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  • We haven't been RPing for long. But I can already see the level of love and care that she puts into her characters. Not to mention she's an extremely friendly and kind soul as well! I certainly recommend RPing with her. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Weffle

  • This person is so sweet! She's funny, has adorable characters, and a sense of style that always makes me think, "ah, that's nice", or something to that degree. Her writing is good, too- getting into character and providing nice dialogue, having a profile picture that matches, and having unexpected quirks here and there also. (So basically, you're a real cool dude to hang with, Rinny! 🌞❄️ 🌊 With outstanding characters. ) Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • Kim
    Kim is very nice, she's like a bot or something, don't mess with her, she's smart... Kind and understanding - Bendyizzt

  • Great person, amazing roleplay, short fast responses. 10/10 would eat here again Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - DocTheB0t

  • I haven't roleplayed with them and only talked to them OOC a bit but from what I gathered, they're a very nice and fun person! Kind and understanding Fast responses - Primrose-Chan

  • Jay
    My dear friend... I miss you so much... I wish I had your bubble popping up to say hey. To reflect off each other and laugh at how silly we are being in our heads in this community of cliques. Maybe I would feel a part of it a little more.. I know I would at least be rping again.. because you cared so much without judgement of my brain.. and it meant the absolute world to me... I miss your light so much... - CisMe

  • You owe it to yourself to try playing with this really fun puu! It’s not hard to see why—you’re dealing with someone really fun! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Xenoworlds_Inhabitan

  • This is so long overdue but this gal is amazing!! She's honestly one of the best writers I have had the pleasure of roleplaying with ❤ picking your best qualities is going to be so hard as Aggy, you fit them all!! You're so much fun to talk to outside of the rp and all your ocs - even the side characters - are so much fun to interact with! I'm so happy I met you - and your boys Balaph and Alexander ;p I can't wait to see where our rps go and what else we subject our dorks to! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Intejag

  • Totally awesome rper. I have 2 plots and they are both awesome. So may ideas, flexible, good posts, and definitely a long term rper for sure! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Ricochett

  • ZooZoo is an amazing writing partner who has never failed to make me feel comfortable in our RPs. He is always ready for an open line of communication regarding plot development and what we are individually okay with. Overall he's one of the best partners I've had! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • he is very creative. He is a great persons to RP with he has great ideas. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - browneyed67943

  • Waffle Seagreens is enjoyable to roleplay with and their characters are lovingly made and their posts are a joy to read. I especially love Sedah which is quite the fun take on Hades. Wonderful writer Long posts - Katia

  • Not sure if i’ve given Katia one of these already but, she deserves one either way. This gal is one of the most friendly people on this site. Her stories and characters are breathtaking, it’s clear to see the passion and soul poured into her writing, which makes RPing with her an absolute delight! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Weffle

  • This chicka here is such a wonderful person! She's super sweet, funny, caring, a little feisty, an excellent roleplayer and an even more wonderful friend. It has been such a pleasure getting to know her, talk to her, and spend time with her. I wish I could have more space to say more things about her. I am wholeheartedly happy for her to be my friend, and I am excited to call her my friend <3 :) Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Weasel334

  • Abbas Abadi (played anonymously)
    First off, if I could mark more boxes, I would. The player behind the man is an amazing and creative person, and the character himself is wonderful. There is great depth and thought behind him. Absolutely adore the RP going with this man, and his wonderful writer. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Asher is such a friendly person! She was one of the first people to chat with me again after my hiatus, and we were able to get back into an RP like we had never left! Her characters always feel so alive, and she's extremely detailed in her writing, not to mention super friendly outside of RP too! Please give her a poke to RP! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Weffle

  • She is an amazing partner to RP with and is quite adjustable for any scenerio which is a good thing in my opinion. Can't think of a single wrong thing about her so if you want a good partner then look no further! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - NightmareBryce

  • More girls (played by asherb92)
    Bryce and Reena have such great natural chemistry. I adore her she is so sweet and someone you yourself actually begin to love. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - NightmareBryce

  • Mads is an extraordinary and rare soul who is so warm and kind she's basically made of sunshine. Her talent exceeds far more in the intricate details from both the artwork she does, to her amazing writing skills that leave me wanting more. She's a cherished friend whom I'm honored to have fall into my life. Thanks honey bee, keep being the most wonderful person. ❤ Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Tea

  • I have never given kudos before but if I had to start with someone it certainly had to be this lovely person! Her writing is extraordinary, her characters are really original and well rounded and she is really kind and undertanding. If you get the chance to RP with you should 100% take it! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - FriedStars