I've never had more fun trying something new. I'm in complete awe, I wish I had space to say more. Keep it up, man <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - _Apollo_

  • A very effective writer able to convey such thought and emotion. They provide such wonderful personality to their characters. I always look forward to getting a response from them. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - XrosHeartless

  • This guy is super cool! I haven’t RPed with them that much but he has a great understanding of the characters they Roleplay and have great ideas! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Sunstruck

  • He is my bestie aah it's so cool ;w;!! His oc's are so cool Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - uwu_peridot

  • This guy is super freaking cool. He puts so much personality into his characters when he's RPing even though I haven't roleplayed with him much. A super nice and cool guy. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Sunstruck

  • A absolute best bud of mine. I’ve been friends and roleplaying with him for so many years by now and he is such a friendly guy to talk too. Plus, his roleplaying skills are absolutely outstanding. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Foxfarer

  • My boy is awesome, and hes got alot of experience with rp!! I havnt rped with em much, but from what ive seen hes very good at it and hes got alot of lor and story telling skills it seems!! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Deltarunner

  • Time and time again I am blown away by XIII's ability to create. Whether that is a stunning narrative or equally breathtaking artwork. Their drive to create is something I strongly admire and it clearly shines through in my interactions with them. I've nothing but kind words to give for them, and they are somebody one should not pass up RP'ing with! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Syain