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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Layouts (played by Cami)
    such a creative mind and helpful person. she's always able to take vague ideas and expand upon them! Helpful Creative ideas - Elbosque525

  • How Hiero doesn't have more kudos is beyond me! He deserves all the praise in the world. Not only does he have such fantastically built characters with great plot hooks for stories, but he's exceptionally friendly, kind, and patient. From the first PM of me reaching out to start a story, he was so kind and reassuring despite my nerves. Not to mention his writing for our RP has been just made of dreams: detailed, inspiring, a great read, fun to respond to! Thank you for writing with me. ❤Saurnae Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • How to describe Inteligentt? Well, she is patient, understanding, and flexible. I had to take a break from RP, and she was kind and considerate about it. Now we are back at it again! Each of her posts bring me joy and newfound longing to actually know her amazing Character. Her writing is detailed, witty, and entertaining. I am not sure why she doesn’t have more Kudo’s and highly recommend you write With her! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Redrose

  • Space_divers has been a delight to write with from the very beginning! Not only do they do a great job at adding depth to the writing, but also are quick to respond and communicate with me about plots ideas outside of the writing! I enjoy that they also have a very flexible way of writing and will match the flow/length depending on what's happening.

    Along with that, they are super friendly outside of roleplay, always understanding and willing to be patient depending on what's going on! 10/10 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sorrisky

  • I've watched the Zykla grow from the sidelines, but my love and admiration for them hasn't ceased. The detail in the species and history along with traits, is mind blowing. I love everything about them!! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Beastie

  • Though I have not known Mich for long, she has quickly become a friend of mine and a rp partner!
    She is a fantastic and imaginative writer, someone who creates amazing characters who are fun to interact with! Thank you Mich <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Pippy

  • Cat is an incredible creator of characters or species, she has such a creative mind. She puts her heart and soul into her species.
    Friendly and witty, there is never a dull moment! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Pippy

  • Someone who I have known for sometime now and an absolute sweetheart, she has always been there to have a chat or a rant with and her character creations are just stunning.
    I've loved being apart of a closed species of yours <3
    Much love! :3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Pippy

  • Evanlyn is an amazing writer, and I enjoy the way her characters are built. She writes a pretty even amount and isn't one of the people who do one long post then a bunch of one liners. Shes an amazing RP partner and I hope you RP with her! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - PossitivelyNoOne

  • I never expected to be so close to this wonderful woman here. But here it is, two years and we're still going strong as online friends and roleplay partners. I still consider her my waifu despite our ups and downs and I hope she still considers me her husbando. Because I would definitely fight anything that made her feel like she was lesser then what I see. A fiery woman that deserves all the love and respect and roleplay! She's shy but don't let that fool you, she's got oodles to offer. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Michonne

  • Kaeda (played anonymously)
    I only ever expected when we first wrote their stories, for Kaeda and the player to leave him. Yet as we kept roleplaying their backstory, she fell more in love with him as the time and scenes went on. And I was amazed on how the dynamic was able to pull that emotion out of Ailuin with just one fluorite gaze. Although their love story was never meant to last their icy regard and eventually breaking apart...Kaeda and Ailuin seemed to know they were made for each other from the start. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Michonne

  • Kim
    I have yet to rp with Kim. I have heard she's a blast I have however have had great experiences with her. She has been super helpful with answering questions, fixing rpr issues and dealing with unneeded things in the past. She gets two cat paws up. - Nekomanics

  • Eclipse is a lovely person to chat and rp with, they have an entire world to explore and characters to go with it! I would highly recommend striking up a conversation or an rp with Eclipse. From what I've seen their characters are very personable and well thought out. A delightful experience! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - BreezyDawn

  • Ginny (played by Ginny)
    Ginny is an outstanding character. She is adorable, cute and by far funny. A character that fits the saying, "Great things comes in small packages!" This bubbly heart strong girl is a must meet character no matter what type of character you play. Wonderful writer - Nekomanics

  • This girl literally is amazing. She has been a supportive friend through a lot and has always been there supporting my closed species. She's a great girl and her horse is also like super adorable let's be for real. A stellar writer and a top notch character creator. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Nekomanics

  • I've never written Kudos before but I just had to this time, Breezy is a fantastically detailed writer that is also able to write a diversity of post lengths, which can be a rare find!

    Even though I've only been RPing for less than 24 hours now, I can already tell that they're a fantastic writer who is not only good at writing characters for the plot, but also is very adaptable Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Spiritualeclipse

  • I was given a kudos by her, and I'm not quite sure that I deserve it. She, on the other hand, does deserve a kudos. She's understanding of the fact that people have things to do, and she's able to work to drive the rp forwards if you're having issues. She's also helped me make a few of my characters, and they turned out pretty damn good, one of them is my best, actually. So yeah. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Failure

  • Cutest burrito ever. Great Roleplayer. Responds fast and amazingly creative. *Winks* Nice guy and a good friend to me ^^ Cute smol bean (get it? In a burrito?) ❤❤❤ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Aaricia

  • Claine always goes above and beyond. She is friendly, sweet, patient, and exceeding talented. Working with them is a delight and all together an wonderful experience from start to finish. I would recommend their art to anyone no matter if it comes as a gift to or for a friend, a trade, or a personal commission. They have a lot of broad talent that ranges from plants, animals, textures, ethnicities, and many, many settings. If you're here looking for an artist, look no further! Creative ideas Fast responses - Kruhee

  • Awesomely kind and supportive person, I'm amazed at how kind this person is. They always chime in with a hello and a good morning. Whenever you have a bad day they cheer you up, and their characters are all equally as delightful. Never a dull moment with this person, always full of color. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Cromagus410