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  • It's literally only been about 5 hours or so, and I just can't get enough of this storyline! Not only are their replies fast and perfectly matching what my energy is, but their character and scenery is freaking awesome! 10/10, would HIGHLY recommend for y'all to check out their stuff!!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TheNightmareSavage

  • I have not known this lovely lady long. But, that does not stop me from telling all of you how amazing I already know she is. She is beautifully written, articulate, and delightful all around.
    She is helpful, and easy to talk to. Someone that I have quickly learned is a gift to the writing community, and world at large.
    Her posts are awesome detailed, easy to feed off of, and absolutely fun to read. I LOVE writing with her!
    Falyn, you're simply AWESOMEEE! Thank you for being you. <3 <3 <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ripley

  • I've known and have RPed with Fushi for at least three years now. He is a talented writer that has very unique and intriguing characters. He can certainly roll and even cartwheel with the punches IC. OOC he is a very kind and tolerant person. He is a wonderful RPer all around. <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Falyn

  • Ripley is a wonderful writer, who really doesn't give herself enough credit. Although I've only RPed with one of her characters so far, I've had a chance to read her fantastic introductions to a few more. She's great to talk to OOC and she has a impish sense of humour. :D I highly recommend her to those who have not RPed with her yet. <3 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • Where to start? I have absolutely adored roleplaying with her. Right from the get go her responses have been long and detailed and just amazing. She is fantastic at driving the plot forward and she has such a great writing style that I find myself dropping everything to read her responses the second I see them. OOC she is just as lovely and friendly and has quickly become a friend. She really deserves the highest kudos <3 Kind and understanding Long posts - QueenHate

  • DepressyMessy has been an incredible RP partner with work with so far! She has brilliant well thought out characters and wonderful detained and well-written responses. She has fabulous ideas and I definitely recommend RPing with her if you are given the chance! It is truly a great experience! Creative ideas Long posts - EvanlynDestiny

  • I could never express how much I enjoy writing with Kate. Her characters are very well thought out, well produced and super realistic! Their posts are flexible and we bounce off of each other super well!

    Not to mention, Kate is very friendly and understanding - It's been as much of a joy to talk to them outside of just plot building together. I could never recommend her more <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - trashcanmurderer

  • Very friendly with OOC Chat. Very easy to talk to her about possible plot development. VERY detailed replies, with a great length and quick responding time. Definitely one of my favorite roleplay partners. If I could check off all of these qualities, I would. <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DepressyMessy

  • Deception (played by AliRevellian)
    Started a band/musician RP with Deception and their writing was really awesome! We didnt get too far due to my needing to leave, but wanted to say they are really fun to write with and always gave quick responses to my posts. Hoping more people will RP with them!
    - Jessica Wonderful writer Fast responses - Anonymous

  • It is always a joy to see that my inbox has a reply from trashcanmurderer! They are very thorough with their replies and even better at helping drive the rp in directions you wouldn't think of at first! Jack pairs so well with my character and now I can't even picture her without him! 12/10 would recommend if you get the chance to rp with them! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TheLandOfKate

  • A wonderful person, that deserves nothing but the best. My story with SiriaiNova was a rather lengthy one, always entertaining to write and read. I wish nothing but the best for this person and can warmly recommend it to anyone who might have any doubts! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Mariette

  • My beloved Penguin has long wanted some substantial RP. Glad she found a new community of opportunities. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - ShadowAxe

  • Jesarya (played by Jesarya)
    Such a wonderful person. Great to interact with and friendly as a kitten. Kind and understanding - Rainman

  • Ugh, totally awesome ic and ooc. Such awesome ideas and juicy posts leave nothing to be desired. It's a full course meal and you should definitely rp with her if you get the chance!! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Gods, don't get me started on this dude ! I?can't remember if I gave them kudos already, but who cares ? Another one is well deserved. 'Kay, list:
    -totally understanding of stuff going on irl !
    -literally just the sweetest person ever ? Um- enough said.
    -all their characters are just great man. I read those character bios for fun, I'm talking they're while freaking novellas-
    -is just lit bro. Enough said v2
    (Bro I bet you know who I am even if I do this anonymously- mm you're lit broski.) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Man...Where do I begin?

    Dantelli is amazing to communicate with. They're funny, kind, thoughtful and over all amazing. Each roleplay post drags me further in and I just can't get enough of it.

    You're seriously won't regret talking to them. They're an amazing roleplayer and friend. 1000/10 recommend. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - xSethx

  • Explosiveworlds has created such an intriguing and fun world to explore! I highly recommend them for anyone needing a wonderful narrator and DM to their roleplays. They communicate clearly and is a fountain of ideas, creating magnificent plots, characters, and events in their roleplays. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - AdoboKitty

  • Our rp is absolutely amazing thanks to their wonderful writing & creative idea's in their posts. I love roleplaying with them and hope i can continue to do so :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ashen

  • So with his birthday coming around the corner I wanted to give a shout out to Mars. First of all happy early birthday and second thank you for being literally an amazing friend. You have been in my life for a long time and who would have thought the day introduced myself to you and well pretty much made you be my friend lol we’d be here now. Thank you for being always being there, a beautiful friend and an amazing brother. I love you and I’m very proud of everything you have done. <3 Fam. Helpful Wonderful writer - Nekomanics

  • Sarnai Ura (played anonymously)
    Love how passionate she is, such an amazing roleplayer and partner. <3 <3 <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Zada