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  • Oh Frost. I was just a lonely Toad on a log when I met her, but when I first showed up in my tacky little get up, she saw my character and threw me a proposition. She gave me the plot, and I will admit I was skeptical. But I swallowed my pride and I gave it a chance. Since then she’s been giving me such a thrill ride of a story, you never know what’s next. 10/10 writing, 10/10 story, 10/10 role player. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rattlesnake

  • Dawnia is as good as it gets. If you do her wrong, that’s shame on you! She has such a descriptive sense of direction, and she slid my character into her own’s back story so gracefully. She’s had to have written books before! I hope she gets more partners, because they will be role playing with a seasoned rp veteran. She knows what she’s doing! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Rattlesnake

  • Aya
    At first I wasn’t sure about Aya. She seemed so exotic and so experienced with role play that I feared I wasn’t on her level. Well I was right, in a good way!
    Every response I get is tailored to perfection. I wait for one everyday! She’s the best!

    Aya is a really kind person and I will always be a loyal Toad to her. Her replies are so emotional, so wonderfully written, I’m literally dumbfounded with how good our role play is, it’s one of my favorites. Rory and Ayla for life! Wonderful writer Long posts - Rattlesnake

  • First of all, what a guy! He’s super cool! Even if you can’t role play, keep him around because he’s pretty nice!

    I’ve started so many role plays with him. Very good with response time, and he’s very good with details and describing emotions. The connections are creative and I honestly think he is one of the best players you could ask for. Hit him up! Wonderful writer - Rattlesnake

  • Mercy is an adorable person whomst I love very much and has done nothing but make me feel comfortable and welcomed when I started rp'ing again. Not to mention her writing is perfect and each character she plays is so well thought out and full of depth. It makes finding out more about them super rewarding and fun! Genuinely Mercy is a wonderful and talented friend! ;0; Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Ghost_Hips

  • Dora's an inspired creator, compelling writer, captivating world builder, and above all else she is an excellent, irreplaceable friend. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - CURSEDOG

  • Rattlesnake
    :D Just like his style! He also helps me with words I get stuck on with translation! Helpful Fast responses - Anakisuto

  • I've only had the pleasure of roleplaying with one character so far. What I've learned is that Quillen is an amazing writer with an equally amazing character. It is so well thought out and detailed. Not only is he a great joy to roleplay with he's also a kind person and someone nice to talk with. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - PinkBrat

  • Aight, this person's a livin' legend over here because this dude really drove the plot forward in the beginning! I swear, this dude is something. Oh, and he has creative ideas too! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Taro_Nuke1

  • You can’t go wrong with PinkBrat! I like her long posts, she spits out 5+ paragraphs like they are nothing. Full of detail and emotion, definitely the kind of role player you dream of having! I’d be grateful just to be on her waiting list. If you like modern, slice of life role plays, or romance, she is the girl for you! Thanks for the shot PinkBrat, looking forward to more! She is so quick to respond and is very kind. 10/10 would recommend! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Rattlesnake

  • Though I still haven't roleplayed with her (that needs to change), I absolutely adore talking with her OOC. She is so amazingly hilarious! It seems we have the same humor and are pretty much the same damn person. She is freaking great! :) Great sense of humor Creative ideas - AquaCharm

  • I have yet to personally roleplay with her but I have seen her posts and some of her characters. She is a great writer and her characters are just as amazing as she is. She is a joy to talk to, which I don't find in people very often. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - PinkBrat

  • Chloe Andrea Smith (played anonymously)
    Gosh where to begin? I believe I started with Mrs Smith my very first day! It was quite exciting. She proposed something called a meet cute role play, and usually I don’t get into anything I don’t know for sure about, but I think she’s been one of my top 3 role play experiences. She is incredibly quick with her replies and I myself, being very active, appreciates that! She’s incredibly descriptive, it’s like a movie playing out in my head off her descriptions. Wish I was as talented! 10/10! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Rattlesnake

  • As I was looking through Cynical's list of characters, I became very impressed with the amount of hard work that went into them. They give just enough info without overdoing anything. All of the bios are very well done, colorful and very pleasing to the eye. Even the characters themselves seem 3 dimensional and I haven't even Role-Played with any of them. I just had to give Kudos to you Cynical. Great job on you're characters! I hope this Kudos I give you make more people want to RP with you. :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ultra-Knight

  • Sam is someone I've known now for a few years and despite being a great friend of mine, they are extremely creative and know how to match passion with passion. It's very uncommon for me to find someone I feel shares the same sort of enthusiasm I have for roleplay, but I've certainly found that with them. Not only do they continue to support me and my creative ideas, they're always great company and generally just one of the kindest people you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Ludda

  • I've known Ludda for about two years now (as of this review) and every time I get introduced to one of her characters, whether old or new, I get excited! She's so creative in her ideas and every time our characters interact, it's thrilling. I love it even if our characters don't get along! Her posts are descriptive and expressive IC, and communication is clear and concise OOC.

    Best of all, Ludda is a great friend of mine. I enjoy spending time with her! I think others will, too! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Samiakki

  • Let's talk Rowen. Rowen, a stereotypically beautiful woman, is backed by the amazing storytelling capabilities of LittleWitch. A sexpot and playful lunatic hybrid, this bad babe is wrapped in layer upon layer of incredible personality. One moment, I'm laughing, the next, I'm crying. It's hard to decipher where Rowen will bring me, the reader, when the page turns again. She's undoubtfully hilarious, deeply flawed, incredibly well-rounded and amazingly well-spoken. Get your dirty paws on this one. - 13ee

  • Zavier Ryjkov (played by Stormcrow)
    Zavier - hard to believe there's much that lies under the surface of your stereotypical hardas*, but here we are. Zavier has depth unmeasured, and his player, Crow, has thought of it all. What hides behind the cover of a grouchy, reserved man is a soft, gooey inside, hardly touched. Zavier brings more than just sexy prowess to the table, he adds sprinkles of humanism and loads of story building potential to every post. I can't wait to see how he continues to adapt and change through the chapters Creative ideas Wonderful writer - 13ee

  • This ding-dang best qualities thing gets at me again.
    Crow, oh Crow, my darling dearest pal. From where we started to where you've grown in a pair of short months, your writing continues to impress me. Harnessing English as a second language, I'm beyond impressed with how well this one writes - concise, beautiful posts w/ character growth. Crow is a true friend, always there to support the ones lucky enough to call themselves pals, and an overall lovely human. 10/10 would write w/ again. Fast responses Long-term partner - 13ee

  • I had only recently started my first story with AquaCharm, but I'm already loving it more than most of my other rps i have going on. She writes very well and her characters are well written and likeable. I love how easy she is to talk to and plan our story with. If you get a chance to play with her, do it! You will find it a delight! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - FictionWeaver