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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Been roleplaying with Cosmo for a little over a year now and let me just say... this guy is awesome. He's got detailed writing, characters with distinct, fun personalities, interesting world lore, and is always up for tossing around ideas OOC to craft a story that we'll both enjoy. Can't recommend RPing with him enough! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - WolfieTheDragon13

  • Section is a wonderful DM as well as a great long term partner. Every tale we spin has been full of excitement as well as being organic. Love this writer to bits, definitely 500 stars from me. ^_^ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - AdoboKitty

  • Glitchy and I have not RPed yet, but simply chatting with her has always been fun. She is super sweet, kind, and absolutely friendly. She also has interesting ideas, like her character "Glitchy." I enjoy and look forward to talking to her whenever I can, and I do hope we can RP someday when given the chance. Stay amazing, Glitchy. I'm happy to be your friend. 🥰 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - HibariHaru013

  • Robyn is like this radiant representation of all things RP should be. Back in the day when we wrote in the same public space, there could be a monsoon of OOC drama going on and not a single drop would touch her. She's a doll when it comes to being kind and impervious to negativity, but a dragon when it comes to worldbuilding and plotcrafting. Good heart, thriving imagination, and strong grasp of proper DM duties. A peek at her projects tastes like a warm cup of wholesome, nostalgic storytelling. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Libertine

  • Hibari, being the first and only friend I've made, is kind, understanding, and an amazing artist. She is also a good writer and replies just as quick as you send them. Definitely RP with her, though I know she is busy sometimes with real life, because her imagination and hard work will guide you through a story! Kind and understanding Fast responses - Glitchy_Ganz

  • Jaren (played anonymously)
    In memory of Jaren’s player Gem.

    Jaren is a wonderful character written with a great deal of depth and elegance. A unique character in the way their writer has portrayed them. I look forward to learning more about them.

    I wish I had been fortunate to know both Jaren and Gem more.
    "O Falon'Din
    Lethanavir--Friend to the Dead
    Guide my feet, calm my soul,
    Lead me to my rest." Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • I adore Libby! <3 We go way back and I was always SO excited to enter a scene if I saw that they were partaking. Kind, laugh-out-loud hilarious, imaginative, inclusive, friendly. Their characters are never centered around any singular theme, but instead layered with original depth, leaving every creation a one-of-a-kind. This makes these characters SO enjoyable to engage and honestly? Libby inspires me to challenge my writing as a result. ^_^ They're the best and just a joy to play with. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Robyn

  • For the time that I was role-playing with this person, I can say that he has very good ideas and knows how to handle the story very well. He narrates his characters in a compelling way, so if you get a chance to role-play with this person, do it. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - lleuadamaris_

  • She's understanding and can roleplay. Creative ideas Fast responses - Anonymous

  • In the few weeks I’ve been roleplaying with Scarletwolf, I’ve been enjoying it all. Every reply is great, and I look forward to it every day. She can keep an RP going without it getting slow. I highly recommend role playing with her Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - LivNicole

  • Nettle makes long-form roleplay worthwhile. His vast historic and literary knowledge shines in writing that's compassionate, true to the classics, well-paced, and very fun to read. Each reply inspires me as a writer and brightens my day. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - sland

  • David (played by Spine)
    David is an acquired taste, like dark roast coffee, or home crafted beers, or straight up torture. Not everyone will like him, they think they do but they really don't. Not really. Not deep down. Don't bother if you can't commit everything. Drives the plot forward Concise posts - JoyfulAttic

  • I have started Rping with the guy, and the results we amazing. He has nice replies and is very detailed. What I also like is how organizing he is. I gonna give him a huge thanks for the idea he gave me to add more characters. So, thank you! Helpful Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Amazing and patient writer, imaginative as well as willing to compromise. Creative ideas Long-term partner - TheIntellect

  • Weffle and I have only been writing for a short time, but in that time I have found them to be a great partner! Plenty to work with in each post as well as humor, and even embracing darker themes. I cannot wait to see where our story takes us! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Jaed

  • While we haven't been writing together that long, the story developing with DukeKagan's help has become addicting and I cannot wait to see where it takes us. He is very understanding and kind OOC, and communicates very well. Would recommend 100/10 for a writing partner! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Jaed

  • Words cannot give justice to my partner Jaed. She is an amazing rp partner and has helped to build an incredible story with our characters. She is a great friend and you could not ask for a better partner. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - DukeKagan

  • Kamizombe is a very good roleplay. I have multiple roleplays going on with them. A lot of characters to choose from! Creative ideas Long posts - Duskblade

  • Although I haven't been working with ZeeTheBee for that long I can tell they are an amazing writer and working with them has been delightful. Their responses are so detailed and reading them is almost like reading a book! And they have so many great ideas, brainstorming with them is super fun! In conclusion, I really recommend working with them, you will be amazed! Creative ideas Fast responses - EvanlynDestiny

  • Dan Devlin (played anonymously)
    I love everything about Dan???????? hes silly and funny, hes caring and a good listener, he adores those near and dear, please treat him with love and kindness Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - JoyfulAttic