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Deck the Wyrd with rounds of baubles, falalalala, falalala...

It's that time of the year again! And once more I want to dedicate each day to the great players and fabulous characters that make CrystalDisc's RP group, Waywyrd, the awesome community it is!

Just like an ordinary advent calendar, every day a window opens to reveal a bauble with a picture of an OC drawn by yours truly! HOWEVER I must include a fair warning about this year's calendar as in it's probably going to look more "amateur" and "shabby" than the more polished one I did last year. You see, I am experiencing a series of logistic issues IRL where I basically don't have a desk where I can sit and draw digitally; and drawing digitally takes me too long time to do it standing (not to mention it's just a hassle because the surface is higher than my arms and it's all kind of uncomfortable), so my last-minute idea to save the Advent Calendar was to sketch the drawings by hand (on a paper notebook I can take with me wherever) and then Photoshop them into the baubles. I am *not good* at traditional art, and certainly far less good than at digital. It is my limit, caused by my poor sight and hand/eye coordination, so the drawings will not be as cool and polished as if I was drawing digitally. But, it was either this or no Advent Calendar, and my inner Santa Elf was simply too sad to not do something to celebrate this little community that has become my virtual home! So imagine these baubles come from a second-hand DIY yard sales - not as "fancy" as usual, but done with the heart and a labor of love! <3

The full size bauble goes live each day on the Discord server first, and then here in miniature - with a link to the profile of the featured OC! :3

So without further ado... let the unveiling begin! (Yes, one day late, but it wasn't until today that I figured out I *could* still do this even without digital art. In repentence, I have reserved the "belate" day to my own OC, so no one feels left out! :)
These are beautiful! I'm so excited for them all =]
cri86titanium Topic Starter

Thank youuu 😭❤️ it warms my heart that even if they are not as posh as my digital ones, people still enjoy the baubles!! Day 6 coming up after work, I slept in this morning X'D
Oh yeah! I remember you doing these last year! I love that you contribute this fun, thoughtful bit of your time and efforts to your beloved group. I know they appreciate it as well and you're a very talented artist!

These are most definitely not knock-off, yard sale pieces, okay? They're gifts of the heart and lovely works of art. <3
cri86titanium Topic Starter

Aww, thanks so much 💕 It's become such a fun littke tradition for me, but when I can work digitally the results are more "wow" and goodness knows all these great players and their characters deserve all the wows!! X3

Hopefully with new year I will get access to a desk station where I can sit and go back to my belived Photoshop, but these are a fun exercise nonetheless to keep up manuality!! So glad they are still loved X3
Claine Moderator

This is amazing! What an extraordinary amount of wonderful art!
I love these little baubles you do every year! You're so creative and generous, Crit! I'm so excited to see all of them!
cri86titanium Topic Starter

I'm honestly moved and touched by how kndly everyone is reacting to these! <3 Thanks so much, guys, it warms my heart and makes me feel worthy :')
cri86titanium Topic Starter

And to draw the Advent Calendar to a close...

Wyrd Christmas tree, Wyrd Christmas tree
How lovey are thy branches...

Thank you everyone for making the group so special with your OCs!

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