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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • A patient and fun writer who creates interesting and deep characters. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Eternal_Dream

  • I apologize for my late praises! What started as an unexpected connection in the forums has become the potential for a highly valued writing partnership. There are not many who grab my attention so swiftly as Valencia's characters have done. Masterfully fleshed out, I eagerly await the moment when we can collaborate and write amazing tales together. Until then, I will watch from afar and smile with every update they add to their amazing cast of characters. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Corvin

  • What a great RP partner! I wasn’t sure I’d find many Undertale Multiverse fans on this site, but here we are! Not only is Karma (the character) great, but she is amazing at writing him too! She’s also an extremely nice person, and very patient! Kudos well deserved! Can’t wait to RP more in the future! :3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Sunstruck

  • She is freaking amazing, descriptive, and is not boring, she has perfect paragraph amounts, perfect literally everything! She is hilarious, and i love talking to her on the side while were rping as well! She is so sweet! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Joshie2003

  • I've only played with Karma here for a few days and I am just absolutely amazed with how greatly written and quickly sent these RP replies are?! Karma plays a damn good Vanny (from FNAF SECURITY BREACH) and also loves angst as much as I do, and that's a kudos in my book.. or.. Karma's book, because that's where the kudos is going, ha ha XD

    Can't wait to see what more we do together!

    ..And will Gregory escape Vanny? <_<
    We'll see. :O Wonderful writer Fast responses - GregoryTheGremlin

  • An extremely nice furre, with a lot of really great art. Awesome personality and TOTALLY a hottie irl and in game. This artist works very hard and genuinely cares about who she works with. 10/10 best gorl! Kind and understanding Helpful - Darwin93

  • Rebecca Kennedy (played anonymously)
    Just starting an RP with Rebecca and really look forward to it! Communication was wonderfully smooth, and we didn't spend a lot of time planning it out. We talked more about how to expand our characters with the story, and getting the beginning written together to make it feel natural and realistic. If you find a chance to write with Rebecca, I recommend you do!
    -- Jared Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Rebecca Kennedy (played anonymously)
    Had the joy of writing a character in a group PM roleplay that Rebecca was also involved in. In the wonderfully chaotic nature of such roleplays, Rebecca and Danny managed to write a small sub-story between them which cemented their friendship. Love the progression of her character and the whole backstory that is continuously being developed and built upon. I look forward to seeing more of her stories in the future! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Dawnia

  • Khaellar is an RPer's dream partner, especially for those of us who enjoy playing with villains and their ilk like dolls. She's patient, understanding, a fantastically evocative writer with potent, believable characters and-- most importantly-- communicative and a delight to speak with OOC. I'm very lucky to have met and written with her and every bit of praise here from myself and others is well-deserved <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - saltfactory

  • Silverymage is just that, a mage; because every post is magical. Her characters are well thought out. Every post from her is awesome in ways I can't describe without getting in trouble and she is all around amazing. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EvilBoy92

  • Through thick and thin, our characters have been through it all - and still EvilBoy92 has not only lead the charge through every creative loophole, he's been hilarious, understanding, and so much fun to plot and write with! Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Silverymage

  • Aya
    She's not just a writer; she's a creative powerhouse. Every detail in our projects? Nailed it. And patience? Oh, she's got it in spades. Writing with her is like having a front-row seat to a masterclass. I'm very much looking forward to where our stories take us. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - FullMoonRising

  • I absolutely love writing with this guy! He is talented, creative and also very friendly. I'm always looking forward to his replies and crafting new plots together. I can't wait for the next adventure together! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Aya

  • I was glad to see Sam giving back to the RPR community with a raffle to win limited addition items. Even better, I was impressed with the creativity of making this an in-character event with a writing prompt instead of just a random die roll where users won something based on chance. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AgentMilkshake

  • I have not worked with Garn directly, but did participate in a recent open thread. I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of the profile and characters I saw as well as the writing. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AgentMilkshake

  • Someone I have jived with on many ideas. :) I haven't met another person on this website that communicates their availability as well as Moon. If you want a committed and long-term writing partner that is eloquent and imaginative, than this is your guy! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - WispyDream

  • Excellent writer that comes up with engaging ideas for plots and I always look forward to her next post! On top of that, she's outstandingly and unbelievably understanding of how real life can knock you down as she was more than welcoming of my return and wanted to start something new after disappearing for a year. Yeah, a year. Very few writing partners would be cool with that and I can't thank her enough. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Jekyde

  • If you have the chance to RP with this guy, don't pass it up! He is genuinely one of the most patient and understanding RP partners I have ever had, and he's a ton of fun to craft stories with! I always look forward to a new reply from him, and I promise you will too 😁 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ClownPrincess

  • I gotta rave about my writing dynamo. Our RP journey has just begun, but the creativity, the depth of our world, and the characters she brings to life are absolutely stellar. Patiently waiting for her replies is a joy—trust me, it's worth it. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - FullMoonRising

  • I did not roleplay with Shiny, but her art for my character this winter trade was very unique. Creative ideas - Lightsbane