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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • If you are confused about something on the site you can always first come to this guy for help. He is always happy to assist anyone and he is very patient and aproachable. This site has the best mods and admins out of any site ever. So all these qualities about him actually made me think at first he was one of the mods here. Kind and understanding Helpful - ComedyWriter

  • Annie is a wonderful RP partner! The way she plays her characters is extremely realistic. Her characters all have flaws and human traits that make them stand out as dynamic. She's extremely friendly and understanding of people as well! Her writing style feels fresh and unique, making the natural flow of the RP move along perfectly! Wonderful writer Long posts - Weffle

  • FlowingQuandary and I have been working together for two years. Our rp has over 800 posts and counting. She has been a great friend and amazing rp partner. I look forward to where our rp continues. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DukeKagan

  • LadyKnight2100 is an awesome friend. She is a great person to talk to and her writing is perfect. She does a great job influencing the story and bringing ideas to the table. I look forward to what our minds come up with next. Wonderful writer Concise posts - DukeKagan

  • itsjess and I had a rough start, but when she came back we created an amazing rp together. It's one of those rps that you wake up and hope there is a post so you can respond. I look forward to the energy and ideas she brings to the table. Thank you for being an outstanding partner. Drives the plot forward Long posts - DukeKagan

  • BRabbit has become a great friend. We have built a rp together that has had issues getting started, but now she is full of ideas. Her writing is awesome and she continually helps push the story forward. Thank you for a great rp and I look forward to where it goes. Helpful Wonderful writer - DukeKagan

  • I am roleplaying with her for some time right now, and I can just say wow. She is a wonderful writer and gets me even deeper into that rp. You never know how she will react in a situation, but I can definitely tell that she got my attention all the time. Her characters feel real, and it's impossible not to love them. Especially, each character is individual and not the same! Will definitely keep her as a rp partner, and you should too!!! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - EagleBearer

  • This dude is a total sweetheart. I've only just met him, but I have to say: he is super nice, friendly, and super funny. I didn't know what to expect when he said hello, but I am so glad that he chatted with me. He is really fun to talk to and the more you get to know him, you will see how awesome he is. Get the chance to meet this wonderful person! He deserves more FWIEENNDDS! Keep being cool! <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - HibariHaru013

  • Behind this tough, dark, goth, girls profile is a gentle soul. I have only been talking to her for a few seconds and I already really enjoy talking to her. She was also very welcoming to me when I first got here. If you need a friend to chat too about how your day is going, she is one of them. Kind and understanding - ComedyWriter

  • He is very fun to chat and rp with and he is very nice and caring buddy. He is also very welcoming and makes sure everyone is happy. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - ComedyWriter

  • She is always on point and fun to rp with. She is great too talk to as well as rp with I have such fun role-playing with her that I'm having a tough time putting into words how much I wish other people experience the same awesomeness from her Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Jangel13

  • Classy and well-written character! Very fortunate to have the pleasure of meeting. Looking forward to seeing where things go! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Xaydrien

  • Wolves (played by Akali_Fang)
    So far I'm amazed at how good their writing is, they never fail to impress me! They Have always made an effort to reply and Help those Get better at what they are struggling at. Im Proud to have them as a Member of my RP Group! Thank You! Helpful Wonderful writer - Taz

  • Seriously where do I even start? You generally won't get daily replies but what you will get is epic small novels each time! Theres so much put into his replies they are brilliant to read and I do a little happy dance/wiggle when I see a new message pop up. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Leighoflight

  • Why can I only pick two qualities? I want to pick more! I've had a hella lot of fun RP'ing with their Rosaline. More qualities I want to add are: Fast responses + a sense of humour :) Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Leighoflight

  • We had two RPs so far, and they've been entirely fun! Leighoflight certainly knows how to drive the plot forward and keep things going. Looking forward to more, and seeing what else the Askew family is up to. Creative ideas Fast responses - hexblading

  • SparksFly is a wonderful person and RPer. He is SO kind and very creative, his responses in RP are top notch. I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t have kudos! I look up to him a lot already and he is already teaching me a lot with writing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus

  • Since they are so new to RPR I was unsure about role playing with Citrus at first, but after their very first post I am very excited to call them a RP partner! They were very understanding while we were planning things out and their skill in RP is wonderful. 11/10 would recommend a role play with them. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Orrik_Zynn_x2

  • Ill just be honest and say that Orrik is a great person and RPer. I’ve only RPed with him for a bit but he always leaves me on the edge of my seat and I learn from him. OOC he is super honest and straight forward yet kind and understanding. A great guy through and through. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus

  • Minioma is an incredible writing partner and this kudos is long overdue. They're friendly, funny, ridiculously creative, an eloquent writer, and very understanding. During our time RPing together they brought many ideas to the table and wrote many detailed, thoughtful replies that always left me eager to respond! If you're thinking about an RP with this lovely user, I would highly recommend it! Best of luck Minioma, and may you have many amazing RPs ^_^ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous