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  • This person, is one of the most gorgeous artists i know. Seriously. AAND, they're also a great person i like how they're really nice and calm. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Moving_Wine_Addicted

  • Magpie (played by Lyndis)
    Magpie seems like an intriguing and endearing character; I would love to learn more about them. I absolutely adore their design, as well. - Anonymous

  • Galaxy-star to not only a friend but a rp partner for years now I wanna say happy anniversary to our friendship we have been friends for awhile now helping each other out I appreciate you and our rp thank you so much for being there. She has many qualities unfortunately I can only choose 2 but all of those qualities fit her. Kind and understanding Fast responses - DevinGardner

  • I'll admit I used to be a one-liner but now that I see what long posts can do to drive the plot forward I will definitely be taking that skill. Ali has great long posts that give everyone the info they need. I would definitely RP with Ali again! Really good at making sure people are comfortable in the direction the RP is going! Wonderful writer Long posts - FrostWolf

  • I don't know why I waited so long to give AgateTurtle a kudos, but here we are :/ Anyway, Agate is really fun to RP with. I look forward to his replies and enjoy reading them no matter the length they may be. He plays his characters very well and moves the plot forward beautifully. If you ever get the chance, don't miss the opportunity to RP with this guy! :D Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AliRevellian

  • I hadn't had the opportunity to roleplay with Rook until recently, and I've got to say that I'm so excited to have been able to finally do it. They have such amazing, well thought out characters, and every single one of them has their own amazing qualities that make them so much fun to engage with. It's my hope that I'll get to roleplay with each and every one of them AT LEAST ONCE, but I definitely wouldn't turn down a thousand times either. Creative ideas Fast responses - emily

  • *cracks my knuckles* Emroidz and I have somehow managed to end up in the same roleplay communities over and over again, and each time I'm impressed by their all-encompassing mastery of character development. Somehow, they manage to not only stick to their character's guns, but simultaneously allow them to explore themselves and change at the same time! It's a wonderful thing to watch, and experience myself, and I can't wait to see and do more! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - emily

  • Ray (played by Dug)
    Ray is one of those characters that you can't help but just feel bad for. While the proverbial sci-fi Eeyore would probably seem like someone hard to RP with, it's absolutely the opposite! He's so tangled up in his own feelings and trying his best not to show them that he ends up being both tragic and mysterious instead. He has one of those faces that is just too adorable not to fall in love with, and has so much depth that it's impossible to know all about him in one RP alone. Creative ideas Long-term partner - emily

  • Lukas (played by Dug)
    Even though Lukas was intentionally meant to be nothing more than an unimportant filler character in the long term story for another character, he very quickly spiraled into something deep and thoughtful. There's no one else that Alec would like to have fighting by his side, even if he had a choice in the matter. They have the kind of brotherhood that feels so completely organic that it's hard to remember that we've barely put any thought into them. I can't wait to see where he goes! Wonderful writer Fast responses - emily

  • Nicky (played by Dug)
    I haven't had the chance to roleplay with Nicky yet, but it's only a matter of time. Kim has a wonderful way of bringing characters to life, especially when they're absolute WEIRDOS. I can't wait to see what she manages to do with this one, but I'm confident that it'll be nothing short of amazing with a side of completely hilarious. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - emily

  • A fan of details and exciting to RP with. We have created many epic tales together already and I just have to say how much I get excited when he messages back with replies. Amazing RPer and story builder. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CaptainFox

  • Maji is an incredibly talented, insanely cool person; I love every character they bring to life and watching them pour their passion into their art has been a joy. I consider myself very lucky to have shared a friendship with them for as long as we have. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Mortem

  • Very interesting RPer! They have a unique selection of characters, and are just very friendly overall! Wonderful writer Fast responses - MangoNekros

  • How haven't I given Degu kudos yet?! Degu is a longtime friend and RP partner, and someone I truly treasure. His characters are each unique and multifaceted, and his villains are some of my favorites. Whatever your RP preference, Degu is quick to provide a comedic response or heart-wrenching drama, and he's eager to partake in nearly any RP setting. Whether it's RPing cowboys or aliens, I always look forward to what's next with our characters! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - miarup

  • Apollo is a sweet and gentle person. They are also a fabulous writer. They bring their characters to life and it’s amusing to see how these characters respond in certain situations. Apollo has great talent for writing and they are a great person to talk too. Apollo, you keep being you cause your awesome! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Mainon

  • Mainon is full to the brim with creativity. They are a brilliant thinker and a talented writer. We've only been RP'ing for a short time, but already I've been looped into their fantastical writing. Wonderful writer Fast responses - _Apollo_

  • Amaris is just an amazing person and writer. She leaves me speechless from how amazing and detailed she can write. Her talent in making her characters are fabulous as she makes the OC come to life and actually feel real at times. Amaris is also kind and sweet, just a good person to be around! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Mainon

  • After years have gone by, I am still the biggest fan of Darkon’s work! I am still riveted by every word. It is some of the very best story telling I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The world building, the sensory details, the characters - to die for!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TheLittleWitch

  • Wow, what a good person and good writer. I've been role-playing with Mainon since he got into RPR, basically, and god, it's a really good role-player. They has a compelling way of writing, a way of making you love the characters, and he mostly worth role-playing with. If you have the opportunity, do it, because the experience is precious. Wonderful writer Long posts - lleuadamaris_

  • I'm sorry, did you ask for the best rp partner out there? Because this lovely person delivers!
    They rekindled my love for rp, their reply speed is astronomical, their writing? Top notch. Her characters? Absolutely wonderful and creative.
    I don't have enough space to say all then wonderful things they deserve and I simply cannot recommend them enough!
    Go to with them! Creative ideas Long-term partner - FriedStars