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  • Dan Devlin (played anonymously)
    I love everything about Dan???????? hes silly and funny, hes caring and a good listener, he adores those near and dear, please treat him with love and kindness Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - JoyfulAttic

  • Sabel (played anonymously)
    Sabel is an interesting, nuanced character that might come off as a bit frightening at first, but he is a real sweetheart at the core! A pleasure to RP with, and mysterious in his own way which keeps you interested and on your toes, never really knowing what will happen next. All around great character and great RP partner who is both pleasant to talk to and understanding. Much recommend! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Min-ya

  • They give rather quick yet detailed responses. While I rp with them, I didn't do what I normally did (Go to the next rp or refresh the page) cause they had already replied! Recommend to Rp with them cause their fun and quick replier to those who can lose interest in Rps that's rather have slow replies. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Anonymous

  • I adore their characters!

    They add a lot to the plotline and they always have well written posts. Even when it seems there isn't a lot to make a lengthy post they always surprise me. They are A+ at describing little details, and are extremely friendly and easy to work with OOC. Wonderful writer Fast responses - DepressyMessy

  • DepressyMessy is a real treat to write with! Her characters are seemingly all dealing with heavier themes, but she integrates them so well into the story! She's super friendly OOC, and is always willing to work out plot points and things the story needs. Looking forward to continuing our RP together! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Weffle

  • I've been roleplaying with her for a while now and I'm loving the story being created! The way that she plays her characters is realistic, even if they have fantasy qualities to them as well. She always gives plenty to go off of, and is super friendly OOC! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Weffle

  • Amaris is definitely someone I enjoy RPing with :) She has enthralling characters and plots, and I admire her ability to actually not only sway my characters, but also just me. Anybody who can put up a good argument or point that stumps the other writer is incredible, and I wholeheartedly appreciate it! She also pushed that plot forward and makes every reply entertaining to read. If you get the chance, RP with Amaris! :D Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - AliRevellian

  • Long overdue, regrettably! Although it's been years, her character was still one of my absolute *favorites* to have joined our group-roleplay. Her writing is insightful, the character was laugh-out-loud hilarious, and we still quote an especially hilarious scene to this day! Memorable and wonderful to create with mutually. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Robyn

  • I love role-playing with this guy. Not only does he have a remarkable talent for writing and creating characters, but he also helps a lot in the plot. It makes you feel comfortable and it really pays to role-play, so if you can do it at some point, do it. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - lleuadamaris_

  • Excellent roleplayer, he has a very clear way of writing and helps a lot to advance the story of the role, in addition to that his characters have a great development. If you get a chance to role-play with this person, please do so. It is a very nice experience Creative ideas Wonderful writer - lleuadamaris_

  • They're seriously such a sweet person, totally awesome ! Stay cool mate. They're totally understanding and can multi-task to the max Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Just_me

  • Very sweet and a cheerful person usually. Has good taste in games and got me interested in a neat MMORPG! Also, has cute avatars and writing style. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ It would be fun to roleplay, or chat about music some time! ~ Shinyrainbowlithogra ❤️ ❤️ ✨ ✨ ✨ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • From what I've seen so far, Scarlet is definitely a good choice if you want someone flexible and understanding. They were very good with incorporating their character into the plot to make it whole while still keeping the key components, and their clean, precise style of writing adds a unique touch.
    Give them a go! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - milktea_dollie

  • Wanted to wait for the Kudos giving season but I can't wait any longer! Writing with Breezy has been a true joy! Love the thought and detail put into every post, offering great detail, emotion( My poor heart ), and more. Even on brain dead days, her posts keep spurning new ideas. Always looking forward to her replies and hope to rp with her for years to come! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - LunarValravn

  • I really have enjoyed RPing with them! Their characters are so well thought out and they are played wonderfully, and their responses are outstanding!! I always look forward to their next response and seeing what will happen next in the amazing plots they come up with. Definitely RP with them if you have the chance. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - EvanlynDestiny

  • She has been an amazing writer to work with. I really enjoy her responses and the ideas she comes with are remarkable! RPing with her has been a wonderful experience and I recommend RPing with her if you have the chance! Creative ideas Long posts - EvanlynDestiny

  • They have quick responses and amazing detailed ones! What I enjoyed about their responses is how detailed they can. Be! From physical to mentally! 10/10! I recommend for those who love detailed responses to Rp with T0xicbubbles! Wonderful writer Fast responses - Anonymous

  • yo!
    I can wait a whole entire month for their replies.
    Cause they just that good!
    I enjoy roleplaying with them a lot Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Scarletwolf

  • Halo_rose is an amazing roleplayer.
    I love her responses
    My condolences to the lost of the family member
    she's very kind.
    Want someone to roleplay with. Roleplay with her Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Scarletwolf

  • Stripedwoulf is amazing
    His responses are detailed
    and i love how his character interacts with mine
    Want a friend?
    Befriend him Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Scarletwolf