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As everyone should introduce themselves, My name's Gungalime but you can call me Buck since I will be using my OC! I myself have became an RP Enthusiast after I even cared about how fun it can be, I mainly go for any role plays that just bloom out in the most Fantasy-like nature while I find myself some Dueling or Military RPs that suit my character and intrigues me of what type of fighting styles anyone could make! Just like my character I'm a Goth & Metalhead and enjoy the music that they provide & the dark & intimidating outfits they suit up in
<3 Welcome to RPR! <3
I hope you'll enjoy it here and have a lot of fun!
Hello! Welcome to RP Repository! :)
Hiya! Nice to meet ya and welcome to RPR! :D
Hello, welcome to RPR! :3
Hello welcome to RPR

Welcome to RP Repository! I'm Ath, the resident, friendly piggo. I hope you find what you're looking for here -- it sounds like you have some specific genres already picked out. Good deal! Then you piece together a character and their profile, put up an advert or simply join in the shenanigans on the active forums! There's a lot of diversity here so you'll see some pretty amazing talent and great folks to mesh with.

Best wishes in your endeavor! :)

All aboard the welcome train!

Welcome to RPR! <3 I hope you enjoy it here on this site. Everyone within this community is always so friendly, don’t worry. Remember: never be afraid to ask questions!
Welcome to RPR!
Welcome, Welcome! Hope you find lots of people to Rp with!

Welcome to RPR! 💛
Welcome to RPR!

Welcome to RPR! I hope you enjoy your stay~ ^^

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