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  • An old friend and one dear to my heart always. Faithful, loyal, understanding and exuberant. She shines like a star in the dark and I am forever grateful to have known her. Our paths as writers have drifted because of life and schedule conflicts but, I know Monte is always there for me should I reach for her. Thank you, forever and always, thank you. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Unicorn

  • Hannsthemanns has fantastic characters and fabulous ideas. She is very detailed and is a great planner, planning our RP was super fun and starting it was even better! All of her characters are amazing and interesting, her profiles for them are awesome. I am always very excited for her next post and can't wait to reply! Overall a wonderful person to RP with! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - EvanlynDestiny

  • Mercy is the best! Her characters are vibrant and complex, her stories deep and emotional. She is a writer of consummate skill and anyone who is lucky enough to write with her knows it! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Morgan-the-Fae

  • I wish I can check more boxes. Rinny is such an amazing partner to rp with,she is funny and she throws in some interesting plot twists. She keeps the plot going and sometimes she'd throw in some humor in a sad or dark scene in the rp. There was one scene in our rp that made me cry in real life,that's how good she is. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - JetStorm

  • I must say, Jet's been a very good partner! She's always kept the plot going, and threw in some unexpected plot twists! I really love this partner a lot... She's helped me through some things, and even had some of my interests. I hope our roleplay gets even better <3 Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Rinny_Howler

  • Prae's cast are so damn likable! I quickly found myself extremely fond of each and every one of her characters. They have such fun and detailed personalities that you can't help but feel like you get to know them as friends in and of themselves. Her plots are similarly always so solidly fun and engaging, you'd regret missing out on the colorful settings, stories and interactions she brings to the table. Thanks for not just being a stellar writing partner, Prae, but a stellar friend. : ) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Ivyking214

  • If you catch a thread with Thema, you are a damn lucky dog. Thema's characters are immediately engaging and full of depth. There's so much to work with and explore when pinging off her cast. Her settings drip with atmosphere and intrigue, while her plots never fail to delight and surprise me. She's also an extremely considerate writer, who makes the best use of a scene to let both characters shine their best. Thanks for the amazing threads, Thema! <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Ivyking214

  • An absolute TREAT to write with. Jabber's characters burn with a life of their own and are easy to get attached to! Their plots NEVER disappoint either, brimming with fun, full, dynamic and exciting storytelling. I literally cannot oversell them. Go write with Jabber right now. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ivyking214

  • This person is so patient, kind, and considerate, as well as being one of the friendliest people I've had acquaintance with on this site. She's very creative as well, and is dedicated with fast replies. She keeps a story going, and makes all sorts of interesting decisions. Her plot posts aren't boring, in my experience, and her ideas are fun,and her characters burst with life and snark! Thank you for RPing with me, JetStorm. I'll get right on that RP soon, and I'll treasure your responses! <3 Kind and understanding Concise posts - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • Geimhreadh is both terrifying and beautiful. He inspires fear and respect, but a deeply wounded and passionate heart beats within despite his claim to have none. I have had the pleasure of encountering and RPing with this amazingly well written, original and artfully crafted villain. I can only thank his creator WinterBlackDraoi for giving me the immense honour of RPing with Geimhreadh and being a part of The Glass Green.
    - merci beaucoup ❤️ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • Yuè Xiùying (played anonymously)
    This might seemly random and out of nowhere, but I stumbled upon this character out of pure chance and absolutely fell head over heels for her aesthetic. I love the vibe and the amount of thought that went into the details of this oc is obvious.

    Sorry for my randomness, but I'm impulsive and can't help but gush over how much creative juices are running through my noggin' after getting inspired by this oc <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - caffeinated

  • Though life keeps our rp times apart, I still think she is one of the best roleplayers I have ever come to know. Also, I wish her a wonderful birthday! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kraven

  • We haven't talked or rp'ed for long but I wanted to give you this kudos to show appreciation for your writing skills. You're an AMAZING writer and make me feel every emotion. You make me anticipate your replies that are filled with feeling and detail. I'm very happy to have met you! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - ChocolateIceCream

  • Loneliness (played anonymously)
    hi, this is just a quick appreciation kudos for what I understand is a WIP haha. But I just wanted to say I love the blend of colors and pictures so far and I'm excited to see what this character becomes! Creative ideas - Folklore

  • Amazing Writer, Friendly, had me join this site. Helpful Fast responses - NF1

  • Incubus
    Really fun to roleplay with! Doesn't mind if you mess up a little and is willing to talk things through! Kind and understanding Fast responses - BastardChild

  • Considering it's been a year, I think some praise for Vance is long overdue-- he's considerate, has an eloquent way of writing, and is really good at spicing things up without obstructing the plot! Overall quite an agreeable human; you should reach out to him if you're looking for a great RPing partner, and to Vance, keep up the good work! ^ω^ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - milktea_dollie

  • They are AWESOME when it comes to details and typing more than a paragraph sometimes! I really enjoy Roleplaying with them and I wish we can continue role-playing together! Drives the plot forward Long posts - Incubus

  • Rocky is an awesome role-player,I love the character development,the plot,and how well she plays as canon characters from MHA. I am always checking my mail for a reply from her,she is so good,if you haven't role-played with her yet,I would suggest ya do. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - JetStorm

  • His character fits so well with my Naadia, especially considering I don't have the opportunity to use her very often because it is hard to find another rper who fits. I am always waiting, excited when he replies again and try to reply right away.

    By far one of my favorite characters to RP with. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Crystalflame0328