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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Such high praise from a amazing writer and creator himself cannot be not reciprocated. Lofty words and amazingly generous in their analysis of me. When they themselves hold their own light to the art of writing. Let it flow and pour, Atheist. Without hesitation, as I know well enough by having read your pages, canon or will do amazing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Michonne

  • I really enjoy roleplaying with Ragemachine! I love their ideas and how they improve to make the story more interesting. I'm a slow replier, but they are so understanding. And Raptors is really cute dinosaur. Guys, I definitely recommend starting an RP with them ^^ Kind and understanding Creative ideas - nindyaru

  • With an engaging list of characters whom of which I have shyly observed from afar, I have learned that Michonne's writing style is unique only to them. Their profiles bear a wealth of well-researched material that unveils detailed, historical references of captivating and eclectic roles. Perhaps someday I will garner the courage to approach this talented scribe once more, though it is inspiring to witness them forge such amazing creations from my front-row seat! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Atheist

  • A proper tribute for a proper artist -- Archaic is a virtuoso with an engaging dynamism. The writing style, in all of its originality, bears a storyteller's intent to chronicle beautiful scenarios with prodigious characters. Even with my measured experience, Archaic has been an absolute delight, and I hope to someday collaborate with this inspiring wordsmith!

    "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."
    -- Georgia O'Keeffe Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Atheist

  • WinterBlackDraoi has to be one of the most resourceful writers I have come to know. Well researched, genuine to their prose, and historically diverse, there is a lot to be said about someone who is truly passionate about the yesteryears. A medley of originality mingled with authentic veracity, WinterBlackDraoi remains true to their seemingly infinite roles. What a welcoming opportunity for us all! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Atheist

  • I have not had the opportunity to write much with the lovely Falyn, but I have had the absolute pleasure of occasional character interactions and have witnessed firsthand the eagerness of someone in a constant state of progress. I've found them to be an accomplished scribe teeming with ideas for stories and characters alike. I look forward to furthering our encounters and sharing more experiences with them in the form of writing, plotting, and creating. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Atheist

  • There is a sense of brazen inventiveness that can be derived from the eclectic writing style provided by the ever-talented CrystalDisc. Though I have not had the opportunity to have a long-term experience with this clever composer, the conversations, the ideas, and occasional character interaction have been vastly enjoyable! I look forward to more opportunities to write with CD in the future! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Atheist

  • Kim
    Kim has taught me so much over the years. Not just now, but even in the past when she's helped me with this or that. I learn by example, and because of Kim I've learned how to be graceful in a lot of matters. I'm increasingly grateful for her patience as the days go by. The way that she cares about each and every conversation is incredibly heartening and reminds me that no matter how busy we get, there's always time to be human to one another. Kim's made of grade A awesome, obviously. Kind and understanding Helpful - Mina

  • Nina (played anonymously)
    Nina is among this author's more unique characters and that's what caught my attention; she's rough, ragged and rude with a heart of gold, and it makes her the biggest survivalist of the budding bandito squad. There's been a lot of tantalizing hints dropped about her history with other characters, and I look forward to seeing how this unfolds, what our characters learn about each of each other, and how they muddle through their respective places on their island. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Rigby

  • AJ is a very dear friend, and while I love each and every character of theirs, every scene and idea and blooper we've shared, and kicking around on Furcadia and chats with them, this is a special shout-out to the serious dedication they've pulled together in this past year while spearheading the resurrection of a beloved setting. They've rallied some serious dedication for Step City, and I'm very proud and delighted to see it come to life - and honored to plot with them in it! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Rigby

  • I miss Lacey tremendously; she is one of my favourite people to roleplay with. The emotional depth of her characters pulls at my heartstrings. She is so so creative and enriches plots so that they have complex and detailed touches that make you crave more. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Cass

  • Exceptionally creative, exceptionally talented - Void is a wonderful person with a giant heart. They feel deeply and their artwork is stunning. They're on my list of 'need to commission one day.' Void has been there for me when I needed someone most. Void is brave and has gone through a lot this year. When I was stuck with an RP situation, they helped me recreate a beloved character so that their story could continue on. I will never forget your compassion. Helpful Creative ideas - Cass

  • A wonderful friend and creative writer; wju and I have roleplayed off-and-on for years and have moved my emotions through their writing. I am proud of his accomplishments and always happy to see him succeed. Thank you for being there for me when I need you most. Helpful Concise posts - Cass

  • My distant sibling. You have been through the thick and thin with me and have always been a tremendous support. I can't thank you enough for what kindness you have offered me. To those looking for a good friend and roleplayer, look no further - they're very talented with writing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Cass

  • Sanne is freaking cool - she is really good at knitting, she has a really amazing personality. You can tell when you speak with Sanne that they are a genuine person who speaks from the heart. She is also a very talented ghost-hunter in videogames and streams! Kind and understanding Helpful - Cass

  • Postey! Creative and talented. Postey runs a community that I am part of. They are also a very talented writer and artist. I respect Postey's kindness and quick-thinking in making decisions and ensuring all those part of the community feel heard and that fairness is had. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Cass

  • Lastofthejwarang is an amazing roleplayer and dear friend. We've been Rping the same story for over a decade off-and-on, and it never stops being fun. He is very creative and develops storylines and plots very naturally - it's always an adventure. Thank you my friend <3. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Cass

  • Keke! The most colourful good-spirited, optimistic person I know. She is funky and cool and hard working and I am so glad she's on the moderator team with us! :) I adore her characters and her good insight to all things RPR. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Cass

  • JustAWolf is one of the coolest people I know. Interested in cannibalistic plants? JustaWolf knows all about them. Interested in roleplay? They're a veteran RPer with a creativity that knows no bounds. You are so awesome. <3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Cass

  • Heim has always felt like the older sibling that I can and have looked-up to. They're really creative and you can rely on them. I have known Heim for years and participated in the communities they've made, their art is stunning, their leatherwork is something to dream of -- I am in awe of Heim on a regular basis. Thank you dragunn. <3 Hurrr (That's dragon for 'i adore you') Helpful Great sense of humor - Cass