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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Whenever I see that a roleplay with Sprite has been responded to, I'm always excited to see where we're going in our amazing adventure next! Sprite is fun and wild, though still a nuanced character at her core. I love seeing her layers unfold during a game. Other players will, too! Wonderful writer Long posts - Samiakki

  • I am thoroughly impressed by not only their colorful cast of characters, but the quality and depth of their world-building. Though we haven't interacted much outside of perhaps the public forums, this is my way of saying that I love how their characters always promise a great journey ahead in roleplay. Perhaps we can embark on one someday together! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Samiakki

  • Rage and I've been at this interesting 'vacation turns into obscure mystery' plot for a bit now, and I gotta say that I'm entertained and impressed with their writing and worldbuilding! They're neat, easy-going and great to brainstorm with, and their wicked story, character and world ideas defo keep me invested in this grand tale of intergalactic intrigue that we got going! Lookin' forward to the rest of our story, heh. Cheers, my guy! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - GarnaalProductions

  • I'd been spotting Spider here and there on the forums, but never really talked to them until we PMed about an RP- and I gotta say, I was defo missing out! Spider is great fun to RP with, with elaborate posts & a knack for handling a multitude of characters at once; something that I needed to practice. Aside from their cool 'n colorful cast, they're also really friendly OOCly and nice to cooperate with. Cheers, homie, thanks for the good times! Kind and understanding Long posts - GarnaalProductions

  • Aya
    Aya is one of those talented RPers that can take their character and revamp them and still keep them fresh and adaptable. Same with her skills with writing. It's been a while since we've RPed together but just want to give a shout out of how awesome of a friend and writer she is. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - KingTai

  • I have not yet had the pleasure of RPing with Dawnia but I know many who have and have seen the effort she puts not only into forum posts during events but also the Community itself. I look forward to the day we do finally get a moment to RP together but until then I want to sing her praises as someone who not only cares deeply about her characters but also about the people on RPR. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ValenciaTeek

  • Big Blue (played by Samiakki)
    Big Blue here has my heart, though I’m not sure I can be sure she wouldn’t gobble it up like a cupcake. Sam’s take on a monstrous sea beast is one of the most interesting I’ve seen so far; combining the animalistic with the intelligent, it makes for an intimidatingly adorable mix. Even if Blue can’t be measured by our moral standards, she sure is a lovable ol’ hunk of muscle. Engaging ICly, and enjoyable in both ways, I’m defo lookin’ forward to writing more aquatic adventures with ‘em! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - GarnaalProductions

  • Our RPs are incredible, and I feel like we're at similar stages with replies. A very understanding partner who doesn't mind a week or two between replies.

    Kami has interesting characters, settings, and ideas.

    You're a treasure of an RP partner and don't you ever forget that, Kami.

    Here's hoping I'm able to RP with you for a long time!

    <3 Creative ideas Long-term partner - JoJoApples

  • I would be remiss to not bring light to someone who is, perhaps, my favorite writing partner and person on the planet. Dalton is a detailed writer, and a thorough world builder. He brings life and excitement in everything we do - so much so that the worlds and life we create feel so tangible. There is no stone we have left unturned in our adventures together, and I look forward to the plots we create next. No one holds a candle to him! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Keke

  • This is long overdue, but so very well-deserved. Mina is a delightful, incredibly interesting creature, expressly creative, and has a deep well of insight, logic, unique ideas, and fresh perspectives. I love having the opportunity to work alongside her, and I truly feel as though I have gained so much in doing so. She is a true joy. Helpful Creative ideas - Keke

  • Detailed world builder, and wonderful artist! Very excited to write in the world Banshee is creating in Netherwell. Character art for her roster of character is always beautiful and inspire. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - silentruth

  • Inspiring artist, excellent writer, and an absolutely fantastic leader in this wonderful community. In groups and site wide events, I've witnessed Ilmarinen extend a helping hand and warm welcomes. Ilmarinen's creativity and passion really brings life to this site, from the adorable pet rocks and other artistic contributions, to helpful advice and community support. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - silentruth

  • ⭐⭐⭐
    Mando is so kind and talkative in OOC.
    I enjoy their company and willingness to listen.
    Also their characters are super fun and I hope they get more chances to be in roleplays with others.
    They are always giving me something to work with!! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - SillySpider

  • Impeccable sense of style, madam! Your stuff is so beautified! <3 :D It's always wonderful talking with such a polite, interesting, and considerate person! So creative and funny too :3 <3

    <3 :) <3 :D <3 :p :D <3 :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • A talented writer that is open and kind to everyone they write with. A true and welcoming gem to find on RPR. I've been pleased to write with them in a number of groups we are a part of. Carpe diem and RP with them! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • Made thoughtful responses and is very attentive to their roleplay when they've dedicated themselves to an event, super cool atmosphere, very comforting Helpful Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Made a lovely Halloween thread this year with some great interactions<3 it was all beautiful and easy to imagine. I loved the characters and the pretty imagery, and the dialogue pacing. It was so good. Thank you for your hosting! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Nestled in the heart of this gem, is the discipline and creative prowess that ensnares a willing albeit captive audience. Their playful composition, their adventurous presentation, their wonderful display of sheer originality is as raw as the novella style they author flawlessly. It is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to share a written piece with this talented wordsmith. Live long, carry on, and never let the voice of writing be stilled! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Atheist

  • Captivating, strong-willed, and well-developed personas are essential in the creative mind that belongs to the fair Falyn. There is a kindness that shines brightly through her written words, and a genuine, heartfelt candor that unveils both her expectations and the promise of adventures to come. Thank you for your friendship for it is cherished. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Atheist

  • Poet, bard and keeper of knowledge and lore. I am blessed to read all and every of your beautiful words. I hope to write with you again and that many others also have this chance! :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Falyn