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  • I cannot express how great this person is! Couldn’t recommend them enough to RP with, they bring unique and interesting ideas to the table while maintaining an understanding that life goes on outside of RP. Their characters are so well thought through and they bring them to life with their wonderful posts! Seriously, check them out! (: Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - tiredandconfused

  • Picking only two best qualities was seriously so hard. Wy is literally every single one of them! The rps I have going with him are fantastic! They're extremely kind and patient, and have an amazing sense of humour! Also I would die for every single one of his characters lol! If you're looking for quick, witty replies and amazing plot ideas coupled with fantastic writing, hit him up ☺️ Creative ideas Fast responses - Intejag

  • I only write with her for a few days but I fell in love with her writing style. After discussing the plot we just let our characters drive the plot forward and wait how they will connect. It feels all so naturally and i definitely recommend it to write at least one story with her and make a picture on your own! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • I've had the pleasure of weaving several stories with this person. SinceForgotten is very warm, friendly, and eager to bring her ideas to the table. She is open to world-building and complex plots, preferring grandiose adventures with clear beginnings, middles, and ends, which makes them comfortable to write. Her character’s personalities are written with consistency, whether they are elated from a well-deserved victory, or thrust into a moment of shock and despair. Creative ideas Long posts - Depraved

  • We’ve written for almost a year, which has positively flown by. Icarus is an adaptable writer who is able to portray a character out of her comfort zone as if she’s done it a thousand times before. She’s very effective at getting into their headspace. Details and subtlety are not lost on her, which helps define intention, delve into interesting tangents, and makes me feel valued as a writer. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Depraved

  • I've been writing with Depraved for a little less than a year and I can only say phenomenal things about this person. Not only is she a fantastic writer with really colorful descriptions, she's incredibly artistic and generous! Just a lovely person in every sense! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - icarus-found-alive

  • This guy is just plain terrific and I hope I can keep rping with him as the days go on. This guy is purely all about the fun of the hobby and will doesn’t get himself twisted over every little detail or nuance. Just does whatever brings the good creativity and vibes not just in RPs but in casual chats as well. This guy is a breath of fresh air who doesn’t take himself so seriously and will no doubt be a joy to be around for anyone Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - DynamoDumpling

  • I was decently surprised by this guys RPing. He is able to give really good responses with decent length and detail that really moves things forward, and he doesn’t keep you waiting too long for it. If I’m able to on a certain day I can have a back and forth RP with this guy with a good lengthy response every 2 to 3 hours which I hardly ever see. He is amazingly cooperative and doesn’t get bent over every little detail, he is just a fun person to RP with, no strings attached Wonderful writer Fast responses - DynamoDumpling

  • I like roleplaying with LostWanderer. It was lovely with our characters. I never normally do a roleplay where it seemed like a parent/sibling like relationship, but is my first try at it. It liked how their character, Drans and Willow have such parent/sibling chemistry going on that touches my heart. If that's what you like then I recommend LostWanderer. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Spooky_101

  • Roleplaying with lochness8 has been a blessing. I love how well both my character and theirs bled into each other nicely. It's quiet a rarity in my opinion at least. Also, lochness8 is a wonderful person to do with. 100% recommended by me. Drives the plot forward Long posts - Spooky_101

  • I *love* writing with MadamReign, she is absolutely awesome writer and has a lot of really good ideas to drive the story forward. She is a really great writer and a lot of fun to talk to about driving the story forward. I could write with this woman forever! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - FictionWeaver

  • I don't know why I always forget to give Kudos or at least pay attention when I hit hundred. Anyways, I recommend and love Experiment407021! She is amazing with her responses as well with her characters. I love her character Kage and his brother Anwar. Their such a cute two for one package. I love it! I love it! If you want great long lovely responses as well overwhelming cuteness from characters, I would highly recommend Experiment407021. Wonderful writer Long posts - Spooky_101

  • Roleplaying with KayK was fun and interesting. Always looking for the next time KayK would reply. If you're looking for someone who can make an RP fun and thrilling to wait for another reply, Kayak is your person. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • In the adventures I have with her, I have enjoyed writing back every post. Her creativity is contagious and sparked my own, allowing myself to be the best partner I can be for her. She can't contain her excitement very well so you'd best be prepared! She's s marvel to work with so I sincerely hope you can meet her halfway. Thank you for playing! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Toast

  • directly_dummie is a great friend and amazing RPer! We've been RPing for a while, about two months i believe, and they are always writing in such a way that I feel like I'm actually there with our characters! Their posts and character are both beautifully detailed and they know just the right ways to always keep me hooked to our RP! Personally, I find Giuseppina so cool and even somewhat relatable. RPing with dummie is so much fun and I would 100% recommend RPing with them! 10/10! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Lunalla-Starlight

  • He is an awesome person to talk to. He is amazing at roleplaying as well. He knows how to keep a conversation going. :) Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Reaper13

  • Alvara (played by AmongstTheStars)
    I can’t describe how awesome this character is and how I fell in love with each of her posts day by day. I am waiting like a little child to read her response and I am never disappointed. I look forward to continue writing a story with her and I hope we can write forever. Amazing person almost jealous she’s not mine 😂❤️ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • On top of beautifully woven worlds and a complete treasure trove of characters, Dazzle possesses an old soul full of youthful exuberance. Lucky finds are one thing, but this woman is just a whole other level of amazing, both with the written word and in tabletop games. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - CrystalDisc

  • So, me and Lunalla have been bringing for close to 2 months, and they're so lovely and nice. Their overall writing is amazing, and their character, Ari is adorable. They've made sure I was right when I went inactive for around a month, and didn't pressure me into replying. Overall 10/10 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - directly_dummie

  • The most patient rp partner ever. My life has been insane lately and she has not once gotten frustrated or upset. She checks on me like a good friend would do and it has actually helped me stay positive with all thats going on. Thank you for being an awesome person! Kind and understanding Helpful - ThunderWolf