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  • I'm sorry, did you ask for the best rp partner out there? Because this lovely person delivers!
    They rekindled my love for rp, their reply speed is astronomical, their writing? Top notch. Her characters? Absolutely wonderful and creative.
    I don't have enough space to say all then wonderful things they deserve and I simply cannot recommend them enough!
    Go to with them! Creative ideas Long-term partner - FriedStars

  • I don't know them yet as a friend, but I've watched their heart from afar and their morals and virtues...and...I gotta say? I WANT to know them as a friend. I'm excited to get the chance to spend more time with them and hopefully get to know them not only as a gamer friend, but also a roleplay friend. Kind and understanding Helpful - Michonne

  • Never have I ever loved a roleplay partner more. Stars knows what she's about and gets it done, always ready to plot with you OOC, replies quicker than any other partner I've had...

    Her character building and influence on the roleplay world are to die for. I literally could not recommend her more. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - sunshinemutt

  • I love his creativeness and would hope to be lucky enough to Rp with him. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - browneyed67943

  • This person is an AMAZING writer. I love the RP we've done so far, even if it hasn't been long. I'm so glad they reached out to me. Please, roleplay with them if you get the chance! :) Wonderful writer Fast responses - DanganronpaFan

  • Scarletwolf is an amazing roleplayer. Scarlet helps people fix the tiniest of mistakes, and understands when someone has a little problem starting. Scarlet also has the ability to make sure whoever he's roleplaying with knows as much detail about the plot and characters as possible. In the end, I would definitely do more roleplays with Scarletwolf. It was hard to pick just two qualities for this amazing person because she fits them all. She knows how to keep a complicated plot easy to understand Kind and understanding Helpful - FrostWolf

  • Although, I have not roleplayed with them, I have seen this character around the forum games. They're a very creative character, and I love the concept. :) Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Ever a delightful individual to chat and roleplay with, they never fail to make me smile. I value their friendship, sincerity and support since we started talking. 10/10 would highly recommend others take the chance to get to know them! Kind and understanding Helpful - Unicorn

  • Lumi is wonderful, and I love getting to talk to her. She's nothing but kindness and sincerity, and I greatly cherish that about her. I'm glad to call her my friend, and to RP with her when we can <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - JustAWolf

  • Drach (played anonymously)
    These two are what you definitely could find when roleplaying with Drach at the top notch, top tier. The only person to really come up with something that was so diabolical...that it shattered Ailuin in one RP and made him succumb to her superiority even if he hates it every time he is pushed to. His perfect arch nemesis that he can't touch directly or stop. It is masterful genius of a villian dressed up in the colors of a devil alright. Well done and looking forward to more... Creative ideas Long-term partner - Michonne

  • For starters, Rocky is a amazing person in general. They are such a good Roleplayer and drives the plot forward! I love that about them and it really helps! They always keep me on the edge of my seat excited to see what will happen next! I person recommend them as they are perfect for you Roleplayers who always love a little mystery and people who drive the plot forward! I very much recommend them! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - xXGamer_WolfXx

  • This person is an AMAZING writer. They write rather detailed responses that always make you feel excited for their next response. They definitely drive the plot forward! Please roleplay with them if you get the chance! :D <3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - DanganronpaFan

  • It has only been a while but I love RP with them! I always look forward to their response, they drive the plot forward and and such great details. Kudos! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ShadowFlame2022

  • She's got such a pretty profile! That's what I mainly wanted to comment on. It looks so refined and soft, but it's also simple enough that it's easy to read. I was just admiring her massive number of accolades when I remembered what a fun, nice, and sharp person Sanne is, and how much it makes me smile to read through her meticulous guide to interaction on her page. The artwork is nice, too, and she's a really bright companion over here, as you can see she's been with the site a while! Stay gr8! Creative ideas Concise posts - Anonymous

  • I knew right the moment he messaged me to Rp it was gonna be right. And turns out I was right. He puts so much emotion and reasoning for the character's desire and motives. Sometimes I even feel like I'm competing who has the best detail about the characters. If I was given a 1-10 how I recommend to Rp with him. I would say beyond that cause he did an excellent job to keep you wanting to see more of his replies. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Little_Teacup18

  • I’ve never roleplayed with Raerae, nor have I ever spoken to her OOC. But I have used several of her wonderful character templates for my gang over the years, and just wanted to recognise her freely-shared creative efforts and have her know they are wonderfully appreciated! Helpful Creative ideas - Rogue-Scribe

  • Bean is one of my favorites! ^_^ They write so distinctively across different characters that I sometimes forget the same friend is behind them. Their enthusiasm while brainstorming together is contagious, and over all they are a really kind, engaging and sweet player. Everyone ought to collab with them where opportunity allows! You're missing out otherwise. <3 Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Robyn

  • Mia, nothing makes me happier than to have been given an opportunity to witness the milestones in your recent life. I take great pride whenever you come to me for advice, and I hope you know how seriously I take the responsibility of giving it. But through it all, no matter what happens or where real life takes you, you always make time for me and our girls whenever you can: that's paramount. I never have to wonder, you always keep me in the know. Thank you for that, my friend <3 Helpful Long-term partner - emroidz

  • I roleplay with Zoo every chance that I get and it should come as no surprise why! They are supremely talented, unrelentingly funny, and sling posts in a way that makes you never want to stop responding back just as quickly. You will not find a dull character in the bunch, folks, I guarantee it: I've roleplayed with Ajax, Crane, Jules, and Oolong, and will continue to do so with whatever other outrageously fun brain baby might grace Mobius's galaxy next! Great sense of humor Fast responses - emroidz

  • As true blue of a friend as the many characters that bond us together, Rae has been a constant in my life when no one else was. I am so incredibly privileged, not just to know her, but to be there for the moments—good and bad—that make our friendship really real. Please don't ever doubt the significance and profoundly positive impact you've had on me, Rae. You're my guiding light and I hope to continue being a part of every milestone in your life worth celebrating. Love you lots, Sun Sneeze! <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - emroidz