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  • Swarm (played anonymously)
    never in my years of rping, have i met someone who was so effortlessly an amazing writer. the detail will give you goosebumbs. not to mention their all so friendly way they are to other. other than that...i am at a loss for words for the sheer skill of swarm. keep up the good work! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - sammythepup

  • Definitely keep an eye on this one. Absolutely awesome charas, even more EPIC worldbuilding…and dangerously close to becoming an official part of the Xpoint project for just…how…AWESOMELY EPIC all of this is!
    I. Just. Can’t. Get. Enough! More inky palmtrees, please~

    …Wish I could check more boxes. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Xpoint_MetaPulse

  • Pen's style is a beautiful blend of whimsy and elegance. Sometimes spooky, sometimes surreal, sometimes both, her work manages to capture a broad facet of features to really highlight a character's unique traits. Each piece is personalized with great care and attention to detail. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Libertine

  • Nebbie is a stupendous writer. Even though we have not been rping long at this point, I can tell this is going to be good. Their posts are not only lengthy, but they are filled with content and sustenance. Absolutely amazing work, truly. Wonderful writer Long posts - Just_me

  • This person right here is 100% my RP jam. He doesn't judge me when I'm nervous and he lets me explore things I'm not sure of. He never makes me feel like I have to rp a certain way and he has the best characters. A++. Would recommend. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Cacophony

  • If you roleplayed with berdie, you'd definitely know what's happening. They drive the plot forward and give long and concise posts. Drives the plot forward Concise posts - NiftySpiffy

  • Snipe is stuck with me yelling ideas at her at all hours. Rather than try to get me to slow down she asks all the right questions and doesn't get upset when I move onto the next idea. She is a 10/10 friend who I am lucky to have. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Cacophony

  • Mr. Knight (played anonymously)
    Don't let the profile deceive you. Mr. Knight is hilarious and everything I need in an RP. Everything is funny and he makes me think of what will happen next in between posts. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Cacophony

  • I'm not sure if I've given them kudos or such before, but I'm an admirer of Ilmarinen's work on the site, and I have been for a while! Their moderation seems excellent, they're very kind, and their riddles are delightful. I was really happy to see them a lot during Epic Week, this year and last year!! The name Heimdall was cool but Ilmarinen is also extremely cool so I'll look forward to reminding myself Lol
    Thanks for the hard work! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • amber diaz (played anonymously)
    Amber is fun to play with. She replies quickly and always has something to add. Good profile visuals and the character history is an entertaining read. If you want to have an active roleplay, hit Amber up!

    - J Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Anonymous

  • F0x is one of my favourite people on this site. Interesting characters, awesome attitude, and just an all round amazing person. If you ever get a chance to rp with them, you're in for a treat. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Cacophony

  • I’ve really enjoyed RP’ing with Jeans and their smelly bag man Durian. As much as he grosses me out and he’s weird and creepy he’s also adorable in a weird way. The RP is quite frankly unhinged but I enjoy reading each post and often find I can’t breath from laughing so much. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Leighoflight

  • As a person Vozhad Is a sweet understanding man with great empathy with fascinating conversations I turely enjoy. As a RPer he takes loving care of his characters with great mastery of his story telling if you love the dark and bueatiful he is one to play with. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Masquerade

  • Weasel is one of my longest friends here on RPR. He is a Kind, understanding person who I have great affection for. as a rper, he strives to give the best story he can, he spends time researching, and asking questions and is easy to pass story ideas back and forth. he is truly worth the time to rp with and get to know. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Masquerade

  • Her character profiles are beautifully detailed. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TiredWriter

  • What to say about this spectacular girl? Besides being brilliant when it comes to plot development and brainstorming, she is just really fun to write and chat with. We have become fast friends and I am always in awe of her. Though I risk losing the monopoly I have on all her free time, she is definingly worth checking out if she puts a roleplay idea out there. You will be swept just like I was.

    FYI....I'm only allowed to pick two, but ALL below apply to this girl. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - gandrellfurc15

  • TiredWriter
    they have a variety of wonderful ideas, creative characters, and they drive the plot forwards Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - NiftySpiffy

  • NiftySpiffy
    A variety of wonderful characters. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TiredWriter

  • Roleplaying with AgateTurtle is like entering another world.

    stay peachy! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - NiftySpiffy

  • I should have done this already, but here we go. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Troy. He is amazing, and creative, and is more than willing to let me explore an area I’m not entirely familiar with, while helping me and my character understand. Seriously, if you get the chance, don’t pass up this wonderful human being!! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - CatalinaRose