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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • I got a dream update commission and Cass was brilliant! She refurbished the entire dream top to bottom and the ambience and effects are just stunning. Her attention to detail is so keen and catches a lot of small nuance things that really make a place pop and give it so much character. I highly recommend. You won't be disappointed. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Dothraki

  • Krahler is such a delightful RP partner! An entertaining writer that is easy to bounce around story ideas with and has a nice give and take in the story flow. Her character feels compelling and competent without seeming overpowered. Our PCs have only just met and already have managed to get into trouble! I'm looking forward to seeing where our story goes! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Juls

  • I have many years of experience when it comes to role playing, and I must confess Queen Serenity is one the best partners I have ever seen, she is an incredibly kind and understating partner, exceedingly friendly and supportive, she touches the story with her soul and has a literally topnotch understanding of it, making her character to be in perfect harmony with her partner's,another excellent feature of her is avoiding the stuff that would ruin a story. She is perfect. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Vozhad

  • Levi is the ABSOLUTE best person ever. He has always helped me with my character, he comes up with great things to do in our group, and he's the moral center.
    He's the best. And so I offer as the bard, a soundtrack for Levi.
    <3 Kiera the Bard Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Kekreations is a very talented writer, always makes her replies all the more interesting and engaging as she goes. She is consistent, and always adds onto the story which helps keep things flowing well! Her characters are so wonderful and intriguing and fun to interact with and always has you wanting to know more, amazing with romances and classy as well. Outside of roleplay she is a very kind person, fun and always open to ideas as well. I definitely suggest Rping with her! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Jerata

  • I was introduced to this forum by HibariHaru013. She's one of the nicest person I've ever met. I love all of her artworks, especially her beautiful traditional paintings!

    I would love to do roleplay with you! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - nindyaru

  • I miss this wonderful man. While he disappeared quite some time ago, I haven't forgotten about how much fun it was to talk with him. We never quite got around to RPing together, but the times we conversed in Small Talk was enough to form a strong friendship. Hope you're doing alright man <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - staticnightmares

  • To an excellent writer and “friend” (sort of, kind of 😉), you really do make me smile. Your character Erica is a perfect match and brings so much fun and tension into our rp. With great grammar, plot twists, and amazing details, your writing is beautiful. I can’t wait to continue writing and talking with you down the road. Love you so much “my little baby”! 😉 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Redrose

  • This wonderful person here is a treat to roleplay with! They bring every character they play to life, with scrumptious descriptions and attitude. I highly recommend embarking on an adventure with Doogie <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - BreezyDawn

  • God what to say!

    I'm just honestly having the best time rping with this person and here's a list of a couple of the things that make me want to rp with them forever:

    - Amazing response times
    - Never just waffles on
    - Such a wholesome rp style it just makes me happy
    - Amazing person in general I would love to get to know them

    aaaa you iz amazing Wonderful writer Concise posts - ThatOneWeirdKid420

  • Oliver is very understanding if you’re a bit late and is very willing to adjust no matter what you might want to throw out! He will love your characters just as much as you do and show it and validate to no end, rps with him are very fun and interesting!! You should definitely check out his insanely creative plots, you won’t regret it!<3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Nervous

  • A wonderful person outside of the RPR. I happened upon them by another's suggestion to a Group they founded. From there, I've the pleasure of speaking with them and they are always coming up with creative plots and twists to various story outlines.They are also a sound dream weaver in terms of creating dreams for those that play on the Furcadia gaming platform. She is a kind person with a sound sense of humor. Compassionate as well. So with that said, I believe she deserves this kudos. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Sherlock

  • Aurora (played anonymously)
    It's usually true when said that words sometimes can't express all that you feel. Just for this short time RPing with Aurora, she's shown me how well developed as a character and beautiful she is inside and out and her writer, just as wonderful inside and out. Makes me wonder what all we will get into as time goes on but I'm excited to see what's in store for the future. Just anticipating the next post keeps me on my toes! Worth it! Wonderful writer Concise posts - KingTai

  • Nightmare is very positive, cheerful and supportive for everyone in the threads we're both in. It's very encouraging seeing a message from Nightmare because I know they will be happy and fun to talk with, thanks Nightmare! :D - Flareanthia

  • The Calloway Brothers are very interesting characters and portrayed very realistically. We're only a couple of posts deep into a roleplay and I'm eagerly awaiting a response every single time, completely ensnared by their writing. Their posts are detailed but without unnecessary fluff, and the characters interact really well with each other to create a great dynamic to play off of. I'm hoping for many posts and stories to come! - Aurora Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Luna/Fen is the most wholesome, appreciative, attentive, supportive, and emotionally available friend I have. If you don't enjoy their immaculate writing -- then you'll at least have an amazing time in their company. They're extremely dedicated to being a good time and it is honestly just a radiant experience to get to know her and her amazing OCs. I smooch, I smooch so much. 11/10 would become best friends with a gorgeous rat again.

    MWWAAH ❤️ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Eniiko

  • i could go on and on about parker's ability to bring an rp to life with his writing, where he is able to paint the perfect picture of a story but lbr there are a lot of great writers out there. what's more crucial to me are kind souls. and parker is exactly that; a kind, thoughtful soul with a heart of gold. i'm not someone who goes ooc too often but with this man, it comes naturally and i've always found it super easy to talk to him about literally anything. ty for being so wonderful bub 🥺 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - hollow

  • I've been writing with hollow for a bit now and its been amazing! Not only are their characters all uniquely awesome, but I adore OOC conversation with hollow as well 💜 Kind, funny, sweet, and understanding! If you haven't messaged hollow yet then I highly recommend to! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Sauron

  • Love role-playing with this writer due to their amazing ability to come up with plot driven content on the spot! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • One of the kindest people I’ve met on this site! They are so nice OOC and their writing is amazing. I look forward to their replies every day, and love talking to them whenever I can. I can’t believe I haven’t given them a kudos yet! Girl, you’re awesome. Love ya! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - JacksonHallow87