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  • I haven't Role-Played with AquaCharm yet, but she is such a joy to talk to OOC. A great sense of humor goes a long way and she has it in spades. She has a great cast of characters that I enjoyed reading too. Give Aqua a chance, you won't regret it. ^_^ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Ultra-Knight

  • Aqua has great characters and she's an absolute sweetheart when it comes to talking or interacting. Very creative and an all around great person. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - VoliminalVerse

  • Lisa Wells (played by scarellett)
    Where do I start? Lisa does like to have fun! Been enjoying interacting with Lisa ever since meeting in a city group a couple months ago. She is always quick to respond, and though she sometimes doesn’t reply to what was said, she always keeps me interested! A good reliable long term roleplayer!
    - Adrian Fast responses Long-term partner - Anonymous

  • Hazard has lots of creative ideas for RP and knows how to keep things interesting. Definitely hit them up, you won't be disappointed Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Lunarthewolf

  • Lunarthewolf has to be one my favorite Roleplay partner's as of late. He keeps the plot going without the rp feeling rushed at all. Also, his ability to come up with cool sounding -non generic town names is awesome as well. Responses are pretty timely compared to other Rps that I'm doing. Would 100% recommend1 Drives the plot forward Fast responses - ChaoticHazard

  • I just wanted to stop by real quick and mention how much of a sweetheart this guy is. Not only is he a joy to speak to OOC, he has some pretty amazing characters! Check him out :D Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - AquaCharm

  • Amazing artist, kind person, lovely to talk to! She allowed me to commission a beautiful piece of art, a couple of years ago, I believe? And it came out beautifully, she took my ideas and added them in after basically coming up with the framework of the character's look in her style via the anime style I'd asked her to work into realism. She was just dear to chat with and I couldn't have asked for more vibrant colors and expression. <3 it's an anonymous character, but it is credited. ^^ Ty again Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • #1 Emil player and Alvas Favorite Child , Pen is a great role player with lots of detail in their paragraphs and engaging characters that keep the roleplay going on for a long time Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - GlassJungle

  • The Hanged Man (played anonymously)
    This is one of the best profiles I've seen yet -- the art, the detail, the excellent reach and possibility this character offers. Give this'un a read! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I haven't been writing with DarkonDreams for long, but in a short amount of time she has become one of my favourite people to write with. Her posts are so detailed, she's a very patient person and her writing style is amazing. I always look forward to receiving a reply from her, and can't wait to see where our plot goes in the future! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Hireath

  • This is definitely overdue but Pile is one of the best writers I've encountered in all my time rp'ing. Our rp hasn't just been exciting to read and respond to, but plan as well. She always has fun ideas and interesting plot twists to add into the mix, which makes me enjoy our rps all the more! A very pleasant, talented and wonderful writer who I can't wait to keep writing with! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Hireath

  • Very fun to RP with, they have great ideas for the plot! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - YinYang_Creator

  • Honestly, I would tick every box of qualities for this guy. AetherSky has been one of the best roleplay partners I have ever had, as well as putting up with my indecisiveness. Not only is he a great person, but he's also wonderful at writing and can somehow bring his characters to life with the way he writes. During the time we have roleplayed, he has been more than understanding that life gets in the way and will always be there for you.
    I couldn't ask for a better roleplay partner ^^ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Berrystar

  • I've only just started roleplaying with him and I'm already obsessed! He is creative, great at writing and his characters are amazing too! I can easily see us doing more than one roleplay together in the future. Not only that, he is fun to talk with as well and we seem to be on the same page as far as likes go with roleplay. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - PinkBrat

  • What can I say? Jade is my favourite partner. She's creative and funny and the best thing is that she just gets me. Over the years our plot has winded with hopes for the future both good and bad, and it's like cracking open your favourite book each time I get a post from her.

    You're one of the best. And I value you highly as a friend and a collaborative partner. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Mayiamaru

  • While our rp is relatively knew in comparison to some of my other ones, I can already say that I adore AC's characters and devious attitude when it comes to driving plots! Open to ideas as well as weaving together stories, they make for a wonderful rp partner! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - jaddedquill

  • After role playing with this wonderful human being for a year now, I can say that their writing and character development is unrivaled. They have a way of bringing characters to life! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - jaddedquill

  • I have been writing with this wonderful person for over two years. Their creative genius is something to marvel at and their characters are rich in complexity! Could not ask for a better partner. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - jaddedquill

  • I have to mention what an amazing person this is! We started a roleplay not even a full week ago and I am already enjoying it tremendously! Not only are they a joy to speak to OOC, I have been blessed to see some of their art and I got to say, she is extremely talented! ^_^ I can gush about the woman for ages but for the sake of limited text characters, I'll leave it as that. Thank you for starting this amazing roleplay with me! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AquaCharm

  • Thim is a wonderful writer and her artwork is so beautiful I've fallen in love. Her creativity is inspiring, she's patient and understanding. Thank you for being my writing partner. <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - BayLeafBard