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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Kudos to BloodLightning for their helping me manage my group. Creative ideas behind their characters, and very friendly to talk with OOC! Kind and understanding Helpful - Dawnia

  • Jane Harper (played anonymously)
    I've had the joy of Jane Harper joining my Modern World group and being treated to reading her roleplay writing on the forum there! Lovely character presentation, and the detail of her posts as they interact with her co-writers are exquisite works of art! Beautiful use of links and graphics, and her stories leave me wanting to read and know more! Her presence here makes for a better community! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Dawnia

  • Icy's writing and storytelling ability is truly exceptional and mesmerizing! She truly has a gift of captivating one's imagination with the depth of emotions written through her characters and drawing those lucky enough to interact with her into a world you can lose yourself entirely into. Her storytelling is truly a gift and I am incredibly lucky to have a friend and Rp partner like her! ❤️ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Villainize

  • Kansas and I haven't been roleplaying long but we're currently doing a group apocalypse-like roleplay and I can't help but state how amazing they are. Their replies are concise and wonderful to read. 10/10 would recommend Wonderful writer Concise posts - Anonymous

  • Max is one of my dearest friends in the world, he is such a kind and extremely empathetic person, not only he is a super great writer whose writing style would certainly bedazzle you but also his friendship is legendary level hence he is one of best people in the world. - Vozhad

  • I don't even know where I should begin because I can't think words cannot hope to explain how wonderful she is, she is a magician with words, she is exceedingly kind and understanding and also is my best friend in the world, she is a real miracle in every aspect you can imagine. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vozhad

  • Masquerade, is a grand gem, not only she is a super kind and understanding person, but also she is a fantastic writer whose writing style would certainly mesmerize you. She is an amazing friend and roleplay partner I have had the honor of roleplaying with. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Vozhad

  • Amicita is one of those rare people who can take any character they are given and make them out of this world! Their posts are interesting and dynamic, and every scene is always a wonderful adventure! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - IceyLady

  • Nova is so sweet! He is always a delight to run into and is a very down to earth person who treats others with respect, friendliness and understanding. I highly recommend chatting with Nova, he’s a great communicator and an easy person to talk with! Kind and understanding Helpful - Mina

  • What can I say about this beautiful lady? I have known and played with her for years, and she is among the best. Her posts are always very well-written and detailed, and her plot ideas are out of this world! It is always a privilege to be able to write with her. :) Wonderful writer Long-term partner - IceyLady

  • Jayce is always down for a good scene and adds so much to the play! I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with him and getting to know him over the years! If you get a chance to role-play with him, definitely snatch it up! You will not be disappointed! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - IceyLady

  • I cannot think of too many people I love being in an RP scene with more than Catastrophie. Her posts are always fun and light-hearted, and I am often laughing as I type a response! She is just a pure joy to have as an RP partner, and is a wonderful OOC friend. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - IceyLady

  • I have known Kahmical for a very long time, and I have watched them develop and grow their RP style over the years. Their posts are always fun and whimsical, and their characters are just wonderfully engaging! And, their art is fantastic! I feel privileged just knowing them! Kind and understanding Helpful - IceyLady

  • Ayoooooo HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! You're very cool and I thank you for rping with me. I like our stories a lot. Sorry for not talking to you in a long while. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Moving_Wine_Addicted

  • What can I say? Dan is so good at this RP thing that I had to leave a second kudos for him! Not only are his posts well-written, concise, and descriptive, but they are fun too! He is always down to help develop great scenes and plot ideas. I cannot think of anyone I would rather 'scene' with more! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - IceyLady

  • Villianize is one of those rare writers who can bring out the very best in their RP partner. Their posts are so well-written, detailed, and just a joy to read and respond to. Every scene has been an immensely enjoyable experience and leaves me wanting for more! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - IceyLady

  • Wow is all I can say about Cursedog! Their RP is spectacular, well-written, and always so much fun! Writing with them is the highlight of any scene I have! Never, ever pass this one by! 10/10 recommend for everything! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - IceyLady

  • One of the best world and scene builders I have ever encountered in all of my years of play. I jump at any character Vlos tosses out, and always have wonderful, in-depth scenes! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - IceyLady

  • What can I say about Kinyr? I have known him forever, and he is one of the best, dynamic roleplayers out there. Every post is a delicious treat to read, and I cannot think of too many others I would rather be in any given scene with. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - IceyLady

  • I have known Vozard for a few years now, not only is he a fabulous writer with a seductive dark beautiful mind. HE is a wonderful friend who always willing to listen, and share part of his live as well. he is definitely become one of my most valued friends. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Masquerade