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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • They're amazing to roleplay with! Very responsive, their replies are always engaging, and I'm always very excited when they respond. They're also a very caring person outside of roleplay, I'm glad I met them! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DevinorDevi

  • He's awesome. Just so awesome- His roleplays are always engaging and he's an amazing writer. Outside of roleplay he's so caring and kind, always taking time out of his day to check on me :) He's an amazing person

    Though he's my bf soo- my opinion may be a bit biased lol Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - DevinorDevi

  • Zainan Zhi Di (played by Recowa)
    I've been rping with this user for almost a year now. A very reliable and understanding rper, who knows how to drive the plot forward in situations where I'm stuck not knowing where to take a scene but will also understand if I am tired and wish to FTB <3 Also a good partner to bounce worldbuilding ideas off from Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Hyenasaurus

  • Masquerade is one of the most skilled roleplayers I have ever known, not only she is superb with words but also the style she uses to deliver dialogues, thoroughly, captivates your soul and mind, as a person she is exceedingly awesome and fantastic... I daresay she is one of the best people you may encounter in the whole world. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vozhad

  • Max is a supremely wonderful friend and writer at the same time, not only he's an exceedingly kind and understanding person but also the way he has with words is literally magical, I daresay it is impossible not to be captivated and stunned by his writing style, this man is perfect and is an extremely awesome person. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vozhad

  • Sometimes you would think to yourself what would it be like if legendary qualities, people, or simply perfection existed? Some of you would even wonder if there could be something even better... I would say I have seen and become the best friend of such qualities that manifest themselves as QueenSerenity... she is a perfect writer and easily one of the most wonderful people I have ever known... She is incontrovertibly the best partner of all times, I am honored that I am her best friend. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vozhad

  • Vozhad is the best role playing partner I ever had. He is also my best friend in the whole entire world. Besides being an amazing writer, he is also a great poet and author! One day he will release a book and then the whole world will know how truly amazing his writing is. Until then I will forever enjoy our role plays together and the world we both created from them. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - QueenSerenity

  • Definitely a solid RPer with a wide variety of different characters to suit different RPs. 9.9/10 would HIGHLY recommend. Helpful Wonderful writer - VoliminalVerse

  • I've gotten 2 character art commissions from kkart, and they have been an absolute joy to work with! The art is fantastic, and they were able to really capture the vibe of my OC. Super responsive to the details that I was looking for, and her backgrounds make the whole piece very dynamic! 100% would definitely commission them again (and you should too)! Helpful Creative ideas - silentruth

  • Aub has been a one of a kind friend over years of knowing each other. My activity has varied greatly through-out our friendship, but regardless of where were are in life, its beautiful when we catch up. Encouraging and boundlessly kind, I am so thankful to have you in my life. <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Essie

  • Amazing person! When im alone they are always there to make me smile! When im alone! They are funny and kind! And they help me when i need it! Kind and understanding Helpful - Snowy

  • There is too much I can say about EM, he is an amazing partner that helps me stay creative. He challenges me and keeps me pushing to get better with each post. Always a thrill when i see a reply from him Creative ideas Long-term partner - CherryPepsi

  • A new friend who is kind and a fun role play partner. Our role play is moving along nicely and it has been fun so far! Shoshinstriker is a wonderful role play partner and I am excited to see where our role play takes us. Stay awesome my friend! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - QueenSerenity

  • Cherry is an absolute treasure, I have been enjoying our stories so deeply. She drives the story forward in fun and creative ways. I love her characters they feel so original and special. The best part is just how much she inspires me to be creative and fun as well. How can I not shout her out to the heavens. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - EclipsedMoon

  • I met Tai a month ago? Maybe a little less! And hot damn! He’s such an understanding man with the best humor, always up to be himself. I’ve always felt like myself when I play with him! He comes up with ideas all the time and is always on the run to make sure you know where he is! His characters are rich on information, easy to match with, and last of all he plays them so well! An amazing roleplayer, and I’m great to aswell say an amazing friend! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - zephir

  • Oh man, where do I start? We have started RPing recently and I can't even describe how awesome she is as a person and how skilled she is as a writer. The characters she brings in are so real and well thought of. Kind, creative, and easy to talk to, I get excited whenever I see a notification from from her. She is a partner you can't go wrong with! <3 <g> Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - KingTai

  • Jenacine Alfredo, Jenacide, shrimp scampy. Hater of puns, lover of lumberjacks. We share an affinity for troubled, masc men and, boy, does she write them beautifully. And brutally. She is an incredible creative as well as a good friend and I'm happy to have her in my life. I recommend her to you the way she would recommend you Hernan's fettucine alfredo. There's no one else I'd rather tussle with. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - meadow

  • Forget the prince, I want this frog! Kindness and creativity are in no short supply with this one and, be it pen or pencil, it is expertly wielded when in their plaps. You can be sure, too, that if you befriend Auggie you will never experience boredom (aka peace) ever again, whether you are writing together or simply traversing the Ford Fiesta. It's the kind of wild ride you don't want to end! Does that make them Mister Toad? I'm going with yes. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - meadow

  • A long overdue kudos to an amazing roleplay partner! Claywind not only has characters who have reeled me in with their natural responses and unique motives, but they're also amazing to build story ideas and concepts with - Some of my favorite memories come from the writing we did together, I wish them the best in all their future writing endeavors! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Isolus

  • I have so many wonderful things to say about jolybean and yet so little space to write it! From amazing characters you quickly grow attached with to their kind words and friendly disposition out of character, Joly crosses off so many boxes - if you have Joly as a partner, you're in for a wonderful ride! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Isolus