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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Dekko, even though we have not talked ooc, you are an awesome person! You tweak your characters for the plot, even when I have no idea what I'm doing. You stick with it, and you match my reply length.

    I love rping with you and others will too!! <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Icysoul

  • Moon, you are a great rp partner! People will be lucky to rp with someone like you!

    You are a really awesome person! I love how you drive the plot forward! It's amazing, and I am always excited to see the next part you add!

    Kudos! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Icysoul

  • Incubus
    This man is awesome! His characters are fun and he gets my character's changes.

    He's a great person to rp with!

    Kudos!!!! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Icysoul

  • Jay....I love you babe. You are soooo understanding and sweet. You are someone others should get to know!

    He's awesome and I think you guys would love him!!!! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Icysoul

  • Rin....omg I love her. She's like family to me. She's so sweet to me and I love her for it.

    People will be lucky to rp with you!

    Kudos!! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Icysoul

  • Araval Talandren (played anonymously)
    Araval is one of my personal favorite muses to rp with. I'm glad that this muse returned, so to resume rp with Falathiel. Araval is one of the very few muses, who can make Falathiel look at herself differently and slowly see herself in a different view than her own. So set in the ways of being a Captain to the elvin army, Araval is one who is trying to get Falathiel to see there is more to the world than military life and the like. And Araval is such an immensely beautifully crafted muse. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Winters_Fury

  • Honestly one of the best rpers around,even if I am very busy,she is patient and understands I have alot going on. I appreciate ya Creepy Pasta. We've been rping for almost a year now,jeez that's a long time,But anyway I just wanted to say you're an amazing friend. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - JetStorm

  • I've been roleplaying with this amazing girl for a few months, almost a year now! She is so creative, kind, and understanding. She's also a great best friend, she always knows how to make laugh or smile! Love ya Stormy! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - CreepypastaFanGirl23

  • Incubus
    What more can I say than that he's my amazing, kind, inspiring, and gorgeous lover?~ I love him so much~ If you need a roleplay partner, I defintely advocate him~ Kind and understanding Long-term partner - hypxrphxbxx

  • He is the bestat Rp and Being supportive!!I love him so much !! <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Incubus

  • Rping with Lochness8 has been very fun so far, they always find ways to keep the story interesting and have amazing ideas. They play their characters very well and their writing is very detailed, its really impressive actually. Reading their responses is absolutely wonderful and I am always excited for more. I highly recommend writing with them. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - EvanlynDestiny

  • Even though I have not been working with anchorsaway very long, I can tell she is a brilliant writer and have many wonderful ideas. Her characters are very thought out and well played. Honestly she has all of the listed qualities so I wish I could choose them all. Writing with her is exciting and I am always looking forward to seeing her next response! Overall working with her is wonderful and I definitely recommend RPing with her. Great sense of humor Fast responses - EvanlynDestiny

  • Melissa Walker (played anonymously)
    Came across Melissa after doing a character search for the name ‘Walker’ and really enjoyed reading her profile page. Very well constructed and tells a beautiful story! Give her page a look! Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Although we haven’t been writing very long, Calitues brings energy and moves the plot forward. Her character Anna is realistic and a joy to write with! Calitues is detailed, considerate, and mindful. Her posts are perfect lengths to fit the scene, and she moves the plot forward quite a bit too! I highly recommend writing with her and or talking OOC! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Redrose

  • Although it’s been a while since I’ve written with CherryWine, she is an excellent role player! She brings life to the story and her characters. She is detailed, intelligent, engaging, and overall a great person to RP with! I’m honestly shocked she doesn’t have a thousand+ kudos. Cherry has talent, and I highly recommend you write with her if you can. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Redrose

  • I can't reccomend this player more. He's very much one of the most friendly users I've ever met, and I adore his writing style. Everything is so expressive. He's easy to communicate and rp was easy to jump into! <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - draconicforests

  • The resident queen of all things fantastically horror. Dawn's characters are all deeply alive and engaging individuals, and her storytelling skills are par none. Particularly with horror genre threads, she is a damn EXPERT on crafting the perfect atmosphere, pacing, and plot . Her worlds are so full of life, you can walk in and explore them like real, living, breathing places. Thank you for being both a badass friend and killer writing partner, gurl! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Ivyking214

  • Evanlyn is so fun to worldbuild and roleplay with! Not only is she sweet and flexible, but she has so many interesting characters that make me absolutely giddy. We've been working through a roleplay I'm super excited over - definitely hit her up when you get a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - hannsthemanns

  • My other half, the person whom I share one braincell, so easy to talk to and plot with. We've been friends for a decade and have been roleplaying on and off the whole time. Has been there for me when I needed someone the most, and will always been one of my closest and dearest friends. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - hauntedpunk

  • Never will there be enough words I could use to praise Madam. In all my years in this community, she is an invaluable inspiration and a beloved partner that I am genuinely lucky to know. I admire her compassion and aspire to match her creative drive for stories. You will ever be my most dear companion and I will strive to keep growing as a writer and as a person, with you at my side. Long-term partner - Unicorn