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Well... I have made an introduction before - but that was around a year ago, and I'd like to believe I've heavily changed.

My name is Signum, yet you can call me Yoricule if you so desire, as that is technically my username on here. I enjoy literate roleplay and welcome all roleplayers, whether you are very experienced or just beginning. I have been roleplaying for around five years, so if you have any questions, I would be more than willing to answer them. Despite that, please do your best to refrain from replying in one-liners, as it becomes harder to structure a response based on just a single line. My interests include video games, such as Danganronpa, Your Turn to Die, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, The Gray Garden, A Hat in Time, rhythm games, and dating sims. I enjoy the occasional laid-back type of game, such as Stardew Valley, but I usually prefer something more story driven. I also enjoy horror.

I enjoy reading. My favourite book series was, and still is, The Underland Chronicles. If you have any book recommendations you would like to share, it would be a pleasure to hear them. Despite my maturity shown here, I'm - not like that in reality. I'd rather not say anything about me to provoke interest, so... if you wish to contact me for any reason, do message me on Discord at Signum#3311. Do note that I am not interested in a relationship. (The reason I point this out is because someone, who will remain anonymous, once came to me from this site asking me to date them. It was not a fun experience.)

I wish anyone who reads this a fantastic day.
Great interduction. Hello and welcome to RPRepository the best roleplaying website ever thanks to Kim❤💖.
Hullo, Signum! o/

I feel as though a re-introduction after being around for a while and having personal changes is warranted.
Perhaps you'll find new partners! That's always exciting.

Welcome to RPR since I didn't get a chance to welcome you the first time around :D

Welcome to RPR feel free to pm me anytime
Heya hello and welcome!
Hi Yoricule! I’m sorry about that weird date experience fhfh, but I hope the rest of your time on RPR has/will continue to be fun!!
Welcome to the rpr a wonderful site with an awesome community


Welcome to RPR, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. <3 You'll really like it! I'm Candy, by the way. ^^
Welcome to RPR. No running on the beach! :D
Happy re-welcome to RPR! <3 Happy gaming! <3
Sanne Moderator

I always love it when people can recognize they've grown as individuals! <3 I hope you're feeling good about the progress you've made. :)

What sort of horror games do you like to play? I'm always looking for good ones to scare my pants off, feel free to PM me with suggestions!
Welcome to RPR!

Ooh, are you a DeepSeaPrisoner fan? I love Wadanohara, never thought I’d sea another fan of it here. I like his art although I haven’t played his other games. I hope you’re open to RP here if I ever ask, I don’t use Discord.
Welp, welcome again then :)
I hope you have better experiences
And that you have an equally as fun time as you did before!

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