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HMMM! Hard choice, but I think I will take Ergo Nymphomania LightVale!
Oh... Harlowe for sure
Wow Billie Jean. Thank you she's mine.

Jessie James Booth XD
You have many cool characters and it's hard to choose... I'll choose Rook!
I love wolves , so I'll take Cami if you don't mind.
Solaire of Astora is my new honorable knight. Onward!
Emmet Osbourne is a great! I love the look of his profile and his abilities!
I do like Arthur Morgan. He looks like the kind of guy to have his face sketched on a Wanted poster and who Nathan Collier would be looking for...
Wayne harrison
Alexandra Jessica Kennedy, come on over!
James seems interesting!
Ramika wrote:
James seems interesting!

Which James? Alverez Or Redstone

And I love Lillian Hunter!
I like all of them but I'll have to go with Apocalypse Angel as my final choice.
I want, I must, I will take young Pucchi!
(Edit, ninja'd)

I'm taking Kaido...XD
I'm going to go with Sol, they seem like they would fit in with my other characters.
I'm definitely taking Xochipilli! The music in their profile is catchy!
I think Frysel looks awesome! Mine now!

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