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what are your 3 favorite role play genres? for fun and a bit of research

mine are
sci-fi apocalyptic
psychological horror(more specifically the recovery of trauma)

scifi- 4 votes
fantasy/medieval- 7 votes
Space based Sci fi
Dark Fantasy
Adventure/Quest based rp (has to have goals, not like grinding for rewards or something)

probably in this same order too, top to bottom. Recently I've been very drawn to dark fantasy genre, though, probably more so than sci fi (which anyone who knows me will tell you how shocking that is)
I get that xD
I'd also get some strange reactions if I ever got into anything that wasn't space or sci-fi related too
I think these are mine... I almost put romance on the list, but it's always a secondary thing to me. All by itself... it's kinda meh. But add in someone trying to kill the PCs and suddenly I can get on board with the mushy stuff. ;)
  1. Medieval with some low fantasy elements. Magic exists, but it's rare and jealously guarded. To me, nothing takes the 'magic' out of magic like a wizard academy.
  2. Westerns - Didn't think I'd enjoy this so much, but I've been loving it! Even if I'm hitting up google for research for practically every post!
  3. D&D style Adventure! - Delving into ruins of past civilizations, exploring uncharted territory, dangerous missions!
1. Fantasy, just...general fantasy. Give me dragons and sword n' sorcery, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi with fantasy elements, whatever. I love fantasy.

2. Horror; I've lately been interested in writing and reading stories that really screw with the characters', and by extension, your narrow little mind.

3. Adventure; I love a good old-fashioned quest to save the day provided there are cool set-pieces to explore, harrowing near-death experiences, and entertaining character dynamics. A really simple adventure story is perfectly fine to me as long as its well-crafted.
Space Opera

Space Opera

Fantasy being a distant third. :^)
Romance. It's in all my rps. Perhaps it's not a technical genre but regardless.

Urban fantasy historical or modern.

Modern slice of life action drama romance all mixed together. I guess you could genre it 'Soap Opera'.

Historical royal settings

Westerns though I have only done one and it's the one I am doing now.

Sci-fi dead last only because there's been few that have worked out.
  • Fantasy (Middle Earth, Black Company)
  • Modern Slice if Life
  • Historical (20th Century)

Like Mercy said, Romance happens within al these genres.
I dont see adventure or romance as its own genre really; i sorta apply them to these favorites of mine:


Sci-fi (i also like sci-fi horror)


although im starting to like apocalyptic a lot now that im in one.


-Fantasy (magic and swords wielded by knife-eared and green folk kind of fantasy)
-Supernatural (World of Darkness kind of stuff)
-Uhhhh... I really haven't tried any other kinds of RP. *shrug*
Fantasy tied with historical!

I like elements of horror and adventure in all of them. Modern tends to be my least favourite genre, but depending on who I'm writing with that's not always the case.
Libertine Moderator

Medieval fantasy
Victorian, especially if there are mild magic or eldritch undertones

It's tough to narrow it down, I adore most any RP with engaging characters and a promising plot, but those genres are where some of my fondest RP memories have taken place 👌
Fantasy, usually something loosely based on D&D.



My role plays all have some fantastical element to them, I experience enough of the mundane every day.
I love the "Kitchen Sink" but it's a remarkably difficult to pull off in terms of balance and systems.

My favorite setting is Rifts from Palladium Games and has recently been adapted to the Savage Worlds system.

It's the only game setting where a mecha pilot, dragon hatchling, wizard and cyborg mercenary can adventure together.
Modern Romance

Medeival Romance

Hurt/comfort (of a more emotional nature)

((I loving contemplating sci fi plots but haven't yet had a sci fi RP that lasted. Love sci fi, though.))
1: Medieval & Modern Fantasy.. I'm working on my own verse/world there's not much to say. basically world full of wonders and danger. Where there's almost equal amount of dark and light-hearted elements with main focus of story set on exploration and development of characters.

2: Futuristic Science-Fantasy... Basically world in future with all that cool technology and super powers which at first were acquired through experiments, Although it isn't set in space but on earth, dunno why but space sci-fi doesn't' do anything on me. However if it's Warframe then I don't mind the space sci-fi.

3: Modern Action... Surprisingly while I can't stand 'normal' rp. I'm able to play action/detective rp without bigger issue and it brings me decent amount of enjoyment.

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