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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Kudos to my old friend Avalon, a magnificent writer and storyteller with incredible attention to detail. Your talent shines through every word! :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - QueenSerenity

  • Ramon Garcia! What can I say? Superbly brought to life by Tarnished Halo from a few scraps of information I gave him OOC about Rebecca’s abusive ex that I wrote with another writer on Blue Moon. The character was only a shell there, and to have him come to life and haunt Rebecca in our roleplay earlier this year was one of the best RP encounters I’ve ever had! It’s great to see that character get developed into his own individual self and is making stories!
    - your ex Rebecca Long posts Fast responses - Anonymous

  • I'd like to extend a big round of applause to SmallTownWitch for her extraordinary creativity and talent! Her ability to spin captivating tales is simply unmatched, and it's always a joy to get lost in the worlds she creates. What's more, she’s incredibly patient and kind outside of her writing endeavors, making every interaction a pleasure. It's clear that she pours her heart and soul into her writing, and it truly shows! ^_^ <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Vaporwave

  • A wonderful and descriptive writer! An even better person! I bite my nails and I hold my breath for every post. I'm always inspired. There's no one better to world build with, and the exploration of character personality is top tier. Thank you for helping me jumble together our great story. <3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Wavy is such an excellent writing partner to have! We may live in different locations of the world, and that limits how fast we can reply to each other, but the world we're building is amazing! Wonderful writer Long posts - SmallTownWitch

  • I don't even think I have enough room to talk about Rave but first off, I have to say, she is a wonderful writer. Creative, passionate, I feel she put a piece of herself into her characters and posts every time I read them.

    Talk about commitment, sometimes I have to dig into my bag of tricks to keep the fire going in each post just keep up with her talent. If you want a high quality RP partner, Rave is the one to go to!

    Even in OOC, I've come to love this awesome brat! :P Creative ideas Long-term partner - KingTai

  • Tai, Where do I even start he is a true treasure to RP with you absolutely have me addicted to RP'in with you. His ideas as truly phenomenal he never ceases to amaze me by each post I get from him.

    If you ever get the chance to start a RP with him I can tell you from personal experience you won't regret it

    Ooc he is turning out to be one of my favorite people to talk with and is slowly becoming one of my best friends and I absolutely love him💕 Creative ideas Long-term partner - ScarlettRaven21

  • When you find a partner you click with, better hope you can keep them! I love her creative ideas and the depth and detail of her characters. She brings the fluff, drama, angst. I'd love to keep this gem to myself but seriously I just had to share my thoughts. I’m so happy to have found her, I wish we would have started writing together sooner. I'm so looking forward to what we'll create together. <3 Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Crowe

  • Since the first 500 wasn't enough, here is a few more to reiterate again how awesome a writing partner Crowe is. It always feels so rewarding to find an awesome, creative writer who really brainstorms with you after responding to a random LFRP ad. When that brainstorm feels almost like just building the story from the same mind with how well it flows? That is even more rare. I am so happy that I found Crowe to write with! Creative ideas Long-term partner - JadeCat

  • 500 characters are too few to truly wax poetic about TroyLocke as a writing partner. He is creative, funny and detailed, giving plenty to work with each post he responds with. I am so glad to have found him to write with, and recommend writing with him if he has the time/availability to do so! Great sense of humor Long-term partner - JadeCat

  • Hey,
    As a member of the LGBT community,
    I just really loved your story in the Short Story competition for Epic week.

    Love, A stranger. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Lucas is a great pal and I've enjoyed roleplaying and chatting with them! Them alone are one of the few good reasons why I pop on this site! Tho currently, we've only done a few roleplays, I still believe them to be a good writer regardless Creative ideas Wonderful writer - HeartShapedObject

  • Wisp here could write forever, and I would want to keep reading. I am genuinely always disappointed when I get to the end of her replies, because I want more, need more, and then I remember, we are doing a turn based roleplay, not a meet n greet with an author!

    She pulls inspiration from everywhere, and has such a great way with words - and gosh if you're feeling down or self conscious she'll shower you with compliments. Like I couldn't ask for a better writing partner in my life right now. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Four

  • One of the most creative people I've ever met, and they never cease to amaze me with their new ideas. We never got to roleplay together, and I don't know if we ever will, but watching them brainstorm, is like watching a machine come to live after years of work into. Flawless, and awe-inspiring. Helpful Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • I know you don't roleplay anymore, and you probably haven't been online in ages, but I just wanted to say I missed you, and I genuinely miss our wonderful story we had written together. Adarra was perfect for him. Hope you're back one day, if not. Hey.. I'll bug you on discord ;) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Four

  • Echo tries their best to respect boundaries, no matter what. They are very kind and understanding, and a rare trait to have, is if they don't understand something, they'll ask questions until they do, rather than getting upset or walking away. They're very helpful and I always see them on the intro boards making new members feel welcomed.

    We've started an RP, and I hope we have a good long one when one of us (me) stops dragging their butt and starts replying.

    Thanks for being a friend <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Four

  • A round of applause for Chrove for their exceptional creativity! Their storytelling prowess is beyond compare, crafting narratives that are not only captivating but also deeply layered. And let's talk about their character, Kidd, who is a masterpiece, rich with depth and nuance. Interacting with them is an absolute joy, thanks to the incredible depth they bring to every RP session! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Vaporwave

  • Kruhee is pure kindness masquerading as a human being. The first thing you'll notice about her, besides her awesome icon, is how giving she is. She goes out of her way to makes you feel welcome!
    She is warm, friendly, fun-loving, and will brighten up your day!
    RP with her is just opening up an idea vortex and letting yourself be pulled in, I totally recommend it!
    Her sweetness is unmatched and so pure, it might cause Diabetes if you're not careful!
    She is just an all around awesome person. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Chaotic

  • What is there to say? Kruhee has quickly become one of the people I most anticipate replies from! The detail they provide in their posts is immaculate and leaves you itching for more. Their ability to world build is unlike any I've seen before! Not to mention, they're a total sweetheart OOC! 10/10, would recommend! Wonderful writer Long posts - ormiee

  • Ormiee is such a sweet person. I can’t even express how much of a delight it is to talk to them, OOC. They are warm, open, friendly, and always leave me smiling! What’s more, they are absolutely astonishing writer! I can’t recommend them enough to anyone who may wish to delve into detailed stories with characters that come alive! But I’ll warn you, you may become addicted! Still, I’ll say if you’re looking for someone to RP with, look no further! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Kruhee