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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • I don't talk to him as often as I would like, but hearing his ideas is always a highlight any day I get a DM from him. :) Creative ideas Long-term partner - Snipehunt

  • We don't roleplay very often, but we do talk, and they've always been a kind person to interact with. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Snipehunt

  • More than a year & it just keeps getting better. I'm always crying & shaking them about the wildest, most heartbreaking world building & characterizations. I have learned about writing as a craft, and in life, they’re a friend I can trust to shed new light on any given experience. IC world has been the greatest adventure, an ensemble of characters representing a wide range of perspectives in an outrageous yet deeply human world. Will never stop raving, what an absolute blast it’s been so far <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - silentruth

  • Been writing a story with Milsen for ... years now, and it always seems to be fresh and interesting as we develop our two characters! A great writing partner, and I have learned the art of 1st person narrative from her! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Archivalist

  • I've known Aqua for well over a year, and her class and style are quite endearing. Haven't wrote enough roleplay with her wonderful characters, but it is always an enjoyable experience. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Archivalist

  • Lunaria Ravenscar (played anonymously)
    Randomly looked at Lunaria's page from the character list, and the visual of the assassin and of Natalie Dormer drew me in to read more. There is much more than a character here, there is a whole story! I need to thank the creator for the wonderful journey I just had reading through these pages. I recommend checking out this profile! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Archivalist

  • We have an amazing long term RP going together which is worth every moment we wait. Not only has he been incredibly patient when I need more time to reply but he has created such a deep and involved story that I am hooked and excited for each new post. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ValenciaTeek

  • Percival Walker (played anonymously)
    Though we have just started our RP together I cannot wait for more, Percivals writer is an incredible person who has taken the time to fully flesh out our worlds together and brought me some fascinating characters. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - ValenciaTeek

  • Xavier Reeves (played anonymously)
    I adore this character, he is deep and complex and the posts written by his author are always so beautifully detailed, it is always worth the wait and he has been more than patient with me when life gets busy. If you get the opportunity to RP with this or any of his characters then snatch it up. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ValenciaTeek

  • I have been lucky to RP with Tai for a couple of years now, our stories together have been some of my favourites. Tai has the ability to add unseen plot twists and fantastic moments between our characters that keep me hooked and coming back for more. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ValenciaTeek

  • Rhydian Blackfyre (played anonymously)
    I absolutely love the story I am writing with Rhyd's writer. It is filled with great exchanges, character developments, drama, humor and I eagerly await each response that time allows! There is depth that continues to grow in the story progresses, and I am so excited for what is to come for the pair in the future! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to write with Rhyd’s writer. - Lyrei’s writer Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Anonymous

  • Writing with Val makes me a better writer, she is so creative and descriptive, and I am always striving to be better and match how wonderful she is. There are not enough good things to say about her. At the risk of losing writing time, I recommend finding time to write with her or join one of her groups, you'll won't regret it. Wonderful writer Long posts - TroyLocke

  • Calikitten and I have known each other many many years long before RpR and she was nice enough to join me here so we could write again. She is an amazing person and writer, and while perhaps too shy to reach out and post looking for Roleplay, I suggest everyone else does so! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - TroyLocke

  • Dndmama always has the most amazing characters, I can't help but want to write with each of them despite the lack of time and ability. Though we've had a few wonderful plots on and off over the years. I can't recommend her enough! Creative ideas Long posts - TroyLocke

  • Cat is amazing! Come to find out we've Rped in the past and ran into each other many times. Though this time I won't be letting them go! If not the thread we are working on, it will be another, I can't get enough. Creative ideas Long-term partner - TroyLocke

  • We've been RPing on and off for years now, and we've got multiple threads, with creative worlds, that I am always excited to read. Not to mention, they've always been understanding when I have disappeared or needed a break. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - TroyLocke

  • I have been blessed to be able to be in several long term RP's with Troy, not only are his characters incredibly well thought out but he always brings new surprises and twists to plots that bring a smile to my face. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - ValenciaTeek

  • Roxy is amazing in countless ways, from wonderful and cute ideas to the amazing art and comics she has created! It has been well over a year now since we've been writing and plotting together, having expanded it into a whole giant story that is amazing. I can't wait to see where it all goes! Wonderful writer Fast responses - TroyLocke

  • Great writer that I kind of lost touch with once we went discord and IRL got in the way. Full of great ideas an plot driving dialogue. Hoping to get RP up and running again with this person soon. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TarnishedHalo

  • This festival is a perfect time to give kudos to one of the best writers I’ve come across on this site or any site for that matter. Excellent, long detailed posts full of great mental images and ideas that push the story so it doesn’t get stale. Wonderful writer Long posts - TarnishedHalo