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Hello! It's nice to meet all of you! I'm AdorablyNerdy, or you can just call me Ariel if you'd like. I'm a long-term role-player who recently took a rather long break from writing but I'm very eager and itching to jump back into it! I've never used RPR before but it looks like a great place to connect with others and get back into the swing of writing and role-playing. I was pretty big into fandom role-play using OCs in verses like Pokemon and MHA/BNHA! If you'd like to know a little more about me please swing by my profile and send me a friend request if it interests you!
Hi Ariel! Welcome to RPR^^ I hope you enjoy your stay here!
Welcome to RPR and welcome back to the wonderful world of creating stories. So happy to have you here. :D
Hey! Welcome!
Hio! Welcome!
Hello Ariel! Welcome to RP repository! :)
6elf756i.gifHello! Welcome to RPR! It is a good place to find great RPs, especially if you're adorable, nerdy or both!
Welcome to RPR, we hope you enjoy your time here and find the rps and people you are looking for!

Welcome, welcome! 🩷
Welcome to the RPR, Ariel!📝✨
<3 Welcome to RPR! <3
I hope you'll enjoy it here and have a lot of fun!
If you ever need help or are unsure about something, feel free to ask someone or use the Help forum!

Hello, Ariel, welcome to RP Repository! I hope it suits your fancy and you find what you're lookin' for! I'm also a fandom role-player and have a tendency to enjoy canons more than OCs. But I love a good OC -- my hat is off to those who create their characters and storylines! You guys are amazing and I wish I could commit to that myself, but I love the challenge it holds to play out a licensed character. :D

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any one of us. We're a great bunch of folks, in my humblest of opinions so don't hesitate! Also, I recommend you check out the forums, in particular, the Forum Games! That's a good place to start your journey. You'll meet a lot of people and may even connect with a fellow writer. Who knows! Either way, I hope you have a good 'un! :)
Welcome to RPR 🙂
Welcome to RPR! I'm sure you'll be able to make friends and get some awesome RPs going. There are a lot of great writers on this site. :)

Welcome to RPR! I hope you find the kind or friendships you're looking for!
Welcome to RPR,
Hello there! Welcome to the RPR family :D

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