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Unfortunately the somebody doesn't like it, and wants to chow down on us instead
Fortunately, there are many substitutes for humans, such as a particular type of seaweed that we have in abundance.
Katia Topic Starter

Unfortunately, that somebody now known as Ryan is allergic to seaweed.
Fortunately, Ryan was a convicted serial killer and cannibal on the run and his allergic reaction allowed the authorities to catch him.
Unfortunately, he manages to fight his way out of being caught, and now he's on the run again.
Fortunately he appears to have headed elsewhere.
Unfortunately it happens to be a field full of BEEEES
Unfortunately, these are Minecraft bees, and he knows not to attack them.
Katia Topic Starter

Fortunately, his has a noob with him who doesn't know better.
Unfortunately, the noob decides to use a TNT cube to dispatch them.

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