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  • Cat you are adorable and I want to hug the stuffing out of you! That said, you are also sweet, creative, a fantastic artist, silly. So many good things to say! If I have one complaint it's that we only got to write a couple responses together before that particular rp petered out. Hopefully we can make more time for each other in the future but even if that doesn't happen I am happy to call you my friend. Helpful Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • I am so grateful I've gotten to know Heimdall. It is always fun to write with them and if I get my way we'll have more stories together very soon. Their characters are fascinating, vibrant and emotionally resonant. Beyond writing they are encouraging, helpful, skilled in so many different forms of art it's a bit ridiculous. I simply can't say enough about this person so I shall sum it all up by saying 'Thank you for being my friend!' Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • Galaxy is such an adorable little trash mammal! Her art is amazing and she's a joy to chat with and I just want to hug the stuffing out of her all the time! Since we first met her writing had improved exponentially and I am so damn proud of her. On top of that her art is absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to see just how much more amazing she becomes as a person, a writer and an artist in the years to come. Kind and understanding Helpful - Dndmama

  • I once made a meme describing Enkeli's writing and it's affects on me. I stand by it. When I get one of those long posts with gorgeous detail and incredible exposition it absolutely restores my will to live. How can I die when there is such beauty in the world? Life hasn't been kind to this man recently so I shall be. Enkeli, you're a wonderful writer, a good friend, and I am grateful to have met you. Wonderful writer Long posts - Dndmama

  • Crow is one of my longest term writing partners on the site and though their muse is fickle, our friendship is not. I am always glad when they can write for their characters are beautiful and interesting and heart breaking, but even if all we're doing is chatting I am so glad they are around. On top of that, their art is amazing and improving every piece they draw! I'm so glad I'm their patron on Patreon and you should be too! Give Crow your money! You won't regret it. I promise. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Dndmama

  • CloudDragon has some of the most unique characters I think I've ever run across. They really are neat but not too strange or obscure that I can't understand them easily. I really enjoy writing with them because each response sees their characters being so adorable and expressive! Also! Their art gets better and better every time I see it! 10/10 Glad we're friends :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Dndmama

  • There is so much to say about Claine! How can I ever say it all? Their characters are amazing! Their art is amazing! Their art trade thread has really taken off and given me the impetus I needed to get back into drawing. The only thing I might have wished is that we could have actually written together more XD Thanks for being so cool, Claine! Helpful Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • 500 characters is 100% not enough to express how much I adore Birdy's art. I'll keep it concise though and point out that if I had more money, I would give them all of it. That said, they are also just a real sweet heart to talk to, whether you're commissioning them or not. I foresee great things in this person's future if they continue to pursue their passion. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • Sadly I haven't had the chance to write with Auberon yet, but I have been able to commission their art and just chat with them in a friendly way on Discord. This person is hard working, sweet, funny, encouraging and I am just really enjoying the opportunity to orbit around their sphere of influence. And hopefully commission them again in the future! Kind and understanding Helpful - Dndmama

  • Who is my absolute favorite writing partner in the whole world? It's Animewithin! Her characters are so deep and rich! Even the characters that she's writing from games are more filled out than the original characters ever were! XD We've built an entire world with multiple interweaving storylines from numerous character pairings and it is just spectacular and I cannot get enough of this woman's writing and if you get the chance hit her up because OMG! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Dndmama

  • I cannot express how excited I am when I get a response from Aeun. It doesn't matter how far between they are, they are always amazing and I am always happy. Their characters are mysterious and fascinating. Their writing is so descriptive! I can see every scene exquisitely in my minds eye. On top of all that I am such a sucker for their long post length. I cannot recommend this writer enough! Drives the plot forward Long posts - Dndmama

  • What a fantastic person this is! Cake is a joy to write with and even more of a joy to chat with. They have one of the quirkiest senses of humor I've come across in a long time and whenever I get the chance to talk to them I know I'll end up smiling. Their characters are really interesting too and I cannot wait to discover all their secrets! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • 89 is such a wholesome person. I'm so glad I have gotten to know them since joining the same group. On top of that what a great writer they are! Their characters are fun and interesting and always have a depth to them that impresses me. Their posts are long and glorious and I am so excited that we are finally writing together after all this time! Kind and understanding Long posts - Dndmama

  • 89 has a very unique style of writing that closely resembles anime in structure. Their scenes are vivid, their characters are expressive, and their scenes are a careful blend of danger and comedy. They are skilled in handling large amount of characters at once, including npcs. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Miss

  • Nerdy is a creator. They are able to roll a new character out whenever inspiration strikes; and it strikes often. They have so many ideas and energy that it's difficult to be unaffected. Their replies come out often and have a general care behind them. They wrote with me when others were preoccupied with their own stories, and for that, I am grateful. Creative ideas Concise posts - Miss

  • Zelphyr is an adaptive writer, able to transition smoothly from actions and dialogue and even handle surprise character additions with ease. They are amusing and honest OOC. Their posts are a good length and one could pick out at least 10 different details, both small and large, to have a character respond to. Creative ideas Long posts - Miss

  • Dndmama has a firm grasp on her characters and each of them is a pleasure to read. She is patient OOC and I am smile each time we interact over small, frivolous statements. She is rightfully loved by the community and supports just as much as she is supported. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Miss

  • In the spirit of a new year, I shall give my praise where it is deserved! I must say that Helleyn is a delightful individual to talk with OOC and decisively an in-depth writing partner at the same time. They, without prompt, add to the world for our OC's while also keeping their character intertwined with what's going on perfectly. (Not to mention deal with my curveball posts with fineness.)
    Also, their music taste is amazing. Tunes are always on point. ♫♫ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Sorrisky

  • My mind is drawing a blank here but I guess my favourite thing about Alidal's RP style is her character portrayal. They always have interesting things to say or do in response to my own character and it just makes it 10x more fun! I also love how she is at improvising plotlines when things get messed up or something is addressed incorrectly. She seems to be able to find ways to fix it somehow :)

    Kudos, Alidal! <3 Creative ideas Fast responses - AliRevellian

  • Grey, I love you baby. His rps are something you will never grow tired of! He's amazing and always willing to match your length. You'd be lucky to talk and rp with him! Kudos! <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Icysoul