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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Ciraelin (played anonymously)
    Having worked with Ciraelin in artistic ways I am so grateful they offered to help me branch into writing in a new place. I have had so much fun getting to know their character and seeing her grow! The writer is thoughtful, kind, and so talented it’s hard to believe. Thank you so much for all your kindness and help, I can only hope for more RP in the future as the player is absolutely astounding. If possible, try to catch a game with them, missing out on RPing with Cira would be a crying shame. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I really - REALLY - love RPing with this person. Their replies are quick, but also well-written and detailed, and always a joy to read. Plus they have believable, well-thought-out characters that are fun to interact with. But here's the thing: it's not JUST their writing that's amazing! They're patient and understanding with my WHACK reply schedule, and really chill - they're easy to talk to and to get along with, whether it's to plot an RP or just have a chat.
    110/10 would recommend <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I haven't written with him for very long, but he was quick to impress with responses that not only kept my attention but made me hungry for more. The story he weaves with a well played character is exciting, and each post I find myself more and more interested in the world they live in and the life they lead. Out of the writing partners I've had, he's definitely high on my list of favorites :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sculpture

  • JaeIsABronty has great ideas and her characters are very interesting and unique. RPing with her is very fun. Wonderful writer Fast responses - EvanlynDestiny

  • Wow I wish I was able to pick more than two choices honestly cause she would be almost all of those qualities. Bunny-bubblegum is a fantastic writer and has amazing characters and they are well built! She is great partner, with awesome ideas and always makes me excited to see what happens next in our rp! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - EvanlynDestiny

  • I love my current story with Kotomi since I always look forward to the next response from her. She never fails to impress me with her words. I adore the character Mercy, who needs an angel. Please write with this girl if you want a story to think about during your day. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - MissLumina

  • I really enjoy the roleplay I have going with Section! He is such a patient and kind person out side of roleplay, and his ideas inside of the store are really fun. You can really tell he cares about his characters and the details and emotions he describes with each description is absolutely stunning! He is very open to ideas and has plenty of great ones all on his own. ^^ I would jump to the chance of roleplaying with this guy!! Thanks for being awesome <3 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Kotomi657

  • Kungpow is amazing. Their characters are beautiful tailored and provide an amazing story line. I will say I was honestly nervous when we first started but i am so glad to have taken that step! Honestly you gotta give this sweet wonderful person a go at rps! Totally earned the LanxCo seal of approval. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Lanx12

  • Lanx is amazing! Lanx characters are well made and expertly played. It like I’m reading a real book. I’m always looking forward to Lanx replies and honestly Lanx is a awesome friend. Rp with Lanx and experience the characters come to life! Thanks Lanx for being a friend and Rp parter! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - kungpowdragon23

  • Kim
    Kim, You Helped Me So Much Today Thank You So Much For All Your Efforts. Remember To Have A Break Here And There It Must Be Very Tiring Work Bug Busting. Awesome Characters By The Way. Kind and understanding Helpful - Taz

  • Ramika is just great. Kind, understanding, and one heck of a writer. She is a bright shining brilliant mind! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Kada

  • Words cannot express how much I adore SennM. how this 500 character box cannot contain how much adoration and love I have for this woman. Her characters are so dynamic that I never know what to expect, but she keeps me guessing and yearning for more. The stories we have weaved will always be precious and treasured. I love you SennM, I wanted to keep making stories together. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Moql

  • Where oh where should I begin? I have Admired Luxe from afar, always seeing their characters and wishing I could have stories like that. The BAM she comes into my life with the most wonderful stories I could ever imagine. She is so kind and patient with me when I have lull periods. I am thankful to have her as my friend, best friend even. Love you Luxe, lets continue to make stories <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Moql

  • One of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Our friendship has taken a few years to develop and I regret not doing this sooner. Moql is someone I trust wholeheartedly and a woman I happily consider one of my best friends. I love you, Mo. Thank you for writing with me and being an amazing friend. I look forward to all the stories we will create together from now on. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Luxe

  • I may have only met her a few days ago, but not only is the way she writes addicting to read and reply to, she is amazing at keeping the plot going and making the story interesting. She is sweet and understanding and definitely one of the best RP partners I’ve Ever had. Keep it up!!! You’re an amazing writer :3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - XBITTERSWEET

  • I absolutely love our RP together, Kotomi always contributes to the RP and brings forth plot-points and actively has her characters engaging in things. She is a very proactive RPer, even if she isn't leading a scene- her characters are always doing something to affect it and engage with it. She is an absolute blast to play with and I can't wait to see where our journey takes us~ ^^ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Section

  • It has been several moths that I have been role playing with Queen Serenity and I must say she is the most amazing role play partner I have ever had during my long years of role playing, she is an exceedingly kind and understanding person with some peerless traits, she is extremely a cooperative role player and does understand the spirit of the story, with her being your partner you will feel you are living and experiencing the story with your own soul. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Vozhad

  • All I can say about them is they are amazing, especially in long term RPs and new ideas Creative ideas Long-term partner - ragemachine

  • He may not be an author of a best selling novel, but he's got the heart and mind of a wonderful writer. willing to work with any setting, and just all-around a very pleasant person to write, talk, or Role-Play with. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Snuugie

  • I found RPing with him entertaining! and I feel my kudos were justifyied Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Anonymous