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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Super awesome moderator! Totally helped me with an issue I've been having on character pages. Posted in the threads a detailed response that was accurate and concise! I am most appreciative! Kind and understanding Helpful - -Danny-

  • This is the fist time I've every roleplayed with them, but they're great to RP with! They make the RP enjoyable and have good characters with depth! I'm so glad I've had the honor to roleplay with this person, it was a nice breath of fresh air. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - jimmymcgill999

  • I love how they respond mostly everyday they keep up with my responses and understand if I need a break that day and when I'm busy this is going on are second year of rp and there just amazing Kind and understanding Long-term partner - awsomegameknight

  • Throughout the years, our little course in life has been a strange convolution of missed opportunities. However, once our paths finally did cross, our creative energies meshed into something absolutely ineffable. This remarkable wordsmith weaves their worlds and characters like spun gold, brilliant and luminous. They are, if anything, eclectic, inspiring, a jumble of perfect disorder with that beautiful, artistic temperament akin to a true maestro of the written form... Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Atheist

  • It’s been a great pleasure to have met Aquacharm here. Writers like her are gems, and in our roleplays, I am constantly challenged to write on par with her wonderful muse! She is kind and understanding OOC, and brings creativity and a great sense of humour to her characters in our stories. I love character story-building with her, and hope to write more with her in the days ahead. You will be blessed to have the opportunity to write with Aquacharm! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Archivalist

  • Alright, I don't do this a whole lot. But this gal is such a good RP partner, our RP is super lighthearted and has a bunch of gay comedic events planned. I totally recommend her if you're looking for something nice and light. :) Great sense of humor Creative ideas - ChaoticHazard

  • I've been writing with Archivalist for a few months now and I have to say what a wonderful guy he is. Though our roleplays are on and off, I enjoy speaking to him OOC. He is kind and has an amazing sense of humor - often making me laugh. I'm happy I get to call him my friend! :) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - AquaCharm

  • Rattlesnake
    What can I say about, Rattlesnake..? Well, all that I can say is that we've been Role Playing for a while and it has been really fun with them! He has a great sense of humor and can always make you laugh as well is a wonderful writer. If you ever need someone to Role Play with you, Rattlesnake is your pal to do so with! XD Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - PercyJacksonGuru5061

  • Veezly is great, both as a writer and as a Roleplay Partner in general. His posts are descriptive and he pays a lot of attention to the smaller details within the scene around the characters. OOC he was nice to write with and he was fairly polite. Please give this dude a chance if you encounter him Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - TinyPuddleGhost

  • Veena Miles (played by Moonbiter)
    Had the opportunity to get into an RP with Veena Miles after we ‘met’ in an open RP in a group. We both are somewhat busy so the pace of our RP is what it is, and that is comfortable for us both. I checked two boxes, but could easily check two or three more! Fun to interact with and easy to communicate with! Our story is music based, and we have fun working songs together! Check her character page out, and may you get into an RP with her too!
    - Erica Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • NoahClayRose
    An amazing rper, my bestest friend and someone who I would always love rping with, someone who I can trust with my characters stories 100% and I love them so much! <3 my beautiful rp partner~ - kawaiicupcake

  • Taro is a really funny writer with a lot of humor in his characters, and I really enjoy writing with him. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - YinYang_Creator

  • I have been RPing with Nox for quite sometime. We should be further along but my life has been on the move. That being said. She's super understanding. Conversations with her are always warm and welcoming. RPing with her has been one of my greatest delights. Easily in my top 3 favorite RPers on this site without exaggeration. There is so much expression and depth to the character(s) she plays and the world built around them. 100% seeing our RP through until what bitter end awaits them! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - aeun

  • Xeno and his character bring life to stories. It has been a pleasure roleplaying with him. Stay cool, little dude 🌟 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Astrobeans

  • I know, the kudos's been deleted because the character who had the Kudos was deleted... But i'l send it in again just for the respect. Still, Xeno's pretty fun to RP with. Even when it comes to being in some funny moments between characters. He also writes pretty great to drive the plot forward too. They're also kind and understanding too but i can't choose 3 qualities.. so, just pretend this one is here. Stay awesome, Xeno! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Taro_Nuke1

  • Hey yo, Xeno is one of my best buds! He is very kind and a great role player too! I haven’t gotten the chance to role play with this cool cat yet, but it’s inevitable! If you want a kind friend look no further. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Rattlesnake

  • Rattlesnake
    If you're looking for someone to rp with, or just talk too, Rattlesnake is the person for you! they're funny, a wonderful writer and it's been a joy to get to know them! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - XenoverseSurvivor

  • My boy Duke here is all you want in a partner. Stop looking elsewhere, because he is the best.

    One, his responses! He is literally so detailed, and he is great with response times! Definitely not a one liner situation with this guy!

    Two, he has a nice personality and is very kind to me, which I don’t get often.

    Three, he is very good with including you in discussing! He deserves more partners then he has and I hope this helps fix that. Love ya Duke! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Rattlesnake

  • Whoo boy! We are doin a Wild West role play! Ehem. I mean we are doing a very mature western themed role play.

    Our two characters Rattlesnake and Yukon are already good buddies and I can’t wait to see what they get into. OOC KingDragon is a force to be reckoned with, not many people are good at role playing and are super kind. He is rare and a definite 10/10! A+ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Rattlesnake

  • I got to start with Sardonix before I deleted a character I was playing as. My bad. Sardonix is incredibly descriptive. He’s a great partner for any guy to have. He is kind and very affable, he is respectful, and a great writer. His talent is easily inspiring! You’ll want to write just as much as he does! 10/10 reccomend! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Rattlesnake