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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • With a diverse range of characters, a wellspring of ideas of all kinds and a creative genuine heart, Elle is a lovely individual through and through. Whether they are drawing or role-playing, they are wonderful to engage with. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Zac, you are such a kind and gentle soul and you've been nothing but understanding and supportive since we started talking. You are so easy to get along with and I am so glad to call you my friend. I have really enjoyed writing with you; your use of language is impeccable, you're engaging and creative, and if you decide to come back to it some day, I would be thrilled to write with you again. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Elle

  • EndPhase has been role-playing with me for over a year now, and I must say that she is a wonderful storyteller. I have never felt the need to rush the plot nor compromise on my vision with her. I hope I have the same effect for her, lol. A genius and delight. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - cringyduck

  • I've known this human being for years now and I can say with earnest it's been a delight to reconnect. If there's one thing I know about Zac it's that his creativity, plotting, ideas, and drive to world build are in a class of their own. You'd be foolish to not see the potential for in-depth character development or whatever else he has to offer a writing community. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Tar_Pit

  • Ho-lee-hell. I got the opportunity to have Damien in a RP and needless to say, I had a blast! He's an absolutely hilarious character, positively oozing with personality. No matter the situation, he's bound to make it fun! - GingerHades

  • Addi (played by TheLorekeeper)
    Okay I cannot express how much I enjoy Addi as a character. She's the type of person I would not want to meet in real life, but it's such a joy to watch her shamelessly chaotic personality unfold in RP. She makes for a pretty fantastic villain! - GingerHades

  • I just started a RP with this fine fellow and let me say, I am utterly impressed! His writing style is fabulous and is very detailed, but also allows the freedom and flexibility towards the RP partner as well. He’s very kind and sweet out of character and he is always open to questions about the RP and so I’m never nervous to ask! Keep up the great work Atheist. You rock! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Moonen

  • I've really been enjoying our RP together. The OC's dislike each other but are held together in an organic way which makes the RP flow and enjoyable. I love reading these two bicker back and forth, very entertaining! :D Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Leighoflight

  • Nina Phelps (played by Dawnia)
    Nina's writer is creative and engaging! So much fun to write with. I really look forward to her posts. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Frankly, I could write volumes about Garn's ability to write intricate stories. They throw so much unique passion and wit that it makes my head spin with joy, like being sucked into my favorite cartoon show. My personal kudos to Garn goes tho to their upbeat and cheerful personality. Garn, talking to you has been an absolute joy. In a very difficult time of my life, jumping to the group's chat and talking with ya has really seen me through some very gloomy days. Thanks so much! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Anonymous

  • Elle is not only a perfectionist in art, but also a perfectionist in RP. And I honestly admire it. The fact that someone else stands by their character and their plot and doesn't let anyone budge it this way or that. I applaud that commitment. Because not many roleplayers have that kind of committment. I wish that I could have had more time to dedicate a plot with her, I imagine it'd be splendid. But time isn't always our friend. Still, if you haven't tried RP or Art from her...I'd recommend her Wonderful writer Concise posts - Michonne

  • Silverymage is an amazing writer. Her characters are well thought out and incredibly detailed. Her posts give so much detail that paints a picture and moves along the story. If you get a chance to rp with this woman, don't hesitate as she is a great writer and friend. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DukeKagan

  • Just wanna point out this person is a good Samaritan. I accidentally paid for a gift and sent it to them, they sent it right back. they're pretty darned cool Kind and understanding Helpful - Thatnerdychick

  • Mixie (played by GingerHades)
    Mixie is everything you would want in a blood-sucking demon, and more! Whether she's participating in witty banter or playing a game of cat and mouse, there's always a sense of fun in the horror. - CrystalDisc

  • I am picky with who I chat and rp with. I am a recluse that feels no one wants to be around me because how silly, odd and childish I can be. I am a comedian after all so it's in my nature. So this really means alot when I say that this person is very fun to chat and rp with. And she has the best sense of humor so far. She makes me glad I stayed on this site. Other qualities of hers is that she is also helpul, creative ideas, fast response, wonderful writer and she lightens up everyones day. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - ComedyWriter

  • Osris is a wonderful rp partner, they have great responses, are able to move the story along easily, and give nice and quick replies! It's been an honor playing with you, my friend!<3 Creative ideas Fast responses - Alidal

  • Ali is amazing, usually fast reply’s, and pretty long posts. I love their character, Liam. They really act him out really well. I feel like this helps a little bit with my backstory of my character Rainn.

    1,000 out of ten! Highly recommend. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Osris

  • Zavik (played by Sorrisky)
    Zavik is a barrel of monkeys. Fun, lovable, and wild. He knows how to talk to the wicked with a stupid smile on his face and it is always a good laugh when he does. For a man who isn't good at anything; he's certainly a good find.

    His player is friendly, understanding, and knows exactly how to have a good time! Join Zavik in a bar fight! ...or maybe throw a punch at the lovable doofus himself? It'll be a blast, no matter who is punching who! >;0 - OwlGryphon

  • GLSmolBean is an amazing roleplayer and most certainly brings their environments to life. A lot of the roleplayers on other sites I used to be on were kinda clunky and the characters felt robotic, always referencing one thing. She makes everything so fluid and lifelike. Great job! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - KingDragon

  • So far, Damien has been a big HOOT and I adore the energy put behind this extraordinarily well designed character. He is a ton of fun in shenanigans and in dedicated scenes and I cannot wait to see more of him. You should 100% believe everything this fantastic business man has to say. ;) - OwlGryphon