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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Zilethipereskis (played by Nero)
    It's difficult to imagine a character that would make a better foil for my illithid Aethaerraent. Given their insane egos, they'll never be closer than a pair of toddlers, that age group famous for doing the same activity in the same room without acknowledging one another. And yet these two somehow manage to engage in continual hyjinx.

    Awesome to see such absurd power played responsibly, with an eye (HA HA BEHOLDER JOKE) to making sure everyone else is having fun rather than just flexing. - Kim

  • Bathilde (played by Petrichor)
    I desperately wish I got to play with this character more. It is so rare to see a servant character played with such a mixture of subtle panache and exact professionalism. Very fun to see in action, and a perfect compliment to Safiye. - Kim

  • One of the very few "good drow" out there that makes total sense, shows no tendency toward emo behavior or feeling victimized, and feels really good to play with. - Kim

  • I remember this character's very first week in play YEARS AND YEARS ago. He has evolved SO much since that time, and it's a total delight to see. - Kim

  • Narsuun (played anonymously)
    One of those characters that has been around FOREVER, Narsuun has been involved with so much RP and generates so many story lines for his friends to partake of, that he's literally had to be cloned to keep up with the demand! - Kim

  • Siena (played anonymously)
    <Insert typical Siena groupie comment here>. Seriously though, I dig the consistency with which you play Siena, she's great. All hail, Rob & Bob. - skaikrasha

  • Sawyer (played by Petrichor)
    Sawyer has long been one of the characters I most adore. When I think of all the good RP I've had over the years, some of the most vivid memories are of this little guy. - Kim

  • Biogene (played anonymously)
    It's awesome to watch your character grow, and I'm glad I got to play a part in it. You're tons of fun to play with! - skaikrasha

  • Sugary (played by Jaz)
    Sugar is an absolute delight - kind and thoughtful and comfortable in her own skin (you know, so long as it isn't -showing-); I cannot think of a better acquisition for Jam. I hope that they'll grow close beyond words, that I can aid you in developing your character further as you are me, and that you'll continue to be as wonderful for many months and months to come! <3 - Shawn

  • Siena (played anonymously)
    This character? She is boss. B-O-S-S, kids. Her long, lively history shows in the way she's played, and her interactions with other characters are dynamic and engaging.

    S'good stuff. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Hooke

  • ^3^ You are so sweet and kind it's unreal! I love how you RP Selene and you're a doll to talk too OOCly as well! - Prince

  • Siena (played anonymously)
    Because I cannot think of a more perfectly opposite yin to Jam's yang, and a more ever-surprising beast of a woman. Often imitated, but never duplicated, right? Keep it up, hun. And don't sweat the haters >.> - Shawn

  • You are the best! So nice and funny and not to metion easy on the eyes hurr hurr ;D I love all your characters to death and enjoy RPing with you! - Prince

  • One of my oldest and dearest 'netbound buddies. Wildly creative and literarily graceful in the extreme, this one's as talented as she is sweet, and a true joy to engage with ICly as well as OOCly. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Hooke

  • Madame Dun (played by Hooke)
    I had an excellent and wonderful time roleplaying with Madame Dun. She is well fleshed out and delightful to roleplay with. - Dylan

  • A regular sweetheart, and a madly talented artist. Kudos, dear. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Hooke

  • You are UNRELENTINGLY amazing! Obviously you're an amazing artist, but you put an incredibly amount of detail into the characters you create with an extra little something on top. - Dylan

  • Mmmm. Beefy. <3

    Glorious beef aside, though, Prince is one helluva player. Deep characters from a wide selection of genres and settings makes this hunk of awesome superbly accessable. Which is good, because the RP--it is fabulous. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Hooke

    Honestly, Ferabird is a walking party. She's funny and quick, and a dynamic, engaging writer whose RP is saturated with life and energy. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Hooke

  • Gosh dang brilliant author, this one. Wonderful writer - Hooke