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How easy is it for your character to fall asleep? To stay asleep? Is there anything that helps or hinders? What kind of dreams do they have, if any?

Omayra falls asleep quite easily when her cheetah Álvaro is laying with her. She cuddles against him and listens to his consistent purring and drifts off quote easily, feeling safe and loved by her unique service animal. Sleeping without Álvaro, on the other hand, is extremely difficult....nearly impossible. She feels lonely and sad without him against her and has difficulty drifting off.

Omayra doesn't dream too often, but when she does, she dreams majorly of one of two things. One involves the horrific tragedy that befell her parents, either experiencing it herself or witnessing it with no ability to help them, or, a peaceful tranquil existence living in a cottage far from civilization. One where the local wildlife visits regularly, and some even live with her, and they can all communicate easily.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 18.
Rolling dice again but may switch to a new character if the question is exciting for one of them. These forums are SO fun.

Also resisting the urge to make some monstrous novel-like gigapost with someone answering all of the questions. XD

Does your character have any health issues that they struggle with often? How does this affect their daily life? If not, what was the last big injury your character had and how did it happen? Did it affect them permanently in any way?

Sox has an unusual little condition that makes her skin unusually resistant to mana passing through it. It has had a massive influence on her life, capabilities and health.

So, what does that actually mean? Not being able to have mana cross Sox's skin means that she is functionally incapable of casting spells, and attempting to do so can cause effects similar to radiation burns on whatever part of her body she's attempting to channel the spellform with (usually hands, feet, or tails). In a society where magic use is part of daily life, this can feel limiting and discouraging, and be dangerous if not handled properly. It also means that incoming spells where mana needs to cross the skin, so not jets of flame or levitation, but definitely forced transmutation or, unfortunately, healing, have a hard time getting through. This means that some medical care options aren't available to her, though for the most part technological solutions can fill the gap. As long as the healthcare provider knows about the issue, of course, either by being told of looking up her file (her condition isn't unique by any means, so options are available)

Thankfully, Sox is determined and has always had a really good social support network, so was able to find other things to do with her body's natural floofy mana supply. After all, what if she doesn't need the energy to cross her skin? Result: kicking natural supernatural body-boosting into overdrive. Sure, she still can't cast spells, but she's taken that blockage and turned it into an opportunity to hone and harmonize mind, body, and magic into massively supernatural athleticism. Incredible leaps, breathtaking agility and gymnastic prowess, stunning force and swiftness in martial arts, and seemingly inexhaustible stamina are her game. Others of her kind can and do take the same path, but most spend a lot of time learning spellcasting as part of general education. It's not a unique path, but it's rare outside of dedicated athletes.

In the end, while it has somewhat altered the course of her life, she doesn't let it bug her much. If everyone else is casting spells, great, she doesn't need to. In the meantime, she's learned to do things in ways that they can't, so she can help them!
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 12.

Note: Things! Stuff! Excitement!

Mmm, now this looks fun.

What request for help would your character never be able to turn down?

I could never turn down someone looking for honest work. What's the point in being wealthy if I'm not going to help those in need?
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 2.
Lina Gealach (played anonymously)

I am not sure if I'm doing this right

The most embarrassing thing to ever happen in her seemingly boring life. She was in high school, a spryly 17-year-old. With a goofy group of outcasts and book nerds that numbered four as her friends. She knew her stomach was in knots when she wore a sundress to school on this foggy spring morning. She'd been up all night with some food poisoning, at least that's what she hopped it was. In and out. In and out. The bathroom door didn't stay closed for more than thirty minutes at a time until sleep took over.

She was in math class, wearing that cute pink dress. A burly older female teacher was droning on about cosigns and tangents in front of the class. She felt the gas bubbling in her stomach. She'd already been to the bathroom twice this period. She knew she wasn't going to get to go again. She tried to keep a straight face and prayed as she leaned away from the discomfort, a puff of gas escaped her backside, silently, thank goodness. The next moment though her face turned to disgust and horror. Warm excrement, squelched as it freely left her body, she clenched to stop it to no avail. When the class started to look around, pinching their noses and grimacing she knew she was done for. She ran from the room and stayed in the bathroom the rest of the period. Calling her mom for a change of clothes and begging to go home.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 7.

Note: Please be nice diecey boi.


1. What's something that never fails to turn your character into a pile of emotional goo?

"My parents, to see them again, it would be destructive.
I'm not even sure if I'd be happy."
She crosses her arms contemplating what she'd actually do.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 1.
Jared Ford (played anonymously)

"SkyLark: wrote:
20. Does your character fear death? Have they ever come close? How did it impact them? If none of this applies, what do they fear the most, and how does this impact them?

"I haven't really given it too much thought because the mind can then amplify it and it gets unhealthy. So my answer to the first question is No.

Have I come close? Hmm... I did run to stop a ball from rolling into the street when Jane and I were playing in the park when we were seven. Of course, I tripped and almost fell into the street myself. There was a bus coming and it wouldn't be able to stop in time if I had fallen into the street. It did scare me thinking about it after the fact. I was glad they put a fence up along the sidewalk at the park when I was thirteen."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 20.

Note: ... for the Question ...

Yuki (played by Ultimate.Gaymer)

Question: What request for help would your character never be able to turn down?
They aren't likely to turn down many requests for help anyway, unless it seemed really sketchy or dangerous. They are generally a good person and will do what they can to help others. But if the request is something to do with research, especially about one of Yuki's interests, they'd be especially happy to help.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 2.
What a fun exercise. Let's see where this dice roll takes me~
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 6.

Note: C'mon! No whammies, no whammies!

Ciel (played anonymously)

Let's see here..

Oh damn- <_<

Spoilers various points in Black Butler!!

Ciel has a plenty of guilt. Almost (but thankfully not) slapping his fiancee when she broke his family heirloom, the Phantomhive ring. Letting his Aunt Angeline Durless, or Madam Red, die right in-front of him. And that month, that terrible month, leaving.. his twin brother.. to die.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 14.
19. Does your character have any superstitions? Do they believe in luck, fate, karma, or anything else?

I do believe in these things. Especially recently I flew to New York City from Seattle for a job interview. The interviewer was a no-show, but I don't have the chance to think it was a wasted trip. I went and ordered a coffee at a coffee shop and who walks in the door? Only my bestie Taylor Adams from my jr-high and high school days. We lot touch after graduation so it was fate that brought us together!
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 19.

Note: ...for the question ...

Ooh, this looks like it could be very interesting! Okay, let's see what I get....

How does your character deal with call centres/retail/general customer service? Do they get into shouting matches when things go wrong? If so... do they feel bad afterwards? Definitely not inspired by my current day at work 🤔

Okay, so going in order:

Lexi: Lexi's an impatient thing; she'd be tapping her foot, looking at her watch, and generally being a typical store nuisance. Not so much as to go full on Karen at a call center/retail/customer service center, but just enough for the employees to want to quickly deal with her so they can go on with their lives. Yes, she will get into a shouting match on occasion if she's really annoyed at retail, but she will feel very bad afterwards.

Creatia: She's a lot more patient and gracious than her commander/lover Lexi, and is willing to wait to get what she needs from a store. If things go wrong, she's typically unwilling to get into shouting matches because she likes to avoid conflict as much as possible.

Maxwell: Is a Karen, but in a very subdued way. He will calmly ask for a manager if things go wrong, but otherwise is typically understanding of people's plight and is overall willing to give employees a chance to do their job... Unless they're incompetent. Then he's not that understanding. Is he willing to get into a shouting match with an employee, though? Not really, he's not the type to shout. Ruins his reputation, you see.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 9.
Carrie Ann Quinn (played anonymously)

2. What request for help would your character never be able to turn down?

"I usually try and help whenever I can. I think one I could never turn down would be helping a woman out of a bad domestic situation."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 2.

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