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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • She has a serious talent for community and making sure huge groups of people are getting along and having fun. That is no mean feat!

    I am so, so happy we have her here. She is definitely someone everyone should know. - Kim

  • When I met him more than a decade ago, we were two kids who loved star trek/star wars crossover RP. I had no idea what an AMAZING lifelong friend and eventual collaborative partner I had just lucked into. I suspect I still don't know the full extent of how amazing he is, since I am surprised almost monthly by his new achievements and the things we create together. He is friendly, polite, creative, supportive, calm and super resistant to all kinds of internet drama. - Kim

  • From the very beginning of the site, Sanne has always been there, bending over backward to support us in every way that she could, for no pay but my sincerest and humblest thanks. The site and the community are in better shape than they ever would have been without her. Passionate, friendly, and brimming with ideas and beautiful intentions, she is always there for everyone. - Kim

  • Darth is the friendliest person I have met yet on the RPR; he's always up for a good chat and is knowledgeable on a lot of interesting things. He's great to have around :D - f0x1nth3b0x

  • I became friends with Foxy thanks to RPR's chat feature. We've had many good conversations during the day and those were missed during her absence. Glad you're back now though! :) - Darth_Angelus

  • Kim
    Kim is the diety of this site. She is everything good about the RPR and always willing to help and adapt the site to better serve the people. I have never seen a place where character pages have been so in depth and worth while until she created this site. So Kudos to the Kiministrator! - f0x1nth3b0x

  • Celestina's characters are unique and adaptive! They're fun to play with and so is she. Not only that, but she may be the quickest responder on this site! She's always got a plot device up her sleeve as well! - f0x1nth3b0x

  • Shanks (played by Graphix)
    Sweet design, sweet player - what's not to like?! :3 - Yuka

  • Tenacious about getting into the community and starting a game :P His character is interesting and already fun to play with. - f0x1nth3b0x

  • A sweet-hearted, creative individual talented in both art and roleplaying, whose character's never cease to amaze with their diversity and eye-catching details <3 - Yuka

  • Sanne was really nice to greet me when I jumped into the chat and from there it's only been good. She has a great taste in rp, a wide variety of characters and is generally very, very nice. She also draw's which is awesome. Artists are great! Sanne is Great! - Djinn-n-Tonic

  • I have no idea how she manages to juggle so many RPs at one time, but somehow, she does it. When she says she is always up for more RP, she really means it. If you're new to the site and looking to play a scene to get used to our system, Celestina will always be there for you. Plus, she writes me the cutest poems that just melt my heart and make me want to program like the wind. - Kim

  • I miss this dude. He's funny, friendly, and really enthusiastic. Whenever he gets un-busy and comes back, he will be so welcome he won't even know what hit him. - Kim

  • The master of goofiness, sarcasm, and expressing extreme excitement through text. SO FRIENDLY, always good for a laugh, I just feel so much better knowing that he is active on the site again. I missed him the whole time school kept him away. Also, a huge tease. WHY DO YOU ASK MY HAND IN E-MARRIAGE WHEN I KNOW YOU DON'T MEAN IT? SOB. - Kim

  • Whenever she's able to be around, she always leaps into the action feet first and goes out of her way to help welcome new members and organize events. Such enthusiasm and altruism deserves great kudos! - Kim

  • f0x has a huge range of characters, yet manages to keep all of them internally consistent. They all work great separately, but when you see a few in action, they feel like they all came from different parts of the same universe. It really shows how much thought she puts into making her characters into fully fleshed out people. So kudos for flexibility, creativity and consistency all in one! Plus she's super friendly and a long time active member, very much a part of the social fabric of the RPR. - Kim

  • Shanks (played by Graphix)
    Adorable character, and lovely player. <3 *smooches* - Jane

  • Aethaerraent (played by Kim)
    Of the hundreds of players and thousands of characters I've RPed with in more than 20 years, Aethaerraent is the closest to it's deliberately odd extreme.

    Countless others have created an odd character(some far odder than Aeth) then failed to play anything even close to their intended goal.

    Not only is Kim an outstanding webmistress, she has a breadth and depth of both skill and talent in the art of RP that is uncommon at best, frequently flabbergasting. - Nero

  • Gullintanni (played by Heimdall)
    Heimdall is a character of depth, and a brilliant example of a perfectly executed dragon that is neither overpowered nor weakened out of its flavor for the sake of balance. The beast makes no compromises in terms of strength, brutality or ferocity, but there are so many levels of complexity to its character that take it beyond simply being a fierce Viking (though it still remains one, very much so)--so many levels, in fact, that I don't think even its player has finished exploring them all. - ARCHITECT

  • Disgustingly inspiring roleplay. - ferabird