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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • I adore DukeKagan and couldn't ask anything more from an RP partner. The RP that we have created together has only just begun, but I am so excited for all that we have planned. DukeKagan is great at communicating and has been very understanding of times when I have gotten busy. I look forward to responding to our RP every single day! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - itsjess

  • Oh man, there’s not even characters here to even begin talking about Iltheyn. From fantastic settings that feel boundless to a whole roster of unforgettable, dynamic characters, all with their own stories, you’ll never find yourself bored! And they’re a wonderful friend outside of their writings too. He was the first person I met here and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know him. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - strawberry_champion

  • DukeKagan is an amazing Writer. Every time I get a new reply from him It always amazes me. He's always polite and understanding when talk. Whether its about real life or about our rp. I know i can always talk to him about anything! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - NortherStar

  • So this is the first day of us even talking, and we are only a few posts into our RP, but Citrus is amazing at what they do. Each post is concise and detailed, and full of emotion. Not to mention, their characters are deep, intuitive, and easy to connect with. Citrus, you are absolutely incredible! Wonderful writer Fast responses - _Apollo_

  • Okay.. okay.. okay--I know this is early to go ahead and give kudo's, but I am! Apollo is a great writing and I am already head first into our RP (and we just started it today!) They are super kind and wonderful OOC, and let me say.. their characters are to DIE FOR! Apollo, you keep doing you buddy, because you are amazing! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus

  • Our roleplays have only just begun but, already I'm blown away by his attention to detail and how he pushes the story forward. An amazing roleplayer and writer who deserves your time for sure :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CaptainFox

  • Lunar is a epic roleplayer who deserves your time. Hes fun and exciting and likes to dig in deep to the story. Check him out if your looking for a awesome Rp partner :) Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - CaptainFox

  • I have not RP'd with Falyn personally, but she has been friendly, helpful and welcoming by all accounts! INteracting with her OOC has been a pleasure, and that's not even touching her wonderful writing! I've also been reading people's posts on The Glass Green ( :) ), and I love Falyn's picturesque storytelling! It's beautiful and I so enjoy reading it! Keep on writing! Helpful Wonderful writer - hexblading

  • Allison Reed (played anonymously)
    Didn't RP with Allison very long, but it was fun. A lovely character with an in-depth background, and really writes in a descriptive and succinct manner. You're always welcome to visit!
    - Damion Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Though we have not yet RPed together, I thoroughly enjoying reading Hexblading role-play in The Glass Green group. The interactions between the two Stanfeld siblings are always extremely well written, entertaining and highly amusing. Hexblading is a very talented writer and also a lovely person to communicate with OOC. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • I was uncertain about starting an RP with Citrus at first because of how my character might react to his, but as of July 3rd, 2021, we'll have been RPing together for exactly one month. Citrus is an amazing writer, and the character Zeldana is very interesting. I love learning about the character, and each post is such a wonderful read. If you get the chance, definitely create a story with Citrus, you won't be disappointed. Wonderful writer Long posts - Arekkusu

  • Axel Virinial (played anonymously)
    Axel is an amazing and intriguing character. The RPer behind the character is also wonderful with their description and detail when it comes to making Axel come alive--they are also super kind and understanding. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus

  • If I could, I would find a way to surpass the text limit just to sing Mia’s praises with a whole novel’s worth of acclaim. Mia is a dear friend always willing to listen without bias, but is never heavy handed. She is a first-class roleplaying partner with the ability to bring evocative stories to the table. I cannot kudos her enough. Thank you for all the great years, my friend, here is to many more! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Avelithe

  • Honestly, where do I start?? VincentTheDark and I have been roleplaying together for over a year now! He's been so understanding - the most understanding roleplay partner I have been blessed with in all of my years of roleplaying experience! He certainly knows how to keep a storyline going, even when the storyline may hit a temporary dead-end! If you ever need a saint of patience and creativity to roleplay with, Vincent is your guy! Give him a try!! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - adriticellai

  • I have enjoyed writing with Crimson Knight over the years and we have created some wonderful stories together. Thank you for being such a creative soul, a wonderful collaborative writing partner, and being a good friend.
    - Rogue Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • This gal... I don't know where to start honestly she is a bloody goddess she is so kind , friendly understanding and an all round beautiful person she drives the plot forward and i cannot thank her enough for her support keep going gal❤ Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Ashen

  • Jocelyn Penny (played anonymously)
    Writing a long-term story with Jocelyn through our roleplays has been one of the great joys of my time on RP Repository! We wrote 'chapters' and this is to give recognition to Jocelyn Penny who was previously Jocelyn McClure. Thanks for creating wonderful stories with me and being a part of my character's history!
    - Darrell Creative ideas Long-term partner - Anonymous

  • I've known Bean for a while now and from the very start they've just been a beacon of genuine kindness! I love plotting and writing with them and it's always a blast listening to their rambles.

    Their character Greth is such a refreshing find and I can't help but jump with joy everytime he pops up in a scene. I'm having so much fun just seeing how much slang he can dish out. He's such a memorable force of nature! Bean has my heart in a bow. Best of pals! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - OwlGryphon

  • I totally started an RP with this person before, but it petered out with no hard feelings as far as I can tell. We didn't actually get into the RP part, just the planning, but she was very detail-oriented and I was a little slapdash, so I guess we just put it down and didn't come back to it! Very kind & straightforward, would recommend if you like detailed RPs, probably. Just stumbled across her profile again, she's been a hardworking writer during the site's RP events as long as I've been here. Helpful Creative ideas - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • He is absolutely incredible and so nice. We quickly become frends and I'm grateful for him. He also gives great plot driving replies. Seriously, this dude is incredible, he deserves the world he is so sweet, almost to sweet for his own good. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - SurferGirlGeek