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The way this game works is that posters take turns saying something fortunate and something unfortunate.

Poster 1: Fortunately, the aliens failed to catch us.
Poster 2: Unfortunately, we are starving.
Poster 3: Fortunately, we found a berry bush.
Poster 4: Unfortunately, the berry bush is actually the lure for a highly dangerous and carnivorous monster.

Get it? Feel free to be as random as you want.

I will start!

Fortunately Kim created this wonderful site for us!
Unfortunatly:Kim is not really a human but an inter galactic being
Fortunatly:We lost sight of the enemy.
Katia Topic Starter

You are only supposed to do one.

Unfortunately, a 30 foot tall, man eating giant found us.

Fortunately, we have a shrink ray.
Unfortunately, it runs on bubblegum. Which we're out of.

Fortunately, I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And we're all out of bubblegum.
Katia Topic Starter

Unfortunately, a lightning strike hits the shrink ray, giving it power and also causing it to malfunction....which results in Loren getting shrunk. Naturally this uses up all the ray's power.

Fortunately, I'm ignored by the giant while he heads off to eat Katia. XD
Katia Topic Starter

Unfortunately the giant is eaten by an even bigger landshark who likes to eat it's food while it's still alive and the giant wasn't enough food for it....
Kim Site Admin

Fortunately, the land shark is wearing a saddle, so Kim is able to ride it to victory.
Unfortunately, victory is the name of a gigantic sentient black hole that chooses not to capitalize its name for personal reasons.
Katia Topic Starter

Fortunately victory chooses to let us go after we have an epic roleplay with it.
Unfortunately all of Victories characters are really OP.

Fortunately we can kick out Victory from our roleplay because godmoting is not allowed :P
Unfortunately Victory in incredibly insecure to a mythical level and in a rage reveals it is an expert hacker and trashes the entire RPR.

Fortunately Kim made backups of every single thing in the site :P
Unfortunately, our hacker adversary is a BLACK HOLE, so...guess where the server is?
Katia Topic Starter

Fortunately, victory has a cold which caused him to sneeze out the server....I'm not cleaning that up.

Unfortunately, the pathogens of the cold are highly intelligent, mutable and virulent and begin infecting both the internet that the server is connected to and any that come into contact with it.
Fortunately the temperature needed for these pathogens to thrive is way to high and they fall asleep, leaving the servers, internet and surrounding people least for now...

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