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(For context; my earliest experience at role-playing was on DeviantArt and FurAffinity. It was around 2009-2011, so fairly new.)

(What I haven't seen for a while is the idea of an RP family; people who form small families with other users. Some people had lots of sons and daughters, some people had aunts and uncles. It wasn't perfect, as sometimes we tend to forget that there are people on the other side of the screen. But I missed those days.)

(What are your thoughts?)
I've wanted to do something like this! I have an RP mom off site! It just sounds really fun and cozy!
I actually have a small family of 3 with a best friend of mine (who has sadly grew more and more inactive as the year has passed), I play a single demon dad and his four-year old son, and my best friend plays a preschool teacher angel. The demon and angel are boyfriends and they both take care of the demon son together. <3

I'd love to have another family though, it would be amazing.
I love having the CONNECT+ widgets on my characters, so it's perfect.
I somehow found myself in one. Basically, someone was so amazed by how I played Fumizuki from "Azur Lane" that they decided to have one of their characters adopt her. There are other users involved in this family, playing the nephew and his mother, respectively. It's quite entertaining. I wonder what they would think of Fumizuki's sisters, the other Mutsuki-class destroyers…
I have been a part of 2 (or 3 cant remember really :3 ), they're really fun , and I couldnt recommend them enough!
I have a roleplay "sister" That is actually very good so far. We also know each other irl-. And are quite good close friends now.
We hang out a little when I'm out of school.
While found family genre is a lovely genre, I don't get to play it often. However when I do, it is quite enjoyable and full of teeth rotting fluff (I enjoy it). I often do it with Soul since our early days of roleplaying together. Also, I would consider Soul to be sort of a roleplay sister.
Awww, thanks Jaws x3

Yes, we have done a few family rps back in the day, and I’ve done a few with some others, and I do enjoy the wholesomeness of them.
Found family is my favorite genre.

I don't get to play it out much and I guess that's mostly on me. I struggle to reach out to people who I might otherwise enjoy playing with sometimes because of the uncertainty of RPing emotionally charged or close scenes with strangers. I don't know where a stranger will go with that, for one. For another, I don't always know what cues I should pick up on.

I stick with general adventure stuff and figure if someone wants a side-plot of wholesome stuff with one of my characters, that'll be a reasonable testing ground if that sort of thing would work for both of us as a main thing. I also enjoy general adventure stuff, so I'm not missing out that much.

Playing make-believe with random people should be pretty simple, just go up to someone and be like "Hey you wanna do something that involves trust-building and emotional bonding?" Unfortunately, it's not... Well, not anymore. At least not for me.

Let me know if anyone's in the market to adopt a traumatized and distrustful apprentice mage or a feral child with a roguish sense of adventure I guess, lol.

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