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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • I love the way that Songburdie continues the plot and feels like they read my mind. I really enjoy writing with this person. If you ever get the chance to do a roleplay, do it. It would be worth your while. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - BlackBlood

  • Doogie is a really great writer with perfect comedic timing injected into our group Role-Play, even when its occasionally accidental. Never missing a beat, Doogie has even contacted me to ask what I think of an idea to include and they are always creative ones too! With a list of interesting characters who are all well written, especially Linota, you can't go wrong with Doogie. Look this Role-Player up, you won't regret it! Thanks for being awesome, Doogie! ^_^ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - -Knight-

  • DarkonDreams is a- literal- dream to write with. The story is engaging and keeps me coming back for more. Dorian is such an interesting character to play against. I look forward to each and every post that comes through. If ever you need a good partner, this lovely lady is just the person to write with. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MurderPenguin

  • Every. Single. Interaction with this player is absolute hilarity. Great roleplayer, and some awesome jokes . Highly encouraged to rp with! Be careful though! You may Crack a rib with laughter! ^_^ Wonderful writer Fast responses - MuseTheDruid

  • I think we have a well-deserved kudos here. Silent is a wonderful writer. We're in at least two groups together and while writing has slowed down for a while now, I wanted to say that the posts she writes are quality and very well detailed. And she has many wonderful characters! Hope to RP with her more in the near future! Wonderful writer Concise posts - BloodLightning74

  • Tom, <3 is a wonderfully gifted writer and a beautiful artist. There are so many emotions infused into their characters that I am unable to explain them.
    It brought tears to my eyes to read their stories because of the sacrifices their characters made and how easily I related to them. An author who can evoke such emotions as happiness, anger, and so many others is a true writer. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Coddiwomple

  • Hireath has been a pleasure to RP with since we began our current story, as well as a pleasure OOC. She's creative and kind, being very understanding of my whacky schedule. Her character, Kristal, is well thought out and a joy to RP opposite to. Wonderful writer all-around. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DarkonDreams

  • Knight is a blast to interact with, IC and OOC. He shares my love for Star Trek which is another point in his favor ;). He's easy to talk to and he gives long, detailed posts. He's just a plain nice person to interact with and I'm very glad I met him. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - DarkonDreams

  • Blindwoofer has been an absolute joy to RP with. She's very kind and understanding, especially for someone like me with a hectic schedule. She's in it for the long haul too and our current RP hit three years old this February off a Meet-Cute event! Wonderfully detailed writer who helps tell a fun story! Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - DarkonDreams

  • MurderPenguin is a wonderful partner to write with. She's creative, communicative, and she has wonderful ideas which add to the story. Her posts are detailed and her character, Lilith, is a lot of fun to RP opposite of. In short, she's quite wonderful. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DarkonDreams

  • Coddi is an absolute joy to write with! She's patient, considerate, and constructive. She contributes to the plot's development and having a conversation with her is a pleasure. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - ThimbleWitch

  • Rocky Cascade and I have been rping for about a week but they clearly care a lot about rp. They are great at coming up with plot for the story we have created and are a talented writer. Creative ideas Fast responses - Songburdie

  • While I haven't known them long, their talent is apparent. They are smart and clearly dedicated to their work. And they are so open and friendly! Truly anyone and everyone would be lucky to have them as a story partner. I honestly hope that some time soon their schedule opens up and I will be able to throw my own hat into the ring! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - AlchemistEngine

  • An incredibly gifted writer like Falyn is very inspiring for any female writer, especially myself.
    She is wonderfully creative and I enjoy reading her story set in a world she has created and the personalities of her primary characters.
    I admire her female characters, they are strong, focused, and express themselves freely, smudging out stereotypes. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Coddiwomple

  • Bay is a very wonderful writer and a lovely person to talk to. He is creative, willing to adapt, easy to plot with, and is able to handle any challenge in game.
    His replies are both interesting and informative and I enjoy learning more about his characters and the races he has created.
    It is a pleasure to play with him because he is patient, thoughtful, and knows how to keep your attention. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Coddiwomple

  • Aya
    I've only just started rping with her, and I can already see that she is amazing! She gives great responses, and is a total blast to talk to OOC! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Drakenheart has been such a joy to write with! They're kind and smart, they're creative af and their replies are always so full of detail and charm. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - VeraVe

  • RockyCascade8 is truly an an amazing writer. The story we share catches my eye all the time and truly brings me back for more. Its like watching a good show or listening to an amazing podcast. I will gladly continue new roleplays with them if they ever want to do more with me! Wonderful writer - Lanx12

  • There is no doubt that Esther is a wonderful and talented writer. She creates characters that are full of life and includes moments of realism in the story as she allows you to feel some form of familiarity with the scene.
    Bless you, Esther. Thank you for joining my group. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - WinterBlackDraoi

  • What is life without inspiration? Marie's characters are all created with love, heart and so much attitude wrapped into a cocktail of creativity. Her writing is wonderfully scripted and is compounded by the humor that oozes in her posting. She's a magical human being and it'd be a treasure for anyone to get the chance to experience it for themselves. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Augustus