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  • healing factor. (played by Sohrryu)
    Deadpool has been a wonderful teacher for Villareal De Meath's Academy for Powerfully Gifted Beings. He has his classroom decorated so well and is very nice to his students, from what I have seen. I'm glad that he is working with us and he will stick around to help for a long time. Drives the plot forward Long posts - Anonymous

  • I've known Ari for multiple years now, and throughout those years she's been extremely kind to me on top of being a super talented writer. Too often I've found the latter without the former, but it's people like Ari that have both of those attributes that make me want to continue writing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sohrryu

  • Allow me a moment to tell you how absolutely freaking-fantastic this woman is! She is one of the most enjoyable writing partners I have ever had the pleasure of creating stories and plots with. Her style is so fluid and her characters are such wonderful and beautiful creations that she brings to life with every paragraph. If you ever have the pleasure of writing with her, I have no doubt she'll captivate you instantly! Oh yeah, lets not forgot about the fact that HER ART IS STUNNING! <3 - Isnelx

  • He is one of the best people I have ever come across on RPR! He isn't only just one of the best role-playing partners I have ever had but he is also such an amazing friend that I know I could always count on. EagleBearer, thank you so much for everything you have done, and I can't wait to see how things continue to go between us. Love you friend! <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Felicia_Marie2000

  • Lucy Lewis (played by Felicia_Marie2000)
    This character is amazing and its writer ash is too! I really enjoy writing with them and having some chit chat. Lucy is someone I definitely want to keep in my rp lists oh and definitely ash!❤️ Creative ideas Long-term partner - EagleBearer

  • Alder Woods (played by Jz96)
    One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing character development and a great way to do this are those quiet moments when a character is by themselves and away from other characters or external sources of conflicts. Jz96 has shown that very well and it makes one want to see this side of Alder and find out more about him. The writer is friendly and wants to improve his craft. Definitely take the opportunity to write with him. :) Creative ideas Concise posts - Falyn

  • How have I not already given Atheist here a Kudo? He's an awesome person, always super friendly and as interactive to the best he can. While we have not role played, or exactly talked, but from what i've seen he's always there for the community. Thanks for all you've done! Kind and understanding Helpful - Bluebeldy

  • Shoshin is such an amazing roleplaying partner, and if I had the option to check off all the boxes, I 100% would! They are so kind and have such creative ideas. They drive the plot forward and I just feel so lucky to be able to roleplay with them! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - QuentinTheGremlin

  • I only knew Tai for a long time since we met on here he is amazing role model and role player I wish I could meet those awesome characters he made keep up the good work Love ya Helpful Concise posts - Anonymous

  • If you have the opportunity to roleplay with Keegan, do it. We have a couple stories going on with two of my girls and I look forward to each post. He is also kind and understanding when the day is too much and unable to respond right away. Looking forward to keeping our stories long term. :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Minsi

  • Claine is a delight! The opportunity to work together in mod duties is one for which I am certainly grateful. Claine is passionate, meticulously detailed, and a phenomenal artist and writer--I am blown away by each new thing created. I love how much care and compassion goes into everything Claine does, and it shows the depth of care and commitment. My only complaint is not having gotten to know them sooner! I look forward to future opportunities and getting to see where things go from here! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Keke

  • She had to cut things short, unfortunately, but it was fun while it lasted. Would roleplay with her again in the future for sure. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - mrwallace888

  • Lorelei (played by Sanne)
    Lorelei perfectly captures the enrapturing charm one imagines of merfolk, from her beauty to her wit and all else. Though we write very different concepts of merfolk, they are still compatible enough for RP given the flexible nature of the book lore we both take from.

    I look forward to the chance to set up a plot with her! She has great hooks and plenty of content to expand upon. It's exciting! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Samiakki

  • Idk why I haven't given kudos to Pen yet. We have been RPing together for a long while now, and it's nice to have someone that won't be upset if you can't reply for a while. Also just very reliable (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

    Not to even mention the writing! The detail the Pen puts into replies is absolutely amazing. It makes me happy to read the replies that come in because they're always so colourful and descriptive. Wonderful writer Long posts - AliRevellian

  • Taro is the best! Though his writing style is different than most people's style, that's what makes him unique! The funny dialogue, breaking fourth wall, interaction between multiples of his characters. Just a truly wonderful, good mood bringing roleplay experience, y'know?

    Taro is also familiar with many fandoms, though I only know of a few such as Mario, Kirby, etc... He also loves sharing memes, so watch out for those, ha ha! ;) Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Varian

  • Theresa Knox (played anonymously)
    I’m late in giving this woman kudos. Been writing a ‘lazy rp’ with her for months, and with my character dying in an accident, we work on the grief and intrigue of the memorial. Awesome writer and fun character. Creative ideas Long posts - Anonymous

  • CreativeImagining is a wonderful person to roleplay with. With fantastic ideas and great characters, I am enjoying the rp with them so far. Cannot recommend them enough. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - AgateTurtle

  • there is no end of good things to say about julie, i could genuinely go on all day about her writing and her characters and how amazing she is at making a world feel alive. she is so great at developing plot points that keep the drama i live for going, and her writing is so good that it has genuinely made me emotional sometimes lol. it goes without saying that julie is just an absolute gem of a writer Wonderful writer Long-term partner - metacarpal

  • Marlie (played by Jejune)
    Even though none of my characters have interacted with Marlie, I've always liked the idea of haunted dolls. The greatest part is that other than being another Annabelle or Robert clone, hers seems to be something besides one that scratches you in your sleep. Godspeed. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - VoliminalVerse

  • Ah Crystal. i believe she was my first rp partner on the site and still through all my breaks and absent time on the site and she's still here to welcome me back. I want to thank her for being the first friendly face to help breath life into my characters. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - HybridRoleplayer23