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  • Toast
    I love this guy! He is so talented, and very fun to role play with, I eagerly await his responses, if you want a great partner, then this guy is a great contender! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TheSpunkyElf

  • Honestly, they're one of my favorite roleplay partners. Our Roleplay [even though it's still only on the first night] is really amazing, My character has only interacted with two of their characters so far; but I'm honestly so in awe already. They are pretty dang open about communication, so you aren't just left hanging for weeks at a time wondering what happened. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - ChaoticHazard

  • Leigh is one of my favorite people on this site. She's easygoing and an absolute joy to plot and write with.

    Thank you for being a good friend. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Banshee

  • Unicorn is an amazing person and writer. She is so sweet, kind, and understanding I strongly believe everyone should have the blessing of interacting with and RPing with her! I know I am truly grateful that I've had the chance, she is fun to write with and fun to talk to. 100/10 would recommend! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Caitlin

  • It's hard to put into words how much I appreciate Cat! I always get excited when she replies, because I know I'm going to have the pleasure of reading something incredible that will put me on the edge of my seat. Her characters are so in-depth and easily intertwine with my own, helping to create interactions that feel realistic. I highly recommend her as a partner to anyone looking for outstanding RP! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - pilemenubs

  • Kinyr Atli (played by TheAtli)
    I've been rping with Kinyr's player for years now, over a decade actually. Not only is he an amazing rper but he's an amazing person - he'll be fair with you in plot and work with you if there's something you're not comfortable with. He's absolutely one of the best role players and people that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Nessity

  • Elsa (played by SurferGirlGeek)
    Been writing a world war two historical RP with Elsa and it has been quite an enjoyable experience! We seem to bond with creating the story and are working on a long term tale! Elsa is a wonderful historical character and historical roleplaying with Elsa is highly recommended!
    - Roger Creative ideas Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Roger Adams (played anonymously)
    Rodger is amazing and so understanding, I love RPing with him. He's so friendly and kind and is always driving things forward with his incredible creativity. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - SurferGirlGeek

  • PILE! She is incredible! I can’t even really describe how wonderful she truly is. Her profiles are so beautiful, detailed and attention catching. Her writing is even more so! Her guy has my girl all in knots, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! 10/10 on every scale! ❤️ Don’t pass up your chance with her! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CatalinaRose

  • This guy is *chef’s kiss* amazing. I posted an ad and Gand responded within minutes of it. It’s been magic ever since. I can’t wait to see where our brain babies go next, but I highly recommend for you to check him out!! He is patient and sweet, and wonderfully thoughtful when he’s replying to you. You will not be disappointed in the results! ❤️❤️ Wonderful writer Fast responses - CatalinaRose

  • I wish I could pick all the options! I love my stories with this wonderful human being, and I can’t believe I haven’t dropped by before now! Vic is amazing when replying, and outside of it as well. We have two stories together, and I adore that Vic lets me bring the story different directions while rolling right along with me! ❤️❤️ I HIGHLY recommend Vic to all!! Great sense of humor Long-term partner - CatalinaRose

  • Bessabelle (played anonymously)
    Bessa is down for anything, which makes for a great RP. Posts are detailed and great for keeping things interesting Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Cat is a really good rper. I am glad to have a user that is as friendly and funny as well as a great rper. Glad I met them while I could, and i'm honored they picked me to rp with them Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - MangoNekros

  • Nina Phelps (played by Dawnia)
    Recently had the lovely opportunity to write a quick one-off RP with Nina. It took about three weeks to write from the beginning to the end, and I was quite engaged with the writing as we seemed to intermingle our posts well. Planning was minimal, and we had a lot of fun creating the story as we went. Nina is a well-presented character with good backstory, and I highly recommend writing with her.
    - Ray Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Void is honestly one of the best role players I've come across so far! Their attention to detail is glorious and they actually give you insight into the characters thoughts which is my favorite style of writing! Their responses always have some kind of unexpected element that keeps me on my TOES when reading. The amount of times I've gasped, snorted, or downright choked on my drink while reading their replies is insane. Absolutely ADORE them. Definitely give them a PM! Ugh I'm running out of tex Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CatNoLastName

  • What to say about Cat! Ever since we starter our RP ivebeen absolutely riveted by it; they are so quick on responses and just the two kudos I selected arent enough to put their amazing awesomeness on display! You won't find a kinder partner or more understanding individual, who can handle pacing and detail like they can! If you get the chance I HIGHLY recommend them as a partner as I cant accurately put how good they are into words. Definitly planning on working with them more in the future <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - VoidedCharisma

  • He is a great person to write with. Always keeps the story going. Amazing writer and a good long-term partner.
    :) :) :) Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Reaper13

  • Tamsen (played by Boe)
    Not sure how I came by Tamsen's profile but it was a joy to read through! I love the storytelling in the journal, and it made me want to read and know more of the character! A beautifully thought-out character and page graphics! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

    - The Hitchhiker Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • TiredAndConfused has been wonderful to interact and write with. I loved the character Ares. Her personality and just the way she interacted with others and her environment are a testament to TiredAndConfused's excellence in writing and character development.
    TiredAndConfused is a wonderful individual that I'd definitely recommend roleplaying with. Wonderful writer Long posts - CreativeImagining

  • Petro, in my eyes, is one of those writers that imbues a sort of inspiration that is infectious without even meaning to. The evident love for writing and heart inducted within their cast of characters forms an unparalleled experience I seldom find anywhere else. They also make writing fun, which, you know, is important. It's a hobby, afterall. There are no invisible expectations of timeliness or word count with them—just writing to write, a trait that is worth its weight in gold by itself. - Sorrisky