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  • We’ve never actually formally talked OR roleplayed; but I absolutely adore their character sheets. The art, the character depth, and even just the cool name choice — it’s all just so appealing to me. Credit where credit is due: they’ve got some rockin’ characters to sift through. I’ve been stalking ‘em for the last twenty minutes. (insert eyes emoji) Couldn’t leave without writing a little something!

    TL;DR Lovely profiles make my brain go brrrr! Creative ideas - OwlGryphon

  • i've known them for a long time. they're nice, funny, and understanding. great friend! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - DanganronpaFan

  • Garnaal and I have been roleplaying for 2+ years and those years have been a blast! Years of making the most fantastic stories, having the most lovely conversation. Garnaal is a very sweet person , with an amazing talent for writing and art! Cause her art is amazing! The personality she gives to her characters make them all feel as real people. Garnaal is an amazing person and I am very grateful to roleplay with her and to talk to her . Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Cookiesareyummie

  • I started roleplaying with this person awhile ago. They're very friendly and funny, too. The characters that I've seen so far are great. Responses are really fast and sometimes they seem like they appear in 5 seconds or so. I really enjoy roleplaying with them. Fast responses Long-term partner - DanganronpaFan

  • Alvara (played by AmongstTheStars)
    I don't know what to say. I really fell in love with her and it was since the very first post they did. I don't want that rp to stop and I hope it will last for a long time. Keep up the good work and I am excited to see more of your characters story and how Viserion and her will bound more. Like really. ❤❤ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • I've waited this long because I wanted to think about what I wanted and how to say it. Choco is brilliant and kind, and a wonderful person. If you need help, advice or opinions, she's a go-to. I don't recommend ANYONE, and I recommend her, so that's saying something. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Stillpreoccupied

  • Well what can I say. I've been role-playing for a bit with them and they are a perfect partner! Their character created a world which feels real and it touched me. I want to get deeper and learn more about that character Luna and their story. Keep up the good work, I really love your style❤ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • Stephanie Lewis (played by alicia)
    Stephanie is is a really cool character! Love how she takes care of her little sister! Give her page a read! Looks like she would be fun to roleplay with! Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Happy birthday Dib!
    Let me tell you Dib is a amazing roleplayer! She has the best responses and she's just so kind!
    So happy birthday Dib! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Scarletwolf

  • Ashen is so considerate and sweet. He has checked in multiple times to ensure that his writing was okay, that I was enjoying our rp, or to make sure that something he had in mind was okay to include. He's also great at adding to the plot, and it's so easy to bounce ideas off of him! I hope we can write many more stories together! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Mirafena

  • Give me a second kudos, eh? Well TWO can play that game! Breezy and I have been writing together for over a year now and I can confidently tell you all that her prowess ages like a fine wine. Sweet, complex, exemplary-- and she makes you laugh. Breezy has fantastic ideas, excellent plot twists, and posts so good you'll wish they were even longer! Really glad I reached out ^^ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - DoogieMeowser

  • This gal is absolutely amazing she has been really kind and understanding so far and she hasn't just refused to rp with me because the main base of my characters are Anthro's which i'm thankful for. She also responds pretty fast which is absolutely brilliant and i hope i get to continue roleplaying with her for a long time and have many more adventurous roleplays in future ;) Kind and understanding Fast responses - Ashen

  • While I haven't actually had the chance to RP with Marie, I've been chatting with her for awhile and I have to say - this one is super sweet and then some. All the love is deserved that's been left and in the future I hope to be able to comment on RP ability too. ❤️ Otherwise, good friend is good. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Ramika

  • RHS is a breath of fresh air! His ideas are new, inclusive, and imaginative. He is understanding and kind and really knows how to describe a scene and tell a story. I'm looking forward to playing with him for a long time! :) Wonderful writer Long posts - VanillaToast

  • Cody (played anonymously)
    Cody is an excellent person to roleplay with. I always look forward to any scene that I am involved with them in. Be it an arena fight, public roleplay or the rare private scene I relish every opportunity I have to roleplay with them. Helpful Wonderful writer - Athala

  • CaptainFox has a lot of creative characters and a lot of creative world building to boot. If you're looking for fantasy roleplay, you won't be disappointed. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Lunarthewolf

  • They're nice! Kind and understanding - DragonX

  • I shall say this now for everyone to hear--Berrystar is an amazing writer and person! I am amazed at her work. I just started an RP with her a week or two ago and it has been a blast. Each response leaves me in awe and has me learning a lot from Berrystar. You are amazing! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus

  • He's a very nice man and our roleplay is very lovely. He's very understanding OOC (and charming), he's helped me through some rough times. Kind and understanding Fast responses - hypxrphxbxx

  • Nicki is a fun person to get together with. The stories that are written are deep and adventures that can be had with her are many. The RP is quite fun to write together and look forward to more with her! If you get a chance with Nicki, take it! I'm sure you will enjoy her as much as I am. I'd mark 'Creative Ideas' and 'Drives the plot forward' as well.
    - Roland Great sense of humor Fast responses - Anonymous