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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • AJ is an absolute treasure of a human. They are so helpful wherever possible, and if they don't have an immediate answer, they'll go out of their way to find one! Their art is gorgeous, their characters are lovely and creatively complex. The RPR community is made richer by AJ's presence. Kind and understanding Helpful - desaevio

  • I've always greatly admired Jane's character designs and their developments. Additionally, her desire to help others with their coding and profiles is nothing short of selfless. Jane is an asset to the roleplaying community in many ways, and I am glad we have her around. Helpful Creative ideas - desaevio

  • Arissa (played anonymously)
    Arissa is a brand new twist on rp. bigger twist than anyone couldve hoped for. if you ever have the chance, please do rp with them. they are very kind and very sweet. the details in their writing is amazing! all and all, Arissa is an amazing rp partner! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - sammythepup

  • Lynx (played by CrystalDisc)
    Don't let the term villain deceive you; Lynx has so much more to him, he's an absolutely precious character to RP with. From his thoroughly well built history that took him to be the man he is today, to his brilliant characterization, there's never a dull moment with him! He is absolutely fun (in his own morbid way), and his thoughts and impressions range from observant to spirited to laid-back. I can't wait to interact with him more! Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - cri86titanium

  • Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)
    If before meeting Leigh I was already in awe for Yaaz's spectacular design, actually getting to interact and play with the Questing Beast made me adore this character even more. Charismatic, intriguing, both clever and funny and endearing, Yaaz really stands out in every RP he's in! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - cri86titanium

  • What started off as a funky lil' chat-based gag has easily evolved into one incredibly unusual and fascinating RP, and all that thanks to Jeans' immense talent for writing both kickass stories and delightful freaks'o nature! The woman behind my favorite funky necromancer is a real treat too, super laidback and full of fire ideas, and I'm really lookin' forward to all our future shenanigans with our unlikely (and yet strangely compatiable?) duo! Cheers, comrade!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - GarnaalProductions

  • Although the reason that we first met had its funky aftertaste, Avitra turned it into the beginning of something really worthwhile! She's incredibly fun to talk to, always up to something and equipped with the most peculiar but interesting bizz to talk about, and equally so, her OC (I've only gotten the pleasure to RP with one of 'em) has charmed me with her quirky but well thought-out characterization. I'd recommend Avitra to anyone who appreciates fun chats & wild adventures! Cheers, my matey! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - GarnaalProductions

  • Lemme tell ya, cri86 here- she's an absolute GEM of a person and player in all possible ways! Her OCs are a marvelous and lovably crazy bunch of fantastic and well-rounded figures, each their own blast to RP with, but even if I hadn't know a single itty-bitty morsel about her cast (which'd be a shame 'cause it's mad fun to talk about OCs with her!), I would've loved her company regardless because she's also a kickass friend. Sweet, funny and incredibly talented; my bud has it all! Cheers, homie! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - GarnaalProductions

  • Write a hardboiled detective scouting that is both original, sympathethic and believable as he scouts futuristic lands to solve crimes? Garn did so and with winning colors! Obdervant, patient as a saint, bulky and agile, but especially with such vivid characterization that make him sound like a real person and not a fictional character, it's just impossible to not feel for this big, burly, soft hearted (Artificial) feline gumshoe! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - cri86titanium

  • Edward may be perceived as a mundane character, but it's honestly his biggest strength. He feels real, like somebody you'd meet in real life -- just a normal dude living his life, with all the ups and downs that come with that. The kind of guy you'd have a casual conversation with, and may possibly forget or file away as 'that friendly man', but who could roll right into all sorts of adventures if the conditions are right.

    Lovely and versatile, please do check him out! Wonderful writer Long posts - Sanne

  • So charming! Absolutely a phenomenal and engaging player. Creative ideas Concise posts - VoliminalVerse

  • Masquerade is one the strongest and kind-hearted people I have ever known, not only she is super kind and understanding but she is also a wonderful writer, I do enjoy how she controls her characters plus she is really descriptive which I really love. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vozhad

  • As a long-term RP partner of The Atli, I have always enjoyed playing with him. His characters are well-rounded and interesting. His style of play is fun and engaging, with just the right amount of drama. And, his style of writing is easy and concise to read. Every scene with one of his characters is always a wonderful time! Great sense of humor Long-term partner - IceyLady

  • Holy smokes, do I enjoy Garn's writing! They do a great job of sprinkling in character details that make uncovering these cryptic, agonized lil guys' histories SO super interesting! Also great at writing body horror, which is CRABSOLUTELY a plus in my nasty lil book!

    10/10, would recommend!!! Creative ideas Long posts - RPJEANS

  • Leigh's OCs are all weird and wonderful, and every single one has really cool hook behind them that's crazy fun to think about. If you're into clever character design, horror movie aesthetics, and BUCKWILD monster ideas, please definitely for sure bother Leigh for cool RP. Extensively. You have my blessing. Creative ideas Fast responses - RPJEANS

  • Not only the concept of Damien manages to be at the same time intriguing ad funny, not only CD does a great job writing him to life, but even just through planning alone he worked his magic and walked miles toward fixing my own severely-broken OC. How? Through a truly multi-faceted personality that shines through the writing and makes it just so natural to interact with Damien in a variety of circumstances! Creative ideas Long-term partner - cri86titanium

  • A unique, one of a kind writing partner. He really makes every message great has kept the story interesting, I'm glad he isn't afraid to contribute to plot - and I hope it only continues from where we are now. Would include more qualities if I could. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CuddlyShi

  • She is amazing in every way. She is creative and loving. Understanding and helps move the story forward. The amount of detail and heart she puts into her roles is astounding. I want to be selfish and not give her kudos, so I can keep her all to myself. But anyone would be lucky to Role Play with her. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Rebirth

  • Columbia Cytheris (played anonymously)
    Came across this character in the forums and I just have to say, she's adorable! The idea is fantastic -- wholesome and amusing, yet full of detail and creativity, with plenty of room for expansion and depth. I don't know how but this little mime has completely enchanted me from just a glance over her page! I can't say I've ever come across a character like this before, but I find her delightful. Excellent work to the creator, and I hope Lu gets all the attention and adventure she deserves <3 Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • michal onyx (played by sammythepup)
    onyx is a funny, wild-hearted person who makes you smile. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - winnie