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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • We just started roleplaying not too long ago, and by all means i'm in love with the way he writes, and his characters are amazing. i highly recommend roleplaying with him if given the chance! kudos! o(≧▽≦)o Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - haneulseongie

  • We've been roleplaying for a bit now, and they never fail to bring fun replies to read. Though admittedly, they've stuck through my chara's personality changes (seeing as he's a newly made chara) and still, i love reading their replies! The RP between us may be a bit messy at times, but that's honestly what i love about it. Soooo.. kudos! o(≧▽≦)o Creative ideas Fast responses - haneulseongie

  • We've been roleplaying a bit now, and i love it! I get excited to read each reply, and i love their characters. Whether it's a longer post, or a concise one, always fun to read! kudos! o(≧▽≦)o Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - haneulseongie

  • I literally just started a roleplay w/ them, and i'm simply amazed w/ the amount of intricate thought and detail i read in the replies i've gotten. It's like reading a book, with the most talented author behind it, and they're understanding, overall just an amazing person. kudos! o(≧▽≦)o Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - haneulseongie

  • ashley (played by scarellett)
    Ashley is by far one of the most supportive characters I have ever met, she is an extremely loving woman with a heart of solid gold. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Dyson

  • Sunflower is incredibly understanding and patient, and she is willing to work with me during hard times. Even when I disappeared she was extremely forgiving. She also is fun to chat with OOCly, and loves to present new plot points frequently. Great writer, great person. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Novus

  • Romluek is an incredible writer and has unique ideas for her characters. She is concise, even when I am not, and can write dramatic scenes well. It's been a treat to RP with her, even though I've been infrequent with IRL issues. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Novus

  • Aggy is a fun person, and I enjoy our roleplay. She is creative and is full of ideas. You should see her list of toons! Her character Dawn is adorable and I find myself smiling at his innocence. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Novus

  • Jysuion (played by Dyson)
    He is very sweet person Kind and understanding Helpful - scarellett

  • ashley (played by scarellett)
    She is beautiful, kind, and cute. This OC is the greatest OC of all time Kind and understanding Helpful - D4NTE

  • Well, this here is the cuteness known as Dante. Quick response time and actually very entertaining to be friends with as well as to RP with. Very creative and an all-round nice person to be around. I will claim this Neko Chan as a friend <3 <3 <3 Fast responses Long-term partner - Aaricia

  • I've only been writing with Kraven a short time but he has done nothing but impress me with every post. Not only are they long but well detailed and pushing the plot along without making it seemed rushed. OOCly he was easy to talk to and bounce ideas off of. I can't wait to continue our story! <3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - blindwoofer

  • Juls is just amazing. Her character Dorothy is well thought out and she has great ideas that add to the story. While she's a 'slow-poke' as she says her posts are more then worth the wait and OOCly she's super friendly and nice. A+ writer and person over all. You can't go wrong writing with her. ^-^ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - blindwoofer

  • Honestly this person has SO MANY cool and interesting characters. I've never RPed with them before, but WOW THE CHARACTERS. Not only that, but Zelphyr is always lurking around the forums, helping people out when they have questions and offering insightful feedback on various discussions. Basically just a very cool and creative person, and a valuable part of the community. Even their username is cool, and well-thought-out! Helpful Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • MerAkko is a good friend of mine, and I can confidently say that she's really cool! I don't know how she does it, but her way with words is always charming to me. Every role-play that I've had with her was always fun, and I'm sure that anyone could enjoy role-playing with her too! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - nixnoodles

  • Ha this person is so fun and creative! They are so very fun to talk to! And also? An amazing and detailed writer. Like actually. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • This human right here is pretty awesome. Resilient, fun to talk to, great sense of humour, eloquent and detailed writing, and interesting characters! What's not to like? Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Gail is extremely kind to everyone, and is always a good person to talk to. She also creates a lot of forum topics, starting interesting discussions for all sorts of people. And her RP posts? Long and full of nice detail. All in all, a pretty great person to have around! Definitely say hello to her if you haven't yet. Kind and understanding Long posts - Anonymous

  • Section is without a doubt one of the best partners I’ve had on this site. It was hard to narrow down just TWO qualities for him to be honest, every one of the boxes should be clicked for you pal! His replies are fast and they never leave you wanting, or wondering what exactly happened. Not to mention his plethora of characters! I’m only playing with Arcus but each of the others is just and intriguing as he is! I wish him only the best in partners Long posts Fast responses - VoidedCharisma

  • Even after a long, long Hiatus away, she remembered me and I her and the wonderful rp we have together. Truly is a person capable of giving memorable times, great character development and amazing replies both descriptive and perfect length. Also, she is lovely to talk to :) 10/10 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Kraven