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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • This person has shown me kindness and friendship since we have started role playing together. They are an amazing writer who I always look forward to when they post. He is very detailed and knows how to keep one on their seats! Stay awesome! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - QueenSerenity

  • BeautifulBloodyRoses is a wonderful rp partner who always brings the most fresh and interesting ideas to any rp. Always able to toss out ideas to not just continue a plot but to deepen in, and each of their characters and Rp posts are detailed and interesting. OOC they are kind and understanding and a pleasure to talk with...more than willing to lend an ear to those who need it. 100% reccomend a Rp or just a chat with them. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Orrik_Zynn_x2

  • As much as I want to keep her to myself, you have got to know just how amazing she is.
    Her writing is beautiful, her characters have such depth and their quirks are so worth the time to get to know them. I absolutely love rping with her and I suppose chatting with her ain't so bad either!
    She is by far the nicest person on earth. Accepting, giving and incredibly patient whenever I'm having a rough day. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Speechless

  • kungpowdragon is definitely in the top kindest, sweetest people on RPR and that I've ever had the pleasure of roleplaying with! I would mark fast responses here too, but I think her writing and kindness take the cake. I've not been able to tear myself away from our story, and her character comes to life and impacts mine in ways that I don't even see coming - I'm excited to see how things unfold and hope to remain longterm rp partners :3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Elysian-Wolf

  • The world is so much more quiet without you. Your derp moments, your laughter - our ceaseless dirty jokes. .. I keep wondering how your boys are. I miss being on the phone with you when you picked them up. They must miss you so much.. You were such a good mum. You were such a good friend. I miss you and I .. yeah. I miss you - words are shit in comparison. Wherever you are I hope that you are well and safe. - Anonymous

  • I wish I could mark more then 2 boxes. Elysian is awesome! Our Rp is one of my top favorite Rp of all time. Elysian been helpful with advice with characters. Honestly There flexible and are willing to work with you. They are helpful and relaxed and come up with epic ideas for my own character. If you need a friend or Rp buddy. Elysian is one that won’t let you down Creative ideas Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23

  • Mipps is so much talent and hard work in one package. While we only wrote briefly together, she is a writer who knows how to adjust to other player's styles, put them at ease, and drive the plot forward, and so these kudos are actually overdue. Not to mention the lovely visuals she pours hours and hours of her time into, always trying to improve. Keep doing, Mipps! It's working beautifully! <3 Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - DorianM

  • There are few things I would enjoy more than a verbal sparring match between Zara and Lenari, and somehow Key and I need to plot and plot and make it happen someday. It'll be glorious, and Lenari is such a strong and colorful character that it would be a story for the ages. Key is doing awesome with this redhead! <3 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - DorianM

  • Murder is an absolutely amazing writer, and I absolutely adore getting to write with her. Her schedule keeps her busy, but that doesn't stop her from being a force to reckon with in the roleplay community. While she may seem intimidating with her detailed characters and quiet persona, she's really just a big dork who wants to enjoy a story as much as anyone else does. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Hadeslicious

  • Dorian is chock full of ideas and plots, but that isn't the only reason she's an incredible person. Dorian has easily become a very trusted and dear friend to me. I appreciate her counsel as well as her candor when it comes to finding someone to share myself with. I'm forever thankful for her presence in my life. <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Hadeslicious

  • Wren is an incredibly well written character. While I am Demi's husband and have some biases, I must admit that the captivating story and plotlines that Wren follows are ones that I obsess over and launch to read each post. As someone who doesn't like a lot of 'reading' despite the obvious hobby, reading the posts for Wren often times keep me entirely enthralled and I cannot wait for the next one. If ever you get the chance to interact with this sassy little bird, I implore you to take it. Drives the plot forward Concise posts - Hadeslicious

  • I genuinely think I would trade my firstborn child for Eniiko and have zero regrets. Move out of the way Nimbus, Eniiko is the true ray of sunshine that genuinely lights up your entire life with their presence. I’ve never met anyone that has clicked so well with my characters. Eniiko is always ready to put up with my clown behaviour and for that I am 200% thankful. Words cannot begin to describe how much their friendship / writing / characters / lore means to me!! Ride or die all the way :) Wonderful writer Long-term partner - oLuna

  • Augna Vajhañaraū is simply the best of Ṅkhya'jran Magic. Strong, spiritually-inclined, mature and true, this man is a promise fulfilled, and a much deeper character than a first meeting could possibly indicate. Yet, the resonance is there from the start, in his worship of Uu'krieuvan, his adoration of nature and his romantic soul, and one just needs eyes to see. <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - DorianM

  • Jacob (played by Murder)
    Where do I even begin with you? Jacob is sweet, glorious chaos. Violent, destructive, controlling and yet there's a tenderness there that should be more coveted than gold or diamonds. He's a disaster you want to offer yourself up to, if you happen to be broken on the inside. Jacob is a honey trap that I cannot get enough of. I certainly drown willingly. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Demilicious

  • Årțuň Khalaśa is a young man one either avoids or falls in love with. Alternating between a snarky impossible to please brat and a fragile beautiful soul, I would love to see this character written more, and over a longer period of time, just to watch him grow. Initially I wanted to write his sister, but now I am thrilled the events unfolded in a different manner. Looking forward to continuing our stories, Love. <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - DorianM

  • Rava is a masterpiece. Powerful and raw, his hurt is real and festering, and his wounds are deep. Sky writes him to perfection, from his time as a difficult boy, to when as a slave trader his heart seems forever hardened, and then back. So much passion and emotion are put into this character, who is tragic and endearing at the same time. I cannot wait to see how the story finally ends, Sky. <3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - DorianM

  • Persimmon (played by Demilicious)
    An attractive Nkhya'jra male with a checkered past, Kaji is as delightful and as sinful as the addictive creations he sells in his shoppe, Dverī Dreams. You know what I am talking about! Layers and flavours, different textures and hidden ingredients, all mixed together in this glorious way which makes one come back one more time. Just one more. Just to be sure. Again. Often. Until finally, they are forever hooked. <3 Great sense of humor Creative ideas - DorianM

  • M is... ugh. I hate her so much, but it's only because I love her. Obsessed with her in every way, M writes captivating characters with prose that makes me hungry for more and weep 'cause it's so pretty. I want ALL of it. She's too freakin' good. We don't deserve her, and she makes me swoon all too easily. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Demilicious

  • I wanted to drop by and give a kudos to Queen. We had a falling out - hindsight I was a bit of a prick - but despite our falling out, Queen is amazing. I still think of her highly. She is a phenomenal writer, always into the sultry and bloody. She's a party all on her own and even if it means zilch - I am so proud of her. It is AMAZING to see her so happy, wings spread wide. Way to go, Queen. I am so happy for you. Keep owning and never forget - you are a QUEEN. - Demilicious

  • I miss Dizzy and I adore her. She brought such life to the Tam group. The world has been constantly changing this year, but even with silence Dizzy deserves love. She brings an incredible imagination to the table in any story that she is a part of. She is crafty plotter and has a phenomenal vocabulary. Not to mean that OOC-wise she is hilarious and so kind. Dizzy is a gem. Thank you for being you, Lovely. <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Demilicious