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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Amazing admin, amazing person, and amazing writer. There's really nothing I could say that could do this person honest justice. Whenever they make a character, a plot, or have an idea; I just know it's going to be amazing. I'm so lucky to know this person. Kind and understanding Helpful - Cromagus410

  • An amazing writer, a great supportive individual, and amazing understanding of lore. Their ability to play so many different types of characters is honestly baffling to me. It is never hard to find a character to fit a situation and I cannot wait to have more roleplays with this person. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Cromagus410

  • Amazing Admin, very friendly and helpful person, also just a super chill person to know. Their characters are all amazing, I enjoy every plot and lore this person produces. Their writing style is long, concise, and very easy to drive plotlines along. I am very glad to know and roleplay with his person. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Cromagus410

  • Awesome person to know, great sense of humor, and a wonderful writer. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Cromagus410

  • Amazing rper, wonderful creative talent, and a super supporter too. They go out of their way to help and to stimulate plots and lore. I can't wait to have tons more RPs with this person. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Cromagus410

  • An amazingly supportive person, who also places a great emphasis of character development and plot progression. Their ideas are always fresh, and I appreciate the time and energy placed in their RPs and their characters. I know that also out of character they are such a funny and helpful person. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Cromagus410

  • A wonderfully wholesome person who's roleplays are always funny and delightful. I enjoy knowing this person and hope to know them for a while. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Cromagus410

  • First of all, their understanding of in-game lore is amazing. I appreciate all the fresh ideas and original characters they come up with. Secondly, they are an amazingly supportive and helpful person outside of roleplay. They are always willing to help, and explain anything you don't understand in a matter that is helpful and constructive. Kind and understanding Helpful - Cromagus410

  • Arianna De Mezzo (played anonymously)
    Arianna is a well put together character with so much adorableness and depth. The person behind them is absolutely so much fun to plot with! Not only do they have a wealth of ideas, but they can easily incorporate the tidbits of things that you offer up as well. It's really great because everyone ends up getting what they want and even more than they ask for in a RP. Don't be afraid to reach out to chat to them! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Delirium is a fantastic writer and communicator when it comes to plot design! She is always willing to offer input or at least a response to questions/opinions on a scene that may be happening. Along with that, she meshes with writing flow very well, causing for smooth transition in scenes and moves the plot nicely!

    Out of character they are great at not only being understanding of life situations, but also communicates when they are busy!
    10/10 would recommend this amazing person! :) Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Sorrisky

  • We've been RP for a little bit now, and I have to give Kudos for numerous reasons. First, the amount of thought that he puts into his characters and plots is insane. It's well thought out and engaging. I'm always excited to see what he comes up with for our RP, and I love asking for his ideas.
    Other than his writing though, he's incredibly nice outside of RP. If you have a hard schedule, no worries, because he's completely understanding. I highly recommend him. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - DeliriumAngel

  • I've been playing with Bryo for a little more than a year now, and the entire time he's been absolutely amazing to write with. He's up for developing plots, developing characters, or just chatting! Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Siduri

  • Even though we haven't talked for long, or started a roleplay yet I already hope to have this lovely lady as a long-term partner. Incredibly sweet, understanding and a-MAZING for throwing ideas back and forth with, she immediately intrigued me with her creativity and unique characters. I'm really looking forward to creating some awesome stories together!! <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - CherryWine

  • We haven't even RP'ed yet but all of your ideas, your in-depth characters and kind soul is worth some kudos. It's great to talk to you and I look forward to every message from you as you always bring amazing ideas to the table and it's fun to plan with you, even just chit chat. If you get the change to RP and/or talk with her, please do! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - ChocolateIceCream

  • Sura (played anonymously)
    I have been always been awestruck in the creativity that this character has become. From the first time laying my eyes on her, she has grown to such marvelous creation that anyone who is given a chance to role-pla will never leave unsatisfied. Sura has become a tremendous asset to The Golden Tether that it embodies the lifestyle and positive atmosphere to encourage adventures into the unknown. Her energetic and spunk draws you in further and creates a constructive outcome. Kind and understanding Helpful - Pretty_Bird

  • I love staying up and chatting with Kamui, they’re always a good partner and a fantastic art buddy. It’s nice to just relax and show eachother what we’ve been doodling and it’s always brilliant to see what she’s been up to when it comes to Sangris. I honestly love the goofy chats we’ve had and the few rps we’ve been in over the past year-ish. Great sense of humor Fast responses - Eniiko

  • I've been rp'ing with Sid for the past year or so, and she's always super fun to rp with; anything from dramatic rp's too simple hangouts, she's always down. She has great, creative ideas and she's always so kind and friendly. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Bryomancer

  • Honestly, Ramika is one of the absolute nicest people I've ever met online. Not only is she kind, she's also funny and extremely understanding. Trust me, you will not regret speaking to or RPing with her! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - starflower

  • Arcodos (played by Lanx12)
    I love him! I'm actually jealous of my character ^^; It's rare for me to find such a perfect character. I can't wait to continue our rp and get to know him more. If you're looking for a romance with an Elven King, he's your man <3 - TarukiHatake28

  • I love thos guy! Not only is he an amazing roleplay partner but he's also an amazing friend. I'm always in suspense waiting for his next response and I really enjoy our OOC chats as well. His characters have so much depth and emotion I sometimes forget they aren't real! Lol. I feel really lucky to have met him and enjoy our friendship. Definitely give him a shot if you're in the market for a new partner or friend XD Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TarukiHatake28