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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Ilmarinen is so creative! Just all the creative! Works with leather! Draws! Writes! They just do it all. Their characters are so full of pathos it's beautiful. Their maps are so full of detail you could sit for hours and never see it all. They are funny and kind and strong and I am so proud to call them friend! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • Star is such a sweetheart. Kind and generous with the most adorable characters in the world. Her art is fantastic too, soft and delicate. Absolutely worth checking out for commissions.11/10, would give all the hugs Kind and understanding Helpful - Dndmama

  • Enkeli is such an incredible writer. Such detail and feeling in his writing. His characters are so interesting and deep. He's friendly to chat with OOC and always has fun ideas and additions to every plotline. Thanks for being a friend and a writing partner, my dude. - Dndmama

  • While Crow has largely stepped back from rp recently, when we wrote together it was an amazing, heart felt experience that I will never forget. Even more so though I encourage you to check out their OCs which are many and varied and fantastically interested and damaged. I also highly encourage you to look into their art. They have a patreon page and everything! It's great. Thanks for being a good friend. :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Dndmama

  • This person is:
    A. An amazing artist
    B. An amazing writer
    C. A fun and patient DM
    D. A cool dude with a swoon worthy voice
    E. All of the above

    That's right. Correct answer is E. You get a cookie. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Dndmama

  • O'ma'gosh! I love Claine! We only wrote together briefly but even that brief time their description and character development was top notch. On top of that, fantastic artist! Go check out their web comic! On top of THAT just a chill person all around to talk to. Absolute leg, no notes. Helpful Wonderful writer - Dndmama

  • Do no let him fool you! The imposter syndrome is strong in this one but he is an amazing writer, one of the best I've had the opportunity to collaborate with and just a good chap all around. Fun to talk with OOC and a font of exciting, story driving ideas, you just really can't go wrong here! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Dndmama

  • This person is a wonderful artist and a wonderful person with amazing OC designs and a caring nature. No matter the day she's got a kind word to say and I will never cease to marvel at the hard work she's put into the continued growth of her art. Kind and understanding Helpful - Dndmama

  • It's strange how someone you look up and admire can make you feel both intimidated and excited to write with! Yet once you star writting with you realize there was nothing to feel scared off. There's no correct way to Rp but certainly there are rps that are more satisfying and cautivating than others. An RP with Dndmama is bound to a true delightful experience! Always able to bring the best out of one's writting and motivate them to aspire for more. A truly wonderful and talented writter. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - 0089

  • Anime definitely ranks as one of my all time favorite people to write with. Indeed, she even ranks as one of my all time favorite people to simply exist on this planet! Her characters are interesting and well thought out, her plot hooks are everything I want from life and our characters mesh so well it's scary sometimes. If you get a chance, please write with her! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Dndmama

  • This is absolutely a writer worth waiting for. Even though our rp went on a 5 year hiatus, I still find myself eager for every response I can get from him. He's funny, clever, down for all sorts of crazy stuff and a good friend OOC. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Dndmama

  • I really can't say enough good things about this writer. Aeun has been a delight to write with and plot with and talk with, but more than anything I've loved watching as their skill as a writer has gone from someone I really enjoy writing with to someone I can't wait to get a post from. Fantastic characters and amazingly descriptive writing and just a delight all around. 10/10, would absolutely recommend. Drives the plot forward Long posts - Dndmama

  • You know who's a fun writer? Who always makes each post interesting and delightful to read? You know who has silly characters that can absolutely tackle serious topics? You know who is an absolute delight to write and chat with? 89! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Dndmama

  • Where to begin with Quinn? He’s such a wonderful writer and I throughly enjoy talking and interacting with him. If you are gifted with the chance of writing with Quinn, do it! You’ll won’t regret a single moment of it. I look forward to seeing more of you! <3 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - drazstic

  • Jack is a nerdy guy who puts a ton of character into every message he sends! He has almost every interest under the sun and is just an overall joy to talk to! Wonderful writer Concise posts - Jooters

  • She is an amazing writer, I never get bored with her, she keeps it interesting and there is loads of drama and adventure but also love and relationships. If you haven't rped with this person than you are missing out! She is very creative, and shes very funny! She is also a very sweet person, and is very understanding when it comes to work and your schedule, and also when you have to write lesser than usual because you have things to do, that is what i love about her! SO if you haven't yet, rp! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Joshie2003

  • I was lucky to be one of the first to befriend QuinnRose and I would do it over again. With brilliant ideas and consistent replies, Quinn is an amazing person to RP with. I would gladly do another one with him alongside the one we're currently doing. 10/10 would recommend befriending QuinnRose or just reaching out for a RP. Creative ideas Concise posts - FrostWolf

  • I've played with Midnightmuse a few times now as anonymous characters, but it's time to say openly how fantastic a partner she is. She's great fun to chat with, always comes up with interesting ideas, always listens to ideas, is an absolutely fantastic writer, and talks about everything maturely without taking things overly seriously. I honestly can't rave about her enough. 😁 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Thylonicus

  • Nancy Holcombe (played anonymously)
    To ye who reads these, I have to say that Nancy has been an absolute delight to RP with. In the span of nearly 100 posts as of writing this she has already climbed into the ranks of my top 3 bestest partners with a story I can't get enough of. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - aeun

  • First greeting I've EVER LOVED. This person seems VERY sweet and WELCOMING. I LIKE that. im an old furball, so having some love DOES help a bit!!! Kind and understanding Helpful - Princeben07