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Avatars. The images that make us coolio. What do they make you think of?

Thread concept:
Reply to EVERYONE above you that makes you think of something interesting. What do their avatars make you think of?

If someone replies after you, with an interesting avatar, that makes you think of something...? Reply to that too! Let's set off a chain. And if you notice a change in avatar? Tell us what that makes you think of, too?

Come to think of it, mine needs an update too... it hasn't since Halloween! I'll have to see to that soon/now/whatever. *starts digging*";

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My brain scrambled most of that, but what I think you're getting at is...

Your avatar reminds me of the girl who runs the Durem punk shop in GaiaOnlnie. I can't remember her name at the moment, but the person on the left side of yours reminds me of her somewhat.

And that, in turn, reminds me I haven't logged onto Gaia in at least 2 months... and that I can't be bothered to do so right now, because that would require me to rechange my password YET AGAIN because I have forgotten it. And I'm too lazy to deal with that right now.
Hmm copper dragon, your avi reminds me of a heartless from kingdom hearts. Not the cutesy ones, but the ones that are the take fifty percent of you health out in one blow. Though it has a nice dark feel to it, as well as giving of sn efeect of a demon.
Sanne Moderator

fallensiner's, yours reminds me of a succubus type demon. :) I'm afraid nothing very specific comes to mind other than that, though.
Y'know besides mass effect, your avatar kinda reminds me of the dropship pilot avatar from starcraft 1
Ross, yours seems like MLP meets Kill Bill to me. Ya know, with the jumpsuit and all that...
That's funny because it's based on bruce lee which is what Tarantino based it on

I'll let somebody else take the next post, don't wanna hog all the fun for myself!
Smile (played anonymously)

Your avatar reminds me of my childhood. Although I can't say my MLP toys were left in any decent condition from playing so much.
Smiles' seems like some sort of human/Alien hybrid. Maybe what the Alien from that one movie should have turned out looking like instead of the thing Ripley vented into space? It looks really cool though. Nice quality on the image too.
Hmm, Trowa's reminds me of a manga I read ages ago. :( I'm terrible at names though. Still really cool!
Rubix, yours reminds me of all the cute mascots in Japan. There are so many of them (even the army has a cartoon mascot lol)
Hijinx, yours reminds me of my best friends girlfriend ("and she used to be mine!" :P) but seriously... If that's you in the pic, you look a lot like her.
Bumbe (played anonymously)

A mighty and fierce dragon. :)

Looks like a bug type pokemon, I like it.
Yours reminds me of a Mech pilot coming on screen to update his superiors on current objectives.
Shepard on the toilet.
A medieval man that has just remembered that he's not wearing pants.

He was immortalized in a manuscript, just so, shortly afterwards.
A Wizard who is relieved to see he is not the only man who didn't wear pants today.
My friend's "creepyface" avatar on Skype-- which is actually that exact same picture and looks freaky in larger sizes. <8C
Yours reminds me of the smell of burning toast.... Very angry burning toast.

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