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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Atropa has been a person that has been on the edge of my online social periphery for as long as I can recall, and whilst it has only been recently that we've been getting to know each other, I need to say that she is a very friendly, wonderful and inviting person. It always brightens up my day whenever she asks me to pop on Dead By Daylight for a few rounds, and I hope we have many more matches to come in future! I'm so glad that we've bridged the gap and became friends. <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Esoterica

  • Techno is such a lovely person and I really love our RP. I've been roleplaying with their character Ulric for quite a while now, which they have made specifically for our RP, and I appreciate that so much. I recommend rolplaying with them when you can! Wonderful writer Long posts - Berrystar

  • Sam is a great player! Our planned storyline is only just beginning and already I'm so drawn into it I'm imagining future scenarios and literally looking foward to when my characters will meet the rest of their cast! And I love how creative their characters are; each has their unique mindset, and richly tailored and believable past that brought them together. I'm so curious and hyped for the adventures that await them! ^_^ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - cri86titanium

  • As of this post, I've been roleplaying with her for a little over a week now. Let me just say that every interaction, IC or OOC, has been a real treat! We're doing an amazing plot idea she proposed to me with her incredible cast of characters. I'm swept away by her writing each time! She writes a believable villain, engaging environment, and interesting heroes. Even when I need to take a break OOC, she's extremely kind and understanding. I look forward to writing many more stories together! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Samiakki

  • I've been gone for a long time but, Jen really took care of my RP needs since I semi-returned. She's understanding of my wants for a slow RP, knows that I like to take my time because life really does get in the way. She has a delicious personality and I can talk to her for hours. I've been lurking on this site not really looking for anyone, content with her as my sole partner.

    I want to say "Hey you, don't miss an opportunity with this girl" But really I'd rather keep her all to myself. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Ambrosia

  • What can I say about Ali? Hmm.. well, first off, he is a magnificent world builder and writer. Like, I am serious. He is AMAZING at it! When he writes, he makes everything come to life and connects all the dots. Secondly, he is just a great and kind person. He is very understanding and just a gentle guy! Keep being you man, you rock! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Moonen

  • Gwendolyn (played by Queen_Knight)
    She is very in depth and thought out. Her goals are set out and admirable while still having that gap between her and the reader. Creative ideas - Bastion71

  • I haven't been RPing with Moonen for very long, but it feels impossible to even hold off a Kudos for longer than the time we have. They are just a lovely RPer! Moonen's attention to detail makes every reply entertaining to read and to reply to. He can convey so much in a few words, and there is so much to play off of. I haven't been able to enjoy a good fantasy RP for a good while now, and I thank Moonen for bringing that back :) Kudos, Moonen! Wonderful writer Long posts - AliRevellian

  • Moonen! They are definitely a very talented writer. Each character is carefully inserted into a well-fitted plot, tailored to draw the most realistic and dramatic experience possible out of the situation. I am in awe with almost every post at the talent he shows through his writing. They've definitely worked their way up my list.
    Not to mention, they are a pleasure to talk to OOC as well. Kudos to you :P Keep up the amazing work!! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - _Apollo_

  • I haven’t gave people Kudo’s before, but Apollo deserves the first one. There is so many things about them that is just great. Their writing and how they move on the story? Immaculate. Their undying kindness and support? Amazing. They make their characters come to life and it honestly makes me feel like I’m in the story. You rock man! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Moonen

  • Dagger (played by Jane)
    She's so beautiful! Plus so much to RP with! Hopefully we can RP again soon! Kind and understanding Long posts - DevilishSnake

  • The first time I met her I was a actually a bit shy and worried she wouldn’t want to roleplay with me but after a lot of talking with her I was getting more comfortable with her and we actually have a roleplay going on and she’s great with her character totally and she’s always kind and asks me questions about anything I’m always open to talk with her 100/100 totally recommend to talk or roleplay with her Kudos doll! Long posts Long-term partner - starwolf

  • Frostwolf is an interesting roleplay, who can very easily get multiple subplots going. In one RP we have right now, we have I think three different possible arcs, and we're within 50 replies. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - KingDragon

  • KingDragon is an amazing Rplayer, we have only been Rping together for a short time and I look forward to the replies. When someone can take a complicated plot like Fast and Furious and make it easy to understand and entirely their own that person is an amazing Rplayer by me. The fast replies when active makes for quick advancements and the long posts drive the plot forward. I would definitely RP with KingDragon again! Long posts Fast responses - FrostWolf

  • Rowan is great in and out of roleplays. They are very entertaining and great to talk to! Their characters have great depth and they can spin a good mystery : ) their responses are faster than anything I've seen for the quality work they put out. Thank you for writing with me Rowan < 3 Creative ideas Fast responses - Badenhop

  • I've only just started writing with Riik, but I'm enjoying my game with them immensely. They have incredibly unique characters, and a command of those character's body language that makes them get up and jump right off the page. Riik isn't afraid to touch on the strange and otherworldly, and they do it very well. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Jabberwookie

  • I've been writing with Prae for a long time, and there always seems to be more creative depths to plumb with her. She writes a wide variety of characters, from stoic knights to shadowy tricksters, and since she tends to keep her cards close to her chest, what lies around the corner is always a fun surprise that I never stop looking forward to. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Jabberwookie

  • Friska is an amazing writer, with dream-like ideas that somehow reach into that intangible realm of fairy tales without seeming contrived. She's a delight to write with, and is very understanding with partners who may need a little more time to post during crazy real life stuff. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Jabberwookie

  • Jadugar (played by Jadugar)
    Jadugar is a wonderfully thoughtful, creative, and entertaining writer! The Crystal Ball service is fun and in-depth. And the witch Jadugar feels appropriately mysterious! The various tools at his disposal for the art of divination make all the predictions a joy to read! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Juls

  • This person i just relize i been rping for a year they are amazing person and even throw its past are year rp anniversary happy anniversary your a great rper and friend and i cant wait see more adventure with you in the future.She always keeps up with the rps and is always there help people she comes up with amazing ideas. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - awsomegameknight