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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • he is a sweetheart, fun to talk to, a great friend, and has the best conversations. 10 out of 10 human being, cinnamon roll, knows how to rp even though i gave up on that, and will love to be your friend :) Great sense of humor Long-term partner - __abg_hotline

  • KingTai a amazing person who very understanding. But I value his understand of life gets rough and we can’t always be on. He such a amazing writer and helpful. I’m always watching for his next reply as I enjoy the story so much. If you need help or somebody to Rp he amazing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Kungfu6453

  • Probably the longest person I have had the pleasure of getting to know throughout my RP years. What brings me joy though is that we are friends beyond just rping - caring and creative, a great source of consistency (in her rp) and a means to drive things forward if one gets stuck in a rut. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Lyssic

  • There is this quality of joy just talking to her, from the honesty to being caring, to even going insofar to share her creativity with such enthusiasm. Her roleplay reflects this, from the quirky and fun to be serious when need be, her flexibility and enjoyment can be felt with each post. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Lyssic

  • They're literate and honest about what they like. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Jack Riddle (played anonymously)
    Jack's truly an amazing character backed up by an even more amazing writer. His intriguing personality coupled with his player's detailed writing makes for one hell of a great RP. Congrats on the fantastic character! Great sense of humor Long posts - Xion

  • Our rp is relatively new, but I am completely in love with it. I love getting responses from Creative because each post moves the story forward. Valentina has such depth to her. It's like she's alive. The rp full of details, and Creative is always running ideas by me that can be incorporated later in our story. OOC, Creative is really enjoyable to talk to and very kind and understanding. I hope to enjoy a long time rping with this incredible person. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - ilovedogs260

  • From a roleplay standpoint, Leah's very detailed. She goes into what her character is thinking as well as building to the world around her and continuing the story. I never have to worry about not having enough to work with from her posts and it is always a thrill to read what she has responded.

    From a person standpoint, Leah's a great roleplay partner. Patient. Understanding. Kind. She's a joy to interact with.

    I highly recommend her as a partner. She's amazing!!! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - CreativeImagining

  • Grimm (played by Coheed)
    Hands down one of my favorites characters to interact with of ALL TIME. The level of depth, time, and care taken into fleshing him out has definitely payed off in creating a painfully unique and extremely investing experience. I can’t get enough of him, every scenario is just one more reason to be excited for more. When it comes to cosmic beasts, multi-faceted villains, and slow-burn horror, Grimm has definitely given me and mine a run for their money. <3 Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Voidsquid

  • Mipps is such a wonderful writer! I had been wanting to RP with her for a while and accidentally stumbled into one of their anon characters and I am so happy I did. Her character profiles are clearly made with love and a joy to read through, as well as her writing is phenomenal, with amazing attention to detail and wonderful collaboration OOC. You'll never be left wanting when RPing with Mipps, except when eagerly awaiting the next post, of course ;). Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - khaellar

  • Miss Rae of Sunshine, my dear! Turns out, I have the longest rping history with this girl right here. I was completely oblivious to it. But leave it to sweet Rae to deliver a plot twist that not even I could imagine. She is kind hearted, understanding, and has a sense of humor that goes swimmingly with my own. It has been a pleasure writing with you over the many many years and I can only hope 2020 holds a lot more rps between us. Cheers, love. Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Corvin

  • MK came outta nowhere for me. At least it felt like that. We both had heard about each other and it took a breath of courage (by MK, I'm never brave) to approach the other and start this whirlwind of wonderous rping. Within just a few rps, I was hooked onto her vibrant characters, beautiful wordsmithing, and driving plots. She twists and turns along with my crazy plots, making me want to build an even bigger rollercoaster as the story progresses. Thank you for your beautiful words and soul, love Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Corvin

  • This woman has created characters that both pissed me off and yet made me fall in love over and over again. She has been the loudest muse of the bunch, never settling for second place but remained humble and kind throughout the years I have known her. As a person she is my best friend, as a writer she is the best partner I could ask for. Looking forward to the start of this decade with you, Mina. Cant wait to see what happens next, beautiful. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Corvin

  • Orella (played anonymously)
    The person who plays Orella is so nice! honestly i would select all of these things if I could. But she deserves this. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Anonymous

  • Mipps is one of those rare occasions where you just immediately click! She's understanding, creative, and so kind. All of her characters are so detailed, in depth and if I could write with all of them at once I absolutely would! I always look forward to both replies OOC and IC. All around Mipps is a wonderful, creative person and I highly encourage sending this amazing lady a message ❤ She's an absolute delight to interact with! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sauron

  • Sauron is a pure delight to chat with; kind, understanding and sweet as can be. He is a beautiful writer, the tiniest details draw attention like the flutter of clothing. His characters are full of depth, personality and that extra dash of sassy spice. Sauron is definitely added to my list of favorite partners as I always look forward to replies; and now I look forward to our future stories. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Mipps

  • Only a few replies in and I can tell you Khaellar is an amazing writer. Each reply was full of plot building, world building, believable NPCs and a whole lot of personality. Khaellar is super sweet and easy to talk to OOC. She was very willing to work with me every step of the way and was super understanding to life happening. I am not sure I will let her go in my arsenal of partners now. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Mipps

  • Without a doubt, one of the most talented and creative writers I've had the privilege of writing with on this site. I look forward to every post and feel challenged to improve my creativity as well each time I respond. If you get the chance to role play with Mipps, don't pass it up. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - tg1260

  • This is a weird one to write, honestly. Doom has been my closest friend for ten years and I can't sing their praises enough. If you want someone who can stick with roleplays for the long haul, they're the person I recommend. They usually always find a way to drive the plot forward and make it interesting at that. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - absentworlds

  • I love her, I seriously do! She is an amazingly wonderful writer and I get sucked in with every post. The way she writes makes it feel as though her character is real! Her responses are always detailed and lengthy, and I honestly can't seem to get enough of them. I'm looking forward to see where our plot goes! <3 Great sense of humor Long posts - maaazzzyyyy