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Hi there! I do a lot of my own art for my characters, and I'm posting here in case anyone might be interested in commissioning me to draw their characters as well. I have a big venue of options available, and pricing will vary depending on what kind of art you would like to purchase.

If you would like to see the adoptables that I have for sale, please scroll down past the initial commissions information. :')

Important notes are:
  • I accept cash via Ko-Fi as a primary payment option! It uses PayPal to send and receive money.
    • To send the correct amount of money, just click the + button until you reach the correct value. :)
  • If you are planning on buying art for someone for their birthday, or maybe as a gift for whatever occasion, please do so about two or three weeks in advance! I suggest a month or two BEFORE the holidays, unless you are comfortable with the idea that it may be belated when received. If you want something that you can gift on time, please do not wait till about a week till you want to give the person or people in question their gift art!
  • I withhold the right to refuse service if I feel uncomfortable with the material given to me, or if I feel uncomfortable with the person asking for art.
  • If you keep me waiting longer than two weeks for a payment, I will automatically cancel your commission and bar you from commissioning me for a month. Repeated offences will bar you from ever commissioning me. I have bills to pay, and if you cannot pay me within a certain time frame, then you honestly shouldn't be attempting to commission me till you know you can pay me.
  • I have colour sensitivity. I cannot work with bright colours because they give me headaches. Usually plain white is fine, but neon colours, or very saturated colours do begin to strain my eyes and result in headaches! So if ever you wonder why my colouring style seems very muted, that is the reason! I work with a very muted palette!
  • Do NOT wait till after I have sent you a sketch to change what you want me to draw. If you do, I will ask for additional compensation of about 25% of the original commission price. If you want a refund, you will only get a 70% refund because I still did work that you wanted me to scrap and redo.
  • If you have an issue with the prices... well, all I can unfortunately tell you is: "I got bills to pay, medical to cover, and a person's gotta eat -- and not just a person, two people, since I help pay for myself and my fiancé."
  • If you would like to art trade, I would be happy to do so! I usually match trades. If you do a headshot, I'll do a headshot. If you do a waist-up shot, I'll do a waist-up shot. So on and so forth.

If you wish to pay me in these alternative ways, PLEASE let me know in the comments or the PM that you send me! All alternative payments will be matched to what you would like, or close to it. If the alternative payment is just a dollar or two lower than what you want (no less than $5 below), then I will do that thing you want! So don't worry about it being just below the price of what you want.
  • Steam games! My Steam username is Shiay, and I should show up as FreeJayFly with an icon of a brown, short-cut haired girl. Please view my Steam Library and Wishlist before considering this method of payment!
  • Epic Status, Extra Character Slots, or Character Pages for either myself OR Netherweave here on RPR. Scroll down for exchange values! Also, feel free to ask me about mixing and matching if you had something else in mind!
  • TERA Rising Mounts or Costume Items for those of you that play.
  • Anything McCree from Overwatch related. Holy snaps do I love me some McCree.
  • I have compiled a personal wishlist utilising Google Spreadsheets. Anything on this list is perfect and appreciated as alternative ways of payment.
  • If you make templates for RPR characters and offer usage for payment, I am happy to trade art for use of RPR templates. I like having different templates for each of my characters, so the bigger my personal library of templates is, the happier I am. Please just send some references for me to look over if you consider trading usage for art. C:

Oil of Epicness
Price: $4.95
Gets you: Coloured
Chibi Halfbody x1
Wand of Epicness
Price: $14.85
Gets you: Waist-Up x1,
or Headshot x2, or
Chibi x3
Hourglass of Epicness
Price: $55
Gets you: Fullbody x2,
or Waist-Up x4, or
Headshot x6, or Chibi x8

Enchanted Silk

Price: $3.75
Gets you: Coloured
Chibi Headshot x1
Dragon's Tooth
Price: $14.99
Gets you: Waist-Up x1,
or Headshot x2, or
Chibi x3
Torn Page from
a Magic Book

Price: $1.50
Gets you: Chibi
Headshot Sketch x1

Book of Blank Pages
Price: $7.50
Gets you: Chibi x1, or
Headshot x1
Greater Rune
of Epicness

Price: $3.30
Gets you: Coloured
Chibi Halfbody x1
Greater Oil
of Epicness

Price: $9.90
Gets you: Headshot x1

Greater Wand
of Epicness

Price: $29.70
Gets you: Fullbody x1,
Waist-Up x2,
or Headshot x3,
or Chibi x4
Greater Hourglass
of Epicness

Price: $110
Gets you: Illustration
with up to three separate
characters, or Reference
Sheet with 4 different

  • Nude References (PM Only)
  • NSFW Art (PM only... obviously)
  • Original Characters
  • Fanart
  • Animals (this includes things like or akin to Pokémon or Digimon)
  • Original Races
  • Clothing Designs
  • Armour Designs
  • Weapons and Weapon Designs

  • Dark Skinned Characters With White or Silver Hair (Bonus points if they have yellow, orange, or golden eyes)
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Expressions
  • Elves
  • Merfolk
  • Succubi/Incubi
  • Tieflings

  • Mechs
  • Any Mechanised Vehicle
  • High-Tech Armour (like in Mass Effect or Dead Space)

  • Underage / Illegal Acts of Intercourse
  • Various Kinks (I will let you know)
  • NSFW Pokémon Art

I know that not everyone has the funds necessary to purchase art from an individual, and sometimes make donations to show their support. You can donate through Ko-Fi that does a set $3 donation to an individual they would like to support.

Donating this way will enter you into my weekly raffle for a waist-up character drawing! Since it is a non-recurring payment, you will only be entered for a three week time period.

Yes, I realise that Ko-Fi is also my main way of payment, but you can still donate to me through this fashion!





Speaking - Base headshot/half-body/fullbody cel shade price + $10 per unique animation frame


Blinking + Speaking - Base headshot/half-body/fullbody cel shade price + $10 per unique animation frame


Simple Transition - Price equal to 2 of preferred transitional items (so if you want a transitional cel-shade half-body, it'll be $48 -- as an example)

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Update as of January 1st, 2017: I am starting a new adoptables weekly thing! It is a venue called 'This Week Only', and it is a venue that will not only be my contributions, but contributions by other friends and artists if they so desire in order to get their adoptables sold and distributed~

Update: February 8th, 2016: The Trader's Hub is now officially live!

Theme of January 29th - February 4th: Dessert

Designers: Netherweave, FreeJayFly


Click the image for a larger resolution!

Three designs~

1. Cookie Dough Cheesecake Wastelander
Designer: FreeJayFly (Lines), Netherweave (Colours)

2. Lemon Squeeze Golden Fox
Designer: FreeJayFly

3. Neapolitan Sheep Healer
Designer: FreeJayFly

Important Notes When Purchasing:
  • Buyer will receive full sized artwork for their character's profile.
  • Paying an additional $5 after purchase will give you a cheb drawing
  • All adoptables are bought as is, meaning I will not make adjustments to them when purchased.
  • These adoptables are NOT for resale!
  • These can be bought as gifts for friends.
  • I take theme suggestions for adoptables. Note that what exactly will become the adoptable set will be up to my discretion.

Available Adoptables

Aquatic Adoptable Set #1


From left to right:

1 - Black Moor Goldfish SOLD
2 - Sawtooth Shark
3 - Ocean Sunfish

Buy one for $18

MLP: Ocean Set #1


From left to right:

1 - Fantasy Beach
2 - Lantern Fish + Jellyfish SOLD to a client on FurAffinity
3 - Driftwood
4 - Ocean Breeze

Buy one for $5

MLP: Fruits Sets #1 & #2


From left to right:

First Row
1 - Strawberry Sensation
2 - Blueberry Burst
3 - Watermelon Wave
4 - Kiwi Kiss

Buy one for $5, or buy all of them for $15!

Second Row
1 - Lemon Lolly
2 - Luscious Lime
3 - Canter Lope
4 - Citrus Sun

Buy one for $5, or buy all of them for $15!

MLP: Candy Set #1


From left to right:

1 - Pixie Dust
2 - Fruit Squeeze
3 - Jaw Breaker
4 - Strawberry Licorice

Buy one for $5, or buy all of them for $15!

MLP: Candy Set #2


From left to right:

1 - Fudge Sundae
2 - Butterscotch Glaze
3 - Cocoa Biscuit
4 - Mellow Berry Twist

Buy one for $5, or buy all of them for $15!

MLP: Candy Set #3


From left to right:

1 - Bubblegum Burst
2 - Chocolate Melt SOLD
3 - Peanut Butter Cup
4 - Coconut Cluster

Buy one for $5!

Dress Batch - 1


1 - Summer Bridesmaid
2 - Spring Breeze
3 - Winter Evening
4 - Autumn Fires SOLD

Each dress is $10.

Buy all four for $35!

Female Harpy Batch #1 (Earthen Birds)


1. Spotted Towhee - Kiowa Native American influence
2. Cactus Wren - Navajo Native American influence SOLD
3. Firewood-Gatherer - Argentinian influence SOLD
4. Common Redpoll - Cree Native American influence
5. Freckled Nightjar - Nigeria influence

Buy one for $12!


Click on the image for more information regarding the products on it.

As soon as I have money, I'll be commissioning. Thoughts and prayers are being sent your friends way, and I'll spread the word!

(I wanted to commission you anyway, and I'll happily pay full price once I get paid)
CrimsonKnight212 wrote:
As soon as I have money, I'll be commissioning. Thoughts and prayers are being sent your friends way, and I'll spread the word!

(I wanted to commission you anyway, and I'll happily pay full price once I get paid)

HHhh-- I really appreciate this. ; o ; Thank you so much! Hopefully we can get him situated and living with us sooner rather than later. ; v ;
I will try to get in on this. I can't get a lot, but I'll check to see how much I can get.

Can you do high-tech armor suits? I'm figuring out which woul be best to commission (or I might jus get Chibis for all the scrap yard kids... There are so many of them!)
Gamers wrote:
I will try to get in on this. I can't get a lot, but I'll check to see how much I can get.

Can you do high-tech armor suits? I'm figuring out which woul be best to commission (or I might jus get Chibis for all the scrap yard kids... There are so many of them!)

I tend to vie away from high-tech suits, though I'm doing my best to break out of what I'm comfortable with drawing (and get better at drawing them on the same token). Currently, I'm going to have to advise not commissioning high-tech suits, just for the fact that I'm not confident enough with how I portray them quite yet to make revenue off of it -- in short, I'm a little scared of disappointing my commissioner at this current time. ; v ;
Lovely art. <3
Finished the first batch of commissions for Novalyyn. Thank you so much for commissioning me. :') Gonna start on some new commissions, and I hope to get them finished before the end of this next week. :'D

Finished two waist up commissions for CrimsonKnight212. :') Thank you so much for commissioning me!


I have two more commissions to finish up, though I'm totally still very much free to talk to about doing commissions for you, for friends, or for family. :'D
Commissions done for Rynh! Thank you so much for commissioning me. ; v ;


Commissions are still open for all that are interested.

Now that some emergency things are out of the way (and thank you so much to everyone that donated, commissioned, and sent their well wishes to the person in question), I'm now just saving up with Netherweave for our big move from Texas to Ohio sometime this summer! Gotta make sure we have all we can in case things don't go smoothly. :'D
Amazing art!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my art! :'D


Got a commission done today for sland. u v u~ Thanks so much for commissioning me. :'D

Got more stuff on my plate that I have to clean up than I really want to at the moment, which is the reason that I'm getting this thread updated. Q v Q;;

A lot of stuff has been edited into the OP of the thread, but in case you've come down here before reading said OP:

My fiancé and I are temporarily housing with my father and step mother before we make a bigger move up north to where our new home is located. We will be travelling by moving van to get there, and that moving van is really gonna cost us. At the moment, we're currently at 10% of what we need to be at to make a comfortable move up north -- essentially we need to raise about $500 and then some for the cost of the moving truck, gas, and then food and water that will be consumed along the way. :'D

The deal I present to anyone that would be interested in purchasing art from me is that if you buy something of a certain style, you can purchase another one at half off (i.e. if you bought a $25 cel shaded character fullbody image, you could buy the next one at $12.50 instead of full price).

My fiancé also has a thread available where you can commission him in case my style is not to your liking. :'D
Here are some of the most recent commissions I did! This one is a batch of chebs for Claine! Thank you so much for commissioning me! :'D


Also! I updated my thread to where I am now attempting to sell any adoptables I have made. Right now, it is to see if they generate any interest whatsoever! These are adoptables I have been unable to sell for a while, so hopefully they can find a good home with someone here. :'D

Have you guys SEEN Jay's mascot contest entry?! Jay draws super awesome elves, and you should probably commission her!
Oh gosh, thanks for the support, Tate. ; v ;~ ♥

Hhhh-- and on a different note for anyone and everyone that comes by here:

As of this message, I am getting ready to hit the road with a friend and my fiancé to get to our new home. I will be unable to take any commissions until I get there. I should be able to get to messages approximately around 7PM EST! :'D Thank you everyone so far for the support and well wishes. It means a lot to both my fiancé and I!
I have made it to Ohio and I am able to get to work on more commissions for all of those who would be interested!

While I'm here, I will also be working on a new adoptable theme for a set of characters. The next theme is going to be "galaxies", so if anyone is interested, look out for that!
I have finally dug myself out of a hole, and I am ready and willing to accept new commissions!

I just got finished with some commissions, and my schedule is totally cleared! So if anyone is interested in purchasing some art from me, it would be totally appreciated! ; v ;

If you're interested in purchasing some of the adoptables I have available, please do so! They need some good homes to go to! ^ o ^

Now for arts I did for commissioners here and there:



Updated with holiday pricing!

All holiday pricing will be available for a limited time till December 31st!
Definitely going to commission you for some bulk gifts come my next paycheck...

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