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The GM (played by Juls)


"Shotguns & Saddles (S-n-S) is a cinematic role playing game set in the American wild west. The player characters take the role of cowboys, drifters, the town sheriff, or other desperados. The referee creates adventures for these characters full of fast paced action, nail biting showdowns, and barroom shootouts!"

Rules can be downloaded for free here: S-n-S pdf download It's a d20 system, so will feel very familiar to D&D players.

Play by Post Rules:
  • Expected post rate: 4-5 times a week. GM will try hard to reply daily, though weekends are inconsistent!
  • Expected post length: A paragraph is fine, more welcome of course! It's mostly important that you make it clear what action your character is taking so that I know when/how to adjudicate.
  • If we're in combat and the RP is waiting on you for more than a day, GM may roll for your character to keep the game moving. I will attempt to keep it minimal!

Welcome folks!

Your adventures have brought you to the town of Sweetwater south of the Texas panhandle. Still dusty from the road, you headed for the saloon to wet your dry throat.

The batwings open into a dark smoke filled room where an elderly man plays a halfhearted song on a badly out of tune piano. The portly Saloonkeeper collects your guns and stores them under the bar before he serves you.

The whisky is rough and the crowd rougher! You’ve fallen into a poker game with a rowdy looking crew and have been winning. In fact, everyone seems to be winning, at the expense of a well dressed man with the thin mustache who goes by the name of Mr. Logan.

Interest Check:

IC Thread:
So I got too deep into looking up west stuff to actually make a character yet, but I figure before jumping in I'd ask whether a Pinkerton Man would even work for whatever rp you had in mind lol. Was thinking of it being a retired agent, but still don't want to go over the top right from the start lol. Just loved the Sherlock Holmes story that had a Pinkerton involved.
The GM (played by Juls)

Waldo, yeah, I think that would work!

The story hook, to give a small sneak peek, will be a wealthy man in Sweetwater, TX hiring the group of PCs to deliver a package for him. So as long as you can imagine the character accepting a job like that (maybe only because it might follow some other lead he's chasing), then it'll be good. :)

PCs can know each other ahead of time. Or they can be strangers. Like all good cliche RPG stories, it'll start in a tavern... er, I mean saloon ;) with a setup to get them all together.

Malcolm, to your question about setting up character stats, do you mean rules-wise? Or how to get them onto a character sheet here?

Rules-wise says to roll 3d6 for each of these:

Athletics, Book Learning, Fighting, Frontier, Grit, Horsemanship, Perception, Presence, Shooting, Stealth, Strength, and Quickness

However, that is pretty restricting if you already have a character concept in mind. So feel free to re-arrange those however you see fit! Also, picking a background instead of rolling is fine. Same for the 'Special Ability'.

If you mean the actual character sheet, I'm not picky. For mine, I just added a 'Text' section, then put in columns. Though I'm sure some folks will get more fancy, other less. (Also see How do I edit my character profiles? )

[columns] [list] [*] Athletics 3 (-2) [*] Book Learning 5 (-1) [*] Fighting 14 (+1) [*] Frontier 8 (-1) [/list] [nextcol] [list] [*] Grit 9 [*] Horsemanship 16 (+1) [*] Perception 6 (-1) [*] Presence 16 (+1) [/list] [nextcol] [list] [*] Shooting 11 [*] Stealth 9 [*] Strength 12 [*] Quickness 13 (+1) [/list] [/columns]
I think I will bring in that character I mentioned earlier. I've got to get a character sheet done though.
Lol alrighty if anyone wants to have a shady character for mine to hunt or who knows a shady person mine is hunting feel free to work it out with me
How do you want us to roll up HP? And will we be using all the normal mechanics of initiative rolls and such? Thanks!
The GM (played by Juls)

Definitely max out your Hit Points! And yes, we'll use Initiative (when it makes sense)!
Okay, great!
So, if I'm understanding the rules correctly... My Grit is a 10 (average), which means my hit points are 6, right?

Maybe I should be asking these questions in pm... Oh well, maybe I won't be the only one with questions...
The GM (played by Juls)

Meg O wrote:
Okay, great!
So, if I'm understanding the rules correctly... My Grit is a 10 (average), which means my hit points are 6, right?

Maybe I should be asking these questions in pm... Oh well, maybe I won't be the only one with questions...

The thread is fine! That's how I'm reading it too, so I believe you are correct.

Since it's intended to be a relatively short lived RP (though will probably still take several months of real life time), I'm thinking of handing out a couple XP during the game too. Looks like at 2 XP, you get to roll for more hit points.
Yay! RP candy!
The GM (played by Juls)

Are you guys ok with not starting until early next week? There were at least 2 others that wanted to join, but need a few days to make characters. And it'll make the story flow a little nicer if at least most of the characters start in the same scene.

(Not that we can't add in some late comers later!)
Sounds good to me!
Done that. Stats for John Wade rolled up.
The GM (played by Juls)

Malcolm wrote:
Done that. Stats for John Wade rolled up.

Cool - you get to pick a background too. (Unless it's already accounted for in his stats?)

(+1 to each of the listed attributes)
  1. Lawman - Fighting, Frontier, Grit, Shooting
  2. Preacher - Book Learning, Perception, Presence
  3. Soiled Dove - Frontier, Grit, Perception, Presence
  4. Outlaw - Fighting, Grit, Horsemanship, Stealth
  5. Kid - Athletics, Horsemanship, Quickness
  6. Gambler - Frontier, Perception, Presence, Stealth
  7. Sod Buster - Frontier, Grit, Shooting, Strength
  8. Frontier Widow - Frontier, Perception, Shooting, Quickness
  9. Scout - Fighting, Frontier, Grit, Stealth
  10. Mountain Man - Fighting, Frontier, Shooting, Strength
  11. Indian Outcast - Athletics, Frontier, Horsemanship, Stealth
  12. Buffalo Hunter - Fighting, Frontier, Shooting, Stealth
  13. Teacher - Book Learning, Perception
  14. Medicine Man - Perception, Presence, Stealth, Quickness
  15. Cowboy - Fighting, Frontier, Grit, Horsemanship
  16. Shopkeeper - Perception, Stealth, Quickness
  17. Railroad Worker - Frontier, Grit, Strength
  18. Launderer -Athletics, Fighting, Stealth, Quickness
  19. Tender-foot - Book Learning, Stealth,
  20. Immigrant - Fighting, Horsemanship, Shooting, Strength
The GM (played by Juls)

And a Special Ability:
  1. Advantage - Draw stingy pistol as a free action; +3 to initiative and to hit first round
  2. Alert - Never surprised in combat; +1 to perception checks
  3. Animal Affinity - Avoids animal attacks; Animal companion; +1 horsemanship
  4. Born in the Saddle - +2 to all horsemanship; Can shoot while riding with no penalty
  5. Doc - Can heal 1-3 D4 HP; Within 1 hour of damage; 10 minutes to perform
  6. Fancy Shootin! - 2 attacks at -2 penalty; If taken twice -1; 3rd time, no penalty
  7. Fast - +2 “ to move score; Can be taken up to 3 times
  8. Fast Healer - +2 to his natural healing roll every day; +4 if taken twice
  9. Gunslinger - In a showdown, +2 to ST, +4 if taken a second time
  10. Hard to Kill - +1 to any roll made on the critical hit table
  11. Hit em Hard! - +1 to all damage rolls; + 2 If taken a second time
  12. Lucky - Can reroll once per game session; Can be taken up to 3 times (GM note: We'll do once per 'scene' since this is forum play)
  13. Marksman - No penalty at long range; +4 instead of +2 from a round of aiming
  14. Mighty Blow - -2 from his attack roll, +3 to his damage roll
  15. Plum Loco - 2 fighting attacks at -1 to hit; Defense drops -2 until his next turn
  16. Quick - +2 to his Initiative roll
  17. Quick Draw - Draw as free action; High initiative = bonus attack at -2; +1 ST
  18. Rapid Reload - reloads any weapons as a free action
  19. Thief - Knows how to pick locks and pockets
  20. Tough Hombre - +2 HP per hit die rolled after special ability is chosen

Got some of the basics done using the manual you linked. Still gotta work on history, get gear done, and properly do the stats lol
The GM (played by Juls)

Awesome! Can't wait to meet Eddy! :)

If he needs more money to get the gear you think he should have, feel free to bend those rules a little. When I made my example character as a cowboy, he didn't have enough money for both a horse and saddle, so I just fudged it and gave it to him anyway. ;)
i'll try a western rp! i've never done a western or dnd style on rpr, so if everyone can excuse my ignorance from time to time, i would love to join XD

thanks for asking too, you're a fantastic roleplayer!

i'm starting to get my normal life routine back, so i can respond most evenings. or try my best to

i'll start working on a character for it :)
Woo! Another person not used to westerns or rpr dnd. I won't be the only fool lol so stoked for this in all honesty
The GM (played by Juls)

No worries about not having played D&D before. I've never played this particular game before, so I'm bound to mess up the rules a little myself. I'll do my best to keep it more role play than roll play, if that makes sense. :)

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