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Auberon Moderator

I know that we have the widget copy feature (which I LOVE), but I would be over the moon if I were able to copy an entire character profile to make another character. I have a lot of AU RPs, so it can be quite tedious recreating the same layout for editing and updating by copying one widget at a time.

Of course, this would only apply to one's own characters, but man it would really be a lifesaver!
Agreed! I use the same basic layout for all my characters so if I could create an anon or draft character template set up the way I want that I could just copy for each new character, that would be such a life saver! Right now I'm using a combination of memorization and Google docs. Workable but not ideal.
I'll second (third?) this! I would also like to have this for groups because when I get the style looking really good, it would be nice to copy that over to a new group instead of having to set up all the color palettes again.
As someone who basically copy/pastes the text template I use from one character to another, with minor tweaks, being able to make duplicates of existing profiles (i.e. more than one page) would save me so much time.
I agree too! I tend to use the same template myself, it would save me so much time.
I fully support and agree with this too! I also have a lot of AU RPs, and often use a similar layout between different characters myself, so being able to copy an entire profile (pages and all) from one slot to the next would be a huge time-saver!
I'd love this suggestion, because I have to do this sometimes too and it would save so much timeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaa

I think it would also be cool to convert PDF-saved profiles into real ones again, but I'm pretty sure that's near to impossible, so.. XD
I'm also totally supporting this idea!
Throwing my support in on this idea as well! I use the same general setup for all my profiles and usually end up spending 10 minutes just copy-pasting one widget at a time between an old profile to a new one and, like others have said, it can get a little tedious at times.
[peeks shyly]
I suggested something similar a while ago! ^_^
I would LOVE to see such option, especially because I add TTRPG stats and it's boring to copy-paste all basic stuff, and I always wanna jump into filling it with important info right away.

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