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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Vozhad is very creative, thoughtful, and a wonderful writer. Having this privilege to be able to continue our story for this long, has been so amazing and something I look forward to everyday. Not only is he an amazing roleplay partner, he has always there for me. i'll forever be grateful for him being there for me. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - QueenBlossom

  • Though we've passed through similar social circles for many, many years, I didn't actually speak with HoundDog properly until very recently, leading me to regret not talking to him sooner. He's such a chill, cool guy that's easy to talk to and have a laugh with, and has a boatload of creative characters that all have their own little unique quirks to them! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Coheed

  • Though I've given Vinters many kudoses before there simply isn't enough words to demonstrate my love for her. No one understands her quite like I do, nor will they as our bond is unbreakable. Often the dark horse many are unwilling to give her creative and forward-thinking mind a chance due to the fact that she's willing to stand up for herself and go against the collective opinion. What you see is definitely not what you get with Vinters, and you'd be a fool not to see for yourself. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Coheed

  • We haven't Rp'd much, but from what little we've spoken OOCly, she seems like an absolute doll. She's also a wonderful artist and I can't wait to hopefully roleplay with her someday in the future. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MomoMonroe

  • I love Somnom. She's amazing and her writing style is incredible. She's patient and caring, and one of the sweetest people I've ever met on RPR. She's also supportive and understanding and just an all around good friend. I'm so glad we met by chance a few months ago. <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MomoMonroe

  • Rose Lester (played by Xion)
    This character is adorable. She's super sweet and kind, with a charming dash of goofiness added to the mix. My replies aren't always fast, but hers are, and I always smile when reading posts from this lovely character. 10/10 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • She's beyond patient, she's a sweetheart, and I love her to pieces. She understands my crazy lifestyle and random bouts of radio silence due to both life and mental chaos. Her posts are amazing and I love reading them, and she's super friendly OOC. Definitely check her out! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MomoMonroe

  • I love this girl. She's absolutely incredible when it comes to patience, and she has never let me down with her posts. They're always so well thought out and detailed and it's like I'm reading poetry sometimes. We have dry spells where we have to both have to take a hiatus but I'm thankful we can pick things back up like it was just yesterday. <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - MomoMonroe

  • She is incredibly patient! I've been awful and have vanished several times on our rp, and she has been very understanding. Her posts are always the right length, and I love how she writes. She brings her characters to life, and I love how our characters interact. Poor Mayia has to deal with such a selfish and over-dramatic creature, and she doesn't even bat an eye at it! It was rather difficult to only pick two qualities from the list. So many apply to her! Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - ilovedogs260

  • I have known this player for a while. They are consistent, creative, and in general just a good human being. They are incredibly helpful and always willing to write. If you can get a long term RP with them, I highly recommend it. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Vicious

  • Wild. This is a super creative writer. Their characters can and will be wildly executed story wise, and also have such sweet endearing moments you will want to hug them the entire time. Definitely worth giving a chance to rp with if you're on Furcadia. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Vicious

  • Karn and I have known each other for years. It's funny because we started out RPing and then just ended up developing a friendship that has lasted OOC. We haven't RPed in a long time, but they have always been supportive, encouraging and so fun to watch RP. Their characters are always wickedly entertaining and creative. With all my heart, I love this person. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Vicious

  • I have ran into this person on and off for a few years. They are one of the most laid back, kindest people on the interwebs. We have had RP interactions that are so slice of life it makes you feel at home, and some wildly crazy adventures that makes you believe you just watched a horror film. They are all about the story, and what could be better than that in a world of writing? Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Vicious

  • One of the most well written, creative people, I have ever had the pleasure of writing with. They are also super empathetic and are a caretaker at heart. If you want a wild ride, jump on board with this one, because they will take you through a riveting maze of story-telling that is beyond anything I have ever experienced before. <3 Love you beau Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Vicious

  • Eli
    You know those people you always get intimidated by? Eli was one of those for me, for years I saw them around the gaming community. Turns out, we have so much in common and I look forward to a post from them any chance I get. They are a fantastic human being and writer. I look forward to getting to know them better and creating more stories together. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Vicious

  • Caitlin always gives me quality post. She's not half bad as a person either. :P Seriously though, she has a great sense of humor, her posts are impeccable and always true to character. There is always an underlying strength that resonates within each of her characters that is purely an extension of herself, while each character still holds their own individuality. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know the person/characters ICly and OOCly and hope to get more playtime with Cait. Wonderful writer Concise posts - Vicious

  • I have played with Destroyer in the past many years ago, and this past year stumbled upon them again. They are one of the most memorable story writers I've ever come across. Scenes can be sweet, violent, passive, dramatic, anything and everything, and all of their characters are unique. When I wasn't rping with them, I wished that I was, and now that I am, well, I'm gonna hold on for as long as I can. Definitely don't pass over this one. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Vicious

  • I have known Pockets for a long time... a long time... They are a wonderful person, strong, determined and ever moving forward. They are a wonderful friend and writer. All of their characters have their own unique sense of identity and while I would LOVE to rp with them all, I simply can't keep up with the super creative mojo Pockets has. Maybe one day -I will collect them all-. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Vicious

  • I have known Rebby for about a year. She's highly creative, has a naughty sense of humor, incredibly patient and always seems to see the bright side to every situation. She's worth every moment of role-play you get with her and I would say, don't pass up the opportunity if ever you receive the opportunity for a hilariously, good time. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Vicious

  • Caberoni has a way with words. She knows how to use them and manipulate them to the utmost perfection. But she also has your best interest at heart, even when you don't want to hear it. It takes a special kind of brave person to pull it off with love and endearment. I hope to continue roleplaying with her and remain friends with her. Because I know she's got my back for the best me I can be. Helpful Long-term partner - Michonne