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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Cadmael (played anonymously)
    Strong sense of stories with depth and layers, easily willing to contribute to posts and brings up the little things that make a story great. Cadmael is worth roleplaying with. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Veezly

  • I may have just started roleplaying with Aggy but they are a wonderful roleplayer! I love her characters and how each and everyone one of them is very detailed. When we just started roleplaying her starter was amazing. She knows how to create a setting and how to write amazing response. She is a very good roleplayer and a good friend. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • We haven't spoken or roleplayed for long but I can already tell you're an incredible writer with a good sense of words and humor. You make me laugh and smile and your writing is out of this world as well as your characters. I'm glad we got in touch so we could start this adventure together. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - ChocolateIceCream

  • I only have good things to say about you. You are kind and understanding as well as an AMAZING writer, and your creativity is out of this world. Your characters feel alive, it's like we're writing a book together. I appreciate you contacting me again. You're an amazing roleplayer and friend. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ChocolateIceCream

  • Stormy is sweeter than sugar, I've enjoyed our stories so far, and I hope we can keep writing together. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MissLumina

  • I’ve been RPing with this woman for 2 years now and she is both a wonderful person and very patient! She is creative with her storytelling and I adore her characters! She keeps me wanting to push forward and do the best I can to better our RP and I can’t recommend enough that you have a RP with this person. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Aggy1231

  • I wish I can check more boxes,because she an amazing rp partner,replies are fast,and she is very kind. I have fun when we rp or just chat,she's a great friend. She drives the plot forward,and she is an awesome writer. If you haven't rped with her,I highly recommend you do. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - JetStorm

  • I'm deeply impressed with Mercy's art skills. She's been practicing incredibly hard and I greatly admire the progress she made and is currently making! Every new piece of artwork she creates shows clear improvement, in both subtle and dramatic ways, and I'm very excited to see her future works! Creative ideas - Sanne

  • I've been rping with connanbell for a while now, and they are very patient and understanding. They have put up with me and taught me a lot about rp, and can probably teach me more. I'm very thankful to have met them and I'm happy to keep rping with them. I always look forward to seeing and reading there replies. Kind and understanding Helpful - Faybelle

  • Thank you ChaosRain16 for the beautiful suggestion of tthe summer soiree. It is uplifting and helping us through this terrible times all of us are going through. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - LakotaSiouxWarrior

  • From the START this woman has been insanely wonderful and absolutely freaking lovable. She's funny and informative, insightful and super helpful! She makes time for me even though she's busy and has never made me feel guilty for it. Adore this woman and cant wait to get into more fun with her! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - BadInfluence

  • Detailed and incredible writer, someone who puts thought and effort into what they're doing and not to mention how easily has Bad Influence fit in with the WoD community and contributed on day one. It's bonkers, you guys, in the best way possible and it melts my heart. I'm so thankful for Bad, you're bloody fantastic and amazing, and I just can't wait to get into all the juicy stuff with you! <3 Helpful Great sense of humor - Queen_of_Hell

  • Probably my favorite RPer of all—never have I known a writer who could pluck my heartstrings like this one. Times are strange and life pulls us in different directions often, but you, my friend, are someone I will always make precious time for. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Quiet

  • She has improved a great deal. Whether it be laughter, or sorrow, or a teasing grin, it has something there. She's also more than understanding about me not being able to get back to her very quickly ( another thing I think Jfo7 has improved on since joining.) I really think She's grown Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Tugboattom

  • You know whose art is awesome? Crow's art is awesome. Crow's art is so awesome they've already drawn almost all of my characters so far. Crow's art is so awesome, I signed up to Patreon just to get more Crow art! You should get some more Crow art too. She's communicative, kind and talented. What more could you want? Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • Upside-Down Magician Deity (played anonymously)
    Very creative person, right here. Creator of some fun antics. Creative ideas - Abigail_Austin

  • Kudos, meaning to praise or honor... So, why should Somnom be honored? Somnom is the kind of person who demonstrates a unique kindness in the face of adversity. They choose generosity over malice, they choose to meet negativity with creative and positive solutions. Because they care for not just their friends, but strangers as well. Because Somnom is brilliant, creative, kind, humble and generous. And possibly most of all, because Somnom never asked for anything in return. Kind and understanding Helpful - Kruhee

  • Jacob Sanchez (played by Redrose)
    this guy is hella fire and the writers style (from what i've seen) is bomb Wonderful writer Concise posts - acromanlion

  • Azelforest's writing is amazing. They are a wonderful rp partner to say the least. If you need someone to get those creative juices flowing, they are the one! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Ohermichi

  • Dean was always a good friend and nice. I am so sad you had to leave my school, I wish we still had a way to comunicate cause I really miss you. I hope everything is good over there buddy :) - ShareYoLean