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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Yeah he's got a "great" sense of humor *coughs in stabbing*, but all in all good RPer, 10/10 would kick his buttocks on Endor again Great sense of humor Long-term partner - ChibiWeeb

  • This man has been a breathe of fresh air for me ever since I met him. He's an amazing writer, and he brings so much passion and excitement to our roleplay. I enjoy talking to him, and he's the type of person whom I have felt comfortable with from the beginning. Thank you, for being such a good friend in the time I honestly need it the most. I appreciate you, and your honesty and kindness. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Stormfrost

  • While I haven't had the opportunity to write with Falyn yet, I just had to take the opportunity to commend this wonderful writer for her helpful abilities. She's quick to point out the strengths of other writers and encourages them to progress with their skills. All that and with wonderful ideas as well and solid storytelling. Definitely 10/10 Tomahawks! Helpful Creative ideas - MordosKull

  • They have been amazing person ever since I stumbled upon them. Every chance I get to chit-chat, they have always been a refreshing light in my day, always been supportive and loving. I consider them part of my online family and I am blessed to have them in my life. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Pretty_Bird

  • A wonderful person to rp with. They are open to idea suggestions and have beautifully written characters. Couple that with fast responses and an enjoyable plot line and they are wonderful to collaborate with. I cannot say more positive things (they won't all fit here anyay!) Wonderful writer Fast responses - sanahakuryu

  • Truly amazing writer. He can drive the plot if needed and the work he puts into his characters and their backstory is outstanding. Very literate and fun to roleplay with. I can not gush enough. Creative ideas Long posts - FriedStars

  • Ra'isi (played by EagleBearer)
    An amazing character, with depth and inner conflict but warm and spontaneous, too. I always enjoy the feline mannerisms! Creative ideas Fast responses - Anonymous

  • After having taken a huge hiatus from RPR, Egg was one of my first new partners. We’ve been in a RP for about two months now, and I’ve had so much fun with every reply both OOC and IC. They’re constantly coming up with new ideas for the story and driving the story forward. It only adds to the great descriptions of actions and places, leaving scenes to feel like they’re in a book. Highly recommended partner! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - pilemenubs

  • Icysoul is an amazing person to rp with. He's very creative. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - sayori12

  • I started my first rp with Ranees a while ago and it was going so great that when she came to me with another rp idea, I couldn't say no. Both rps are great because of her as we continue to build those worlds. Creative ideas Concise posts - DukeKagan

  • Stormfrost is a great roleplayer. She continues to help the story forward while bringing great ideas to the plot. She has been a true friend since we started rping. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - DukeKagan

  • Ali is a wonderful roleplayer and writer, for I have not been roleplaying with him for long, about a week now that we have, Alis' characters just touch your heart as well as his writing. Please, if you have the time of day, roleplay with him, he's wonderful to roleplay with and talk to! Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Berrystar

  • Kudos to Berrystar!

    I have been RPing with Berrystar for a bit now... a week or more? I don't really know, but she is really fun to play with! I love her characters, and I love how she understands mine. RP with her if you get the chance! You won't regret it! :D Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - AliRevellian

  • Boo has always been such a fun and charming person to write and talk with, none of these descriptions quite cut it with just two. Their character has been well thought out and ours is one of the few rps I can honestly read over for fun. It's always interesting to see the ways they react to my character's little mischiefs. They pick up hints well and explore possibilities, which makes it very easy to expand on with replies and create new environments. I adore and 100% recommend rping with her. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Hexaki-Leon

  • Weffle is a sweet person with amazing rp skills. I love our rp and i really connect to there characters. The story could be real. The detail and passion. I was lucky to become friends with Weffle. There a amazing friend. Keep up the good work Weffle. ( i cant describe how amazing they are or how epic there writing is.) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23

  • Wow, just... well rounded and amazing. A blast to talk to ooc and such awesome ideas! Not to mention detailed posts no matter the size. If you haven't rped with her yet then what are you waiting for?? I promise you won't regret it! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Ricochett

  • great roleplay partner. highly reccomend. very nice and tries to make me feel better when I'm sad. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - DanganronpaFan

  • This guy really is an amazing DM. He keeps things running smoothly when I swear they would have devolved into unsalvageable chaos without him. He's also got super creative and interesting ideas (for both plots and characters) as well as being a talented artist. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - pixl.Bee

  • Bloody Excellent! Can't believe how talented this dude is. Working on the second RP with him and I'm blown away by the detail in the RPs! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Aaricia

  • Although we hadn't gone far in our first rp - to me, Ittermat is a chill, understanding person and a cool artist. They're easy to talk to and are creative with their characters and artwork overall. Another thing I like about them is their writing style - it is recognizable and their posts are easy to understand. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ChebaTheBee