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  • Epic roleplay partner! I love it when I roleplay with them, there's so much detail given! They reply quickly and are very understanding! Kind and understanding Fast responses - wolfie9753

  • In the time I've been returned to RP Rook has been one of the most accommodating, consistent partners I've ever had. All of her characters are engaging and distinct, written with a clear and captivating sense of personality. Whether a quick one off for fun or an ongoing, character-driven plot, Rook always has something essential to contribute to a scene, and I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to plot and post with him. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Anonymous

  • Cait was the hook that really brought me back into RP after years of little engagement. She has been one of the most patient and accommodating partners I've ever had, and has provided a steady stream of delightful and captivating interactions, all while keeping cleanly detached when tensions rise in-character allowing the RP to really breathe and develop. I'm beyond grateful to have her as an RP partner, and as a friend. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Oh my gosh I absolutely love this guy, his character is so well fleshed out and personable, I love him too lol. We've been roleplaying for some time now and I feel like we could just keep going for so much longer, he brings so much to the story. His replies are wonderful to read and I always get excited to see them, he's a great partner to have :D Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - BooMcGee

  • I have so much love for this person, he's absolutely wonderful and awesome to write with and he goes so in-depth with his characters. His replies are always interesting to read and thoughtfully written, we've been roleplaying for quite some time now and I haven't gotten bored once lol, a great partner to have :D Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - BooMcGee

  • I’ve really enjoyed the chats with Full Marvel Alchemist since the time she joined RPR. Though it is doubtful I will start any roleplays with her in the near future, I can tell by our conversations that she would be really fun to write with! If you find yourself writing stories with Full Marvel Alchemist, I’m sure they will be fun and enjoyable! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Rogue-Scribe

  • Absolutely amazing writer!
    Very patient!
    He always finds a way to keep the story moving and flowing so well. Always makes sure I am enjoying it too!
    Though I do tend to be a bit awkward in OOC, and he doesn’t judge me for that, nor does he judge me for my character being a complete weirdo XD
    Hope to RP a lot more with him! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - KikiNiki

  • Where do I begin? Mike is an amazing writer and friend, I've come to discover. I've been RPing with him for more than a year, making him the longest RP partner I've ever had. Through RPing with him, he has unintentionally caused me to grow and develop my own skills as a writer. He has impeccable grammar and is consistently doing his part to keep the plot moving, and I have never regretted my choice to RP with him for a second. You definitely won't regret writing with him, I assure you of that. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Bree

  • One of the best old souls I've ever known, and someone I'm all too eager to take time to talk to. Love 'em to the ends of the earth. Ten years ago, I enjoyed roleplaying and talking to them as much as I could, and its nice to find that all these years those feelings haven't changed a bit. Life took us both to some crazy places and in odd directions, but the fact we can get back together and connect like not a day has gone by is beautiful. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - JustAWolf

  • Ailuin (played by Michonne)
    Professor Ailment is an extremely fascinating creature that any you cannot help but engage with. He is highly intelligent and takes great care in learning about those around him even if those secrets could be your undoing! Ailment is calculative and patient when it comes to battling with his foes which for Birdy causes an even stronger desire to watch him fall. I will take great pleasure in watching everything he holds dear burn to ash and the agony upon his features. For now, you will be my pl Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Pretty_Bird

  • Birdy (played by Pretty_Bird)
    There is no limit certainly to her depravity. So evil and malicious she even makes a Neutral Evil character pale and lose her sanity. Ailuin was tested and is not done being tested. Birdy can be thanked for making Ailuin the strongest seer for a long time in the Arkaine history of his kind and bloodline. Certainly, his visions will be a cakewalk after her manipulations. Fascinating as all get out. She is certainly a good nemesis for him and will indoubtedly be challenging him with every story. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Michonne

  • I am enjoying the RP I have going with Mika, and they are lovely. The characters Mikathepika13 have created are unique and are given a lot of thoughtfulness and attention. I highly recommend striking up an RP with Mika. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Gaeilge_Banrion

  • Archaic is first an foremost, an incredible writer. Every single post from them is exciting, and each one has so much emotion and passion written into it. It’s never hard to know what to say next, or where to go with this incredible writer. On top of that, they are so sweet and understanding, always willing to chat, plan, and present ideas, an rp with Archaic is never going to be bland one. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - BiggestBean

  • What do I say?
    In 1 word, wow.
    London has been the step up from roleplay that I'd not seen coming. Watching her post and seeing her thoughts in writing helped me understand there are different styles of RP and her skills have really helped me step up my game. I see around my characters, describe the rooms, the smells, their feelings and anything that can enchance the visual so I can give to her what she has given to me on many occasions.

    Nicely done, Tsundere ;) Drives the plot forward Concise posts - DontBeTrippin

  • Sariah (played anonymously)
    There really aren't words to describe her; the character is complex, interesting, and full of believability. The writer is truly even better. Even after so much our characters went through, the plot never feels stale, old; nothing feels "re-done". That is a testament to the creativity of the writer, but also the dedication to working with a partner to ideas in, to get a story told that is pleasing and fun for everyone.

    Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • After seventeen years of putting up with my shit, I have to say that Kat is one of the kindest, most genuine people I've ever had the pleasure of having in my life. Her characters are always well thought out and fun to play with and her ability to plot and make things enjoyable is bar none. I am extremely lucky to call her a friend and role play partner. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Lai

  • I haven’t done too much Rping with him... other than the Rp that he’s been doing with me... his character Veras is a very suave individual. I am so thankful for role playing with him. I hope that it never gets to end. He’s amazing as he forms things on the fly. It’s very innovative as he knows how to get it going. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - MacieLightfoot

  • Kaleb is extremely fun to roleplay with. He gives long, descriptive replies and is extremely nice out of character, as well. Wonderful writer Long posts - Primrose-Chan

  • GreenBean is a great and fun person! While discussing our roleplay they were very nice and over the course of the RP, we had very fun and playful interactions between our characters! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Primrose-Chan

  • I love Mercy. She is amazing, as a writer, as a partner, as a person. She is incredible in every way. I adore her writing and I encourage everyone to write with her if you can. <3 <3 She is my person, and I hope you all get to know her. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Morgan-the-Fae