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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Mara is a character in Tam'nýer-a' that I want to bottle. She is SO sweet and CUUUTE. Another plant enthusiast, what's not to love? Oh, and she's got a heart of gold - of course! She can put the most skittish person at ease. Always finding the middle ground, pacifist at heart, Mara is positively a treat. If you've been searching for a BFF for your character, I daresay Mara is your woman. She strikes me as that one friend who would run over to your place at am cause you're having a hard time 100% Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Demilicious

  • Raz'mik is a glorious kind of trouble. As much as he belongs in Bharabu, I would be keen on seeing what trouble he could get into in Puertagoe. He is innovative, despite walking a fine line between diplomacy and disaster. At least he knows what he wants and stops at nothing to get it. I love a character with true drive. <3 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Demilicious

  • Nymira (played by PrinceLacrima)
    Nymira would probably be loath to hear it, but she's kind despite her outward demeanor. This character is a treat to read. From her come backs to learning more of her through her thoughts, you either wanna buy her drinks or swaddle her like a babe - though that'd probably get you killed. >_>; Nymira is a character that needs and deserves so much love, but she's in her own way. A character you weep for because you want the best for her. <3 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Demilicious

  • Maw'tea (played anonymously)
    Not gonna lie, I miss this character running around in Tam'nýer-a'. They might be retired now, but they had such a way about them that Maw'Tea stirred up trouble wherever he went. Tasty trouble at that! I would have loved to see him smash some social hierarchies and make a storm in the Greater 12, 'cause honestly, he had the gall and the charm. A perfect storm for scandal to keep you on your toes and your eyes on the page. <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Demilicious

  • Flightless (played by Hadeslicious)
    What to say about the illustrious Captain Voicha? As much as she looks like someone not to mess with - well, you should probably follow that. She's headstrong, and not going to beat around the bush. Even with her inner turmoil that is starting to crack through thanks to her excellent blossoming character development Voicha is a force of a woman to be reckoned with. Now, if only she'd let people in.. Either way, she definitely deserves more stories. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Demilicious

  • Xandru is an incredibly rich character and I don't mean just financially. He's such a sad character with a will of iron. Sure, life tries ot beat him down but even if he has to crawl, Xandru does and comes out of nowhere having the upper hand. Whether it's a hereditary trait or inner strength, Xandru is a character that deserves attention and the utmost respect. He is written beautifully and his torture is tactile. Just, WOW. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Demilicious

  • Yugen (played by DorianM)
    There needs to be more Yugen in Tam. There needs to be more like Yugen in Tam. He sets a gold standard for being a playful jerk. Also, where the hell is he? A boat? Cruising a married woman's house? Both - at the same time? We don't know. We just know we need more of him. Now, if only he could wipe that bounty clean >_> Hit this fine side of beef up, please. He deserves it and I guarantee he wants it. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - Demilicious

  • If ever Zara Zutran was challenged, I think I'd instantly suspect Lenari. This woman is crafty, cunning, and dangerous! She is everything you expect from someone who's been in the game for a long time. I love reading her! She's one of those character's that you know you probably shouldn't love or trust but you do anyway. Unf! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Demilicious

  • Dãos is a beautiful character that is certainly coming into her own. Part of her beauty is that in Puertagoe and out of the Greater 12 is that she tends to be overlooked. A type of underdog if you will. But damn, she's tenacious! Not only that, but Dãos goes out of her way to pursue and understand new things all the time, putting us other rich, privileged couch potatoes to shame. The First Ring looks stunning by the way! <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Demilicious

  • Rus'Zsa (played by DorianM)
    What is there not to love about this feisty Khah'? He's smart, great palette, easy on the eyes - at his core, he cares, and really, you couldn't have a more efficient inn keep or bartender. He's genuinely made happy when others are, and that is such a rare thing. Sure, he might be all sass and smirks on the outside, but this one carries a heart of gold. Ugh! *cue the swoon* Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Demilicious

  • Juls is amazing to rp with! Her posts are always rich on details and nuances which bring her characters and the world to life, and her NPCs are great as well! Also she's super friendly OOC too. I can't wait for all the adventures Brenna and Cali are gonna have! :) Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Krahler

  • Redrose is a lovely person to roleplay with! Her posts are comprehensive and portray the character's personality really well, and she has a great eye for detail. She doesn't shy away from taking the lead to move the story forward, which is a quality that makes for a very engaging RP partner. :D Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Sanne

  • M is quirky, snarky, a sweetheart underneath her hard exterior (although she may Murder me for saying that), and overall extremely easygoing, fun and no-nonsense as a writing partner. I wish I had more of her attention in Tam'nýer-a', but every time we wrote together it was amazing fun and I cannot fault her for being a busy powerful woman now, do I? <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DorianM

  • Lux is a true ray of sunshine, talented, creative, easygoing and very kind. Her characters are good-natured, colorful and delicately portrayed, and the attention to detail that Lux puts into each and every post is astounding. Of course, this is something which makes perfect sense taking into account that Lux also makes some lovely jewelry IRL! We love having you part of Tam'nýer-a' and your unique writing style brings freshness and dynamism to every plot! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DorianM

  • What can I say about Malachite except that they are a talented writer and a sweetheart and I would love to be able to write with them more? Their characters are deeply original and well portrayed, with their different personalities shining through in each and every post. But Mal is also a writer who knows how to push the plot forward, which is wonderful in itself. We love having you as part of Tam'nýer-a', and you bring a unique and lovely color to our little group, Mal! <3 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - DorianM

  • Krispy is a lovely writer, easygoing, kind, creative and funny, and I am very grateful to be able to write together as part of Tam'nýer-a'. Each of her eight characters is unique and endearing, and they are all portrayed so well that each post is a wonderful read. It has been a pleasure to write with each one of them (I almost got them all! <3) and I am looking forward to many more stories together. Our plotting never stops. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - DorianM

  • Sky and I just click when it comes to certain stories, and it’s been so amazing to write together as part of Tam'nýer-a'! Their characters are so intense and deep, yet adorable each in their own way, that they continue to inspire me with every post. Everything flows together so well that I cannot praise Sky enough. You are a glorious writer and fellow schemer, and I am so happy to be plotting lots and lots of new developments for our lovelies! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DorianM

  • This crocodile rocks, not only because he is an amazing writer, a devious fellow plotter and accomplice, but also because he’s become a dear friend who is not afraid to go in deep. He’s authentic, creative and delightfully snarky, and all his characters are so strong and well portrayed that one cannot help but be drawn in. Oh, and did I forget? He is also an indefatigable CSS fighter and miracle worker! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DorianM

  • This man is one of the most creative and beautiful souls I have known in my entire life. I remember Tam'nýer-a’’s last birthday fondly, and we’ve both grown so much since then. I am so very grateful for the mutual inspiration and support, the love and friendship, the meaning, the pure fun, and everything in between. Tam'nýer-a' is a special place, and I am so thrilled to be part of its journey, and yours. Well done, my Love. <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DorianM

  • Esme Black-Wilkerson is a character that I really love to hate. With strong motivations and a no-nonsense attitude, this lady doesn’t put up with anything that displeases her. She has a knack for getting her way, no matter what it costs, as long as she’s not the one to pay the price. If you decide to cross her, it might be best prepare your own food and drink for a while just to be sure no arsenic finds its way there. She's a force to be reckoned with and a fantastic adversary! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Juls