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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • They’re so cool and nice to work with. :> They’re understanding and will help you if you need it! Helpful Wonderful writer - LavenderLime

  • Fun to roleplay with! Keeps me laughing and excited for more! Hexagon! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - pineapplebread

  • Genuinely an amazing writer and it's always such a delight getting to write with him. His posts are always well structured, they flow well together and they always hit me directly in the heart strings. I cry /j Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - wimblor

  • This person sends really long replies, which are always formed really pretty too! All in all, great writer with good replies, always looking forward for more! Wonderful writer Long posts - pineapplebread

  • Adira's characters are always very fun and entertaining to read. She's great at introducing creative ideas into the RP and she's also good at driving the plot forward. I always have a great time RPing with her. <3 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - AineEvenfall

  • I've been writing with Aine for over 10 years now! She's the best, very shy and modest in her talent but her characters to me are incredible. She's one of a kind. ♥ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - LadyAdiraa

  • MoonMan is a talented and detailed writer who I have enjoyed role-playing with in two groups we are a part of. The two characters I have interacted with have their own unique personalities and motives. He is very kind and patient OOC with a great sense of humour. I would recommend RPing with him if you haven't done so already. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • Blue and I may not have been roleplaying long but I love talking with him! They're so sweet and funny so it's always the best when I see a reply from them and they're such a fun roleplayer & friend because they're just- amazing!! :> I'm really looking forward to our future roleplays as well as conversations! ^^ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Rayne_Storm

  • Ray and I may of not role played for long, but Ray is amazing at writing and they're super friendly and mind as well ^^ they like to take time to the roleplay rather then pressing it to quicken the pace, so it always feels nice and calm :> I look forward to our future role plays together ^^ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Bluebeldy

  • Garn's characters are so unique and multifaceted it's always a great pleasure to play with them! Whether in long-term RPs or shorter scenes, Gart's talent for writing really shines through. In addition to all this she's also a great artist and an amazing friend! I really look foward to all the crazy shehanigans our characters will have together XD Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - cri86titanium

  • Has a very comprehensive dos-and-don'ts list for RPs. It was useful and understandable, but also reading it made me laugh. I feel like RPing with this guy would be really fun and funny, he also seems like an intelligent and thoughtful scene-writer if I recall correctly. Helpful Concise posts - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • I’ve only just started RPing with Kelly but from my experience they are a very eager and understanding partner. I‘m really look forward to seeing where it goes! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • I don't think I've ever another human being so dedicated to evolving into a better person as Picksey. Oh such world that would benefit from more individuals like yourself. Who place value on improving themselves, so that they in turn uplift others... Yes. This is sappy birthday kudos. (I came here to spy on when it was, so might as well.) Many more to come for you, please? Stick around a good while longer. Am blessed to have met you. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Saw Marianne’s profile and liked it, so I reached out to compliment. Ended up starting a fun roleplay story. A very creative character, and I love the way humor gets incorporated into their posts. If you want to write an espionage or mercenary sort of story, Marianne will have your back!
    - Ro Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Ruin and I have been roleplaying for 5+ years now, his characters are so dynamic and real and his universe is FUN to play in. 10/10 Love him Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Ruberiot

  • This man is the king of Rp Rep. I dident think he could handle this many characters. but wow, glad to be wrong. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Cosmicrider

  • Lunar is great! They've got some WILD ideas that are always right up my alley! Their responses are always appropriate lengths for the situation, filled with amazing detail without being long winded! Their characters are really unique too and super fun! If you ever want a truly wild ride hit Lunar up! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CatNoLastName

  • If you're looking for a creative RP, you won't find anyone better than Cat. Not only are they up for just about anything, they keep in constant communication to make sure you're comfortable as well. Don't hesitate to hit them up Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Lunarthewolf

  • This guy! This guy right here is super chill. I inquired on a role play with him and we didn't click, because he writes more than I am able, but I really was expecting to be ghosted and written off, but he was super kind about it and super nice. I recommend him! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TheSpunkyElf

  • I really enjoy our role play so far, she is very good at putting the reader in the front row seat, its like, when your in a scene, your in the room witnessing it all, its very immersive. She is also very accommodating. If you want a well thought out role play and a friendly partner, this is the lady for you! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TheSpunkyElf