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  • Well I normally don't give Kudos away that easily, but tadaaaa. This person is a wonderful writer. The way she creates a world with her partner is fascinating♥️ I am enjoying every post!!! Keep up the good work! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • I look forward to reading each post about Pint and I'm never disappointed by this gruff, opinionated and resourceful dwarf along with his camel Sparky. MordosKull is a very talented writer with a wonderful sense of humour. Pint is a great addition to the caste of characters in TGG. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Falyn

  • Birdy has been an absolute excellent RP partner. Patient, kind, and understanding. Full of willingness to plot and definitely adds a huge measure of creativity to the scene! I'm so glad that I finally found a way to play with her because she's one of the best people to know, and game with. <3 Here's to a great many more stories between us, love! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MuseTheDruid

  • BAE. This woman is amazing. She has incredible characters, and she plays them so well! RP with her is always fun and enjoyable, and she really stays true to her characters. RPing with her is an absolute blast and I always look forward to our next scene together! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - CelestinaGrey

  • Ailuin (played by Michonne)
    Ah, the professor. What a strange enigma of a man, longing for his anonymity in a sea of expectations. There is a complex character at the root of all your quirks and truly one could spend hours attempting to get to the core of it... I look forward to seeing more of him, and exploring his psyche and many mysteries. Clever, quick witted, there is never a boring minute when this arkaine is in the room.

    I look forward to seeing here his and Dianna's friendship take them! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Madam

  • Hokins has been hounding me for more roleplay and although I wish I could spread my time more lengthy and evenly. I gotta say I HEAVILY appreciate the enthuasism. Not only this but he loyally watches me stream every chance he gets....

    Really supportive and kind guy, with also a clear understanding of boundaries. Very impressive work for someone who doesn't use english as their first language too! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Michonne

  • Dianna (played by Madam)
    Clever....clever....clever. Someone who is clearly a match for Ailuins' intellect and can see his games he plays as if peering through a sheer cloth. Be ever so careful around her indoubtedly, and yet at times the woman finds the perfect things to pull to unmask more of Ailuin while he discovers little about her. It's a fun dance, one that might turn into a deeper friendship between the two...

    Or might turn into a deeper loathing and frenemy. Only time can tell. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Michonne

  • Claudius is a bull headed son of a gun....and yet. Ailuin and Mylaela both have fallen to like and trust the bull very fast. If only because of his akin SOMEWHAT clever nature of hiding his absolute distaste for enslavement as well as deeming himself a person to help both Ailuin and Mylaela.

    A friendship that will certainly be interesting to pursue on both alts. I appreciate him much! Drives the plot forward Concise posts - Michonne

  • Daemonic (played by peakachuu22)
    The ever so stupid, yet daring and loyal gladiator. A Watson to his Sherlock perhaps, in his incessant admiration of Ailuin and his loyalty to the man to defend him if need be. Ailuin has grown fond of him fast, but it's only likely due to him praising and constantly being wowed by Ailuins clever little plans that he dotes out for Rath to play along with...

    Then again, at least he warns him of others plans as well to pull his strings like a puppet? Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Michonne

  • It has been long overdue since we share a friend of oldtime past, that I give these Kudos to you.

    Amazing writer that I wish to compare to, as much as Unicorn is looked up to for her incredible way with words and intricate detail and thought, so too is Madam in my mind since I've had the pleasure of roleplaying and plotting with her.

    I hope it doesn't end, as much as my friendship with Unicorn has never ended. And I look heavily forward to our stories that we all three will write together Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Michonne

  • Muse has been a wonderful addition to my RP family. She has always shown depth and creativity in every post and even OOC she has been a god-send. She is compassionate, understanding, and all around amazing person.
    Thank you for giving me this honor in getting to know you. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Pretty_Bird

  • She had been wanting to roleplay with me for so long...and we kept missing for reasons.

    But I can say forever I am grateful that we finally connected. Because that connection has became such a lightning strike between us as writers. I adore EVERY story, EVERY plot. EVERY roleplay. Because it is so well in deep thought of detail, action and DEEPER emotional with reality splashed in perfectly in my mind.

    Thank you Birdy, you've been a rekindling flame to me as well.. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Michonne

  • Ever since getting a chance to know this player it has been outstanding. She has helped rekindle my passion to Role-play and has always been there both IC/OOC with understanding and patience. She has reached my heart and I consider her a wonderful friend, the love in her heart is vast, and her creativity on her characters goes above and beyond. Thank you for being part of my life. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Pretty_Bird


  • Willow (played by Zelphyr)
    Willow is such a sweetheart, and I love both her design and her personality. Such a wholesome squirrel kiddo 🥺 - Anonymous

  • Drizzt Lee (played by Bendyizzt)
    He well is a good role player in all Kind and understanding - Thelordofmemes

  • Rythm is a very talented writer, who has very beautiful characters! She can really bring a story too live and I am always excited for a new post! Besides being a talented writer, she is also kind and understanding. I am excited too see how our story will evolve. I truly reccomend this amazing writer! I am sure you will have fun writing with her! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Cookiesareyummie

  • Cookies is an amazing writer with a lot to give. Her sense of imagery is amazing and paints such a vivid picture in my mind as I read. It’s like picking up a good book, getting sucked into it and being unable to put it down until you’ve read to your hearts content. My RP with her character Anne has only just been born, but she leaves me sitting on the edge of my seat wanting more everytime. ^_^ Give her a go with a bottle of magic and fantasy, you won’t regret it! <3 Wonderful writer Long posts - Rhythm

  • Bean is literally so cool to RP with. Their character ideas are so interesting and their descriptions can be brilliant. They're flexible when it comes to writing style, and are brilliant OOC. A kind, fun person to talk to, and with awesome characters.

    Keep up the good work kiddo! Kind and understanding Helpful - immalikeawsome

  • Rin is a great friend and role-playing must be her specialty cause she can play any character so well nomatter what rin is a great roleplayer and an even better friend Kind and understanding Long-term partner - X_XDEATHX_X