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  • I've known this man for years. But I've never KNOWN him KNOWN him. If I would say anybody guards their heart well, its him. I look up to him for that, truthfully. But he's an amazing writer, an incredible friend whose always looking out for you if you get lucky enough to have his friendship. And he's always willing to deep plot with you. He is a major reason why I have yet to quit writing, due to his amazing encouragment and pushing that I needed. Thanks for being you, bud. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Michonne

  • Being a moderator of the Arkaines, I feared at first. But having gotten to know her, I'm so thankful that she is. She understands my issues and is always so...patient with me. Not to mention the roleplay style surpasses my own but she chooses to roleplay with me regardless. I am so glad to have gotten to know her this past year. She's been a absolute gem. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Michonne

  • Creative and thoughtful writer. Her characters really come to life. They are imperfect and so - fascinating. I really feel myself challenged to write better when I'm replying to her posts. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Alleluia

  • Icysoul is a very fast responder, and keeps the plot going. I've only been rping with them for about a week now, and I'm already amazed by their interesting characters. I love them all! Drives the plot forward Fast responses - MoonPanda123

  • he is very helpful and awesome Kind and understanding Creative ideas - browneyed67943

  • Incubus
    They are, in all honesty, the best partner I've had in romantic roleplay. Them and their character(s) are super chill and the way the plot moves so smoothly just captures me! They are also an amazing friend by themself! I'd like to thank them ~ Drives the plot forward Fast responses - hypxrphxbxx

  • KingTai is a wonderful writer and a true gem. Thanks to this man my drive to write and create new stories returned. He has amazing and well built characters that are fun to interact with. He is not afraid to suggest new ideas when it comes to the plot or add twists. KingTai’s replies are always full of life and it's a joy to read them. When it comes to OOC’s KingTai is very chill and friendly person. Which allows easy communication. Overall this guy is a real gem, give him a try, he will rock Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Queen_Knight

  • Katherine is a wonderful person to RP with. She writes detailed consistent posts, and I love her style! She's cheerful, invested, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Wonderful writer Long posts - Claywind

  • Harvey Cade (played anonymously)
    He is a rockstar with writing Kind and understanding Creative ideas - JesseHawaii

  • I have SO MANY things to say about this girl, I don't even know where to start! First, she's one of the kindest and sweetest people I've met, plus she's a wonderful person to talk to. Second, she has a wonderful and unique writing style: I'm always looking forward to her next post! She also has amazing and creative ideas when it comes to driving the RP forward. Her characters are well-thought and really charming. Reading her answer always makes my day, to say the least.
    You're amazing <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Jence

  • I have to say that first of all, this roleplayer here is such a kind, patient, understanding, and comprehensive person! Her answers are always enjoyable and worth the wait, no matter the length. She's really open to new ideas and is always looking up ways to make the RP interesting. Seriously, this girl here is an amazing roleplayer and deserves all the love there is! Don't hesitate to start something with her, you surely won't be disappointed! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Jence

  • Val is a wonderful RP partner to have. They're kind, patient and an absolute pleasure to interact with, be it in chat or through characters. They write consistently solid posts with a great deal of insight into their characters' natures and a lot of style!
    They really helped me find my marks on the site, and I glad to know them. Kind and understanding Helpful - Claywind

  • I haven't had the pleasure of RPing with ShinyRainbowLithgra, but I want to. They have awesome things they write for the community and are kind enough to give me kudos for posts I've posted. This sort of consideration to a stranger is wonderful. So I'd like to give everyone the heads up that Shiny is a kind person who deserves the best things in the world. Kind and understanding Helpful - Gaeilge_Banrion

  • Penna is a gem, and saying that in a community where I've found so much positivity is really saying something.
    She writes beautifully and has been entirely open to ideas and plot suggestions, while still giving more than her fair share. Feels like we're on the premices of an epic tale, and I couldn't ask for a better partner for it. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Claywind

  • I have to give this lady kudos for her nice words she had for me during ‘Excellent Week’! She is one of the bright candles of RP Repository! Thank you again as your kudos really helped me out of a funk when I read it and was a reminder of all that is good. If you are fortunate to be role playing with Gaeilge, enjoy their artistic presence! Kind and understanding - Rogue-Scribe

  • So far, my experience with Claywind has knocked it out of the park! I felt at ease immediately when seeing how kind and courteous they were. We discussed about our characters a bit and once we settled on some good matches, simply started on it and so far it's been great! We still are in the beginnings of our ideas, but I'm definitely looking forward to rping some more with them! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - PennaAter

  • Super kind player, very detail-oriented and replies quickly. A very understanding and patient player you definitely should consider for your next RP. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - BoredYet

  • I don't know how I haven't written Breezy a kudos already. I guess I've just been too busy roleplaying with her! She's one of the best rpr has to offer and anyone would be lucky to have her as a partner. She's understanding and kind, always pushes the story forward, always has a bucket of ideas, and she has a sense of humor to boot. So glad I messaged this one! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DoogieMeowser

  • Korben. (played anonymously)
    Seething indifference layered under the beautiful exterior of a ridiculously handsome man! Korben, the man who is just as likely to punch your face in at an underground brawling ring as he is to end up saving your ass. Ben is an onion to say the least, each one of his layers distinctly different from the rest and despite the fact that he tries very hard to be prickley, it's well worth it to get to the center of him just to see the softer center. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - BrandyCat

  • Theodore (played anonymously)
    Theodore is, by far, in my top three favorite characters of all times. Not only is he exceedingly well written and designed, he has an overall charm that draws you in and doesn't let you go. Spanning warm, familial bonds to wild, adrenaline-junkie, life loving adventures, to full on rambunctious brawls only to be sealed and delivered with a quirky grin and an infectious laugh. He's wonderful! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - BrandyCat