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  • My fellow Emily! Your enthusiasm is infectious and your presence in Mobius has brought about a surge of mutual inspiration I am so delighted to see come about. The highlight of my days as of late has been hearing all of your grand plans you have for your boys. I can't wait for the opportunity to roleplay with you; you're a breath of fresh air and the second wind our little corner of the galaxy so desperately needs! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - emroidz

  • A confidante I always knew I had but never knew I needed...until I needed her the most. Ave, you are perhaps the most kindred spirit I have in the roleplay community we share. The qualities I believe we have in common you are able to express with far more grace than I ever could, even on my best day, and that is why I am lucky to have you. You respect my candor and give me a safe space to speak my mind. You are invaluable as both a friend and a roleplay partner. Thanks for everything <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - emroidz

  • My best friend then is my best friend now. Whatever time spent apart was necessary for us to learn and grow did little to change the ease in which we talk, the comfort that comes from confiding in the other, and the "as good as it ever was" enjoyment gleaned from the stories we write together. Lune, much like the characters she plays, is heartfelt and authentic, and I have missed both more than I could possibly express. If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times: you're my favorite author, b! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - emroidz

  • Jethro (played anonymously)
    For too long, there existed a gaping hole in the Mobius Strip Galaxy (and perhaps in a certain Promethean's heart as well) the exact size and shape of one Kilroy Axelrad. True to his signature color, Jethro forever remains the life blood of his Sidewinders team. Gone but never forgotten, his return heralds a new age for Abbadon's favorite vigilantes. No matter what trouble may follow, still hot on our leader's heels, he need not face it alone. Welcome home Red. We sure did miss you! - emroidz

  • I started roleplaying w/ amaris recently, and omg i'm so happy i made the decision to do so. they're really talented and are great at writing. not only that but they make long, detailed posts each time, & i get excited to read them each time. highly recommend roleplaying w/ them! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - crimsonfaerie

  • Ailuin (played by Michonne)
    It occurs to me that I have yet to actually freaking give the kudos so richly deserved. Ailment is my favorite character to play with. I always love hearing about what he's gotten up to or just chatting with his player over discord. The bestest friend, loyal to a fault. I wish I could check all the damn qualities as their best. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Beraias

  • I honestly can't remember when we originally friended each other, but I recently got around to taking up a plot with them, and it's been pretty awesome! His characters are always thought out and his plot ideas are wonderful! If you ever get the opportunity to rp with this guy, you need to take it. Trust me, you won't regret it! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TheNightmareSavage

  • It's been a while since we rped, and I remember this user under several different usernames (under the same account, of course) and as I get to RP once more with this person I hold dear to me on this site, it was a great experience that I'm looking forward to continuing for time to come. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - MangoNekros

  • Chelsea Mulvaney (played anonymously)
    Had a shortlived Noir RP with Chelsea and needed to say they really write wonderfully! I was unable to continue the RP, and I hope they are enjoying writing RPs! Character story is well-written and intriguing! Very classy!
    - Steve Marlowe Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rogue-Scribe

  • Seriously, one of my favorite people to RP with on this site. I always look forward to seeing new responses in our roleplay chat and our OOC one. Very few partners have managed to make me laugh *and* cry within the same couple of posts, but Unknown has a talent for punching me right in the feelings. I just really love our characters together, and I can't wait to see what happens to them next. <3 Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - AncientCatKing

  • P E R C I V A L (played anonymously)
    The green Sidewinder is a staple both of his team and of the Mobius Strip Galaxy itself. In spite of originating out of this world, his humanity is grounded in it, leaving his oddities endearing and struggles relatable. He is persistence personified, his impact as lasting as the impression he leaves on the characters that interact with him. - Keet

  • If I could select all of the options for “best qualities”, I would, as every last one of them applies to Em. Her kindness has been a long staying highlight of my life (even when I didn’t necessarily deserve it), and her wizardry with words is something I have always aspired to. She is a cornerstone of every continuity she’s been a part of and an invaluable wellspring of ideas. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Keet

  • Tea
    I haven’t had the chance to really Rp with Tea yet…However I can say that this beaut is amazingly talented. I have adored all her creative concepts and ideas. Every character comes with such an intense-draw you in mind set it’s hard not to admire her! Friendly and down to earth she’s your one stop shop for all things fun. Helpful Great sense of humor - Nekomanics

  • Cheers to a wonderful and committed writer, who is also a great friend :) I haven't met a more creative writer. Wishing all the best to my Scottish kindred spirit. You're a true gem. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - WispyDream

  • After years on years of RP work with this one, I can safely say that I've found someone mature for her age and amazing to get along with. Great characters, great replies. Best person you could ask for in a long-term RP partner. Give her time and patience and you'll be RPing for years to come. :) <3 I DUB THEE, LITTLE SISTER OF RP'S XD lol Kind and understanding Long-term partner - UmbraAuthor21

  • So I have known Sparkels for mabte two months. They are just amazing and understanding!
    we both needed some time due to it being summer and vacations. Im really happy that they told me that they would not be here.
    But they are a AMAZING writer Just Amazing! It always drives the plot forward! I really hope to see more of their charaters in work soon! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Lyra736

  • Lyra is absolutely amazing. Fast responses, friendly attitude, fun characters...there’s literally nothing bad for me to say about them! Writing with them has been an absolute joy, and I hope to keep it up! Creative ideas Fast responses - Sparkles

  • Wrote an RP with Marian a while back and though I wasnt able to continue with it, I thought they were good in all the ways one needs to be. Good eye for detail, and could work with whatever they were given. Marian's backstory is interesting and enjoyed having her treat my character's wounds. Highly recommended RP partner!
    Jeremiah Teller Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rogue-Scribe

  • Kellas Hunn Lore is a fascinating character I have had a chance to read about in TGG. She is written with intricate details by her creator AbsentRaven. This lady is not only a talented and creative writer, but she is an excellent artist who illustrates her own characters. She is a friendly person OOC. Take the chance to RP with her if you can! :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • Super cool, kind, understanding, and helpful! Wiz is always filled with creative ideas and she's a wonderful writer! She will never leave you alone in the middle of something! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - CeciliaAlcott22