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Tyel (played anonymously)

Someone comments a wish...

Example: I wish for a new car.

The next comment grants the wish...but corrupts it.

Example: Granted, but the car has no engine.

...and so on

I will start with, I wish for a better job.

Granted, but your boss is a total jerk.

I wish for a amazing book series.

granted, it is two-hundred books and your favorite charachter dies at the end

i wish to be happy again
Granted but everyone else is miserable.

I wish for a lifetime supply of free food.

granted, it is all fast food and because that is all you eat you get fatter and fatter and then die at 30

i wish for world peace
...For 12 seconds.

I wish for the ozone layer to be repaired.
Granted, but then people think they've done enough for the environment and the world turns into a vegetationless planet without trees, which makes it without oxygen, and life perishes.

I wish for all the Minecraft PE maps and downloads to not cost any money.

StormDestroyer wrote:
I wish for all the Minecraft PE maps and downloads to not cost any money.

Granted, but now PE releases a quick succession of buggy updates, each one progressively worser than the last, so you're forced to either endure hours of laggy, glitchy, and generally unsatisfying gameplay or painstakingly manually revert to the last decently playable version and have your efforts undone as soon as the next update arrives.

I wish for an extra pair of arms.
Granted, but they have no bones inside

I wish for a bird
Granted but it never stops tweeting and chirping, there will always be noise.

I wish for a perfect memory.

Approved, but this perfect memory of yours can only be accessed involuntarily. Congrats.

I wish for absolutely nothing.
Granted. Everything has been taken from you including your free will. You now belong to some Yeerk who controls you.

I wish for an edible potato from the Irish famine.
Granted, but it is the size of a speck of dust.

I wish for this wish to not be cursed.
Granted it you just wasted a wish causing everyone to hate you.
I wish for the nicest Not bad cat that grants wishes.
Granted, it's dead [Jim].

I wish for the perfect sandwich.
BlnK wrote:
Granted, it's dead [Jim].

I wish for the perfect sandwich.

Granted, but its not your idea of perfect
behold ice cream sandwich.

I wish that Jurassic world movies would feature feathered dinosaurs properly.
Granted, but now it's a movie only about proper feathery dinosaurs with no story line, people, narration, and 300 shots of green plenty islands with some chimney smoke.

I wish that something innately interesting and logical would happen at work.

Granted but it's your death...

I wish that I could make popular movies .
Granted, But you will forever be looked down upon by the fans because you were a terrible minor person

I wish that I was the most popular kid in school.

Granted, but you will become so popular that everyone is envious, and they start spreading bad rumors about you.
I wish for complete and total immortality.

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