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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • While it might be strange to give Kudos a SECOND time, this amazing role-player certainly deserves it. I just looked back at when we began our first rp and realized we are still going strong after a year! Kudos to Doogie for always keeping me excited to read their posts and the often hilarious chatter we share OOC. Great sense of humor Long-term partner - BreezyDawn

  • I've been rping with this wonderful writer for a little while now and I feel confident in saying you will NOT be disappointed in trying an adventure with their plots and characters. They add glorious tidbits of myth, lore, culture, and excitement to their rp that fills out an already excellent writing style. I'm sure I will continue to enjoy our escapades. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - BreezyDawn

  • Kotomi and I have been roleplaying together for around a month now, and I must say, she is such an amazing writer. Her posts are very detailed, and I really feel like I'm reading a professional novel. She's also very friendly and awesome to talk to out of character as well. I always look forward to seeing a new post from her and hope that our story continues for a long time. If you are fortunate enough to get a chance to roleplay with her, definitely take it! Wonderful writer Long posts - Arekkusu

  • They have really great ideas that are fun to rp with and get involved with. One of my favorite RP partners so far on this site. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - CaptainFox

  • Fawke (played by Michael_Rainwater)
    I am loving Rping with Fawke. His character is so well written and thought out. As well as his shadow. I am excited to see what our Rp becomes. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CaptainFox

  • Chrissy is an amazing rp partner.
    She keeps the story interesting and on going. It is always a thrill to visit my inbox and see a new reply from Chrissy.
    I was very fortunate that Chrissy responded to my article in the forms. Anyone interested in a long term partner especially for medieval era, Chrissy is the best! Creative ideas Fast responses - RenjiSama

  • If your looking for someone who can wonderfully craft a story then this is your new partner! He's really kind OOC and also puts alot of emotion into his characters within the story. Very patient and willing to discuss the story, I always look forward to his posts. Give him a try ! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Kotomi657

  • Citrus has only joined RPR maybe a week or so ago, and has already made Sparks Fly(Ahh? Ahh? you see what I did there?)They have already worked on making a extensive catalog of characters and not a single one is lacking in quality and neither are their responses to the RP. They are able to very consistently respond in a timely manner and make each post a worth while read and a good addition to the story. I am already doing one rp with them and planning another, dont miss a chance to rp with them Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - SparksFly

  • This guy has a lot of kudos already and I am going to put a straw on the back of the camel rather he likes it or not. He is good at responses, both in quality, quantity, and quickly. I would say my favorite thing about his rp style is that he can convey so much and push the RP far without going overboard with too many unnecessary details. Hes a guy who understand we are having fun telling stories, not writing a New Yorks Best Seller, and it really takes the pressure off and lets you loosen up. Wonderful writer Concise posts - SparksFly

  • Only started RPing with Citrus but they are a marvelous writer. I love the Japanese writing they add to some of the posts, adding a touch of culture and flair. OOC they are friendly and easy to talk to. All around, an adorable person with equally lovable characters. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - LunarValravn

  • Man, I really want to put more than two qualities, but you know- gotta have some limits (yes, I would put all of them). I am doing two RPs with Sparks, and HE IS SO GOOD?!?! Like, how??? Anyway, he's really nice too and supportive. His posts are also long too, and gives a lot of opportunities for creativity. So, yeah, I would write so much more, but we got those dumb limits, so just trust me, Sparks is an incredible RP partner! ;) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - AliRevellian

  • Valravn is a great RPer and a very kind soul. Talking to them OOC is always a joy, I find myself laughing a lot—and their writing skills are GODLY. I honestly look up to them a lot and I am always left on the edge of my seat with our RP. Thanks Valravn. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus

  • She is such an amazing person. Very kind and sweet out of character, and so much fun in character. I always look forward to seeing a reply from her, and I've enjoyed every moment of our story together. If you get the chance, definitely start a story with her! Creative ideas Fast responses - Arekkusu

  • Eek! This mans wonderful!! Long and full posts with never ending options~ ! He is very helpful and will always be there to help guide the story!! You won't regret writing with him!! He gives his 100%! Drives the plot forward Long posts - LadyKnight2100

  • This man is amazing!!! He is detailed, organized, and original~~ He always asks for your opinion and makes sure you are okay with everything before he acts. I enjoy our story a lot and cant wait to see where it goes!! Honestly, just pick him and you won't be disappointed!!~~ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - LadyKnight2100

  • Xay is an AMAZING writer. She always leaves me on the edge of my seat with excitement as I read her responses. Not only if she a great writer, she is super kind and understanding. I had a great time when taking to her OOC. If you want a friend or an RP buddy, maybe even both, Xay is the best option! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus

  • NortherStar and I have created a great rp together. Because of her wonderful ideas we went in a different direction that I had planned and its been a great rp so far. Thank you and I look forward to where it goes. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - DukeKagan

  • Wow, I am very happy to have the honor writing with Weffle. Their posts are always an excitement for me! They words are like sounds for me, especially the communication between the characters seems realistic and easy to 'hear'. I think that is a wonderful gift they have. They give words some taste! I enjoy writing with you! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - sweetyjackie

  • AcademyInvestigator writes quality content and seems to play the part to perfection. He comes up with sharp observations of those around him and understands very well how to make his character come to life and be vibrant with others.
    Thank you for your time. I learned abit from you. Long posts Fast responses - Djass0

  • She is an interesting, friendly and very smart person to talk to. We talked alot about our favorite animes and cartoons and about the messages of them and she is creative in her writings and ideas too. She is so friendly we were able to talk about alot of stuff like Disney, Studio Ghibli, animes etc. with no problem and she enjoys chatting alot. And I know you can only mark 2 good things. But a 3rd great quality Rumiko has is a great sense of humor. She laughs at my silly fanfics all the time. Creative ideas Concise posts - ComedyWriter