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  • This guy? This mad lad right here? One of my favorite RP partners by far. She is so extremely kind and understanding, and it’s always a joy when they respond to RPs. I’ve RPed with him a lot on Scratch, so yeah, I know she’s great 😎 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sunstruck

  • Malikai (played by vlos)
    Where does one start? Vlos has a volume of depth in all of his Characters. Malikai is one of my favorites. He is dark, mysterious, and witty. He drives the story line all the way through. Besides his excellent connection in Role Play, he is also a cool person. He always makes me smile and laugh and is all around enjoyable. I am eager to see what will happen next. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Themuse

  • Absolutely incredible and so sweet. Definitely recommend rolplaying with them. They are amazing. They have creative ideas and are honest when they can't think of something insted of being half hearted. Every RP with them is an adventure. Kind and understanding Concise posts - Anonymous

  • It's a shame that I can only choose two for Khaellar's best qualities. Her characters are well grounded and founded out of a lore she took the time to craft. Her patience is beyond measure. Her writing is a the perfect blend of tasteful description and leaving some to the imagination. She's an amazing collaborator and meme generator :) I should have abs with how much she's made me laugh. You don't only get a superb RP partner, but also a great OOC companion -with a twisted proclivity for evil :) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - XIII

  • The collab I have been striving for!! Dndmama is not afraid to hit on the details when it comes to worldbuilding. I love bouncing my ideas off of her where she returns it with more complexity and depth. Her writing is extremely fun to read while having fulfilling descriptions. She doesn't miss the mark. Oh, I really look forward to this science fiction enterprise we've embarked on. She, no doubt, rekindled my absolute love for the unknown. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - XIII

  • For the one who tolerates and calls out my snobbish tendencies, Syain is an excellent amalgamation of a friend and RP partner. You can certainly expect honesty and a wicked sense of humor with this one. Within RP, they don't shy away from taking the lead and never falls short of a dynamic reply. Each engagement of our characters feels real and natural. So, if you've got a penchant for dark, historical themes, do consider giving this one a shout. Don't try too hard, though, let me keep my slot. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - XIII

  • Zel is a really interesting person to talk to, especially if what you want to talk about is lizards! XD Their characters are really unique though and their writing is detailed but still accessible. There's a lot of pathos and depth to all their characters. On top of that, they are a good friend. Helpful Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • Troy and I started an amazing rp long ago that sadly never came to full fruition. I never forgot how much fun that initial story was though so when the time came, how could I not hit this guy up again? His writing is so fluid, his characters so real. And he's a fun guy to chat with to boot! Really just the whole rp package. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Dndmama

  • XIII and I haven't been writing together long and yet I am already feeling the need to sing their praises to the stars. They really are the very definition of collaborative. Their characters are detailed and complex. Their writing is too! I love it so much and I can't wait to travel into the stars with them! (Also check out their art, it's ballin'.) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Dndmama

  • A lovely person and an amazing artist. We haven't had the opportunity to write together but I'm happy to be her patron on Ko-fi and she's really nice and understanding and funny to talk to and her discord is a really chill place to hang out. If you haven't yet, check it out! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Dndmama

  • Thank you so much for writing with me again and again and again and again! XD We already have too many rps going and yet each time to poke your head in looking for more I can never say no. Writing with you is just too much fun. You're characters are all so unique and your world is rich and vibrant and diverse and your stories are chock full of drama and I will always be here for it. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Dndmama

  • Yay we finally started an rp together! I'm so happy! Your characters are so fascinating and multifaceted and your art is amazing and you're just such a nice person in general aaaaaaaaa! - Dndmama

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, I adore this man's writing. It's so good. So detailed. So descriptive. So jam packed full of all the good stuff a story needs and I HERE FOR IT! Thank you so much for writing with me. Creative ideas Long posts - Dndmama

  • Goodness, even though we started not long ago, I have to say, BB is quite the partner. The way she leads and follows in the story, it's like walking side by side in storytelling. She truly leaves me guessing at the end of the day and that brings excitement. Strong character, awesome imagination, excellent person! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - KingTai

  • an amazing writer and very creative!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - LilithXes

  • Do I have to say much? Yin is probably one of my favorite people to roleplay/chat with

    Very creative with her characters and easy to interact with!

    (I could write more but I have a ton to say that'll sound cringe lol-) Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Reithesniper

  • I’ve been roleplaying with Astro for 2 years, going on 3 I think, but regardless, it has been an absolute joy, since we started together, and have been able to watch each other grow. Astro has amazing backstories and is awesome at world building, and i would really recommend them for long term role plays. Creative ideas Long-term partner - YinYang_Creator

  • I know that I already gave Yin a kudos but I feel like I said too little in the last one. Yin is a great writer and with even amazing characters. She is willing to compromise on a lot of things and has a bunch of amazing ideas. We have been roleplaying around at the same time so I have seen her amazing progress. If you need an amazing roleplaying partner, I'll recommend Yin. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Astrobeans

  • Alrighty, we haven't done an rp for long but boy lemme tell you every time I see that I get a response from him I can't help but get excited. His wording and the way he just carried the roleplay on to where I get sucked in "mwah" are amazing. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - BlackBlood

  • Blackblood is a very fun and great person to rp with. They are really amazing and always give me a lot to work with when responding to them. They also are great at coming up with plot ideas and helping progress the story we make. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Songburdie