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I don't personally usually do alignment, so I thought it might be fun to have people or one of your OC's take this alignment test.

Post the results!

Myself: Lawful Good almost tied with Chaotic Good.
Gilda Dermott (played by MercyInReach) Topic Starter

Chaotic Evil nearly tied with Chaotic Neutral.

Which I find really amusing because Gilda essentially simply stands up for herself, and does what she has to in order to get justice and what she believes she deserves. I never really thought of her as evil at all, because most of the people she is faced with are doing her wrong or hurting her.
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

Neutral Good yay!
Tied score for chaotic evil and Chaotic Neutral
Why am I not surprised
Celeste Robyn McGowe (played by spider_pig_girl)

True Neutral

"You do what seems to be the best idea."

Well duh! How else do you survive?
El - Chaotic Good, kind of saw this one coming though.
Ray - True Neutral funnily enough, dabbling heavily in the evil sides of things.
Rose - Lawful Good, not that surprising.

I myself am apparently True Neutral.
Lawful Neutral (only 1 above Lawful Good)

These kind of weird me out because I've always seen myself more in the neutral spectrum, and maybe even leaning towards the chaotic side on my bad days, so getting a 'lawful' is really kind of throwing me for a loop lol

i've taken this for myself before and got chaotic good both times lol.

as for my characters:

avery - neutral good
elliot - true neutral
jasper - i've gotten chaotic good for him but i'm not sure if it really fits? idk i need to retake it for him.
amelia - chaotic good, but i feel like she might be more chaotic neutral idk. i need to retake these for my characters lmao
me personally, Neutral Good.
"A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable."

This makes so much sense!!

Personal alignment
True Neutral, very close to Neutral Good

Got Chaotic neutral, truth be told, it's pretty close to truth.

Could have pick here and there other answers, but not much, wonder what I'll had if so, guess won' have change, in fact.

For not tempting those wishing to take the test I'm not posting :P #Rrr
Javan: Lawful good
Me: Also Lawful good! (Bit surprised at this one!)
I find that test tricky because there's almost no context for the questions, so personally I'm always flipping between true neutral and chaotic neutral.

My characters:
Gabriel- chaotic good
Jin- chaotic neutral
Orial- true neutral
The resurrectionists- neutral evil and true neutral, mostly
Aekra (played anonymously)

To my utter lack of surprise, Aekra clocks in as Lawful Good.

This is good, because I wanted her to be Lawful, or at the very least Neutral Good.
Damian Caine: Neutral evil

Comments from the character: "This is bull s***, I can show you evil..." -crosses arms and glares-

Spencer Caine: Neutral good

Comments from the character:
"Huh...always considered myself a chaotic good..." -shrugs-
I got True Neutral

Ran some characters through it for fun

Juniper Shoemakersson (a wealthy racist nobleman) got Lawful Evil (almost was Lawful Neutral)

Dandy (Juniper's half-brother) got Neutral Good

an unrelated character

Victor Hart got Chaotic Neutral

And my long retired very first RP character Orph got Lawful Good even though he's an good member of one of the settings evil species and started off very Mary Sue-ish.

I'd say it's pretty accurate though the questions seem to lean more toward fantasy and middle ages than being easy to apply to any setting.
Colin Morvach (played anonymously)

Colin registers as Chaotic Neutral, 1 point off from Chaotic Evil

Which is strange, because I always considered him to be Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil, it's just that his Law is different from other Laws.
Lawful Neutral, seems pretty legit haha that sounds like me.
I took the test for 2 different characters I have. The results I got were:
1. Thraen Valour - Neutral Good
2. Vygoren Calygarn - Lawful Evil

I found this D&D alignment test to be pretty accurate. I have Thraen listed on his CS as being Chaotic Good and Vygoren as being Lawful Evil, so that's good. Thanks for sharing. :)
Yuko Futsuoka (played by DuchessMoon-Neko)

Welp, apparently Yuko is Chaotic Evil. oh_no_she_didn_t_by_addmedia-d7u9new.gif

I mean... Damn, I knew she could be bad, but I just didn't think it was that bad... Though, she did come sorta close to Neutral Good, as well, which I feel fits her a bit better, honestly. She carries characteristics of both, though, so it's kinda hard to choose. 8d_by_stevanov.gif

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