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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Ahh~ Celes is sweet! She has been a joy to rp with and I look forward to rps in the future! - Lantern

  • My goodness, what can I even say? I have been rping and close friends with Blackito for almost a decade. In that time, he has created all sorts of interesting characters and stories. He is a great person to collaborate with, and is an awesome person altogether. No one will regret making friends with Black, and will surely enjoy role play with him. - Lantern

  • Lhouis (played anonymously)
    Detailed and awesome character, rp'ed by an even more sweet person. <3 - Jane

  • Kim
    An amazing website owner. Despite the busy life she likely has, Kim makes sure to make time to visit with the people of the community and is always willing to listen to suggestions. She makes sure everyone has the best experience they can here. Kim, you're doing a great job with this website! It's one of the most friendly places I've ever been to on the net. - Meedleboot

  • *hands ear back* Thank you for lending it to me when I needed it. <3 - Jane

  • Good guy, the characters I've rp'd with have been awesomely fun to rp with. :D - Lorvilran

  • Always so much fun to talk to. You will stay up grinning and snickering. - Achi

  • Tathar Maksa (played by Tamarind)
    Tathar is a very unique, different character. She's business, and usually no-nonsense, but understands enough to have her own fun and relaxation. She's very enjoyable to RP with! - CelestinaGrey

  • Always up for up :) his characters are interesting, and well thought out and well played. - Pineapple

  • A veritable font of gorgeously-designed characters, and delightfully friendly when chatted with. <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Hooke

  • Lauren! I have only RPed with her a little bit, but she's a very unique and cool character! She is fun to RP with, the character is very kind and yet has a full, fun personality. She has her own mind on things and she's quite interesting. A very good person to RP with! - CelestinaGrey

  • You can't go wrong with Kahmical and her characters. She is a good friend of mine and without her, I could not have been inspired to create my most cherished character yet. Her characters are hysterical in their own ways and have always brought me great joy. I cherish each role play I have with any of her characters and always look forward to the next. - Vile

  • I felt like a creeper for months, admiring your creations (both artistically and character-wise) from afar. I am pleased to have gone a couple rounds with you! You expand mind, Batman! - Shawn

  • This woman has no shortage of characters. I give her props for being able to manage all of them and being so active in RP. She adds a nice twist to story lines and is always willing for some role play - of which is sometimes rare and aspiring to see. - Vile

  • I don't know him very well, but on a site where I felt mostly unwanted, he was kind and welcomed me in. - Meedleboot

  • The most amusing username ever. She's a most pleasant person to talk to and even rp with. - Meedleboot

  • Blackito has become a dear friend of mine over the years. Some very epic years, which he has helped create. Between the hilarious commentary between players and sometimes the often serious role play, I have come to love RPing with any of his characters - they are very in-depth and creative, always keeping everyone on their toes. Love 'em! <3~ - Vile

  • Things are 20% cooler when this gal's around. She's very mature for her age and knows what she's doing when it comes to roleplay. - Meedleboot

  • Niko (played by Girdinafta)
    The most interesting twist on the "assassin" archetype I've seen to date! A cross between a serial killer and an assassin, sort of. RP with this guy (and any of Ben's characters) stays interesting. - Meedleboot

  • It's very rare that I find a Pokémon Original Character who is fun to play with; luckily Magnus is one of those cases. He's a brotastic bodybuilder & Trainer with a cool attitude and a decent team. He definitely deserves kudos for being an awesome fandom character! - Copper_Dragon