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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Need an awesome RP partner for your next plot? Well, look no further! For starters; Woo! I should've given him kudos sooner! He makes his characters feel real, and the details and personality traits about them are amazing. Down to the smallest quirk, downright magnificent! Not to mention the details in his writing!

    *Crown of approval* Creative ideas Wonderful writer - KingOfDorks

  • Her responses always bring a smile to my face, unless of course they aren't meant to. But when her character is being funny, she is funny. When she's sad, she makes me feel sad. The emotions in her writing are so vivid, nevermind her actual person. I enjoy how understanding she is, I'm always late or making mistakes or hitting writers block and she never yells at me. As a matter of fact she writes back with a," Yeah, it's all good." or," No problem." which always reassures me. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Tugboattom

  • I should have given you kudos long ago! Alauntyrr is a great role player, capable of portraying a character and their psychological deepness in each post while coming up with ideas to keep making the plot interesting. I'm really enjoying our rp and I hope it keeps going for a long time! I certainly recommend to engage in a rp with them if you have the chance!! ^^
    (I wish I could click more best qualities here XD ) Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Nox_et_Aurum

  • Known him for about 4 posts. Nice guy and great planning between us. I recommend highly on any builds. Very cool drawings ^^ Keep up the good work Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Aaricia

  • Mother's Day 2020, and my admiration and gratitude towards Pineapple is stronger than ever. So many characters, so many stories, and such a wonderful, perfect friendship. Flexible, inventive, and always providing a wonderful sounding board. Happy Mother's Day, Pineapple, from me and our literally dozens of characters Creative ideas Wonderful writer - JayBird

  • Nox is an awesome writer. The rp she and I are doing right now is hands-down my favorite of all my current rp's and definitely in my top five of all time as well, likely in contention for first, honestly. She is detailed, and gives you plenty to work with in every post. I highly, highly recommend rp'ing with her if you do not already. Wonderful writer Long posts - Alauntyrr

  • Build & Test is Hadeslicious' Template (style) tinkering profile and for all the templates Hadelicious has made over the past few months I want to say thank you. Your templates have inspired characters and added to their flair. It is so very rare that we see the true ripple effect of our efforts and I hope this kudos helps convey that your donations to the community are seen and recognized. Thank you so much. Helpful Creative ideas - Demilicious

  • Allison Kaye (played anonymously)
    Saw Allison do an interview and it led to an interesting encounter! Her character page is really laid out nice and you know what you're getting when you interact with her! Love the full 360° profile she presents! Give her page a read and say hello to her! She is a lot of fun! Creative ideas Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Why I recommend this user?/How a game of scribblio during epic week turned into some amazing roleplay? I'm not entirely sure but what I am sure of is that this lovely lady is an amazing writer. She's also very understanding, kind and talkative OOC. Her characters are interesting, compelling and have a lot of depth and layers and they're wonderful to have IC interactions with even if the interaction itself is heavily loaded with emotions. Overall, I really recommend roleplaying with her! Drives the plot forward Fast responses - SylOfficial

  • Recently Mercyinreach has become such a dear friend to me. I know that some people are intimidated by her awesome writing skill, but you definitely should give her a chance. She’s nerdy, funny, caring, loving, and so so special. Her words are beautiful, and they are touching. Her art is inspiring and she’s always giving to others. Mercy is An incredible human being, that you should get to know! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Redrose

  • Wheresmaldo is an excellent human being! Dorky, funny, playful, and a good writer. I have enjoyed our rp’s immensely and highly recommend roleplaying With them if you get a chance. They are creative, flex Blue, and their characters have amazing chemistry with mine. They are an awesome friend, writer, and person in general. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Redrose

  • Thatnerdychick is not only a good roleplayer, but an awesome friend too! She is exciting, kind, and always there for me. She’s hecka smart, and a pleasant person to be around with! She has amazing memes that make me laugh, and always brings a smile to my face. Thank you so much Nerdy! ❤️😍🥰 Kind and understanding Helpful - Redrose

  • I am so glad that SlyOfficial asked to play a drawing game on the Epic Week Server. Because of this, we have started two amazing, griping, emotional rp’s and I am so glad to call them my friend. They are kind, fun, loving, and interesting. Their posts are filled with grit and drama that every good reader/writer loves. Creative ideas Long posts - Redrose

  • Getting to roleplay with Novus is a true pleasure. I always enjoy reading his replies and I genuinely feel like he helps me become a better writer. He’s very understanding and always willing to listen to my ideas and discuss them with me! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sunflower

  • fhdjfddj Honey and i got to starting a new roleplay together a bit ago, and my goodness is she an amazing writer! she writes long posts, but not just any type of long posts, they're intricately detailed, (and i may or may not have to look up a few words) She has such a beautiful way with words, and i can picture what she writes in my mind. aaand she's great to talk to ooc! kudos! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Wonderful writer Long posts - haneulseongie

  • okay so um, this human is literally so amazing. they're wonderful to talk to OOC, and an amazing writer IC. i wish i could've started talking with ria much sooner, because they're so amazinggg! kudos! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - haneulseongie

  • i just started a cute RP with eclipse not too long ago, and have also been chatting OOC with them alongside it, and oh my goodness i cannot say this enough. eclipse is one amazing human, (has a great understanding of cute things) writes amazingly well, and i love talking to them sm! kudos! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - haneulseongie

  • Xeno and i haven't been writing together for too long, but i really do have fun reading and formulating replies! Xeno is a great writer, so i recommend hitting them up! kudos! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Creative ideas Concise posts - haneulseongie

  • Corban and i haven't been roleplaying for toooo long, but i really enjoy it so far. each reply is greatly written, and his characters are greatly portrayed on top of that. soo~ kudos! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - haneulseongie

  • We just started roleplaying not too long ago, and by all means i'm in love with the way he writes, and his characters are amazing. i highly recommend roleplaying with him if given the chance! kudos! o(≧▽≦)o Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - haneulseongie