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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • This person is a very kind person and always keeps the story engaging even when the setting is calm and simple. The responses are always fast and their words are easy to understand and very interesting within the story. I hope and think we will be writing together for a very long time!! Kind and understanding Fast responses - AkumaBear

  • Not me giving Blossom kudos for the 3rd time since I've met them. Ha ha... (Yes, it is indeed me giving Blossom kudos for the 3rd time since I've met them.)

    Blossom and I have known each other since November 2022 from a group I made (which is archived now) in like, October 2022, when I joined. Blossom and I have had Tangled: The Series RPs and Non-Fandom RPs and I just really enjoy being around them. They are literally the highlight of my day and the best friend I could ever have. <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Varian

  • They are supper understanding, keep everything lively, funny, are very fun to talk too, and all together just loved working with them! If rated 10/10 would play with again Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Anonymous

  • After all this time on RPR, better late then never. Just wanted to stop by and give Dawnia here kudos for being so welcoming to newcomers across the board. In addition, while I haven't gotten the opportunity to RP with her yet, she does have a diverse and well-written cast of characters.

    Thank you for being an active and wonderful part of the RPR Community! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - BloodLightning74

  • Knight has quickly proven himself as the kind of friend you want in your corner. Compassionate and steadfast, he never misses a beat to check in with me, and for that, I will forever be grateful. He puts a lot of effort and detail into his characters, each one of them brimming with life and depth along the way. I am glad to have his light in my life! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Keke

  • Awesome guy! I've known him for a while now and he's very good at writing and roleplaying, able to give a whole lot in one response! Also just a really sweet person in general. Kind and understanding Long posts - Foxfarer

  • Voltage_
    Ah, Voltage. He reminds me of someone I once knew and miss. Plus, Volt is also into Superheroes just like me. I've been able to guess at who one or two of his characters are and they are really cool bio's with well chosen GIFS and information in there. I haven't had the pleasure of Role-Playing with Volt but someday I'd like to give it a whirl. If you like Spider-Man, send Volt a message and set something up. ^_^ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - -Knight-

  • I've known Knight since I first joined in December. And he is a really cool dude! He's a superhero nerd just like me, and just overall chill and easy to talk to. I haven't gotten the chance to roleplay with him, but I hope to someday! <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Voltage_

  • Boot is an amazing role-player. I have roleplayed with them off and on for many years now on different sites and is they are very good at it. She writes well-written paragraphs that drive the plot forward and make characters that feel real and act within their personality. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Keekee

  • I love how approachable KeKe is! She's fun to have a chat with and she comes across as someone who can overcome any challenge that comes her way. Her characters are beautifully done with creative ideas imbedded into each of them. She's a great person to get to know and if you like her characters, hit her up for an RP. I know I will at some point. Stay awesome, Keke! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - -Knight-

  • Voltage_
    Voltage is a kind, welcoming individual that always makes sure he's engaged in the conversation. He is thoughtful in his responses and willing to consider things from different angles. While we have not written together yet, I can tell his creativity and dedication to his characters are incredibly detailed and well thought out. I appreciate his perspective and enjoy getting to talk to him! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Keke

  • This is a really good one guys. They are incredible at roleplaying. They are very descriptive with their characters and they are very smart when finding a way to push the plot and or narrative forward. They have been an amazing person who was the primary reason why i got back into roleplay in general and i love them for that! Not to mention how creative they are. They have so many creative ideas and it sucks with how limited they can be with resources for said ideas. Creative ideas - Deltarunner

  • Jiaozi (played anonymously)
    Jia is a sad girl wrapped up in a boss ass bitch. She's diva, an absolute queen in her own right. Despite a lifetime of enduring prejudice, she still manages to maintain solidarity with her own kind. She even took up leadership of her tribe in the absence of it, organizing the group and looking out for everyone's well being. She might not want the job, but she handles it in stride. Her design is also gorgeous! Creative ideas Long posts - Auberon

  • Xheila is one of the most enthusiastic, group-oriented RPers I've had the pleasure of plotting with. Her assistance in the campaign has been immeasurably helpful, and she's very good at taking the reins when necessary to steer the ship. I'm very grateful for the chance to get to be creative in her company, as she's great at inspiring others. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Auberon

  • L0velyGray is a wonderful writer and human being! I look forward to every reply I get from her. Her characters are vibrant, unique, and mesh so well with mine! L0velyGray is great at planning ideas for the story, driving the plot forward, and creating meaningful and fun character interactions. She gives angsty, angry, and fighting, Just as well as sweet, flirty, and romantic. If you get the chance to rp with her. I highly recommend! Wonderful writer Long posts - Redrose

  • Flux (played by GingerHades)
    Eldritch abominations my beloved <3
    Flux is pretty unnerving but in a fun sort of way, and I think Hades did a really good job revamping this character. It was cool before, but now it's extra cool and has a lot more creativity and creepiness thrown in. :D
    Genuinely, I am blown away by Hades' ability to come up with such neat concepts for Creepy Li'l Creatures and Funny Li'l Guys™ - so much admiration for her, you have no idea.
    Praise be to the Eldritch Mosquito Puppy!!! - SoupGremlin

  • I have not roleplayed with Keke. But she really is a very kind person! She is also a really great moderator and I gope others can have the same experience with Keke as I have. <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Voltage_

  • Just wanted to stop by and express how truly lovely and amazing this man is. What started off as a simple message has blossomed into something I did not expect. He has been there for me during times when I really needed someone by my side. I enjoy spending my time with him whether it's gaming, writing or even just talking. Not to mention his writing always leaves me wanting more. He has a way with wording that makes things tasteful. He's overall amazing! Definitely someone worth valuing 💙 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Anonymous

  • Noctis (played anonymously)
    One of the greatest writers and storytellers on this site. Not only is she enthusiastic and creative, but kind and caring. I consider her a close and personal friend. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Dawnseeker

  • My little sister is amazing, even with the awkwardness of rps and world building together. Life just isn't the same when she's not around helping me stir up chaos and mayehm. I'm honestly so happy to see her out and about doing the writing and character development. She's priceless and y'all need to pick at her brain. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - TheCoffeeWolf