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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • TiredHusky Is the best friend i could ask for their very fun and are a amazing writer I mean who wouldn't want them as your friend. I enjoy roleplaying with them and hope you do to!! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Scarletwolf

  • Jessica (played anonymously)
    Jessica caught my eye on the character list and I opened her page and really enjoyed reading it! The back story makes me want to know more, and I have bookmarked her page as one of my favorites. Hope to RP with her one day and if you're into an RP with her, you are blessed! I recommend giving Jessica a look! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous


    Seirei is one the most amazing person that i met while roleplaying. Her writing and story telling is amazing her characters always full of life and her stories are full of plot twists. She will keep you glued to roleplay and begging for more. Outside roleplay she is like daughter to me and a best friend. So yeah give her a try you won't be disappointed! Wonderful writer Long posts - Queen_Knight

  • AYY MOTHER 'SUP?! I love this lady. Every time we get together to work on anything writing related, Seirei's literacy oftentimes leaves me stunned. You can see the dedication to her characters in the thorough way she plans them out and executes their portrayals, as well as in the lore and details of her verses. Her stories are also intricately crafted, which is always a joy to work with. Thanks for sticking with me this far! :sparkles: Writing with you's always fun. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MerAkko

  • Yaaay! You're back! Everyone! Everyone! Kraven's back! You want a great rp with complex characters and exciting action and steamy romance and interesting plot development, you want this guy. Get in on this. Trust me. You won't be disappointed. Drives the plot forward Long posts - Dndmama

  • Mia is someone I don't RP with NEARLY enough, and that's a shame. 'Ordinary human in a fantastical setting' is one of my favourite tropes, and she plays it well. Her characters are all very grounded and realistic, a little bit eccentric, and easily endearing. Busy schedules make things hard, but she's always making room for plots, and is always down for something. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - AJ_89


    MerAkko is the actual best lil cinnamon bun that was ever placed on this here Earth. She's smart, she's funny, she's caring, and a magnificent writer. I've known her for some years, and I've taken her in as if she were my own kid, and she makes me proud as can be all the time. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - SeireiXII

  • Bless Kami for sticking around for so long! I've known him for a while now, and the stories we've written have varied much over the years. Despite that, he places strong importance on the plot and the development of the characters, leaving a lot of space to be explored in each interaction. This is a great feat to be found in a writer, although it doesn't mean he can't do more humorous takes as well. I'm also grateful for his patience, quite frankly. He's a great partner to begin any story with! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - MerAkko

  • AYYO GRANDMA! I know we haven't gotten to writing together fully yet, but from the little bits I've seen, she has a whole arsenal of ideas both written and visual that prove uniquely interesting. There's admiration to be found in her dedication to her characters, in building them and portraying them. To add on to that, she makes for delightful company outside of RP! Improvement is a steady climb, and you're pretty dang high up, so keep going! :> Kind and understanding Creative ideas - MerAkko

  • Truly a swiss army knife of a writer.

    With character designs that whiplash through the entire spectrum of the human (and inhuman) condition, this fella has the right character for the right world for the right moment - every time.

    I've known the doctor for a literal decade, and I can say without reservation that he is a fantastic person to write with, to meme with, and to dream with. If you can manage to crack open this geode of an RPer, there's nothing but pure magic inside. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - AgentMoore

  • I've rp'd with apearofshoes for several years now. Her writing style never disappoints. She has a special talent for romance and modern supernatural genres, while still being able to step outside of her comfort zone and try new things. 10/10 writer and friend. Love you, dude. :') Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Elendarin

  • AYY MY MAN! Nix here is a good friend of mine, and I can vouch for his skills in writing and art. You don't need fanciful words to spark up a text, but Nix is able to deliver responses in a cohesive and understandable manner. To add on to that, he has some crazy and wild ideas for plotlines that are sure to impress in their varying depth and complexity. If you're into mystery and lots of story twists, give him a shot! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MerAkko

  • Talented, beautiful, creative, intelligent, fun. Just some words I would use to describe Kris. Life happens and makes people talk less, or have bouts of silence, but when we do speak, it's as if no time has passed at all. I am humbled to see her artistic style expand and improve in the short time I've known her and she is nothing short of awesome. Emphasis on awe. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kirasha

  • One of the most kind and generous people I know. I adore her and her characters so much! The few times we've RPed, it's always been interesting. Eloquently articulate, she is a fine a gem anyone would be fortunate to meet and even more so to call her friend. I was blessed with both. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Kirasha

  • Beloved Cass. Fellow makeup and skincare enthusiast. She knows how to make any RP interesting with the depth of her writing and really captures the unique personalities of her different characters. Nothing is muddled. Nothing is boring. With words that captivate and astound, I am over the moon that I have had the privilege to RP with this beautiful person. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kirasha

  • Mindy is such a delight of a human being. From the glorious writing to her beautiful art to her unique personality, I am so lucky to know her and more so to love her. One of the greats! I miss you dearly, but I know you get busy. I hope when you see this, it brightens your day <3 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kirasha

  • What can I say about Angie? She's only one of the most creative people I know. With writing and designs, she constantly enables me to also create more than what I probably should. We became very close in a very hard time in my life and I wouldn't trade her for anything. She's my best friend. I want to write with her forever. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Kirasha

  • For a person that swims in mystery for a lot of people, Corvin's a pretty open book. Just a dedicated talented writer with a passion for a well written moment in a characters life. That's only the surface of just how brilliant and amazing storylines and plots can get with Corvin. They are a master of their craft. The highest echelon of Wordsmith I have ever encountered in like 19 years of Roleplaying. Corvin's one of my favorite people and not just to write with but a stellar friend as well. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Mouslykat

  • Mordos has been a lovely writing partner since we began our RP. His Halfling knight, Shamshir, is a gem of a creation. Our story has been a joy to read and respond to and I always look forward to his next post. Well thought out and articulate writings are this author's hallmark. He's also a wonderful person OOC. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DarkonDreams

  • I came across Arcadia quite by accident was really blown away by the beautiful creativity of her page! Quite an inspiration to make my character pages better, and I can tell by the descriptive nature of bringing Arcadia alive before us that her creator is a very good story writer! Give Arcadia's page... pages a read and admire the depth of creativity that lies within! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous